Best Aluminum Snowmobile Ramps for Trucks, Vehicles and Motocycles

When dealing with big-sized machinery and vehicles, you need to understand that you cannot rely just on your hands to get the work done. As you need to transport a snowmobile from one place to another, you need a truck or trailer to do so. Loading the snowmobile on your truck bed is yet another challenge that needs your attention. Specifically introduced for the purpose of loading and unloading snowmobiles, these snowmobile ramps are absolutely heavy-duty.

Not finding a suitable one for your use? Then study these best options. These are the finest of the market and are products that you can totally depend on.

10. Black Ice 60″ x 54″ Snowmobile Ramps with Center Extension and Stud Protectors

Snowmobile Ramps

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If you plan on carrying your snowmobile in a truck, you will need the right set of ramps to get it down or put it up. This folding snowmobile ramp from Black Ice is designed for the purpose of easy offloading your snowmobile. Featuring a 36-inches X 12-inches center track extension, this ramp is quite easy to use on a regular basis. The maximum distributed load capacity on the ramp is 1500 pounds. As a result, making it easier to work with most snowmobiles in the market.

As it weighs 53-pounds, it will not slide while you are sliding down the snowmobile from the ramp. Lastly, the stud protectors will avoid any damage.

Key features:

  • Have extra-wide low resistance dual carbide ski glides of 12-inches for smooth operation.
  • Use it with confidence, the traction grip glide center offers superior grip.
  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum, you will get a ramp of the highest quality and pretty strong.

9. Yutrax TX104 Silver Trifold ATV Loading Ramps – 78 Inch

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The quality of construction of your trifold snowmobile ramp has to be of the highest order. Hence, makes sure you always use it with great reliability. On this ramp, you will get a lightweight but extra durable aluminum construction. The total weight of the ramp is just about 12 pounds, making it extremely hassle-free to carry and work with. Although lightweight, the rated weight capacity is a huge 1750 pounds.

Moreover, each of the hinges is made with care. Instead of riveting, this ramp uses welding joints for more dependability. Tri-fold design, the ramp can be folded from 78-inches to 17.5-inches for your convenience of storage and portability.

Key features:

  • Thoughtful design, it has extruded side rails that effectively keep out the problems of bending.
  • Has a rubber-coated tab attachment, there will be no risk of the ramp damaging or scratching your snowmobile.
  • The vehicle is securely tied to the ramp using adjustable safety straps.

8. Rev Arc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile/.kf n. FC,n  Ramps for Truck

Rev Arc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps for Truck

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Just not your regular compact snowmobile ramp, this is designed with the benefits of being foldable. As ramps are big in size by design, a foldable option is much easier to work with and carry around. Folds down to a compact size, this can travel with your snowmobile. Hence, you can offload and use your snowmobile in the right place.

On both sides of the ramp, there are raised ski guides that help keep the vehicle on track. No need to work around with guess works cause one little wrong step can damage your prized snowmobile.

Key features:

  • Quite suited for larger and big snow-mobiles, the maximum weight this ramp can handle is 1500 pounds.
  • Integrated traction control guarantees a more secure and safe operation always.
  • Limited lifetime warranty to help you choose this model with confidence.

7. Black Ice SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps – Extension

Black Ice SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps - Extension

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Loading and offloading your large snowmobile into your trailer or truck bed is actually very difficult. If not handled with care, your snowmobile is always at the risk of getting scratched, and sometimes damaged. Measuring at 7-ft10-inches X 54-inches, you will be able to use this ramp with the most snowmobiles out there. Owing to the 1500 pounds of rated weight capacity, this ramp is extremely safe for those big and powerful snowmobiles as well.

Transporting the ramp itself is quite easy too. As the ramp is folded down to 17.5-inches, the compact folded size aids in easy portability and storage. The 12-inches wide polyethylene guides help in reducing the resistance when you are loading the machine.

Key features:

  • No part of the trailer will be damaged or scratched as the ramp has rubber-coated attaching points.
  • The riskless operation, the portable snowmobile ramp has two cam buckle straps that eliminate the issues of kick-outs.
  • Lightweight aluminum body for easy handling and superior strength and sturdiness.

6. Rage Powersports Snowmobile Loading Ramp with Center Extension Track

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Looking for a modern-day snowmobile loading ramp that can help you deck up the vehicle in a trailer or truck? Here is a great option to consider. Made with a lot of care and robustness, this ramp gets a heavy-duty aluminum construction that you can rely on. Moreover, this ramp measures 60-inches X 54-inches to help you safely use it with regular-sized snowmobiles.

On the ramp, there is a serrated rung center section that makes it safer to work with. In addition to that, the extension ramp improves the overall grip while you are loading or offloading.

