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Pools remain an active area during the summers. However, when it’s winter or rainy season, it tends to remain empty. Well, cleaning a pool is one of the toughest jobs and one will certainly not love to clean the pool every single day. Plus, during winters, you just cannot dive into cold water. So, you need to make sure that it’s warm before using it. Not all pools have an inbuilt warming system, as a result, you can use solar pool covers. This will make the pool warm and there will not be any incidents of evaporation or so.

To know more about the advantages of solar pool cover, check the products and their features below. We have researched it thoroughly before presenting it to you.

10. Intex 10′ Round Solar Pool Covers for Above Ground Pool

Solar Pool Covers

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Intex has always made quality products and proves it time and time again with its remarkable engineering. This time they have a lightweight solar pool cover that allows you to enjoy warm splashes as you dive into the pool even during the colder seasons. The cover has a diameter of 10-feet. In fact, it helps to cover the Intex 10 feet round pools from Intex or any other brand. You will find the texture on this cover to be sort of a heavy-duty bubble wrap. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t just prevent water loss due to evaporation but also keeps your water clean and free from debris or dust.

 Since it reduces 95-percent water loss due to evaporation, this is really useful if you live in a desert region.

Key features:

  • No need to worry about the freshness of the water since the cover has holes for breathability.
  • Heavy enough to resist wind and doesn’t get blown off your pool.
  • Comes with a reusable carry bag for easy transport and storage.

9. Steinbach Krystal Solar Pool Covers

Steinbach Krystal Solar Pool Covers

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Steinbach has an amazing pool cover that will completely change your perception of pool heating. Now you can rely on the power of the sun to warm up your pool and enjoy a nice dip in the chilling cold. This cover has tiny air bubbles trapped in numerous pockets that create a layer of separation between the pool water and the outside surroundings.

You can compare it to a flask that helps to keep the pool water warm and slows down the rate of heat loss. This can help you to save on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • The solar pool cover storage is easy since the cover is rolled up into a compact form factor.
  • Indeed used for pools with a diameter of 8-feet to 10-feet.
  • Weighs only 1.93 pounds so that you can evenly spread out the cover without any struggles.

8. Blue Wave NS540 14-mil Solar Blanket for Inground Pool

Blue Wave NS540 14-mil Solar Blanket for Inground Pool

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Blue Wave presents you with an inexpensive solution to retain the heat of your pool water during the chilly seasons. Unlike most other pool covers that have diameters in the single digits, this one has a whopping 14 mil thickness. That can help you to achieve pool water with a raised temperature of 15-degrees. Fahrenheit. The thermal bubbles effectively insulate the water in your pool. Therefore, you can get cheap heating throughout the summer season.

This solar pool cover for in-ground pools is rectangular in shape. So, all the rectangle pools will enjoy their benefits. With its top-notch features, this will avoid up to 95% chemical as well as pool water evaporation. So how can you not trust it?

Key features:

  • Doesn’t easily deteriorate in quality due to the disinfectant chemicals in your pool or the harsh UV rays.
  • This is a clear cover that will look beautiful even when it’s covering the pool.
  • You can make this purchase with confidence due to the 6-year warranty period.

7. Intex Round Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter and Frame Pools

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Certainly, another great product from Intex will keep your pool warmer and save you a lot of money in many ways. If you look at the build quality of this cover, it stands apart from the rest with its heavy-duty design. On one side of the cover, you get a smooth and flat texture. Whereas, on the other side, you get a strong and thick bubble wrap-like texture. The side that is smooth faces the water and creates good surface tension. Hence, it can stick to the water despite its lightweight and doesn’t get blown away due to strong winds.

On the other hand, you have air bubbles that create a layer of isolation and prevent heat loss during cold days. So, you can return to a warmer pool without any trouble. Moreover, it also protects the water from evaporating into the atmosphere during hotter days, by an astonishing 95 percent. That doesn’t just save you the extra hassle, but also saves you from paying for a costly water bill.

Key features:

  • Covers pools with 15-feet of diameter completely, from edge to edge.
  • Compatible with Intex above-ground pools and similar pools from other manufacturers.
  • The heavy-duty solar pool cover comes in a zipped carry bag that is used for storage.

6. Crystal Blue 28S-8SBD Box-CB 28′ Round Solar Pool Covers

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Crystal Blue provides you with an extra-large pool cover that can cover any pool with a diameter of 28-feet or less. It has a superior design compared to most generic pool covers on the market. Instead of round bubbles, it used rhomboidal bubbles that have more strength and resilience. Combine that with the premium build quality of the cover and you get something with high longevity.

