Best Heavy Offset Umbrella Bases – Outdoor Umbrella Stands Reviews

Are thinking of setting up your backyard or patio in the right manner? Do you think you should set up an umbrella as well? You need umbrella bases. These bases will firmly keep the umbrella in place and will not let the winds break or damage the umbrella. You can fill it with water or sand and it will stay in a single place. These even flaunt intricate designs that will clearly depict the craftsmanship.

With innumerable options to choose from in the market, it can be really tedious and troubling to understand which one to get for your needs.  So, just buy an umbrella base after reading our article and come to a wise conclusion.

10. DC America Cast Stone Heavy Duty Umbrella Bases

Umbrella Bases

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Having a high-quality base means that when you can set up your large umbrella, you will not have any issues. The bigger the diameter of the umbrella, the more problem it causes when it comes to stability and balance. But with this base, the problems are eliminated. Having construction using cast stone and featuring an antique bronze finish, this is sturdy and looks appealing to the eyes.

In addition to that, this quality of making ensures a totally rust-free and corrosion-free working for the longest time. Use it in any weather without having to worry about natural elements damaging the umbrella base. The umbrella base’s size is 18-inches in diameter and never fails to deliver the best kind of stability and strength.

Key features:

  • Comes with plastic inserts, allowing you to use both 1-inches and 1 ½-inches poles.
  • If you are not using the plastic insert, there will be no issues with a 2-inches pole as well.
  • This weighs 22 pounds and there is no chance of wobbling.

9. EliteShade Patio Umbrella Bases – Outdoor Heavy Duty Umbrella Holder

EliteShade Patio Umbrella Bases

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Indeed, an easy and effortless way of setting up your beach umbrella almost anywhere. Now, you can conveniently use it for almost anything, this round and stylish base will come in really handy. Easy to operate, there are two hand turn tightening knobs so that the umbrella stays secured to the base. Also, in order to make sure the umbrella is tightly secured, there is a smart double lock design.

One knob on the outside and a hole on the inside always keep the umbrella pole tightly fixed to the base. To make the base totally stable and strong, you can add water or sand inside it. When used with water/sand, the total weight capacity offered by the stand is 50 pounds.

Key features:

  • Features a line style design in an elegant and classic black color making it a perfect choice for almost any space.
  • Durable HDPE material has been used for delivering all-weather resistance and rustproofing.
  • The water-filled umbrella base is compatible with umbrella poles ranging from 1.5” to 1.9-inches in diameter.

8. Blissun 22 lbs Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella Base Stand

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This heavy-duty Patio umbrella base will be your best investment in days to come. Extremely well-made using superior quality materials and equally great craftsmanship, the base is totally safe against water, aging, wearing, and even UV rays. You will also love the classic styling displayed on this stand. The decorative pattern is combined with a black finish. Hence, will not only look extraordinary but also ensures long years of durability without any doubts.

Below you will get an adjustable piston, thereby allowing you to use it with different sizes of poles. Any umbrella pole falling in the range of 1.49-inches to 1.89-inches is used with this base.

Key features:

  • Hand turning tightening knob makes sure the pole is always tightly secured to the base.
  • Has a very compact size, the base measures 16.5-inches D X 12.6-inches H for easy set up almost anywhere.
  • As it has construction using resin, you can be sure nothing can damage or destroy the base.

7. Sunnyglade Living 22 lbs Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base

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Looking to have something that can readily help you set up your umbrella and transforms any space to your liking? You need a quality antique umbrella base like this. Having resin as its material, this decorative and extremely durable base is something you can depend on. Measuring at 18-inches, this base is primarily for outdoor usage and weighs just 22 pounds, for easy portability.

Although it seems the weight is low but the base is strong and sturdy enough to hold your umbrella. The sleek styling never fails to create a lasting impression on your guests.

Key features:

  • The innovative hand turning knob allows for secure and reliable attaching of the umbrella to the base.
  • Couple of couplers to make sure you can use this with both 38mm and 48mm diameter of poles.
  • Attractive decorative pattern coupled with a bronze finish for high-end elegance anywhere.

6. FRUITEAM Round Heavy Umbrella Stand – Outdoor Patio Umbrella Bases 

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Bases 

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Check this unique and round umbrella base and get this for your domestic or commercial usage without any doubts. Next, strong quality of construction that will tolerate the bad weather conditions easily. This can easily hold umbrellas to up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Totally safe from rusting, bending, or damage, this can easily accommodate 6-9ft of table umbrellas.

