Best Modern Natural Solid Wood Dressers In Living Room

Dressers are undoubtedly one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in your household. Storing your clothing properly without making a mess is quite challenging. The very first thing that you will need is a proper place for keeping your clothes. Hence, you need to opt for a dresser. As the name suggests, the solid wood dressers make use of premium quality wood in construction. Most importantly, they are highly durable and you get several spacious drawers. Thus, managing your clothes become much easier.

Nevertheless, there are several points to consider while buying a solid wood dresser online. And we are going to help you with that. Read the article below to uncover all the points that are needed to be known.

10. Delta Children Universal Solid Drawer Dressers

Solid Wood Dressers

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This spacious solid wood dresser is a very good example of the reason why millions of people trust Delta Children for its premium-quality furniture. The dresser has uniquely designed legs that curve at certain parts and broaden at the base. This makes for interesting aesthetics and also creates a more sturdy design that can stand the test of time. When you invest in this piece of furniture you get solid wood construction which is complimented by wood composites at certain parts. Therefore, you get more functionality and features without breaking the bank.

The dresser also has a splendid glide system made from high-quality metal components that don’t rust easily. Therefore, it allows for smooth operation. That means you can pull out even full drawers with relative ease and slide them in with equally less effort. You don’t need to worry about the organizational space you get in this dresser. It has 6 spacious drawers that have more than enough room to sort your clothes perfectly.

Key features:

  • Available in bold espresso cherry, simple white finish, and several more variants.
  • Meets ASTM standards and is safe to use in the presence of children.
  • Have circular knobs which look great.

9. Prepac Fremont Wooden Drawer Dresser

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Any furniture design from Prepac stands out due to its rare disposition and unparalleled charm. This dresser from the brand is no different. It has a modern design with all the bells and whistles. As a result, makes it a highly practical piece of furniture with a bold character. The dresser has a flat top. This allows you plenty of space for displaying decorative items or utilizes its functionality to full potential with a large mirror and daily accessories.

Moreover, there are a total of 6 solid wood dresser drawers that stick out from the body of the drawer. And all thanks to its flat signature and have more than enough room for most of your clothing.

Key features:

  • You don’t have to worry about the dresser tipping out since has an integrated tipping restraint.
  • Smooth glide system that lets you move the drawers in and out with minimal effort.
  • Dual rounded knobs feel good on hands and look stunning.

8. WE Furniture 3 Drawer Mid Century Modern Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage

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Walker Edison has created this luxurious dresser from solid pine wood which is known for its shock resistance and strength. So, even if you bump into the dresser by accident you won’t break any panels. In fact, the dresser would last you for numerous years. This dresser also has a modern design of the mid-century that gives it its own distinct look with the stained finish.

However, pine wood furniture gets better with age since it gains patina and evokes an antique look. So, even if you have a few small dents or dings on the dresser it adds to the appealing aged look.

Key features:

  • Angled solid wood dresser legs give it a solid footing for high stability and sturdiness.
  • To prevent tipping you can attach this dresser to the wall with included hardware and wall anchors.
  • Each drawer is capable of withstanding ample weight as long as it doesn’t exceed the 50-pound mark.

7. VASAGLE Wood Dresser Chest of Drawers – Bedside Table with Solid Wood Legs

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When you buy this dresser from Vassalge you can just add organizational storage space in your room. Given that, it enhances the overall aesthetics by a great margin. It also has an open-top space that allows you to use it as a side table beside your bed. Display beautiful showpieces at the top or slap an alarm clock and a night lamp.

The dresser has four different drawers which aren’t just painted and finished on the outside, but inside as well. This means you get protection from moisture and other elements.

Key features:

  • Legs are created from solid alder wood which is renowned for its strength.
  • For storage, the drawers provide you with more than 1400-cubic inches of space.
  • The solid wood dresser’s assembly is smooth as it comes with easy instructions and numbered parts allow effortless assembly.

6. WLIVE Wide Dresser with Drawers and Side Cabinet – Storage Drawer Chest

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WLIVE has brought to you a dresser that is nothing like the other generic products you get on the market. The dresser comes in both gray oak and natural oak finish that highlights the graining on the wood surface quite well. However, the dark legs and handles on the drawers and shelf add solid character to this dresser. Hence, makes it quite different from its peers.

You get more storage and organizational space than you pay for. On one side you have a large cabinet while the rest of the space is divided in the form of two small, and one large drawer.

