Best Sand Filter Pumps for Above Ground Pool In The Garden

Maintaining a pool always seems to be an arduous task. No matter how much you clean it, getting rid of sand and algae are very intimidating. And if you do not clean the pool properly, it can cause irritation and problems. Thus, it is better to have something to remove the sand particles and algae from the water. Well, that is why you need to opt for sand filter pumps. Runs on hydraulics, these pumps easily separate the foreign particles efficiently from the pool water. Therefore, it keeps the water clean as well as sparkling.

While finding the right pump can be difficult we understand that perfectly. Hence, we are offering you this list of best-reviewed sand filter pumps. Every product in this list made it here after thorough scrutiny.

10. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

Sand Filter Pumps

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Intex has always dominated the market when it comes to sand filter systems. and there are quite a few good reasons to justify their position. Your pool water would always stay soft, clean and a delight for kids and adults to splash around with the filtration provided by this pump. It uses natural sand to filter the pool water instead of using expensive and unhealthy chemicals. Next, it also features a valve that allows you to control six different functions by just twisting the lever.

You can set the pump for functions like filtering, backwashing, re-circulate the water, rinsing, draining out the pool, or closing the filter pump when not needed. Moreover, you don’t need to be present physically all the time. It has an integrated timer that can go up to 24 hours to automatically stop or continue a set function.

Key features:

  • A powerful pump can create a massive flow rate of 3000 gallons of water each hour to keep crowded pools clean.
  • Other than the replacement of sand every few years, this pump doesn’t really need much maintenance.
  • The heavy-duty sand filter pump supports pools with a capacity of 5000 to over 19000 gallons.

9. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 2500 GPH Pump Flow Rate – 110-120V

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Intex presents to you another effective pump that has satisfied thousands of customers. This lets you maintain your pool water with crystal clear quality. The simple sand filter pump design implements media sand and exposes water to trap any fine particles and other impurities inside the water. You don’t have to depend on chemicals and bleach that are harmful to the skin.

With a flow rate of 2500 GPH, you can filter anything from pools as small as 4000 gallons. As a matter of fact, it is effective for pools as big as 15,200 gallons. That means you can use this pump both for domestic purposes or cleaning one of the public pools.

Key features:

  • Installation is extremely easy since you just need to connect the hoses and plug in the motor after assembly.
  • Has safe to release any trapped air inside the filter chamber.
  • It has a flush valve that lets you flush out sediments and increase cartridge life.

8. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1500 GPH Pump Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI

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Intex recreation presents to you a pump that won’t break the bank. Interestingly, this will let you clean the water in your pool at a lower cost. It features Intex’s own Hydro Aeration Technology that aerates the water and induces oxidation of manganese and iron. As a result, you can swim in sparkling clean water. Your pool water also feels fresh due to the increased levels of negative ions caused by the Hydro Aeration technology.

Flushing sediments from the filter don’t require any disassembly either. A sediment flush valve on the machine lets you do it with one swift motion.

Key features:

  • The sand filter pump cartridge is hassle-free, easy to clean, and even replaceable.
  • It has an automatic timer function that lets you create filtration cycles between 2 to 12 hours.
  • The pump has double insulation for protection.

7. Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O.

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This pump from Intex really stands out from its peers. And all thanks to its modern and new innovative technology added to the already incredible design. With this machine, you can maintain your pool’s hygiene at an inexpensive cost since the sand filter requires replacement just once every 5 years. The cost-effectiveness and hassle-free design will add more time to your schedule and more dollars to your wallet.

You can also use this for saltwater systems since negates the harshness that comes with chlorine. To be precise, it is done with the help of its electrocatalytic oxidation. Furthermore, the motor runs on 0.5 hp and offers a flow rate of 1600gph.

Key features:

  • 2 year warranty period lets you make an uncomplicated purchase.
  • The 24-hour sand filter pump timer can control both the saltwater system and the sand filter pump.
  • For good performance, it has a capacity of holding 55 pounds of sand in its tank.

6. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool – 110-120V with GFCI

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Yet another product from Intex that will cover your pool filtration needs with as few hassles as possible. The power machine like its other cousins has 6 different functions that include filtering and even draining out your pool. Moreover, it also features a timer function that lets you automate the process. And use your time in more productive areas of your life. With the timer, you can set up the pump to filter or re-circulate the water at specific times each day. As a matter of fact, it can run continuously for as long as 12 hours. To monitor the pressure during backwashing, it has a pressure gauge with marked green safe zones and red danger zones.

