Best Wooden Trays with Handles for Serving Reviews

The way you dress up your kitchen tells how comfortable it will be for you to take care of your daily utilities. In addition to your kitchen appliances and machinery, you should also get yourself the best kind of cups and trays. There is different kinds of trays that people get for their needs. However, when you have quality wooden trays, you will fall in love with using it.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top best wooden trays that you can buy directly online. Each and every option is different from others and has superior quality and functionality. Now, grab and use the best of the lot.

10. Multicraft Imports Paintable Wooden Trays with Handles

Wooden Trays

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In your kitchen, the kind of appliances and equipment you keep makes all the difference. For example, when you need to serve a bunch of people, trays come in handy, and paintable wooden trays are the best kind. This is a set that includes a total of 5 sizes of trays. Each of them crafted with precision and finished to perfection, these look aesthetic to the eyes. One interesting thing about the trays is the finish. It gets a bare wood finish so that you can customize these.

Do whatever you feel like from making patterns to displaying a brand, you can make them the way you want. ¼-inches of thickness and 1-1/2-inches high walls on all sides makes it one of the most durable and easy to handle tray.

Key features:

  • The trays get mitered corners that add to the convenience and the outer ends get handles for comfort.
  • Its natural look will complement any home’s decor.
  • You get as many as 5 trays in this beautiful set.

9. Besti Rustic Vintage Wooden Food Serving Trays with Metal Handles

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Any kind of drink and food looks the best when served on a good-looking tray. For coffees and food, you can never go wrong with a set of vintage wooden trays. Constructed using reclaimed wood, the overall strength and durability are amazing. You will appreciate the trendy weathered whitewashed brown finish of it. Sanded to perfection, the surface feels extremely smooth as well.

The subtle imperfections and marks make the tray look even more satisfying and rustic. For giving that authentic feel, the iron handles give it an edge. Lastly, it’s rectangular in shape and will fit in a lot.

Key features:

  • You will get two trays of different sizes, one small and one large in one package.
  • Stackable design aids in easier storage when not using it.
  • The trays are fitted with durable iron handles for added strength and handling.

8. Bison Wooden Serving Trays for Coffee, Bar & Food

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An excellent wooden tray with handles that you will love to have in your home, café, restaurant, or almost anywhere. The overall design and finish of the tray look fantastic and you will love to serve food and drinks. Owing to the high-end craftsmanship of this tray, not just you but anyone would appreciate the way it looks. To make it easier for you to serve different kinds of nibbles and drinks, you will get two different sizes.

From breakfast to your backyard parties when you have friends and family over, this tray works with all. Sleek steel handles on both sides of the tray aid in easier gripping and handling of the tray.

Key features:

  • 1-inches depth, this can hold things easily and make sure nothing falls out of the tray ever.
  • The whitewashed warm brown color not only looks fantastic but makes sure it stays the same way for the longest time.
  • Smart stackable design lets you store and keep these trays in the easiest manner.

7. Home Serving Bamboo Tray – Wooden Tray with handles 

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This is an Amazon’s rated product so you can totally depend on the service you will get out of it. Manufactured and designed by Home It, this has meticulous craftsmanship and makes sure you never get any grounds of complaining about it. The trays are carved so beautifully that it doesn’t use any external handles on the sides. Also, this is in an offer right now and the price you are paying for a tray like this is worth it.

The overall quality and make of this tray are fantastic and have a very natural wooden touch to it. Just not by the looks of it, the wooden bamboo tray also feels premium and classy.

Key features:

  • Compact and innovatively designed, this is very easy to store and use as per your needs.
  • You can sufficient space to place every food.
  • Take the aid of a damp cloth and keep the tray in a dry place.

6. Lipper International Acacia Curved Serving Tray

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Check out this perfectly curved wooden tray and serve the food in style. The design and finish look incredible and you will get an elegant curved design. No matter where you keep it and what you use it for, the tray never looks anything short of amazing. In order to make sure, the slippage is minimized and the glass or plates stays safe, this has a recessed surface.

Measuring at 19.88-inches X 14-inches X 2.5-inches, the tray will have ample space to keep it all. It gets high sidewalls to balance it when you have multiple glasses or plates on it.

