Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Reviews In 2020

Your life may seem boring after some point of time but that must not prevent you from enjoying life. Daily works make you tired and with age, you can start feeling the differences that age can bring. One major problem is full body ache and extreme tiredness. Even if you can opt for a masseuse, however, this isn’t a cost-effective process. Instead of that, you can bring home the amazing zero gravity massage chairs. Massaging throughout your body, your legs will also feel relaxing.

Although, the internet is a boon to this era, there are certain disadvantages as well. Fake and first copy products are a big threat. And to help you sort the most effective options here is the zero gravity massage chairs review.

10. Real Relax 2020 Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chairs – Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth and Led Light

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

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After a tiring day at work, you would be glad to have this zero gravity massage chair with Bluetooth from Real Relax at your home. Firstly, it has high-quality components that provide you with comfort and luxury. Next, it features zero gravity massage technology that is triggered with the press of a single button. As soon as you start the zero gravity massage feature, the chair reduces heart load and reduces neck pressure. And that also a significant amount to give you an unparalleled massage experience.

The upholstery has a construction from high-quality vegan leather. As a result, it isn’t obtained from the animal hide but synthetic materials. The synthetic leather is both comfortable to touch and breathable enough to give you a cool and relaxed feeling. The chair also features 6 different automatic massage programs that let you customize your experience with minimal effort.

No need to spend time configuring and programming your massage cycle. Moreover, it also features Bluetooth technology and has inbuilt speakers that play your favourite track while you get a massage.

Key features:

  • Massage rollers are operated at three different speeds for your comfort.
  • Breathing light on the Real Relax logo makes it aesthetically pleasing.
  • It has rollers for massaging your legs as well.
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9. Tinycooper Zero Gravity Massage Chairs – Full Body Electric Massage Chair with Lower-Back Heating and Foot Roller

Tinycooper Zero Gravity Massage Chairs - Full Body Electric Massage Chair with Lower-Back Heating and Foot Roller

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Do you want a massage chair that gives you the feeling of zero gravity within a budget? Then this zero gravity massage chair with foot roller from Sinoluck is perfect for you. However, everything within a budget doesn’t need to be of low quality. You would feel and see the luxury through its top quality upholstery and the brilliant ergonomic design. It features an 8-point massage system that provides your muscles at the neck, shoulder, back and waist with the relief they need.

As a matter of fact, you certainly get 3 different stages of reclining that will help you to be at the best comfortable position. Having full-body airbag inside it, you get 3 different strength control options for full safety.

Key features:

  • No tension of any mechanical issues as you get a 3-year warranty that will cover all of these.
  • Due to its advanced mechanism, it feels like real hands are massaging you.
  • Improved zero gravity technology that can recline the chair up to 90-degrees.

8. Smart Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Bluetooth Heating

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This electric zero gravity massage chair has all the advanced features. Therefore, you need to shed away all the build-up stress in your body. The chair has inbuilt Bluetooth speakers which are loud and clear enough to let you enjoy music from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled streaming devices. Listen to music while the airbags located at various places of the massage chair massage your muscle group. Hence, take away all the tension. Apart from your upper body, your legs also get their due attention.

The legs have two groups of airbags that massage your calf muscles and upper portion of your feet. Under your feet, you get small rollers that work their magic.

Key features:

  • With zero gravity function, the load on your heart is reduced significantly and makes you feel light.
  • Is rather assembled quickly with the provided detailed instructions.
  • Armrests are wide so that your arms don’t fall off the sides while you are relaxed.

7. Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity – Full Body Air Pressure with Bluetooth

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This massage chair offers you a brilliant product at an affordable price. Now you can buy this luxurious and highly functional massage chair without breaking the bank. With the zero-gravity feature, the chair reclines far back than most traditional reclining massage chairs. Your feet get higher than your heart which reduces the load on your heart significantly. The massage chair is so comfortable with its airbags. Plus, the shiatsu roller comforts you to fall asleep on it without a care.

Apart from that you also get heated lumbar support that aids in the massage. The zero gravity massage recliner chair also comes with Bluetooth facilities. So, you can listen to music in peace.

Key features:

  • Massage intensity is adjusted within 6 different levels for optimum customization.
  • Outer layer fabric is made from top of the line PU leather.
  • Consumes just around a 100 watts of power to provide satisfying massage.
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6. BestMassage Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Curved Video Gaming Chair SL Track with Heater

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One of the primary advantages of this massage chair is its narrow form factor. Most massage chairs are way too bulky to be placed just anywhere in your home. With this one, even small apartment owners can enjoy a high-quality massage without sacrificing a lot of precious real estate. It has an extended footrest that stretches out when you activate the zero gravity mode. Moreover, the chair also features L-track rollers that roll down from your neck region all the way under your seat. This means fewer motors and less noise for your me-time.

