Best Personalized Wall Mount Mailboxes for Office and Home

Do you keep receiving mails, letters, newspapers, or magazines on a regular basis? And your home doesn’t have a dedicated mailbox yet? Then you must have a look at the entire article. For people who still believe in the idea of physical mails and not soft copies and want to set up a handsome-looking mailbox outside their home, here you will find the best options. The wall mount mailboxes have been dominating the market for a long time. However, with modernization, its utility has been reduced. Still, many people love the authenticity and vintage feel that these products have.

Hence, the best-selling wall mount mailboxes you will see here are carefully designed to make them look and function the best always. Designed with care, each of these mailboxes has a great quality of make. And you as a consumer will not have any troubles even if you decide to use it for the longest possible time.

10. Gibraltar Mailboxes Woodlands Galvanized Steel Wall-Mount Mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailboxes

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To make sure your mail reaches you on time and without any loss, installing a mailbox is a good option. Made using heavy-duty galvanized steel, the mailbox is very strong and durable for outdoor usage. You will get a textured black powder coating to save it from damages due to natural elements. There is even a vacant space where you can style customized numbers and letters for your personalized mailbox.

As a matter of fact, the heavy-duty wall mount mailbox has a timeless approach with beautiful curves. Therefore, beauty will stay intact!

Key features:

  • A medium-sized mailbox can keep a good bundle of mails and rolled newspapers easily.
  • Clean and minimalist design looks extraordinary in all kinds of homes exteriors.
  • Fast and easy installation owing to the cut-out template of the mailbox.

9. Jsmsst HPB911BN Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox with Key Lock

Jsmsst HPB911BN Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox with Key Lock

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Your ideal vertical wall mount mailbox that you can set it up in the outdoors. In fact, it is a perfect place for keeping magazines, newspapers, and letters. Next, this 14-inches X 11.5-inches X 4-inches mailbox is spacious and well-constructed. Capable enough to hold a whole day’s quantity of letters and magazines. Fitted with a key lock and 2 keys, always make sure your documents are secure and safe from loss.

Also, owing to the big size of the mailbox, most of the regular-sized magazines will fit in it. Plus, there will be no damage to the form and shape due to its impeccable construction. Finally, will the help of a key lock, you can keep all your mail safe inside this weatherproof box.

Key features:

  • A high-quality galvanized steel body offers outstanding strength and easily fights the threats coming from nature.
  • The powder-coated design keeps the papers safe even during heavy rains.
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware for a hassle-free installation process.

8. Gibraltar Medium Galvanized Steel Lockable Wall Mount Mailboxes

Gibraltar Medium Galvanized Steel Lockable Wall Mount Mailboxes

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Made by Gibraltar, this is another wall mount mailbox with a lock that you can set up outside your home. Therefore, have yourself a dedicated space for keeping the mails and magazines. Featuring a medium-capacity space, a whole day’s worth of mails and magazines easily. In terms of the overall quality of construction, the mailbox has a galvanized steel body. As a result, makes it strong enough for enduring the change in weather conditions and physical tampering.

No matter how important papers are there in the mailbox, each and every document will always be safe from damages. The steel is even rust-resistant and keeps the mailbox completely safe from risks of unwanted rusting damages. In addition to that, there is a concealed locking compartment where you can safe-keep the received mails always. Last but not the least, the overall quality is outstanding as it has been made and assembled in the USA.

Key features:

  • Decorative plastic featuring an oval emblem looks premium and is added with an adhesive backing so that it stays intact.
  • Powder-coated for enhanced protection against natural elements and moisture.
  • With the option of 5 different colors, you always find yourself the mailbox that looks best in your home’s décor.

7. Salsbury Industries Black Traditional Mailbox

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Choice of both wall mounting and surface mounting, with this mailbox. Now, you will be able to ensure that all your mails and similar documents reach you without any damages. Available to choose both in horizontal and vertical styling, always choose the one you think will be more suited for your needs. The lid on top of the mailbox is fitted with a rubber strip so that it always closes silently.

Moreover, there will not be any problem when you are setting it up as well. This mailbox has 4 mounting holes at the back that eases up the whole process of installation. Due to the beautiful powder coating, the traditional wall mount mailbox will prove its quality even during the worst weather conditions.

Key features:

  • Have 5-inches detachable magazine hooks so that your magazines have a dedicated space for keeping them nicely.
  • Electro-galvanized 20-gauge steel construction is extremely sturdy and strong for a hassle-free user experience.
  • Includes a user manual and 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty for the best results.

6. Mail Boss 7162 Metro Locking Mailbox – Black Wall Mounted Mail

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Coming with a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism, you can keep the most valuable documents as well without any worries of them getting robbed or lost. In addition to the well-thought locking latch, there is a 12-wafer disc that effectively prevents any sort of leveraged entry. When it comes to the mounting process, the mailbox is very easy to install as it comes with innovative brackets.

