Top 10 Best Snow Roof Rakes for Snow Removal Reviews In 2020

Snow covering the rooftops and the roads are a common yet beautiful scene during the winter. Even though it is an extremely pleasing sight, you need to clear the snow to prevent any accident. Certainly, you can clear the snow on your patio or the roads with the help of shovels or snow blowers. But what can you do for the snow that is piling up on your roof? Of course, you need to get rid of it since it can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your roof. Well, that is one of the reasons why you need to bring home snow roof rakes. This razor-like object comes with telescoping handles that allow you to remove the snow safely and efficiently.

Nevertheless, it can be a tough job to choose the best rake if you are not completely confident about what to look for. Hence, we are saving you from that tediousness by reviewing the best-rated snow roof rakes in the market. Take a look to choose the right one:

Table of the Snow Roof Rakes Reviews

10. Avalanche Traditional Snow Roof Rakes with Wheels – Angled Pole for Clearing Trucks, Trailers, RV’s and Other Flat Rooftops

Snow Roof Rakes

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One of the finest products from Avalanche, it helps you to clear your roofs and high places efficiently and securely. Not just the roof of your house but you can also clear the roofs of your trailer, trucks, and RVs. The special design of this rake provides it with an optimum angle. As a result, it allows you to clear any flat roof and other hard to reach places without any issue.

Most importantly, this rake also comes with small 1.5-inch wheels that offer better placement and more efficient cleaning. So, move it from one place to another without any hindrances.

Key features:

  • The head of this rake is obviously 24-inch in size. Therefore, it covers a large area with a single sweep.
  • Moreover, it only weighs 7 pounds being made from high-quality aluminum.
  • Lastly, the rake is also easy to assemble. All you need to do is to snap the parts together to make it ready for work.

9. Suncast Adjustable Roof Rake with Handle – Durable Multi-Tool Rake for Snow, Leaves, Debris Removal

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This Suncast adjustable snow roof rake is obviously one to look out for. One of the best things about this roof rake is its adjustable handle. In fact, you can adjust the handle up to a length of 252-inches or 21-feet without any issue. This rake comes with several extension pieces. Hence, you can easily put them together easily as per the requirement of your length.

Furthermore, the rake has construction from the best quality aluminum with resin coating. Thus, it is highly durable and can withstand the rigors of snow cleaning easily.

Key features:

  • Of course, you can easily use it to clear snows and leaves. Whether it is the roof of your house and shed of your garage, you can easily clean it all.
  • The rake also comes with special graphite blades. Hence, it offers optimum cleaning.
  • Furthermore, one can disassemble it in smaller pieces. As a result, storing becomes less complex.

8. Snow Joe RJ204M Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake with Extension & Poly Blade

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Prevent structural damage to your roof due to snow with this excellent roof rake from Snow Joe. Very convenient to use, this telescoping snow roof rake obviously allows you to remove snow, debris, and leaves from your roof easily. And you can do all that without having to get up on the roof. Thus, it also takes care of your safety completely. The 25-inches wide head of the rake comes with special poly blades. These blades make it very easy to remove snow or debris with the utmost precision.

Furthermore, this rake is very lightweight weighing only 4.8 pounds. Hence, it further becomes completely soothing for your hands to operate.

Key features:

  • Certainly, the telescoping pole that it comes with has a twist and turn closure. As a result, you can easily remove the pieces as per your requirement.
  • The handle can extend from 6-ft to a whopping 21-ft. Therefore, it easily meets all your raking requirements.
  • Above all, it has a construction from high-quality aluminum as well as plastic. So, this rake also assures you about the durability.

7. Garant Telescopic Roof Rake

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This one from Garrant truly promises to be a worthy addition to your household. The very first thing that you will find noticeable is its construction. Of course, this product makes use of heavy-duty aluminum as the primary element in its manufacturing process. Thus, it provides you with excellent durability while keeping it extremely lightweight.

Due to its special aluminum construction, the product is also resistant to rusting as well as corrosion. Furthermore, it also comes with integrated buttons. These buttons allow you to operate the telescoping handle with the utmost ease.

Key features:

  • The blade of the rake is very large in size measuring around 24”. So, it covers a lot of area with a sing sweep while collecting the debris.
  • Most importantly, you can easily disconnect the parts from one another for ease of storing.
  • Above all, it also comes with an oval handle with a comfortable grip. Thus, it prevents the rake from sleeping while ensuring your comfort.

6. MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Snow Roof Removal – Snow Rake

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When it comes to the industrial snow roof rakes, this product from MinneSnowta is a wise choice. Unlike other products, this one removes the snow and debris from your roof efficiently. The best part is, of course, the fact that you do not need to leave the ground for doing your job.

Having a 24-inches blade, this roof rake clears the snow regardless of the surface. Plus, it can also extend up to 24-ft with the help of its telescoping handle. So, your roof will no longer be out of your reach.