Key features:

  • Always enjoy a sure and comfortable grip because the tray has cut-out handles on the sides.
  • A high variation of grain along the knot pattern makes it ideal for any theme.
  • For better cleaning and preserving its beauty, hand washes it.

5. Brilliest Large Decorative Wood Coffee Tray Set for Ottoman

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This has a very rustic appeal and will definitely be the crowd-pleaser. Having a construction of real wood will let you carry a lot in a single go. A USP of this is that it comes with a blackboard. So, you can write notes on it while serving your guests. Furthermore, the unique retro styling of the tray looks amazing and totally complements it in every possible way.

As a matter of fact, the brand takes care of its product and so, they inspect if there are any defects before dispatch. Due to the sturdy handles, the grip will not lose and your guest will love the way they are being treated.

Key features:

  • The rectangular tray has enough size with handles on both sides. Hence, you will face no issues when you are serving food or drinks.
  • The distressed white and grey finish is what gives it vintage beauty.
  • 2 set in one package so that you can transfer all you need without any hassles.

4. EZDC Coffee Table Tray – Modern Aesthetic Decorative Tray with Handles

EZDC Coffee Table Tray

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Top-notch in terms of the design, finish and even the quality of make, this is one of a kind tray. Having construction using the best kind of durable pine wood, you will get the strength required. Also, it is designed for handwash only, meaning you will have no problems keeping it clean and beautiful always. The tray measures 16-inches X 12-inches X 2-inches and is big enough for your day-to-day usage.

However, if you buy this, you are doing no harm to the environment. The wood has been cut from 100 percent managed forests and so, it gets FSC certification.

Key features:

  • Minimize slippage and easy usage is assured by the slightly recessed surface of the wooden tray.
  • The elegant curved design looks superior and never fails to make a lasting impression.
  • Handles are cut out of the tray that will help in easy carrying.

3. Comfify Store Rustic Wood Serving Trays with Handles

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Who doesn’t like to serve their favorite coffee and food in a well-finished and beautiful-looking tray? This is a set of three trays of different sizes. What it does allows you to safely take the glasses and plates around the house. If coffee on the bed is something you like, you can never go wrong with this option. Use the nesting trays to keep your coffee collection and display it to the world to see.

One of the best features of this tray is its design and shape. Even if you have a small and cramped-up kitchen or countertop, this will look fantastic always.

Key features:

  • Having construction using environmental-friendly materials, this tray is very durable and ensures zero damage to the environment.
  • Paulownia wood has been used for the making which has superior strength and gets a lightweight finish.
  • Comes with handles to make sure you can move around with ease and comfort.

2. GoCraft Handmade Classic Small Wooden Tray

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This Amazon’s rated product from the house of Go Kart is something you can order. Use it for serving anything from breakfast to dinner or wine, the beautiful finish is very gorgeous. If you are unsure whether or not to buy this wooden tray, you can totally depend on the service out of this. The brand has been in the business for the last 400 years and they have been making these quality items with pride and honor.

This is handcrafted out of mango wood. As a result, gets a sturdy and durable frame, this will help to balance the food and beverages well.

Key features:

  • Both sides of the tray have support handles so that you can comfortably items in this.
  • Measures 15-inches X 10-inches X 2-inches for the easy keeping of drinks and food.

1. Miusco Wooden Platters Set – Natural Acacia Wood Tray for Serving

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Topping the list, this is the best-looking tray that has been made with the highest quality of design and craftsmanship. The use of high-quality materials like acacia wood makes this already good-looking tray even more attractive. Perfectly bringing out the timeless design, no matter what purpose you use this for, this always catches the attention of your guests and friends.

Also, if you are thinking of gifting your loved ones something interesting, this will be an amazing deal. This is extremely lightweight and you can pick it up without any obstacle.

Key features:

  • Easy to clean, this is a naturally made tray that you will have no issues cleaning.
  • The handcrafted design looks extraordinary and also ensures each and every tray is different from the other.
  • Rectangular in shape, this is of 11.8-inches and you can beautifully present it.

When you have the right kind of arrangement for a specific work, the entire process becomes easier. The classic wooden trays will manifest your sophisticated taste and will serve your guests well.

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