Top 10 Best Natural Solid Wood Coffee Tables Reviews In 2021

We buy furniture not only to make useful use out of it but also as a decorative piece. Such an example is natural wood coffee tables. Apart from its astonishing beauty and elegance, you can also praise its functionality. It can certainly support a lot of weight and its mind-blowing finish will just suit the overall look. It’s sturdy and you will get variation in styles as well as sizes as needed. Choices vary according to the taste of an individual and the top solid wood coffee table brands offer you so.

Feel free to explore more before buying and study all the features right here. Did you find your pick now?

Table of the Best Wood Coffee Tables Reviews

10. VASAGLE Metal and Wood Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room

Wood Coffee Tables

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Vasagle always creates furniture that invites you and your guests into the house with their warm and stylish design. This industrial wood coffee table from the brand is no different. It has a sturdy iron frame with the superior build quality. As a result, can bear a lot of weight and will last you for a long time. No need to worry about the frame rusting over time.

It has a thick coat of black powder that protects it from elements of nature. In fact, it also gives it a sleek look. At the top, you get a flat and attractive rustic platform made from engineered wood. Along with the matte black frame, this wooden top makes for a phenomenal combo that offers vintage design with modern functionality.

Key features:

  • Has a grilled bottom that can hold books, magazines and more.
  • You can assemble it within no time with the provided instructions.
  • The tabletop can bear over 250 pounds of load.
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9. Olee Sleep Cocktail Wood and Metal Legs – Rustic Coffee Table

Olee Sleep Cocktail Wood and Metal Legs - Rustic Coffee Table

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Olee has crafted this cocktail wood coffee table with some of the best materials and excellent craftsmanship. Therefore, makes it a worthy centrepiece in any room. It has legs are from high strength steel. That’s why it can stand up to light bumps easily and won’t cause your coffee to spill out of the mug. Due to its contemporary design, you can use it in various places for various purposes.

Apart from being a coffee table, it will also serve you like an office or cocktail table in both private and professional spaces. Unlike most other pieces of furniture, you don’t have to struggle or sweat through the assembly for this table. All you need to do is just screw in some bolts at the right places. Now, the table is ready for use!

Key features:

  • Wooden shelves are from solid pine wood that will stand the test of time.
  • Has the Certipur-US certification for being safe.
  • The rustic finish looks wonderful and adds a lot of character.

8. Care Royal Farmhouse Coffee Table – Natural Solid Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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Care Royal stands out in the market with their brilliant manufacturing techniques and like the same for their products. This wood coffee table with storage from the brand is very unique due to the construction and environmentally-friendly as well. The bottom shelf and tabletop is obtained from natural reclaimed solid wood. They don’t lack any strength but since it is salvaged wood, each piece of furniture that is from it will have some definitive traits.

From grain and uneven surface to nail hole and colour variations, this looks gorgeous. You can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee over a piece of the highly functional, practical, beautiful and distinct coffee table.

Key features:

  • Two pairs of rubber feet at the bottom protect your expensive flooring from marks and scratches.
  • At 19 kg it is light enough to be moved in the house without additional help.
  • Can tolerate up to 125 kgs of weight.

7. FOLUBAN Rustic Oak Coffee Table – Industrial Cocktail Table for Living Room

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Foluban has created this magnificent coffee table with an elegant and modern design. For that reason, it is convincing enough to make you buy the furniture even before knowing about the details. It has a minimalist outlook without any unnecessary design elements. Next, its elegance lies in its simplicity. Moreover, it doesn’t give off the feeling of cluttered space in your living room despite its impressive dimensions.

The tabletop is from MDF with rich wood grain. So, it has the strength of regular wooden furniture without any of its shortcomings in style. With tables from other manufacturers, you may waste a significant amount of time for assembly. However, this table is assembled for use within merely 5 minutes.

Key features:

  • The wood coffee table’s legs are of thick steel tubes and the table can hold around 300 pounds.
  • It is covered by a 1 year warranty period so that you can buy this product without any worries.
  •  Legs have anti-slip pads at the bottom that prevent floor damage and increase stability.
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6. DYH Rustic Wood and Metal Cocktail Table with Shelf 

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The DYH coffee table has a soulful, yet industrial design with its dark brown grain wooden surface. And the metal legs coated with black powder coating perfectly complements it. The double-layered design gives it sufficient storage space. Plus, the distinctive look makes it blend well with the rest of your room decor. At the tabletop, you can serve trays of food or beverages, play interesting board games or even finish up leftover work on your laptop.

