Best Portable Aluminum & Metal Wheelchair Ramps Reviews

A wheelchair is an essential equipment for the elderly and disabled. However, stairs and curbs can limit their use. But thanks to portable wheelchair ramps, that shouldn’t frustrate you anymore. They enable you to navigate around your home and office safely. Also, they’re versatile enough to accommodate those on scooters, crutches, and strollers. But as useful as they are, choosing the best wheelchair ramps for home or office can be a considerable challenge.

However, that shouldn’t worry you. We’ve taken the time to narrow down to what we believe to be the best portable wheelchair ramps for stairs. For the record, these are top-of-the-line models. Hence, you won’t have trouble bridging access from the indoors to the outdoors or navigating a variety of terrain.

10. Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Single-fold Ramp

Wheelchair Ramps

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This wheelchair ramp boasts a durable welded construction. As such, it’s stronger than its riveted counterparts. For the record, it can support up to 800 pounds. The ramp measures 30 inches wide. Hence, it’s large enough to accommodate wheelchairs with various wheel configurations.

Moreover, the surface of the ramp has anti-slip tape. It offers better traction, which prevents the wheelchair from sliding off the ramp. Furthermore, the ramp folds in half after use for easy storage. Not to mention, it has a built-in handle that allows you to carry it like a suitcase.

Special Features

  • Sturdy welds support up to 800 pounds
  • The anti-slip tape keeps the wheelchair from sliding off the ramp
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • An integrated handle enables you to carry the ramp like a suitcase

9. DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Home, Van & Steps

DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Home, Van & Steps

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Well, this is a set of two ramps designed to be used simultaneously. Each ramp is 4.5 inches wide. As such, it can accommodate wheels of different thicknesses. Again, the ramp has full side rails. Together with the anti-slip surface, they keep the wheelchair from sliding and falling off the ramp.

Thanks to a telescopic design, the ramp enables you to adjust the length from 3 to 5 feet. Also, the retractable design allows for easy storage. The ramp is made of light yet strong aluminium. Each weighs only 6 pounds but can support up to 300 pounds. Overall, they have a weight limit of 600 pounds. Furthermore, the ramp comes with a nylon bag for storage.

Special Features

  • The telescopic design extends the ramp from 3 to 5 feet
  • A retractable design offers a compact size for easy storage
  • Light but strong aluminium construction provides an overall weight limit of 600 pounds
  • Anti-skid surface and side rails keep the wheelchair within the ramp

8. Drive Medical Single Fold Aluminium Ramp for Wheelchair & Scooter

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The Drive Medical ramp adopts a light yet sturdy construction. It supports 600 pounds, making it ideal for both scooters and wheelchairs. Also, it uses durable aluminium material. Hence, it doesn’t rust, making it safe for outdoor use.

Moreover, the ramp folds in half for easy storage. Thanks to the built-in handle, you can carry the ramp like a suitcase. Furthermore, the surface of the ramp has perforated slots. Thus, there’s zero chance that water will collect on the ramp. The ramp comes with a travel bag for easy portability.

Special Features

  • Perforated slots enable water to drain off the ramp
  • Welded aluminium is light enough for easy portability but strong enough to support up to 600 pounds
  • Suitcase-like design enables you to carry the ramp in style
  • Travel bag for easy storage and transportation

7. Ruedamann Folding Aluminium Wheelchair Ramps for Home, Steps & Stairs

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This ramp is designed for slope heights of up to 14.8 inches. It’s made of fully-welded, weather-resistant aluminium. That makes it pretty strong, supporting up to 600 pounds. Also, the ramp has hinges along the mid-section. Hence, it can fold to half its size for easy storage.

The surface of the ramp has an anti-skid pad that gives the wheelchair better traction. Again, there’s a unique tail-plate design that keeps the ramp from shifting. Moreover, the non-skid pad is waterproof for easy care.

Special Features

  • The built-in nylon handle enables you to carry the ramp with ease
  • Foldable design saves space after use
  • The built-in tail plate and non-slip pad provide excellent skid resistance
  • Sturdy welded construction supports 600 pounds

6. Clevr Extra Wide Non-Skid Traction Aluminum Wheelchair Loading Ramp

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As the name suggests, this wheelchair ramp is pretty wide. Because of that, it can accommodate most wheel configurations. Side rails and a non-slip surface keep your wheelchair from sliding off the ramp. Also, the ramp folds in half for storage. Thanks to a built-in handle, you can transport with ease.

