Best Portable Diesel and Fuel Transfer Tanks Reviews

Innovation is the key and the arrival of different kinds of innovation makes sure that we face the least struggles. Therefore, maximize our efficiency in every given scenario. When it comes to transferring fuels, you need something that has been specifically made for the purpose. Low-quality products can damage your fuel and thereby damage the engine you use it on. So, trust only the recognized transfer tanks. This will help in a quick process without any obstacles.

To help you choose the right option from all the available options, we have narrowed down the best transfer tank brands for you. Assured with a top-notch quality guarantee and workability, every single tank you see here serves the purpose.

10. AM-Tank 58Gl Portable Diesel Transfer Tanks

Transfer Tanks

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A well-built portable transfer tank must have innovative technology and a high-end design. As a result, it ensures the safe and reliable transfer of fuel every time. The roto-molded polyethylene material is of high density. Thus, always assures diesel and fuel is safely transported. With a volume of 58 gallons, the size of the tank is quite big. Therefore, proves as a very good solution when you have to deal with diesel transfers.

The 2-inches filling plug has the convenience of three effects including pressure, depressure, and overturning. Therefore, enhances the overall functionality. In other features, you get an integrated forklift pocket that lets you easily handle the huge tank even when full. The integrated handles deliver you the ease of transport and storage when the tank is empty.

Key features:

  • Features integrated recesses for safe and securely attaching to the rachet lashing straps.
  • Comes with a covering lid to make sure bad weather conditions, UV rays, and other factors do not damage the contents.
  • Impurities stay away because of the smart suction net filter.

9. Dee Zee DZ91750S 53 Gallon Square Transfer Tanks

Dee Zee DZ91750S 53 Gallon Square Transfer Tanks

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Indeed a smart square transfer tank that you can use on a day-to-day basis in many ways. This is the modern-day solution for transferring fuel. Having the highest quality of 14-gauge stainless steel construction, the tank is strong and suited for heavy-duty applications. Over the steel body, you will get an elegant white powder-coated finish. That’s why leaves a textured beauty on the entire outer side of the tank.

Also, the same powder coating saves the tank from falling prey to corrosion and rusting in an everyday scenario. Measuring at 24-inches X 24-inches X 24-inches, the shape and size are extremely compact and smart for our applications. It offers a total capacity of 55 gallons, meaning more quantity of fuel is easily transferred at one time.

Key features:

  • Innovative approach with the radius curve design so that the key weld pressure is never generated.
  • The stability baffle, lockable cap, drainage plug, and venting coupler solve multiple challenges in the fuel transfer process.
  • Has a massive 55 gallons capacity that accommodates a lot.

8. RDS MFG INC 71110 55 Gallon Rectangular Transfer Fuel Tank

RDS MFG INC 71110 55 Gallon Rectangular Transfer Fuel Tank

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Fuel needs to be dealt with carefully as these are volatile substances and extremely flammable that are tough to handle. When it comes to transferring a lot of fuel, it is very important that you do it in the right way and never make you or your surrounding risking. This product has a wide range of options and various dimensions guarantee all kinds of needs. On the other hand, transferring fuel is easily worked out. Directly connect this auxiliary tank to the fuel tank of your vehicle and transfer all the liquid safely always.

Moreover, the auxiliary transfer fuel tank weighs only 85 pounds. As a result, portability will not be that of an issue.

Key features:

  • Extra options of a diesel install kit are available for economical benefits.
  • You can even transfer gasoline if you use an electric fuel pump.

7. Better Built HD 36 Gallon Black Steel Transfer Tank with Lid

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A huge amount of capacity to deal with large amounts of fuel at one time! Owing to this, a 36-gallon fuel transfer tank will let you easily handle the fuel and transfer it in the safest manner. It comes with overfill restrictions among the huge number of benefits. If there are chances of overfilling, the pump automatically shuts off and eliminates the risks of spilling. Black steel looks industrial and has industrial-level strength and sturdiness for the best results.

Even before these tanks leave the manufacturing factory, they go through dual pressure and submersion leak tests. In addition to that, you get flush-mounted dual reinforced bungs so that the mounting location feels super sturdy.

Key features:

  • Superior fast rate of flow owing to the 2-inches diameter flush-mounted inlet and outlet.
  • Secure handling of fuel with the lockable cap.
  • Has welded mounting brackets so that when you are mounting the tank, you are never unsure about it.

6. RDS 50-Gallon Aluminum Transfer Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo

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RDS has built this superbly sturdy and strong aluminum transfer tank. Therefore, make sure every time you are transferring fuel or non-flammable liquids from the supply; you never face any issue. Featuring a huge 50 gallons of capacity, this is big enough for most operations and needs in our daily lives. It comes with the added benefits of a built-in toolbox that offers you the convenience of easy storage. As it has aluminum construction, the tank is safe from rusting and corrosion. Thereby making your fuel safe from contamination and impurity.

