Top 10 Best Portable Electronic Refrigerant Scales Reviews In 2020

Weighing refrigerant gases is an important thing to make sure you do not end up in any kind of accident. But how to weigh it? And where to get it? If you are a professional, you may already know how beneficial is refrigerant scales. It will give accurate results and you can do your task with utmost precision. Now it is really tricky to find yourself the right kind of scale because there are so many options.

To help you zero down on the best option, we have narrowed down the best refrigerant scales on Amazon. All of these comes with features and functionality. So you have a clearer knowledge of the product you are seeing.

Table of the Best Refrigerant Scales Reviews

10. Elitech LMC-300A  330lbs/150kgs Electronic Refrigerant Scales – Recovery Scale Charging Valve

Refrigerant Scales

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Indeed, a good device that can do it all! From charging to recovery and even scales, this innovative electronic refrigerant scale is an updated version and delivers unrestricted performances always. With three different display modes, you will get information in kgs, lbs, and oz for more convenience. The maximum capacity of the digital charging scale is 330 pounds. Therefore, makes it extremely useful for most of the needs out there. Once you use it, you will seriously love the overall quality and make of this scale.

Ruggedness combined with thick aluminum walls ensures precision and accuracy like no other. For everyday usage and abuse, the scale features rubber feet and rubber pads. Use it for all kinds and types of refrigerants and never run short of options.

Key features:

  • Comes with a charging valve, you are in control of the amount of refrigerant you are transferring.
  • Has alarms and pauses itself as soon as it reaches the programmed values.
  • Compact and small, this is something you will be able to travel wherever you need.
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9. ZENY Electronic Digital Refrigerant Charging Weight Scale for HVAC A/C 220 Lbs

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This is a digital refrigerant scale that you will have fun using on a day to day basis. With three different modes of display, you will be able to have readings in kgs, lbs, and oz for convenience. Next, the maximum capacity offered by this scale is a good 220 pounds. Hence, makes it compatible with most of your works.

Along with the scale, you will get a hard plastic carrying case complementary in the package. The biggest benefit of this case is you can take this scale anywhere and do the works without any hold-ups. Designed for unrestricted usage, the size and make ensures risk-free usage with all standard sized refrigerant tanks. For your comfort of usage, this one comes with an extra-large LCD display along with a background lamp. Get your works done effortlessly on the 9-inches X 9-inches weighing platform.

Key features:

  • High-quality plastic combined with metal has been used for the construction to assure a rugged and sturdy performance.
  • While the scale has outstanding accuracy, the display has a great resolution for a better understanding of the numbers.
  • Flexible long coil and built-in memory functions deliver the most convenient user experience.

8. VIVOHOME High Precision Electronic Digital Refrigerant Charging Scale for HVAC 220LB

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This is a unique and innovative refrigerant weight scale that comes with all the technology and features. Very comfortable to use on a daily basis, this is safe from slipping because it features a silicone and aluminum combination design. Along with durability, this kind of make also assures high traction always. If you are not using it for about 10 minutes, this scale will automatically shut itself off.

Also, this is quite safe for your users as well. No need to trouble yourself because as soon as it exceeds the specified range, the display reads out FULL.

Key features:

  • Has a high visibility LCD screen with a backlight display for easy tracking of the values and stats.
  • Works on a 9V battery, you will get three modes of a display showing values in Kgs, lbs, and oz.
  • Keep it safe and secure forever because along with the scale you will get a sturdy case as well.

7. Robinair TIF9010A Slimline Refrigerant Electronic Charging & Recover Scale

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Always get items that will never compromise on the reliability and results. If you end up with a wrong item, then the results will always hamper. With the help of this amazing refrigerant charging scale, you will always get the best kind of performance without any discounts on reliability or convenience. The overall design and make is one of the best in the market. And this scale also guarantees a resolution that you will not find in other options.

Feature-rich and technologically advanced, this will work with all kinds of refrigerants for more flexibility. Moreover, this has a removable control box along with a prop stand and hanging hook for more ease of usage.