Besides, the Shiatsu zero gravity massage chair offers different air pressure programs that will eliminate tiredness. Finally, apart from Bluetooth facilities, you can simply slide it with a press of a button.

Key features:

  • 7 different massage modes that mimic human hands.
  • Comes with a remote so that you can control all the features.
  • The unique design stands out from the rest of the competition.

5. Hrelax Shiatsu Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair Built-in Bluetooth

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Hrelax provides you with a massage chair that offers you the best value for your hard-earned dollar. Traditional massage chairs use hard and uncomfortable probes. Hence, it has a high probability to sting your muscles as they provide relief. This one, on the other hand, has numerous airbags to do the same job without the occasional discomfort. The airbags fit your muscle groups inside their large crevice and vibrate to provide relaxation. You don’t have to worry about maintenance since this chair doesn’t have regular fabric upholstery.

However, the fabric is synthetic leather which is non-absorbent and easy to clean. It is also soft enough on your skin and can withstand years of abuse. To tilt and achieve the zero-gravity relaxing position, just press a single button and watch the motors work their magic. You will feel like you are getting a massage while floating in the clouds.

Key features:

  • Have Bluetooth connected speakers that allow you to listen to your favourite songs or podcast.
  • 8 point massage system extends from the neck to your waist and provides full upper body comfort.
  • Small foot rollers loosen up tense muscles from under your feet.

4. FDW Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu UL Approved Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Therapy 

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FDW sweeps away at the competition in every way possible. Most other massage chairs have 8 massage points, while this one has 14. You also get a diverse massage experience with three auto modes that have variations in themselves. If you are tired after moving around the whole day your stressed and overworked feet get relief from the foot rollers. In fact, your whole body is massaged in perfect harmony by the 32 airbags. You can also customize the air pressure in the airbags and speed of the massage.

Furthermore, you already get the option of 3 different settings so that your full body feels relaxed. Given that, a total of 14 massage points works simultaneously to give the comfort you deserve.

Key features:

  • Can accommodate individuals who have a height within 6-feet 1-inch.
  • You get the approval of Underwriters Laboratories for safety that will remove any doubts.
  • Having a modern design, you will not feel ashamed to keep it open in your living space.
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3. Hrelax Shiatsu Massage Chair with S-Track – Yoga Stretch 3D Full Body Rocking Recliner

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Unlike other massage chairs, Hrelax provides you with a convenient way to control all the features. It comes with a remote that lets you cycle through massage intensity, roller speed, and automatic modes. The specialized zero gravity design is capable of reclining the chair to extreme limits. As a result, you feel light while the airbags caress and stimulate your muscles. The massage chair also has a rocking function that will lull you to sleep within less than an hour.

Next, any individual who is or falls under the weight of 230-ft can experience its benefits. However, the individual needs to be a maximum of 6.1-ft in order to enjoy it. Coming with 6 auto modes, no chance of feeling left out on comfort factor. Finally, the foot roller will put away all the tiredness.

Key features:

  • Waist heater provides relief to your tired muscles.
  • It has 3D massage hands that are as effective as a professional masseuse.
  • You can buy this without any worry since it has been approved by the FDA.

2. MR Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity with Heat

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Mr Direct has created a massage chair with the latest technologies that are both effective and power efficient. The chair is equipped with three different automatic massage modes. It differs in terms of intensity and speed of the rollers that take care of the muscles at your upper back, neck, and feet. Plus, it even has a footrest that can extend and fit in taller individuals easily. So, even it is used by anyone and everyone in your family.

Moreover, you get as many as 8 massage points that will comfort you in all the possible way. Therefore, a complete relaxing affair physically as well as mentally.

Key features:

  • There are a total of 35 airbags for massaging different parts of your body.
  • HD display screen shows you all relevant information.

1. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair – Zero Gravity & Air Massage Foot Roller Shiatsu Recliner

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Ootori brings to you a massage chair that is from premium quality materials and components. Therefore, you can get the best bang out of your buck. The massage chair is the epitome of luxury with the exterior fabric made from synthetic leather of high quality. Next, the leather is soft and supple, yet light and durable. So, you won’t have to spend a dime on repairs or replacement for a long time.

Moreover, it comes with both heat applicators and rollers. As a result, it loosens up your tense muscles and provides you with an experience unlike any other. With the zero-gravity function, you can tilt back the chair to three different positions to get maximum stretching and relaxation. The fun part? You can achieve that by pressing a single button. The chair also has strategically located massage rollers that target important muscle groups and rid you of your daily fatigue.

Key features:

  • Numerous durable airbags at different points also activate to give you a massage.
  • For good blood circulation, the lumbar heaters provide heat between 104-degrees and 120-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The whole body is waterproof and so, no damage will be seen.

Get yourself cozy and start or end your day on a good note. The professional zero gravity massage chairs will embrace you and lead you to a deep comfortable zone.

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