The primary material used for the make is aluminum diamond plating. And the same is enhanced with textured black powder coating for ultimate safety. It measures 48-inches X 20-inches X 2-inches and has a reinforced 2-inches female pipe thread coupling. Thus, lets you combine the use of a 12V transfer pump.

Key features:

  • Has a crowned lid with two cylinders that keep the lid open.
  • Meets the safety standards of DOT for great reliability.
  • Linked stainless steel locks in the toolbox prevent the fuel fill from tampering.

5. Lee 200 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tanks

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One of the largest tanks in the market comes from the house of Lee. This has a marvelous capacity of 200 gallons so that you can do all you wish to do with it. Now you can easily transport as much as 200 gallons of diesel fuel without even needing to use a trailer for the purpose. Having four 2-inches standard NPTs, most kinds of pumps are workable with this option of a transfer tank.

Also, the tank is designed with different kinds of smart features. This includes forklift rails that allow for easy transporting and easy fitting on standard-size pallets. In addition to that, there are bolt holes. As a result, you can safely attach the tank and even chain more tanks when you need more storage.

Key features:

  • The long life of service is assured by the very reliable 10 gauge steel construction with a powder-coated finish.
  • Comes with the benefits of the fuel gauge and fuel cap for more convenient usage.
  • Has been made in the USA for the most reliable working without challenges.

4. Moeller Portable EPA Compliant Transfer Tank

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One of the well-built tanks that you can buy today, this extraordinarily constructed tank will fulfill your needs. Having a seamless and thick-walled plastic construction, the overall body is seriously tough. On the other hand, the brand claims it to be 30% tougher than most. The tank itself measures 22.75-inches X 14-inches X 13.95-inches and the maximum capacity it offers is 12 gallons. That’s why enables easy transferring of more liquid at once.

Now transfer fuel directly to the engine as this portable tank is here for your needs in a great way. The two-year warranty on the product guarantees safe usage for people who will be using this for the first time.

Key features:

  • Makes sure that hydrocarbons are not escaping from the molecular level.
  • The system pressure is always released safely owing to the innovative two-way vented cap.
  • The cap is EPA complaint has cap tether for safer operations.

3. STKUSA 20 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank Lightweight Polished Fuel Cell Tank DIY

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Suited for most automobiles, from track cars to trucks and SUVs, this tank is workable with almost every kind. The open-cell foam core prevents any risks of explosions of vapor even in the empty portion of the tank. Moreover, the same feature assures minimum sloshing of the fuel when there is unbalance fuel delivery.

The outer panel is quite appealing to the eyes and has a beautifully polished design that everyone and anyone is bound to like. As it uses high-quality aluminum material, the tank is highly protected, is lightweight, durable, rustproof, and very sturdy.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy and hassle-free installation is assured on this smart tank.
  • Comes with the convenience of an oil level sensor and replaceable anti-slosh foam in the tank.
  • Has a maximum capacity of 20 gallons.

2. RDS Manufacturing 200 Gallon Aluminum Transfer – Auxiliary Fuel Tank

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RDS is a very reliable and popular name that has earned its trust from various customers across the globe. Their options of tanks are amazing and likewise, this tank gets a very strong and sturdy design coupled with all the convenience and benefits. No risks of sloshing when you are transferring diesel as this has a baffled design.

Furthermore, there is a sight gauge to let you have a convenient reading of the fuel level during the process. On the top, there is a 6-inches inspection and clean-out port with a cover plate. It lets you easily wash the tank whenever you need it.

Key features:

  • Is combined with diesel install kits that are sold separately.
  • Easy to handle with the mounting tabs and lifting tabs which you can use when filled and empty.
  • The 3/8-inches drain and 2-inches coupling assure easy compatibility with a standard transfer pump.

1. DEE ZEE DZ91750X Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank

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Topping the list, this brilliant is outstanding and meets the federal DOT requirements for safe transfers. It is an auxiliary fuel tank that you can always rely on and has a very compact styling. As a result, never fails to leave a lasting impression behind. The non-rusting .125 Brite tread aluminum with a vented cap rewards the tank with a design. So, you can always rely on it without any doubt.

All you need to do is connect it to an OEM fuel line and transfer the diesel fuel. Finally, it has a drain plug that lets you easily handle the transfer process in all scenarios.

Key features:

  • The pressure is hydrostatically tested and fixed at 29psi.
  • Stability baffles are welded onto the tank for stable operation always.

Whenever you are on the go, the transfer tank pump will help in a swift process in the fuel transfer. This is a great product for your on-road needs.

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