Best LED Under Cabinet Lightings – Under Counter Lights Reviews

Lights can be used brilliantly to create effects and illusions. Under cabinet lightings can transform the look of your house completely. A normal cabinet or storage space is made to look sophisticated and bright. This kind of lighting highlights the background and accentuates the furniture by providing an almost 3-D effect to it. All the targeted areas will look illuminated and you won’t have to struggle with the lack of lighting.

Want to know which lightings are truly effective? Then keep reading our article and find the under cabinet lightings recommendations in here.

10. Wobane LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit for Kitchen – Under Counter Lights

Under Cabinet Lightings

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Wobane’s under-cabinet LED lighting kit has everything you’ll need to make these words into reality. The kit consists of 6 strips of LED lights, an adapter, and remotes. You can get your creative flair on with this product due to the DIY factor of it. The strips are twisted, bent, and placed anywhere you’d want. Besides, the lights produce up to 1500 lumen which will generate enough light to highlight your storage cabinets, shelves, shower mirrors, etc.

Moreover, the wireless remote is used for a number of functions at a maximum distance of 60 feet. The latter has a total of 16 buttons that can control the lights.

Key Features:

  • The kit contains two controllers, one which can be used to switch the lights on and off directly,
  • Its RF dimmer gives you the freedom to adjust the brightness as you wish to. Whether you want to keep it lowkey and soft or you want it to be bright and warm, you can do it all.
  • The remote also provides a timing feature that is used to direct how long the lights should be on.

9. ASOKO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lightings

ASOKO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lightings

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If you want to incorporate such qualities of lighting in your own house, then ASOKO has the perfect product for you. You can get over the dull, drab overall light fixtures in your house with the dimmable under cabinet lighting. The product can be installed by you and is extremely easy to go about. You can charge the light with your computer, using the USB port that is provided with the purchase.

Furthermore, you can also charge it with a power bank. The LED lights are of high quality and can produce bright light while consuming less electricity.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a dimmable option. Hence, you can switch between 3 settings in order to get the ideal lighting for your mood.
  • Thus also has a memory function which implies that it will remember the last setting the light was on. So, when it is switched on, it will inevitably go back to that setting.
  • Since it has a magnet attached to it you can stick it onto your iron cabinet without much fuss. No need for tools and extra work with this product.

8. LDOPTO Wireless Battery Operated Under Counter Lighting with Remote Control

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LDOPTO’s under counter lights with remote control is the perfect solution to the problem of low lighting.  You can control the lighting with the remote and via the touch panel as well. The remote control allows you to adjust the light settings, switch it on and off whenever you wish to. This pack of 3 lights has LED lights with a life of 50,000 hours.

You can have your way and indulge the décor of the house in some sophisticated illumination. Lastly, the CW and NW buttons are for switching between warm to cool lights respectively

Key Features:

  • Installing the lights are as easy as anything. A 3M adhesive magnetic tape on the back helps you to simply stick it onto the kitchen counter.
  • The buttons on the remote allow you to tweak the brightness of the lights.
  • Its LED lights are capped with high-quality lampshades that soften the light and prevent them from producing harsh glares.

7. Phonar Under Counter Lighting and Under Cabinet LED Lighting  with Sensor Switch

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Phonar’s lightings can bring in the soft, enigmatic look that your home décor direly needs. Setting up these lights may require some elbow grease in the case of certain products. The Phonar Lights don’t subject you to such problems at all. Its entire fixture is light and its weight allows you to move and mount it anywhere. The fixture is made of aluminum alloy and an acryl diffuser. As a result, it not only adds to the feather-like weight of the product but also provides a distinct look to the product.

However, you can keep the light on all the time by putting the power adapter onto the other side of all-time lighting mode. Lastly, you can also go into the switch mode by putting the adapter on the switching side.

Key Features:

  • The fixture has a sensory touch that you can use to switch the light on and off.
  • It comes with an adhesive mounting strip that allows you to install it by yourself and without using any tools.
  • The high-quality LEDs provide a long, stable service that does not cease to fail your expectations at all.

6. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar – Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

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Indeed a product that will illuminate your kitchen counters and cabinet spaces supremely. The Brilliant Evolution wireless under cabinet lighting will exceed your expectations when it comes to this category. The LEDs used in this product are extremely powerful and generate 65 Lumens at a time. They produce a warm white glow of 3000K. Hence, makes it easy for you to draw the focus into a certain part on the kitchen counter.

