Top 10 Best Wooden Crates | Wood Storage Boxes Reviews In 2020

When you see concrete, steel and glass all around you, truly appreciate the sense of life from wood. Something that has been a part of fulfilling storage purposes for a long time, this will take you back to the old days. The wooden crates have always proved to be useful for storage or any other purpose. However, the modern-day crates are sturdier and have been beautified to suit the aesthetic charm. Easy to carry and easier to store, you will certainly be happy with the product.

In fact, a lot of filtration is needed when are thinking about buying this. But that’s not all. Apart from quality, you also need the assurance of brands. So, here are the top picks that will not make you feel cheated.

Table of the Best Wooden Crates for Sale Reviews

10. MyGift Nesting Rustic Brown Wooden Storage Crates

Wood Crates

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Maybe that’s one of the reasons MyGift created this wonderful masterpiece of crate boxes from premium quality wood. The rustic wooden crates have the traditional shape of fruit crates which you would find in a food market. Apart from their classic construction, they also have a retro or rustic look that evokes a feeling of antiquity. The faded brown finish also goes with any kind of decor without creating an imbalance to the overall aesthetics.

Moreover, the crates also feature a layered construction with a rectangular box at the bottom layer. And a rectangular frame of equal dimensions at the top connected by a strong link. It helps you display small and big products easily inside the crate. However, you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank for buying this vintage beauty since it comes at an affordable price.

Key features:

  • Has cut out handles on both ends for ease of carrying.
  • It is used for storing washroom essential, toys, towels and more.
  • They are sized to be stackable on each other.
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9. Admired By Nature Rectangle Wood Crates for Storage

Admired By Nature Rectangle Wood Crates for Storage

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Admired By Nature offers you a set of wooden crates at an unbelievably affordable price. They look amazing, have immense use and don’t burn a hole through your wallet. In this set, you get 3 wooden crates which feature a distressed stain on the surface. Therefore, gives it the rustic look. One of the best things about these crates is their stackable nature. You don’t need to waste a lot of precious real estate or storage when you are not using them. Just stack the smaller crates inside the larger ones to save space.

Even the crates are of different size and you can beautifully display everything. These have a rectangular shape that makes it easy to grab and carry.

Key features:

  • The crates are lightweight, yet have the load-bearing capacity that varies between 5 pounds and 10 pounds.
  • Great as decorative items and make for ideal gifts.
  • Each piece is unique since all the crates have been made by hand.

8. Houseworks Large Wooden Crates & Pallet Wood Box

Houseworks Large Wooden Crates & Pallet Wood Crate

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Houseworks offers you a crate that is put to great use both for storage or innumerable DIY projects. You can also use this crate as a great platform for gifts by filling it up with wine bottles, potted plants, flowers and more. As for storage, you can use them to store books that you often read toiletries and much more. And it is ideal as long as it isn’t too heavy. You can also use it with other things as a beautiful decorative centrepiece at the dining table or living room.

As a matter of fact, for easy lifting, you get a wooden crate handle that is certainly routed. Finally, it has a construction from premium quality pine wood that is strong and can withstand years of use

Key features:

  • Large storage area with a length of 18-inches, a width of 12.5-inches and a depth of 9.5-inches.
  • As it is 4.5-pounds, you never have to struggle in grabbing it for touring around.
  • Slats are secured with heavy-duty staples so that they are durable in the long run.

7. SLPR Decorative Storage Wooden Crates for Floral Arrangements & Gardening

SLPR Decorative Storage Wooden Crates

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Now you can store anything in style with this wooden storage crate from SLPR. It has a chic rustic finish that looks marvellous over the white stain. Due to its colour, it blends it perfectly into your room decor and mesmerizes your guests. You can use them both for home decor and for special events like weddings. Moreover, they are extra durable since they have been reinforced at the corners.

Having an open palette, you can carry it and set it up at any room. You can just store anything inside it. The rustic look certainly gives out a vintage-like vibe and it is aesthetically pleasing.

Key features:

  • Thick jute ropes are used for handles and you can also adjust their length by untying the knot.
  • It certainly comes in a pack of 3 for various uses.
  • Comes with linen liners that are tied to the slats and removed with equal ease.
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6. Darla’Studio Vintage Stained Rustic Small Wooden Crates

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A magnificent piece of work from Darla’Studio that obliterates the competition with its high standards in quality and craftsmanship. Other wooden crate manufacturers cut corners by sending you planks and staples that need to be assembled. It saves a few bucks in shipping but brings great inconvenience towards you, the consumer. When you buy this crate from Darla’Studio you get the crate fully assembled. One can use it for storing books, toiletries and even classic vinyl records of your favourite artists.