It is mountable on all kinds of surfaces. If you have this mailbox in your home, the mails you get will be stored in the safest manner. The overall large capacity can store a significant number of mails easily.

Key features:

  • Superior level of strength and durability assured by the 14 and 16 gauge electro-galvanized steel body.
  • Outstanding level of weather resistance and protection with the stainless steel hinges and powder coated body.
  • Includes necessary hardware like 3 keys, reflective numbers, drill bits, and 4 lag bolts for faster set up.

5. Whitehall Products Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

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Whitehall has designed this amazing large wall mount mailbox with a lot of care and precision. Therefore, ensures that you can have maximum use of it for the longest time. The weather-resistant all-aluminum construction is meant to last. Thus, rewards you with a long service life that you can thoroughly enjoy. Also available in a wide range of colors to choose from, for all kinds of exterior decors, there is an option you can look into.

This vintage-looking mailbox sits beautifully on your wall beside the main door. Above all, it provides you with a space to keep your mails organized.

Key features:

  • Measures 14.5-inches X 15-inches X 8-inches, the size are big enough for regular-sized mails and magazines.
  • The removable locking flap is secure and very easy to access as well.
  • As it weighs 8.5-pounds, you do not have to take extra help for managing or installing it.

4. AdirOffice Wall Mount Locking Mailbox –Hanging Mailbox Post

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Indeed one of the best-designed and heavy-duty mailboxes that you can buy today. This one has construction using 16-gauge galvanized steel to offer unmatched surety and strength. To enhance the overall quality, the designers have also applied a powder coating on the surface. As a result, effectively keeps out damage due to scratches and water. In order to safe-keep the items inside the mailbox, there is a locking door that uses an anti-pry latch locking mechanism.

The commercial-grade lock has a couple of laser-cut keys. Hence, you can use it for opening the mailbox when you need to access the contents.

Key features:

  • Big size bin door, the door is wide enough so that anyone can put in all kinds of items easily.
  • The package includes 4 mounting screws, 4 washers, driver bits, and drill bits for an effortless installation process.
  • It has a scratch-proof surface so that it can withstand rough handling.

3. NACH POST Milano Pointed Mailbox with Newspaper Holder – Wall Mounted Post Box

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Check out this extraordinary mailbox and completely transform the way you have been receiving mails all this time. A beautiful looking option that will never fail to create a lasting impression, the looks are extremely modern and appealing. Completely hassle-free assembly, you will not need to put any effort into the setup process. As a matter of fact, you can mount it instantly after it arrives.

Furthermore, the industry-standard size of 9.5-inches X 4-inches X 15-inches is big enough for keeping your mails and magazines in the right manner always. There is also a dedicated newspaper holder that comes in handy for families that get newspapers on a daily basis.

Key features:

  • Superior protection and safety against rusting as it incorporates a powder-coated paint process.
  • Designed with an extra-long top lid, you will always have easy access to your mails.
  • Has a very clean and classic finish with a glossy white design that leaves a lasting statement always.

2. Mail Boss Townhouse Locking Security Wall Mount Mailbox

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Yet another mailbox that you can mount on the wall! This large capacity box has construction 14-gauge and 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel for unparallel durability and strength. To make it safe for use in the exterior wall as well, the designers have included the patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism.

Having the trust of 12 wafer disc locks to completely secure usage, it is safe even when dealing with important documents. Finally, its stainless steel hinges are safe for all-weather use and the powder-coated finish keeps the beautiful looks alive for a long.

Key features:

  • Included in the package are innovative mounting brackets for all surfaces easy installation.
  • All mounting hardware and usable additions like keys and numbers are included in the box.
  • Certainly mountable with many post mounts that are available in the vast market.

1. Whitehall Custom Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Mailboxes 

Whitehall Custom Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Mailboxes 

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This has a construction with the finest quality of materials coupled with equally good engineering. Sand cast and high-density aluminum hold on to the traditional looks while promising sturdy and strong user confidence. Enhanced with an Alumni shield weatherproofing, it tackles the harshest weather with surety and security always. Moreover, the secure locking design makes sure no one without your permission can access the inner contents of the mailbox.

Lastly, features beautifully designed numbers so that you can have a personalized mailbox. Therefore, will have your house number and street address.

Key features:

  • Very easy to install, all you need is a hand-held power drill to mount it to the wall of your choice.
  • The classic design will make it hard for you to take your eyes off it.

Though mails and letters may look like a thing from the past decade. However, today, many families receive their important documents still through traditional methods. So, for that, check on the wall mount mailbox’s height in order to put every necessary item inside it and then get one for your beautiful home.

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