Best Snowshoes for Men and Women Reviews

There is quite nothing like hiking in the winter. The trail was covered in the white blanket of snow and the clean and crisp air. It truly makes you feel alive. But hiking in the winter has its own challenges. Your legs get deep into the snow and your feet get frozen. It can also cause hypothermia and frostbite. Moreover, it is very hard to maintain balance in slippery snow. Thus, it is better to use a pair of snowshoes. These special shoes provide you with a wide surface area. Thus, your legs do not get dipped into the snow. Also, it offers a better grip and eliminates the risk of slipping.

To aid you in your quest to find the best-selling snowshoes, we are putting this list of the best ones. Take a look at the options and you will be able to make the best buying choice.

10. FLASHTEK Lightweight Snowshoes for Women and Men


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Flashtek has an all-new line-up of shoes that are made to fit people of different weights and builds. Plus, it supports the weight of the gear you are carrying. You can get a pair for yourself or the entire family. These lightweight snowshoes are designed in three different sizes. For those who have a combined weight of 65 to 155 pounds, the 21-inch shoes are perfect.

On the other hand, for those within the weight limit of 110 to 220 pounds, the 25-inch is a great fit. Lastly, the individuals who weigh 150 to 260 pounds along with their gear, can buy the 30-inch variant. To wear these shoes, you have a uniquely designed strap and buckle system that loops around your regular shoes. This buckle system has an easy mechanism that can be opened easily with the slide of a switch. Moreover, even when the shoes are capable of bearing a huge amount of weight, they are lightweight and keep you comfortable.

Key features:

  • Aluminum crampons are strong and dig into the snow to help you maintain grip.
  • Come with free anti-shock adjustable poles so that you can maintain your balance.
  • Since the shoes have an aluminum frame, they are light and don’t get corroded easily.

9. WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes for Men and Women

WildHorn Outfitters Sawtooth Snowshoes for Men and Women

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Wildhorn Outfitters presents you with a new pair of adjustable snowshoes that will exceed all your expectations. The sawtooth shoes come in different sizes. Hence, it can accommodate different weight combinations for you and your gear. You can choose the size that’s appropriate for you so that you don’t sink in the snow.

One of the greatest features of these is the easy ratchet bindings. This sports a quick-release tab and a self-locking mechanism. You can get on the trail swiftly and get those cold feet warm even faster.

Key features:

  • The aluminum frame delivers maximum floatation on the snow surface for easy mobility.
  • Its hard-grip teeth will help it to clutch to space.
  • With the heel riser, you get elevated support when climbing up a steep slope.

8. OUTBOUND Lightweight Aluminum Snowshoes with Adjustable Poles and Bag

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Outbound equips you with a full kit that includes shoes for snow, a storage bag, and climbing poles. Hence, you are geared and safe on your snowy adventures. Since the storage bag is wide, you can easily store your climbing shoes inside them along with your poles. Now, carry them easily. They are especially useful when the season is over and the snowshoes need to be stored someplace.

As a matter of fact, these shoes have an awesome deck design. The deck is from highly dense polyethylene material that helps to distribute your weight evenly. As a result, you always stay above the snow. They also have a bit of flexibility so that they don’t break under challenging conditions.

Key features:

  • The rotating toe cord and double ratchet buckle system enable accurate and quick adjustments for your comfort.
  • You can adjust the height of the poles to maintain your balance on the unforgiving snow.
  •  The shoes aren’t affected due to the elements in frigid environments.

7. Goplus Lightweight All-Terrain Snow Shoes with Heel Lift

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An outstanding pair of shoes from Goplus that will astonish you with its capabilities. Don’t underestimate it due to its size, since it can withstand a lot of weight while keeping you over the snow. They also have excellent ergonomics that work in your favor when you want to cover long distances. Since the toe caps are raised you get less resistance when you go uphill. On the other hand, the steel crampons maintain their grip over any kind of snowy terrain without a problem.

As a matter of fact, this has a combination construction of aluminum and plastic. So, the entire build will be worth taking on a trail. Lastly, once done using, you can simply pack it in the tote bag that comes with it.

Key features:

  • You can adjust the tightness and fit around your regular shoes with the straps.
  • Can handle a total load of around 160 pounds.

6. ALPS Lightweight Snow Shoes for Men, Women, Youth

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ALPS always makes some of the best snow gear and hasn’t disappointed anyone with this set of adult snowshoes. These snowshoes are of professional quality and reliable enough to get you through any kind of snowy terrain. Their frame is crafted from aluminum alloy tubing that is light but doesn’t lack strength. They will last you for years since they aren’t easily susceptible to corrosion and rust like other metals.