As a matter of fact, it is 17-inches long for storing every little thing. It is certainly handcrafted beautifully in the USA for giving it an authentic touch.

Key features:

  • The deep rustic stain gives it a bold look that makes the product a head-turner.
  • Strong yet lightweight design at just around 8 pounds.
  • Indeed a firm and heavy-duty choice for your long-term usage.

5. Darla’Studio 66 Wooden Crate Box

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Darla’Studio pays careful attention to their craftsmanship and detailing that is unmatched by industry peers. So, when you buy this crate from them, you get yourself a piece of the meticulously crafted crate. It certainly stands out from cheaper quality products that you get from other manufacturers. Others have attempted to mimic the looks of these beautiful crates, but no one can match their quality. The crates have that rustic farmhouse charm that you can bring into your modern home. Next, the bold look due to its distressed finish makes it a wonderful piece of art. Plus, it has a functional storage compartment that has multiple uses in your home.

Get rid of clutter by organizing your towels, handcrafted goods, figurines or bathroom supplies inside the crate. Moreover, when you buy this crate you don’t get useless clutter since Darla’Studio doesn’t believe in cutting corners just to save a few bucks in packaging.

Key features:

  • The product goes through a rigorous inspection before it is shipped for ultimate satisfaction.
  • Made with the eco-friendly manufacturing process and even the sawdust is put to good use.
  • Proudly handcrafted in the United States with the highest standards.

4. Set of Nesting Wooden Organizer Crates & Metal Wire

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A typical countertop wooden crate has a strong base with flimsy planks on the sides that can’t withstand a lot of pressure. This one, on the other hand, removes that vulnerability by using metal grills on the side. So, apart from using it for regular storage, you can also use it as a nesting crate for your birds. The crate has cutout handles at the sides. As a result, it let you use it to take the crates and the things inside it anywhere you want. You can also use the crates to transfer a small breakfast or cups of coffee from the kitchen countertop to your bed.

You can use both for storage as well as a display wooden crate that will keep it beautifully arranged.

Key features:

  • Dedicated customer service that is ready to resolve your doubts.
  • Has construction of artisanal wood combined with the sturdy chicken wire mesh.
  • A contemporary look with mid-century modern design makes it stand apart.
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3. MPI WOOD Large Wooden Crate Box

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The value in buying this wooden crate from MPI WOOD lies in the simplicity of this product. It has been from pine wood which is known to be strong but doesn’t add unnecessary bulk. So, even a child can lift up the crate without any trouble. Next, due to its strength and durability, you can carry plenty of things in the crate as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit. Since it comes in a natural finish, you get to customize the crate according to your requirements.

This is certainly a sturdy choice that can serve you for the longest time. Finally, made meticulously in the United States, it has a very natural feel to it.

Key features:

  • Is indeed stained or painted with acrylic colours.
  • Comes in assembled condition for your convenience.

2. MyGift Country Rustic Finish Brown Wood Nesting Boxes

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MyGift presents to you 3 different wooden crates in a set for all your organizational and decorative needs. The crates are from planks of solid wood that can take a beating and are durable enough to last you for years. Other rustic crates don’t have a handle which makes carrying them a laborious task. However, this one has an improvised design with cutout handles on both sides. As a result, you can lift them up and carry them with minimal effort.

Lastly, the rectangular crates come in 3 different sizes and have a unique rustic brown finish that looks brilliant.

Key features:

  • Is used for storing pieces of jewellery, office supplies and a lot more.
  • 3.3-pounds is certainly ideal for any transporting job.
  • Storage capacity varies from a volume of over 300-cubic inches to over 1000-cubic inches.

1. SLPR Decorative Wooden Storage Crates

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SLPR offers you a set of crates that look amazing and are of exceptionally high quality. Most crates look the same with the brown distressed finish and maybe a layer of vintage polish to make it more exciting. The manufacturers of this set of crates have gone the extra mile to make it look more unique. As a result, your home decor stands out from the rest. The white distressed wooden crates have a distressed look that gives them a rustic charm. Moreover, they are extra tall so that you have ample storage. Good products don’t just look good but have high functionality as well.

These crates are the perfect example since other than complimenting your home decor style, these also allow you to store multiple things in any room of your home.

Key features:

  • Has cutout handles so that you can transport them with ease.
  • Features fabric liner so that the crates don’t get dirty and are easy to clean.
  • Liners are removable when the crates are not in use.

Buy a wooden crate and make multiple uses of it. You can use it to store fresh veggies and fruits that would be cooked for the day. And one can even store bathroom essentials like shampoo, conditioner or moisturizers.

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