Finally, the fixture is ultra-thin and will fit almost anywhere and everywhere. Providing a 100 hour run time will keep the areas lighted.

Key Features:

  • The light runs on battery and can go on four times longer than any other light.
  • Installation is like a breeze because it barely requires any time. You can stick it on using the adhesive provided at the back or you can screw it onto the cabinet.
  • You can simply tap on the fixture to switch it on and off.

5. Shineled Battery Operated LED Lights – Under Cabinet Lighting for Kitchen

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Puck lights can come as a blessing in your life because of their unique quality. Hence, gives you the liberty to scatter or group them as much as you want to. By choosing this option you will get a pack of 6 puck lights that are wireless. Thus, ready-to-use and super light to carry and mount. The elliptical shape evenly distributes the light under your cabinet or any other furniture and provides a smooth and warm lighting space.

Lastly, these battery-operated lights consume only a watt of power and provide a soothing effect rather than a sharp glare.

Key Features:

  • You can choose from various different light settings that are already programmed into the fixtures.
  • With the remote controller, you can set a timer or simply switch it on and off.
  • Its USP is the unique elliptical shape that helps the light to spread properly.

4. EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

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EShine’s lighting does not only bring sophistication into your house but also inherits the same in its features and characteristics. You have the controls in your hand, literally. This product does not require any extra remote control; it simply requires your hand to control it. With a wave, you can switch the lights on and off. Right, when you put your hand under the sensor and sway it back and forth you can dim the lights as per your needs.

Above all, get all the smoothness you have been dreaming of all your life with Eshine’s lighting panels.

Key Features:

  • You can choose to stick the panels on using the 3M adhesive or can screw it onto the cabinet.
  • These lights are highly environment friendly as they consume less electricity. Plus, produces high-quality illumination when compared to other lighting fixtures.
  • You can charge the product using the 18-watt power adapter provided with the purchase.

3. Albrillo Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting with Remote Control

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Albrillo panel lights can provide you with the illumination that you’ve been missing all this time. Perfect for setting under furniture, these lights will instantly light your kitchen counter, desks, and dressing table. The high-quality LEDs can produce about 350 lumens and bring light into the dark corners of the house. It has 4000K white lights which mimic daylight and produces an effect of natural lighting.

These lights have the memory function which means they’ll remember the setting that was allocated before being switched off. And then when you turn it on it will automatically move into that setting.

Key Features:

  • Using the remote control you can easily control the brightness, on and off time.
  • These lights are highly efficient but save power at the same time.
  • They have 4W LEDs which are as powerful as 40-watt incandescent lamps.

2. Motion Battery Powered Operated Sensor Cabinet Light – Under Counter Closet Lighting

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These lights from HausLichts are perfect for all the dingy dark areas in your house, under the cabinets, in the closets, etc. These lights are unique due to their motion sensor feature which allows you to install them in drawers and shelves. They automatically detect your presence and switch themselves on. If it does not detect any movement it will switch off in 20 seconds.

By using the USB cable, you can charge the lights easily. And so they will work smoothly for about 8 hours straight.

Key Features:

  • The lights have 3 settings- on, off and G. The G stands for motion sensor mode. You can choose between these at your convenience.
  • The magnetic back can stick onto any iron surface. Also, you can use adhesive tape to stick it on other surfaces.

1. Fansteck Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting – LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb with Color Modes

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Fansteck’s LED light fixtures will illuminate your workspace and provide a chic and soothing ambiance to the house. The LEDs are divided into two sections. One section provides light that mimics the natural daylight and the other side produces warm golden light. These two colors work together to produce a unique and soothing effect for you. The motion sensors are capable of sensing movement from a distance of 10-ft. And the lights will automatically switch on.

With the two USB cables that are provided in the package, you can charge the lights at all times.

Key Features:

  • The product has motion sensors that detect your movement and automatically switch off after 15 seconds if it does not sense anything.
  • With the Always-on mode, you can use it in your closet as well. It will stay on for 4 hours straight.
  • The lights run on batteries that are rechargeable and that make the product environmentally aware.

The poor lighting in your kitchen may bug you at all times. Getting a tube light or bulb that can focus on one part may be a difficult find. Hence, check the under cabinet lighting options to light up the area.

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