Besides, you can use this pump on most pools as long as your pool’s capacity doesn’t cross the range of 2800 to 12,800 gallons. Don’t settle for mediocre pumps when you can opt for this affordable and excellent machine.

Key features:

  • You won’t have to invest in a strainer basket since the machine comes with one.
  • Long 25 feet power cord eliminates the need for any extension cords.
  • The above-ground sand filter pump is powered by an efficient 0.3 Hp motor that gets the job done with less power.

5. Sand Master Soft Sided Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System

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As long as you have an above-ground pool with a capacity of 9600 gallons or less, this is probably one of the best. This is indeed an economical cleaning option for you. It has a 115V pump that can create an impressive flow rate of 20 gallons per minute. To be precise, 1200 gallons every hour. So, even if your pool is crowded on a sunny day, it will remain super clean.

Furthermore, the one-year warranty period makes your purchase decision quite easy. The filter’s tank is capable of holding 42 lbs and is of 12-inches.

Key features:

  • A filter tank has been made from a material that isn’t corroded easily.
  • The multiport valve will easily take 4 different positions easily.
  • It comes with the fittings and filter hose you need to make the system operational.

4. Best Pro 2400GPH 13″ Sand Filter Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump 10000GAL

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Best Choice Products never disappoint with its creations and it is certainly true for this sand filter pump. With over 40 pounds of sand, this features a corrosion-resistant tank. You can use this pump to keep pools with a capacity as large as 10,000 gallons sparkling clear. Do you have a very dirty pool to start with? This will clean it off in just a few hours with its flow rate of 2400 GPH.

Interestingly, it has a sand capacity of 12lbs and the sand filter is of 13-inches. As a result, proper filtration process.

Key features:

  • Checks off in terms of safety since it is ETL listed.
  • Strainer basket blocks off larger particles and contaminants.
  • With thermal protection, the pump has higher longevity than most products offered by the competition.

3. GAME SandPRO 75D Series Pool Sand Filter Unit for Intex & Bestway Pools

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GAME has really created the impossible with this filter system. Firstly, it punches way above its weight and doesn’t cost you much. It features a ¾ HP pump that is powerful and efficient enough to clean out even the filthiest pools. And that also within no time and with minimal noise. You will really appreciate its silence when you want to just relax in the pool with a cold beer and stare into the sky.

It’s feature-rich since with the twist of the valve, you can make it filter, rinse, backwash, or winterize your pool.

Key features:

  • The pressure gauge shows you the pump rate and is easy to read.
  • This is something that is ideal for above the ground pools.
  • Great for a pool size of 15,000 gallons or less.

2. Above Inground Swimming Pool Sand Filter System

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Xtremepower brings to you a pump that will be a remarkable upgrade compared to your current methods of filtration. The product has been designed with meticulous engineering and high-quality components. As a result, it can give you precise flow rates to maintain your pool water in clean and hygienic conditions. The filter has amazing technology and adjusts the sand height to an optimum level. Hence, the maximum surface area of the sand is exposed to water for effective filtration.

It also features multiple ports. Therefore, you can quickly switch to other functions like back-washing, rinsing, and circulation instead of being limited to filtration. You won’t have to worry about the longevity of this product either. It has heavy-duty housing that protects. All internal components from damage and the brass inserts aren’t as vulnerable to corrosion as steel or other metal alloys.

Key features:

  • Tanks are tested thoroughly for quality before it gets shipped to you.
  • It can store as much as 175 pounds of sand in the tank.
  • Functions are clearly marked and graduated around the valve for your convenience.

1. Hayward VL40T32 VL Series 30 GPM Sand Filter System

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Hayward offers you something that is easy to operate, cleans your pool quickly, and doesn’t hurt your budget. It has a performance-oriented design with filters. These, in fact, pumps are carefully matched to give you optimum filtration and maximum possible flow rate. The sand tank that holds packaged sand for filtration is made from a thermoplastic material. Hence, it can tolerate heat and isn’t as vulnerable to water corrosion as metals.

So, you get the perfect combination of durability and performance. The valve can be positioned to multiple levels and you can use it properly.

Key features:

  • Components are aligned precisely for quick assembly.
  • It has a warranty period of 1 year so that you can buy with confidence.

So, keep your pools fresh and ready for use every time. Check on the sand filter pump parts and assemble them to make them functional.

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