Moreover, the crampons are bolted under these shoes. These are sturdy and grab onto the snow when you want them to. You have excellent traction even on slippery surfaces and don’t need to worry about injuries. Even the decks on these shoes are of premium quality. They are from polyethylene material that is tough, light, and resistant to harsh UV radiation. So they are fit for use even on those rare sunny days.

Key features:

  • Quick-release buckles help you to easily wear these shoes and take them off at an equal pace.
  • Comes with a free tote bag so that you can carry the shoes easily.
  • Complimentary climbing poles have excellent ergonomic handles.

5. Goplus Lightweight Snowshoes for Hiking & Climbing

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If something can be defined as high quality and top of the line, these shoes from Goplus are the perfect fit. They are from steel and PP plastic which is known for their resistance to extreme temperatures and their strength. Together these materials go into making one of the best shows you can buy in the market.

You won’t have any problems extending the life of these shoes either. They use aluminum rivets and stainless steel shoes. Finally, crampons are serrated and heavy-duty so that you can move steadily and stand firmly.

Key features:

  • Streamlined design with a minor upward curve makes climbs easier.
  • Fully slip-proof, you will have no chance of falling or losing a step when walking on these.
  • Indeed, a unisex choice that both men and women can use.

4. Goplus Aluminum Alloy All Terrain Snowshoes for Men and Women

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Goplus offers you a superb set of shoes that will help you brave steep slopes and slippery cliffs with confidence. The shoes are made from heavy-duty aluminum that is durable yet firm on the snow. You won’t have to add extra effort to walking with these shoes since they are very lightweight. Next, it uses stainless steel screws and aluminum rivets. Hence, you can easily service them and extend their longevity. That means you get more bang for your buck, something that most of the competition can’t offer.

Even the PE upper that makes most of the surface of these shoes can handle harsh weather and won’t crack or stiffen up.

Key features:

  • You get solid traction due to the serrated crampons under these shoes.
  • They are functional without being too large and hence more portable.
  • For a better experience in the snow, you can easily adjust the heel straps in the middle of your journey.

3. Winterial Lightweight Shasta Snowshoes with Carrying Bag and Adjustable Poles

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Winterial never disappoints when it comes to all-terrain snowshoes and has done a great job with their Shasta snowshoes. These shoes have a frame design and backing engineering to distribute weight optimally throughout the surface for the best flotation. You always stay above the snow and move forward instead of struggling on the route.

Even the plastics used on these shoes are of top quality and will endure the harsh weather without any difficulties. They will stay flexible so that you can continue your adventure in the snow.

Key features:

  • Climbing poles have shock resistance bumpers at the base for your comfort.
  • Perfect for even as well as uneven surfaces.
  • The storage bag for these shoes comes with an integrated handle for easy transportation

2. Winterial Onyx Premium Mountain Terrain Black Snow Shoes with Quick-Fit Bindings

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Winterial has something special for the upcoming holiday season. Its heavy-duty snowshoes have a distinct design that sets them apart from the competition both in terms of looks and functionality. While other snowshoes are created with flexible synthetic hard fabric, this one has a deck made from durable plastic. Due to its plastic deck, the shoes float over the ice surface more easily and make your climbs and descent easier than ever.

However, that doesn’t mean you give up a safety. These snowshoes have aggressive teeth under them that form a great hold at the front and line up along the length in the middle. They hold on to the snow splendidly so that you don’t meet any accidents. Since these crampons are made from steel you don’t need to worry about their durability. They are as tough as they can get and don’t come with a lot of maintenance.

Key features:

  • With the heel lock bar, you can climb steep hills easily.
  • The snowshoes are lightweight, yet they are strong enough to carry a combined load of 190 pounds.
  • You can get on your trail quicker than most other people due to the pull tab system of these shoes.

1. RedFeather Men’s Hike Recreational Series Snowshoe Kit with SV2 Bindings

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Whether you want to slide on the snow, run on it, or go on an adventure in rolling terrain, these shoes are the perfect companion for your feet. They are wide, large, and can spread the weight evenly throughout the frame and body. Next, they don’t come with tedious laces either. Integrated straps are easy to use and adjust and give you a perfect fit without consuming a lot of time.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about its weight or strength either since it is crafted from a 6000 series aluminum alloy.

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the United States that keeps all the safety factors and standards in mind.
  • With hinge lifts, you get added support and faster movement.
  • The frame has powder-coating giving it the sturdiness that it deserves.

In case, you are into an extensive adventurous trip, getting a snowshoe kit is necessary. Avoid the obstacles and lead towards victory with the right equipment.

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