The spacious wood coffee table has an open design and has double layers for your own good. It’s bold and the tabletop is 1.7-inches thick. It is also covered by a 1 year warranty period for a risk-free purchase.

Key features:

  • Comes with free tools to let you do the assembly without a hardware store visit.
  • Metal legs won’t corrode easily due to coated protection.
  • Will be the ideal match for modern and even the traditional living spaces.

5. Alaterre Sonoma Rustic Natural Wooden Coffee Table

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Alaterre brings probably one of the toughest coffee tables that will be in your home for a prolonged period. By, itself it doesn’t weigh much which makes it easier for you to move the table from one room to another during a renovation. However, it has an astonishing weight-bearing capacity of 400 pounds or less. Therefore, leaves many coffee tables with a higher price tag behind by at least 100 pounds.

It features legs made from rectangular tubing that perhaps contributes the most towards its stable design and load capacity.

Key features:

  • Maintenance is easy and hassle-free, use a dry cloth to keep the table clean.
  • Between the top and lower shelf, you get over 11-inches of a gap for storing everything from heirlooms to accessories.
  • The rustic table measures an ideal 42-inches.

4. FurniChoi Farmhouse Wood Coffee Tables

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This table from FurniChoi is a result of rustic farmhouse decor style blended with modern urban design. The tabletop is from distressed wood that has its own defined texture. While the tabletop retains wooden finish, the rest of the table from the legs to the lower shelf has been painted in bright white. As a result, make a stark contrasting piece that is no less than a remarkable piece of artwork.

The 2 tier design offers you several advantages from flexible options in storage. And even a platform for the decorative display of numerous items. A potted plant or a lamp at the side would be a wonderful addition.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t wobble or shake from the slightest of bumps.
  • It is extra wide at around 4-feet and gives more than enough surface area.
  • You can buy this product without any worries since it is covered by a 1-year warranty period.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Mestler Rustic Brown Coffee Table

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Furniture from this brand never fails to impress and this coffee table has gone further to boost the reputation. The table has a neat rectangular design with fine symmetrical geometry that makes it look sharp and adds stability. Compared to most other products from competitor manufacturers, you are going to have a very easy time assembling this table.

Apart from the included hardware, it comes with 3D interactive instructions powered by BILT. You get a step by step 3D guide on your smartphone or tablet computer for assembling your table within just half an hour.

Key features:

  • Edges are detailed and sculpted well enough to add to the table’s aesthetic value.
  • At a height of over 10-inches, this table is within perfect reach from your upper body.
  • The lower shelf has multicoloured textured veneers over the wood panels for an interesting set-up.

2. Furniture of America Modern Coffee Tables

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Furniture of America presents to you a coffee table that would impress the whole family and leave the guests spellbound. Most manufacturers like to cut corners by adding wooden substitutes or cheaper parts made from flimsy metal in their furniture. But this has all wooden construction that is premium to touch and is robust enough to last you for generations.

Assembly is quite easy as well since it comes with the necessary hardware and doesn’t require making any extra investments.

Key features:

  • Rich dark cherry finish that gives it a bold look.
  • Has wood veneers to protect the tabletop from damage caused by liquid spills.
  • Open shelf at the bottom gives you more than enough room for storage.

1. APLOS Large Retro Wood Coffee Table with Metal Legs & Storage Shelf

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Aplos provides you with furniture that will accentuate the aesthetics of any room. It has a stylish design with the shelves extending out from the perimeter made by the legs. Both the tabletop and the shelf underneath are from solid reclaimed wood that is thick. In fact, it wouldn’t disappoint you in terms of quality. The wooden slabs are premium and have a smooth texture that gives a nice feeling on touch.

However, its use isn’t limited to just a coffee table. You can also use it in various other places, be it in your home or your place of business. Its rustic charm gives off a warm feeling that makes a lasting impression on guests and clients.

Key features:

  • Comes with a detailed product manual so that you can assemble it within no time.
  • Tabletop gives you over 900-square inches of surface area.
  • The support base is made from solid iron for stability and long-lasting performance.

A versatile wood coffee table is a perfect match for any room. Be it in your office or bedroom, you can even place it in living rooms.

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