For extra strength, the underside of the cover is forged from aluminum which is lightweight and doesn’t rust. As a result, it will keep protecting your pool in every way.

Key features:

  • The temperature of the pool is raised by 10 degrees Fahrenheit with this cover
  • You can use it immediately as it arrives, no need for assembly.
  • Indeed the perfect solar pool cover size gives the benefit of reducing evaporation by 90%.

5. Robelle Round Swimming Pool Cover for 24ft Above Ground Pools

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Robelle has offered everything for your swimming pool since the 70s. And their wide range of pool covers will leave you impressed. You can choose from 17 different styles of solid-colored covers. In fact, these come in different shapes, from round and rectangular to oval shapes. Scrim is the number of threads per square inch on your cover and Robelle really does a bang-on job to pack their covers with a high scrim count. This one is of 8 by 8 scrim and that tells you about the premium quality of this cover.

Since it is made from durable polyethylene material, it weighs over 2 ounces every yard square and sits nicely on your pool.

Key features:

  • To help you use it without any defects, it gives a 10 year warranty period.
  • Cable and winch that ship with the cover help you to secure it to your pool.
  • Self-edged binding further shows its superior build quality.

4. JET LIGHT Swimming Pool Solar Reel Protective Cover for Pools

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Jet Light has designed its pool cover with innovative design. Hence, you can install it over your pool within less than a minute. It has fixing straps and a reel that helps you to quickly roll it over your pool to create a solar blanket. If it’s a particularly windy day, you don’t need to bother about it.  Now, you can secure your cover to the pool with the help of the fastening velcro.

Moreover, the pool cover is also highly resistant to UV rays and doesn’t deteriorate easily.  Given that, it’s fully washable and so, no chance of leaving it dirty.

Key features:

  • The rolling handle has a nice rounded grip so that you can install the pool with minimal effort.
  • It has a construction of polyethylene that will prove its top-notch construction always.
  • You can resize the cover with an ordinary pair of scissors.

3. Thermo-Float 16-mil Hot Tub Bubble Cover Floating Spa Blanket – Trimmable Insulating Solar Heating

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Spa Depot has an extraordinary new pool cover that does a lot for a thin sheet of film. It has decent dimensions of 7ft on either side and has the shape of a square. However, like most films or sheets, you can easily modify them to your requirements. As long as you have a pool whose dimensions, be it sides or diameter, are less than 7-feet, you would be able to use this cover without an issue. The cover has a thickness of 16 mils. Hence, it is much thicker than the industry standard or whatever you get for its humble price.

You can allow the sun to heat the water in your pool with solar power and then cover it up with this cover to prevent heat loss to the environment. The bubbles on the cover create a layer of isolation. Thus, hinders heat exchange between the atmosphere and the pool water. Now, you can have a warm splash of fun with your family or friends.

Key features:

  • It can help you cut down on your utility bills by cutting down on heating time and water resupply.
  • The thicker film makes it more durable and long-lasting.
  • It is trimmed down easily with a regular pair of scissors.

2. LA GUAPA Above Ground Pool Solar Cover – Floating Solar Pool Heater

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With this pool cover from La Guapa, you can harness abundant solar power to warm up your pool water. That enables you to conserve more energy since you can heat up the water earlier. And now extend the swimming season way past the threshold of other years. The endothermic cover is made from a mesh of thousands of small bubbles. Thus, work in harmony to trap in and retain the heat of your pool water during cold nights and chilly days.

Finally, it comes in various sizes to suit the needs and even keeps the water clean for the longest possible time.

Key features:

  • Water doesn’t accumulate on top due to the drain holes on the cover.
  • Water and chemical evaporation of the pool is reduced and helps you save money.

1. dDanke 7ft Blue Round Swimming Pool Solar Covers 

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If you have a small above-ground pool, a spa tub, or anything else of similar nature in an outdoor setting, then this pool cover has the potential to become one of your best investments. The water that you lose to heat and the extra cost that adds to your energy bill for heating the pool water can be shaved off or reduced with this pool cover. The pool cover doesn’t just keep your water warm. However, it also prevents the evaporation of water during intense summers.

Moreover, this is ideal for round pools and even features bubbles that have a diameter of 15mm.

Key features:

  • Prevents evaporation of disinfectants due to UV exposure.
  • Have anti-pressure and anti-shock features so that there are zero accidents after sundown.
  • Uncompromising quality due to construction from thick PE material with a thickness of 400 μm.

So, keep your pools safe from unprecedented damages and protect them even from unwanted water evaporation. The solar pool cover for above-ground ones or the in-ground pool will stay fresh and clean.

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