Key features:

  • Indeed, it boasts an industrial-grade construction from aircraft-grade aluminum. Hence, it assures you about its durability.
  • The product only weighs 11.85 pounds. Thus, you will not have to worry about spraining your hand while cleaning the snow.
  • Above all, it can easily sweep through up to 20-inch thick snow without sustaining any damage.

5. SNOWPEELER Premium Roof Rake for Snow Removal with Handle

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The best thing about this product has to be its innovative design. This roof rake makes the job removing snow from different roof types with utmost convenience and safety. Also, this roof rake provides you with a great outreach with the help of its telescopic handle. In fact, this rake comes with six 5-ft poles. So, you can easily join the parts to extend the handle up to a maximum height of 30-ft.

Most importantly, the snow slides that it offers are tear-resistant. These slides make sure that the snow falls directly to the ground gently from the roof without causing an accident. Also, the slides minimize the wind drift.

Key features:

  • Of course, the product comes with two different snow slides of 15-ft and 10-ft lengths. You can use these slides as per the alignment of your roof.
  • Next, the high-quality aluminum blade cuts through different kinds of snow without sustaining any damage.
  • Lastly, the glide pads that this rake has made sure that you do not damage the roof while cleaning.

4. SNOWPEELER Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Roof Snow Removal Tool

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Another grade product from Snowpeeler, this one too assures you the same level of efficiency as its predecessor. Having a construction from premium grade aluminum, this roof rake leaves no room for questioning its durability. The sharp blades cut through the snow and let the gravity do its work to bring the snow down. To ensure your safety, it also offers a special 9ft snow slide. The snow slide controls the wind drift and ensures your safety.

Moreover, it also comes with special glide pads that prevent you from damaging your roof while cleaning.

Key features:

  • Due to its certain angular build, this product can easily reach difficult to reach places. So, it offers precise action.
  • It also provides you with four 5ft handles. So, the rake can reach up to 20 ft with absolute ease.
  • Also, it comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, if you ever face any problem, you will be able to get proper help.

3. Garant GPRR24 Yukon Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

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Apparently, Garant has some of the best roof rakes in the market. And it is clearly evident from the addition of this product to our list. The design of this rake is completely user-centric. Thus, it makes the task of clearing the snow from the roof very easy and efficient. It provides you with three 5-ft handle attachments. Hence, it can easily reach a height of 15-ft without any issue.

Most importantly, the head of the rake has a slight angular deviation. It allows you to clean the snow from all kinds of the roof without having to leave the ground. The product further assures you about the convenience with its lightweight design. In fact, it only weighs 4.8 pounds which do not put any pressure on your hands.

Key features:

  • Its 24-inch wide angular blade certainly cleans 2 ft wide area with a single swipe.
  • The blade it has is of high-quality polyethylene. Thus, it cuts through the snow effortlessly without damaging the roof.
  • The anti-slip grip makes sure that you clean the roof safely while having a comfortable grip.

2. AMES COMPANIES Telescoping Snow Roof Rakes with Aluminum Handle

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Comes with the tag of Amazon’s Choice, you cannot go wrong with this product. This roof rake from Ames Companies Inc is known for its durability and extraordinary build quality. As a matter of fact, it makes use of premium grade aluminum in its manufacturing process. So, it heavily contributes to its quality and provides it with excellent longevity.

However, the blade of the rake is from the best quality polyethylene. And it also comes with special wear tips. Thus, it can easily cut through thick snow without sustaining any damage.

Key features:

  • Indeed, the handle of this roof rake can easily extend up to 17-ft. So, it provides you with the best outreach.
  • Next, you can easily control the telescoping abilities of the rake with its special push button feature.
  • The polyethylene grip comes with proper knurling and a hole. Thus, it not only offers non-slip comfortable grip but also offers ease of storage.

1. Avalanche! Original Snow Removal System – Snow Roof Rake with Wheels and Slide Material

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This is the best rake that you can find in the market. Obviously, the best thing about this snow roof rake is the fact that it can remove 1 ton of snow easily from the roof. Due to its angular head, it does not strain your hands at all in comparison to other products. Thanks to its design, it can also reach difficult places and angles with ease.

Besides, it also comes with special 1.5-inch wheels on its head. Thus, it becomes much easier to sweep it while cutting through the snow. Plus, it can also extend up to 16-ft without any hassle. So, you will never face any trouble in using it.

Key features:

  • The rake only weighs 9 pounds. Hence, it never puts any unnecessary strain on your hands.
  • Besides, the polyethylene blade and aluminum construction promise you about the durability of the product.
  • The parts of this rake are easily detachable. So, you will never face any problem with storing it.

Keep your roof free of any snow and maintain the temperature inside your house. Check the snow roof rakes for sale to get the best deal out of all.

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