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Once you buy a weapon, you need to buy many additional things along with it. You just keep carrying this to multiple locations without taking proper precautions. To be honest, one needs something protective to carry it. So, the tactical rifle cases are just the product you need to keep the tactical rifles. Some are made for one whereas some others are for fitting in two, so, you will have an abundance of space. It even comes with external pockets to fit in multiple related items.

In this tactical rifle cases review, we have hand-picked the most well-made and promising products. So, know about these items before you decide on getting one.

10. Plano All Weather Hard Tactical Gun Cases

Tactical Rifle Cases

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Plano brings to you their redesigned all-weather tactical rifle case that is a worthy sequel to its predecessor. With this gun case, you won’t be worried about the safety of your fire guns under most circumstances. The case has the same rugged build quality that you expect from Plano and you deserve for the price you pay. You can drag it on muddy, gravely, or tarmac for a short while to load or unload it from your trunk without any damage to your gun or the case.

It also features a continuous Dri-Loc seal. As a result, it delivers maximum protection for your gear and keeps all the damaging elements of nature out. You also get dual-stage lockable latches on this case. That gives you peace of mind that the case is closed. And the gun is protected even when the case is abused by a lot of bumping and jarring.

Key features:

  • Manufactured in the United State, you have the assurance as well as trust in the quality.
  • The pressure release valve lets you adjust the pressure according to your needs.
  • Pluck to fit foam is customizable to hold your gun securely.

9. Savior Equipment Soft Long Rifle Case & Gun Bag with Padded Handle 

Savior Equipment Soft Long Rifle Case & Gun Bag with Padded Handle 

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Savior Equipment doesn’t just provide you with a lockable tactical rifle case but provides customization on a different level. The magazine pouches on this bag come with adjustable pouch retainers. That allows you to perfectly fit magazines for different guns without any issue. In the central admin pouch, you can store plenty of tools and other small accessories you may need on the mountain, jungle, or marsh. The side pouch is also large enough to fit in multiple pistols or a single pistol and its ammo supply.

Your rifle also stays secure and snug against the case due to the adjustable straps. These straps have strong Velcro material and won’t come undone even under abuse.

Key features:

  • For all-around interior protection, you get EVA foam padding.
  • Shell is from heavy-duty PVC material with a thickness of 600D for durability and strength.
  • 2-way zippers are used to lock the main compartment.

8. BLACKHAWK 36-Inch Carbine Gun Case

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Blackhawk brings a heavy-duty tactical rifle case with thick polyester fabric that is tightly weaved for superior strength and rip resistance. Unlike the competition, this soft case doesn’t wobble or lose its form since it has a thick PVC laminate to eliminate that. Moreover, the laminate also adds stability when you carry the gun to your ideal spot. Even though the shell is made from rugged fabric, on the side you get a soft liner. That helps to protect the finish of your gun from getting rubbed away.

Besides, you even get the loop to lock it properly and keep the essentials safe. Lastly, the closed-cell foam is perfect to resists unforeseen shocks.

Key features:

  • Shoulder straps have tactical webbing for multiple attachments.
  • Plenty of external magazine pockets for your ammo.
  • For your gear, you get a couple of large accessories pockets.

7. XWLSPORT Rifle Case Double Tactical Rifle Bags – Gun Cases for Rifles

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With this double tactical rifle case added to your arsenal, you won’t have to be bothered about the safe transportation of your expensive tactical rifles. It comes in two different sizes of 38 and 42-inches. And it is compatible with a wide variety of rifles and guns. The bag is made from premium quality 600 Denier thick polyester materials. Hence, it can hold the heaviest and toughest guns without any problem. The bag is also reinforced with double stitching so that it doesn’t rip and additional problems to your hunting trip.

For the internal center divider, you get the foam padding that lets you use the bag even on long excruciating trips. Its strength and durability are also unmatched and bring you the reliability that just isn’t expected at its affordable price. The bag also has an intuitive design so that you can quickly pack or unpack it.

Key features:

  • The zipper compartment has velvety interiors for absorbing shocks.
  • Since it is waterproof you don’t have to worry about a downpour or hunting in the marshlands.
  • It is also used for other activities like fishing, hiking, or camping.

6. VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

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VISM offers you a carbine case that would protect two of your favorite AR-15s without any problems. The 36-inch case is meticulously crafted with a lot of thought and top-quality materials like strong and rugged PVC. Due to the construction material, it also gets significant protection from elements of nature like dust and water.