Key features:

  • The Cabinet door has an advanced hinge for soft closing.
  • Drawers have a smooth gliding system that maintains an optimum level of friction.
  • Legs are made from rust-resistant and durable steel.

5. Homfa Bathroom Wood Chest of Dresser – White Solid Wood Dressers for Bedroom

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You don’t have to bury yourself under disorganized apparel or undergarments when you have this at your home. You can store all your clothing in one convenient place. Now you can find your favorite dress or daily wear whenever you want. No need to sort through piles of clothes that are dumped on your bed from the closet. It also boasts amazing looks due to its post-modern design. As a matter of fact, it makes the furniture blend in with the classic home decor or something more quirky.

If you live in a small apartment where every square inch is precious, then you would appreciate this due to its small footprint. While other drawer chests take up large floor space to make wide drawers, this one uses the advantage of height to present you with large drawer space.

Key features:

  • Metal chrome handles have high resistance to corrosion and look gorgeous.
  • Engineered wood construction makes the dresser apt for long-lasting use due to its high durability.
  • You get 24-hour email assistance to solve any of your queries or issues related to the product.

4. Palace White Solid Wood Double Dresser

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If you want superior quality and more bang for your buck, then look no further than this dresser. It has a robust structure with a solid wood panel going through the middle. At the bottom, you get solid wood criss-cross for added support and rigidity. You don’t have to tolerate pesky furniture sag when you buy this dresser. Moreover, to reduce cracking even the top has been framed appropriately.

This solid wood double dresser provides you with sufficient space and you get 4 jumbo drawers to store everything.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t have any toxic lead paint or formaldehyde emissions.
  • It has 100% pinewood construction for extra durability.
  • Have floor protectors to shield your expensive flooring from damages.

3. International Concepts Unfinished Wood Dresser with 5-Drawers

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International Concepts delivers to you an exciting new wood dresser that can be customized to your preference. Even though the dresser comes in unfinished form, it is easy to stain and will last you for decades. You get a total of 5 drawers that come with premium euro glide systems. That means they roll out smoothly and stop when you want with little to no effort.

Each drawer also has dual knobs that let you pull put full and heavy drawers with ease. Coming with sufficient space inside, it will store things smoothly and function better.

Key features:

  • Tall ground clearance lets you store small things under the dresser.
  • Having an unfinished look, you can stain it as you want.
  • Extremely dense and thick so that you don’t have any issues with customization.

2. Walker Edison Tall Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage Drawer Organizer Closet 

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Another piece of wonderfully made furniture from Walker Edison. In terms of safety and stability, this sweeps away at the competition with its sturdy build and specially designed legs. The legs are made from solid wood and have a cylindrical form factor. This allows your dresser to stand tall without any issues and also adds a bit of shock absorption. If you like fine detail, then you would love the splendidly finished dresser. Along with dark detailing around the edges of the dresser and borders of its drawers.

Finally, for strength and stability, it has been made from premium MDF and solid pine wood. As a result, your drawer will battle every rough use.

Key features:

  • 50 pounds of load-bearing capacity on each drawer allows you to stuff plenty of clothes inside.
  • The anti-tip hardware will make the assembly pretty firm.

1. Giantex 5-Drawer Storage Dresser – Hallway, Entryway Furniture Large Storage Cabinet

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Giantex has often been a leader and a pioneer in the furniture industry and for good reason. Furniture made from solid wood is too expensive while cheap furniture made from ordinary emission-friendly particle board doesn’t sit well in your home. So, Giantex has crafted this dresser from top quality PB board. It isn’t just durable and very strong, but good for the environment as well. Best of all, it is good for your budget.

Due to its premium construction, this drawer chest has an impressive weight-bearing capacity of 77 pounds. That means you can stuff it full of apparel and other times without worrying too much. The dresser is also very versatile since it has 5 different drawers that allow for ample organization. It has a relatively flat design with fine and clean lines that make the structure look exceptionally elegant. Lastly, it can definitely be the topic of a few conversations when guests arrive.

Key features:

  • Pins and screws are coded for ease of assembly.
  • Cleaning the dresser is easy since it has a very smooth surface.
  • The top surface can be used for displaying art pieces, photo frames, and more.

Planning on making your entryway or living room a little beautiful? Get a solid wood storage dresser that will change the look of the room and instantly give it a makeover.

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