Key features:

  • Features two extra-wide 12-inches low-resistance carbide ski glides for proper working.
  • It offers a maximum weight capacity of 1500 pounds, allowing you to use it with a wide range of snowmobiles.
  • The folding design is quite user-friendly and promises ease of transportation in all scenarios.

5. Caliber CBR-13526 PRO Snowmobile and ATV Loading Ramp

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Are you struggling to find out the right ramp for your snowmobile? Well, this one from Caliber is quite an amazing option. And it’s all cause this is a universal ramp that works both for your snowmobile and ATV. Measuring at 7-ft 6-inches long, this ramp is a fantastic choice because it can accommodate almost any and every snowmobile out there. While loading or unloading the snowmobile, you will be able to do with total surety because there are ski glides on the ramp.

It helps in providing low resistance during the loading process. In addition to that, inner rungs on the ramp deliver better traction always.

Key features:

  • Very easy to mount on the vehicle, the self-retracting strap promises a more secure and stable operation.
  • High strength aluminum has been used in making so that you will get a good weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  • When folded, the ramp drops down to a size of 26-inches width for easier storage and transport.

4. Black Ice Snowmobile Loading Ramp with Extra Wide Glides

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Black Ice is a very reliable name that designs utilities for your snowmobile. With this well-designed 94-inches X 54-inches ramp, you will be able to effortlessly load or unload your big snowmobile. Although this ramp is quite big, when folded, it drops down to a size of 17.5-inches. Thus, making it easier for you to store and transport. Quite compatible with a full-sized 4X4 pickup truck, this is something you will find extremely useful when you are using the snowmobile on a regular basis.

With a total weight capacity of 1500 pounds, you can use this ramp with complete confidence and surety. The ramp is also made with heavy-duty aluminum, making it something you can totally trust for the long run.

Key features:

  • It has extra-wide and 12-inches low resistance carbide ski glides for easier working.
  • An optimal track grip is provided by the rubber-coated attaching points.
  • The added amount of security and safety is assured by the dual cam buckle straps.

3. Yutrax Bi-Fold XL Aluminum Truck UTV/ATV Loading Ramp – 1600lb

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If you are getting hold of a ramp that will help you with the snowmobile loading and offloading process, you need to consider the weight of the ramp. From Yutrax, this ramp is extremely lightweight but quite sturdy to make sure you get high-end convenience and results. Very sturdy and resilient aluminum has been used in the making of this ramp. Hence, making it light in weight but with impeccable strength. No risks of bending on the sides owing to the extruded rectangular side rails. Also, the taller rectangular cross-connection helps in delivering more stability when you are handling heavy snowmobiles.

Finally, the maximum weight it can handle is a huge 1600 pounds. Almost every snowmobile in the market can be safely used with this ramp.

Key features:

  • Instead of riveting, the sides on this ramp are welded for more resistance against bending and breaking.
  • Rubber tabs are provided to make sure neither the snowmobile nor the truck ever gets any scratches or chips.
  • The bi-fold design provides you with more convenience of taking this ramp anywhere on your truck or trailer.

2. EmpireCovers Tri-Panel Aluminum Full-Width Snowmobile Ramp

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Lightweight, flexible, and extremely useful, this ramp has been made with care and precision. Featuring a tri-panel design, the ramp measures 84-inches X 54-inches and looks quite innovative to the eyes. After you are done, you can simply fold the ramp and transport it along with your snowmobile. The total weight capacity is 1500 pounds, with 500 pounds on each of the ramps.

Just, not your snowmobile, you can use this ramp for transporting ATVs and UTVs as well. It comes with full-width attaching lips so that you can rely on the extreme strength you are going to get.

Key features:

  • Features six non-skid rubber-coated supports of 4-inches so that you get a better grip on the pickup tailgate or trailer.
  • Well-thought 6-inches spacing of the rung delivers outstanding traction and reliable working.

1. Erickson 84″ Long Combination Loading Ramp – 1500 lb

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Stop troubling your brain and wasting your time just to find a snowmobile ramp for your convenience. Check out this extraordinary ramp that you can rely on with closed eyes. At the top of the list, this extra-long and sturdy ramp is going to be your favorite companion in your daily needs. It is designed with removable polyethylene runners so that you can safely use the ramp with carbide skis as well.

Comes fully assembled, this is going to fit in your active lifestyle without any major changes. Finally, it certainly has an impressive length of 84-inches that is pretty long.

Key features:

  • The wear boards are easily removable, making the ramp suitable for all-weather and all-season use.
  • No hassles of scratching, the rubber-tipped fingers protect your vehicle and also provide assurance of better gripping.
  • The ramp is ready for dealing with heavy loads, to be precise, as high as 1500lbs.

Snowmobiles are a lot of fun but it comes with their own set of challenges. And the biggest challenge is carrying these large vehicles around. So, buy a snowmobile ramp for accomplishing these tasks easily.

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