Within the primary compartment, you also get two pairs of hook and loop straps to secure two of your favorite rifles. As long as your rifles don’t exceed the length of 35 inches, they would fit nicely.

Key features:

  • PALS looping allows for extreme customization.
  • It has a 36-inches length to accommodate the long rifles safely.
  • Sternum strap works together with the shoulder straps for carrying your case with minimal effort.

5. Explorer Rifle Tactical Weapon Case & Long Shotgun Hunting Bag

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Explorer has created such a fantastic long tactical rifle case that it is good enough for use even by law enforcement or the military. You would never run out of space since there are ample storage options for your magazines, ammo, and numerous accessories. On the shoulder straps, you also get D-rings. As a result, it helps you to attach a water bottle, flashlight, or useful tools.

As a matter of fact, you get a standard handle to grab it and carry it out to different places. Lastly, the YKK zippers definitely prove their high quality and will not come off so easily.

Key features:

  • It can be carried with your hands or on your shoulder.
  • If you are on rough or muddy terrain you can use the padded insert as a shooting mat.
  • Has enough room to fit in a couple of rifles or shotguns with some pistols.

4. Explorer 3 Rifles Weapon Case

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When it comes to storage, the Explorer 3 rifles case clearly beats some of the expensive products you can find from the competition. On one side you get three large pouches that are long and wide. Hence, they are used for storing a wide range of differently sized magazines. The velcro on these pockets is also pretty good. Hence, it doesn’t come off even when the case is exposed to a lot of jerks and bumps. The center pocket on this case is also generously sized. So, you can stick in some muffs inside it without any trouble.

The same pocket also has a wide velcro top. Therefore, you can put your patches on it and personalize the case to your heart’s content. A third pouch at the other end is a zippered pocket and you can easily put your handgun in there. If you are feeling lucky you can also use the divider to fit in two handguns inside the pouch.

Key features:

  • Padded shoulder straps allow you to carry your gun and hike up in comfort.
  • Has enough space to fit in either four shotguns or 3 rifles.
  • A detachable shooting mat lets you get your hunting setup going by unpacking the case.

3. VooDoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe Padded Weapons Case

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VooDoo tactical has an amazing rifle case that is so well made that you won’t need another case for a long time. It is from rugged ballistic cloth and has heavy-duty materials that will last you for a really long time. Maybe that’s the reason that this case comes with a lifetime warranty. It is also decently sized. Hence, you can carry two rifles in it as long as their length doesn’t exceed 36-inches.

Apart from that, it is padded to keep the weapons unharmed and safe in every condition. Finally, you can easily lock it to keep the contents from falling outside it.

Key features:

  • The shoulder strap is adjustable to your required level.
  • External pouches and primary compartment have ample padding.
  • Has enough capacity to hold a total of 6 rifle and pistol magazines.

2. Uncle Mike Tactical Rifle Case

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Irrespective of the tactical rifle you own, Uncle Mike’s rifle case provides you with easy storage and transportation. And that also is a solution without breaking the bank. The rifle case is from 600D woven fabric. Hence, it is reinforced with tightly packed double stitching so that it can last through numerous hunting trips with you. The case is also designed with a full-length zipper that lets you open up the case completely flat.

This allows you to easily organize your gun with all of its mounts and accessories. And pack it up with the same convenience. Unlike other soft cases, this one has an inner flapper. This protects the zipper line from getting damaged due to the direct impact of your heavy gun.

Key features:

  • Large handle straps let you grab the case and carry it in a swift motion.
  • The Center pocket can be accessed with the hook and loop.
  • Comes in two different sizes of 33 inches and 43-inches.

1. Fox Outdoor Products Tactical Assault Rifle Scabbard

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Fox Outdoor has an astonishing product that offers you security, stability, and easy movement for your rifle. Just from the look of the case, you can see its premium quality and attention to detail. All over the case you have strapped webbing. Hence, lets you customize the snugness and fit of the bag according to the dimensions of your gun.

You can stay completely worried-free about impacts since the case also has closed-cell foam padding. Hence, it absorbs all shocks and doesn’t allow it to damage your rifle.

Key features:

  • Several D-rings and modular attachment points are all over the bag.
  • A large shoulder strap and front handle create a good grip and easy transportation.

Keep the rifles as well as their accessories safely inside the soft tactical rifle case. These will prevent the occurrences of unwanted damage to the product and so, everything will remain safe.

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