As a matter of fact, this base is of high-quality HDPE and is totally immune to the threats of rusting, corrosion and even changing temperatures. Also, the base is enhanced with a UV-resistant coating so that you can keep it exposed to sun rays.

Key features:

  • Optimum strength and stability are assured by the adjustable knob which you can operate using your hands.
  • The steel pole on the base is powder-coated for optimal strength and sturdiness.
  • Humanized handles are designed so that you can conveniently move this from one place to another.

5. Pure Garden Store Outdoor Patio Umbrella Holder

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You can use this beautiful base for your regular umbrellas or exclusive ones. If you love sitting under an umbrella in your backyard or patio, you should definitely have this. A classic black finish combined with a beautiful contemporary design, this looks eye-catching in any outdoor space. Interestingly, one can make its use in commercial and domestic instances. Also, it is designed for umbrellas that have a maximum pole diameter of 1.9-inches.

As a whole, this weighs 19 pounds and you will not need any extra help in moving it from one place to another.

Key features:

  • With innovative design and style, this can easily hold tilt, table, and freestanding umbrellas.
  • Hand turn knob makes setting up easy and secure and in the package, you will get 4 washers along with 2 bolts for added safety.
  • The locking mechanism makes sure you can always set the umbrella up in the safest possible manner.

4. Shademobile Outdoor Patio Table Umbrella Stand with Rolling Base

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To start with, it combines superior quality materials with a high-quality design. This can and will hold umbrellas up to a maximum weight of 95 pounds. If you put sand or pebbles, you can make the base even stronger to hold umbrellas up to a weight of 125 pounds. One amazing thing about this base is it uses polyurethane wheels.

These heavy-duty wheels aid in easy movement of the base on any surface without any risks of marring or scratching. Pretty convenient and easy to use, this has a one-hand operation for completely hassle-free usage.

Key features:

  • Unique and innovative self-centering receiver so that you can always use an umbrella without swaying.
  • This is a USA-made product using aerospace quality resin. Hence, promises outstanding durability and protection against damage due to natural elements.
  • Compatible with umbrella poles ranging from 1 3/8-inches to 2 1/16-inches.

3. Tropishade 36 lbs Steel Plate Umbrella Base

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Indeed a base for an umbrella that has kept its quality alive. Made using solid A-grade high-durable steel, this base is safe from unwanted cracking or breaking in the long run. One unique thing about the design of this base is its thickness. It is just 1-inches thick, making sure if you are setting it up on the floor, there are no chances of accidents or people tripping over it.

Furthermore, this low-profile design ensures ease of usage almost anywhere. The total weight of the base is 36 pounds and it never fails to deliver the best kind of stability.

Key features:

  • It got all its features due to its manufacturing in Taiwan and you can totally depend on the serviceability and durability.
  • A Black powder-coated finish guarantees safe outdoor usage without risks of corrosion, rusting, or any damage.
  • With the customized design, you can easily fit poles of 1 3/8-inches, 1 ½-inches, and 1 ¾-inches.

2. TropiShade 30 Pound Powder Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

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Unlike the last one, this one has got a circular design with a very classic and antique finish. The overall styling and design of this base are very pleasing to the eyes and it will look incredible anywhere you set it. The quality of make and construction is quite high-end as well. It has construction using cast iron and is enhanced with black powder coating for great durability.

Overall, the base weighs 30 pounds, making it easier to move around, and measures 20-inches in diameter. Having intricate patterns done on the base gives out a beautiful look.

Key features:

  • Secure the umbrella to the base in an effortless and convenient manner using the one-pole thumb screw.
  • The Euro-deco-styled pattern will upscale the entire setup.
  • Compatible with 1 3/8-inches and 1 ½-inches umbrella poles, letting you use it without any issues.

1. Best 81lb. Heavy Duty Square Concrete Rolling Patio Umbrella Base Stand with Locking Wheels

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Having a construction of robust concrete, this base weighs 81 pounds. As a result, never fails to deliver the best strength to keep your umbrella stable even in heavy wind situations. To make it even more reliable and dependable, the makers have finished the base with a water and weather-resistant polyurethane jacket.

Now you will be able to use it outdoors without any given risks of adversities of nature. Lastly, the adjustable tightening knob lets you affix the umbrella in a safe and sturdy manner always.

Key features:

  • Workable with umbrella poles of up to 2-inches in diameter.
  • For best convenience, there is a set of collapsible handles and four locking wheels on the base.

Decorate your backyard, patio, lawn, or any other area with gorgeous umbrella set-ups. However, to prevent it from flying away, install an umbrella base, and keep it in place.

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