This wheelchair ramp is made of aluminium. It’s pretty light, weighing 16 pounds. Nonetheless, it has an impressive weight limit of 600 pounds. For the record, this wheelchair ramp is designed for slope heights of up to 9 inches. Furthermore, it comes fully assembled, and ready for use.

Special Features

  • A safety pin keeps the ramp in a folded position as well as anchors it when in use
  • Durable aluminium supports up to 600 pounds
  • Folds to a compact size for easy portability
  • The anti-slip bottom keeps the ramp from sliding

5. Titan Folding Portable Non-Skid Aluminium Briefcase Traction Ramp

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The Titan wheelchair ramp is specially designed for gentle slopes of up to 3 inches high. Thanks to the extra-wide design, it can comfortably fit most wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters. Also, this aluminium ramp weighs 15 pounds. Hence, it’s easy to move around the house.

Once done, it folds in half for storage. Again, it assumes a briefcase design, enabling you to carry it in style. The ramp is waterproof, making it safe to leave outside. For the record, this wheelchair ramp is strong enough to support up to 500 pounds.

Special Features

  • The extra-wide design fits most wheel configurations
  • The foldable briefcase design makes it ideal for travel
  • Waterproof design holds up well to weather elements
  • Sturdy aluminium construction has a weight limit of 500 pounds

4. Rose Home Fashion Portable Aluminum Alloy Wheelchair Ramp

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Like most ramps on our list, this wheelchair ramp has a 2-panel construction. The panels are connected with a hinge. As a result, it’s easy to fold in half for storage. Also, this ramp adopts more durable materials. The panels come in rustproof aluminium. The hinges, on the other hand, come in high quality 304 stainless steel. So, they’re resistant to both rust and corrosion.

2-inch rails keep your wheelchair inside the ramp. Moreover, the ramp has anti-slip rubber pads that keep it fixed on the steps. Apart from that, it has a non-slip surface that prevents the wheelchair from slipping off the ramp.

Special Features

  • Extra-wide design accommodates both wheelchairs and walkers
  • Rustproof aluminium and 304 stainless steel hinges offer lasting durability
  • Ultra-strong construction supports up to 800 pounds
  • Rubberized bottom and non-slip surface provide superior stability
  • Foldable design saves space

3. Clevr Lightweight Folding Portable Multi-fold Ramp for Wheelchair

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At 6 feet, this is a pretty long wheelchair ramp. As such, it can be used on steep slopes of up to 18 inches high. It’s not only long but also wide enough to accommodate most wheel configurations. Also, it has a sturdy aluminium construction that holds up to 600 pounds. That makes it perfect for heavy electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Safety pins help anchor the ramp on the steps. Not to mention, they keep the ramp locked once folded. Furthermore, the ramp has bottom pad grips that keep it from moving when in use.

Special Features

  • Extra-long design is ideal for steep slopes up to 18 inches high
  • Safety pins and non-skid pad grips anchor the ramp in position
  • The foldable design makes storage a breeze
  • Rugged construction holds up to 600 pounds

2. Prairie View Industries WCR830 Portable Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramp

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This wheelchair ramp is by far the longest on our list. It’s 8 feet long and can be used on slopes of up to 16 inches high. As the name suggests, you can separate it into two sections, each foldable in half. So, despite the extra-large size, transporting and storing this ramp is pretty much easy.

Again, the ramp boasts a tried and true design. As such, it guarantees your safety every time you put it to use. Like most ramps on our list, it’s made of sturdy but light aluminium with a weight limit of 800 pounds.

Special Features

  • Extra-long size fits slopes up to 16 inches high
  • Multi-fold design improves portability
  • The rugged design supports up to 800 pounds
  • Non-skid surface offers additional safety

1. HOMCOM 6 Feet Portable Textured Folding Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp

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This 6-foot ramp is designed for small stoops. It adopts a ribbed surface that keeps your wheelchair from sliding, even when wet. Also, the ramp has 2-inch sidewalls to avoid accidental falls.

The ramp has a tri-fold design that enables you to fold it into a compact size. Moreover, it comes in lightweight aluminium alloy. Hence, it doesn’t rust and is extremely resistant to corrosion. Not to mention, it provides sturdy support of up to 600 pounds. For the record, this ramp sets up and tears down in seconds, making it ideal for travel.

Special Features

  • Tri-fold design saves space
  • Anti-corrosive aluminium alloy supports up to 600 pounds
  • Anti-slippery ribbed design provides better traction
  • 2-inch side walls prevent accidental falls

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