Key features:

  • Easy to travel with and carry, the compact design of the scale assures easy portability always.
  • Touch key controls for the easiest kind of functionality and user experience.
  • Has three display modes for three different units and the auto-zero calibration comes in really useful most of the time.
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6. BACOENG Digital Electronic Refrigerant Scale 220lbs for HVAC AUTO AC 

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Get yourself an automatic refrigerant scale that you can store, use, and travel as per your needs without any challenges. Inside the package, you will get this well-designed refrigerant scale along with a hard carrying case. The biggest benefit of this case is it allows you to take this scale almost anywhere without any hold-ups. Offering you a maximum capacity of 220 pounds, you can check the readings in kgs, lbs, and oz to meet your needs.

In terms of construction, this scale has high-quality plastic plus metal materials. Along with the precise results, you can be sure that this sturdy scale is going to last you the longest possible time.

Key features:

  • Flexible long coil design enhances the overall workability and ensures you have complete freedom when you are working.
  • The digital scale and LCD display guarantees a totally effortless usage and handling always.
  • While the backlight shuts off after 3 minutes, the entire device turns off after 10 minutes of non-usage.

5. Elitech LMC-100F Digital Refrigerant Charging Weight Scale HVAC Scale 110Lbs

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From the brand, Elitech, this is a well-designed scale with an extra-large LCD display, background lamp, and an easy user interface. This is a totally slip-resistant 9-inches X 9-inches weighing platform. As a result, lets you do the work without any sort of hold-ups. Use it with a 9V battery and this can run for about 30 hours constantly.

To help you save energy and eliminate risks, the machine turns itself off after 10 minutes of non-use. Never compromise with the accuracy and results you expect out of a scale.

Key features:

  • In the package, you will get a heavy-duty carrying case so that you can take this around without hassles.
  • Rugged and compact, this scale is well-built using high-quality plastic and metal for the most reliable and sturdy performance.
  • Compatible with all sizes of refrigerant tanks and you can use this with almost all refrigerants.

4. Elitech LMC-200A Electronic Refrigerant Charging Weight Recovery Scale

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This scale has a massive capacity of 150kgs. And you will get the convenience of three different display modes, kgs, lbs, and oz. Well-built to make sure you do not encounter any issues when you are using it, this has a construction of thick aluminum. As a result, a very rugged build assuring a sturdy performance always.

Moreover, this is extremely portable and you will be able to travel with this to extend your reach of work. The flexible long coil design delivers a different kind of convenience to your workability. Not only that, but it also is fully slip-proof and you will have the stability you desire. Lastly, it is highly accurate and the heavy-duty bag can totally take its whole weight,

Key features:

  • The extra-large LCD display always shows you the important values and readings properly.
  • There is a background lamp to ensure comfortable usage in all conditions.
  • Shuts off automatically to keep it away from the unforeseen risks.
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3. Aain LX36575D High Accuracy A/C Electronic Digital Refrigerant Charging Weight Scale

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If precision is what you desire, this has calibration standards that are traceable to the National Institute of standards and technology. You will get as close as 0.5% accuracy and the large metal platform guarantees risk-free operation always. Enhanced rigidity and strength is assured by the oversized strain gauge bridge. To make work easier for you, the designers have included a removable control module on this scale.

Moreover, it has a 5 ft cord which has to coil for perfect reach. The sealed LCD display offers the best kind of water and environmental resistance.

Key features:

  • Indeed, an impressive capacity of 220 pounds to let you do all the works most conveniently.
  • The LCD display tells you when the battery is running low so that you can change it as per your needs.
  • Long-life durability and performance are assured by the industrial-grade circuitry of the scale.

2. Elitech LMC-200 Electronic Refrigerant Charging Weight Recovery Scale Wired Remote

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Having a professional scale means you will be able to do all kinds of works without any challenges. The LMC 200 edition is quite smart with auto-off feature, large LCD display, and background lamps. Just not this, you will get a capacity of 220 pounds. And the machine displays information in three different units, kgs, lbs, and oz.

Furthermore, you will get a 24/7 US technician support so that you do not encounter any sorts of hold-ups ever. So, all the hassles are will have a solution at once.

Key features:

  • Use it with all refrigerant tanks because this has a slip-resistant and rugged platform for weighing.
  • Enjoy high-accuracy and resolution for the best kind of functionality always.
  • Take it anywhere you are going because you will get a complementary heavy-duty carrying bag.

1. Kozyvacu 220lbs Digital Refrigerant Charging Weight Scales for HVAC/Auto AC Refrigerant Recovery Processing 

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If high-accuracy and resolution are what you need from a scale, this is something you will really enjoy using. Delivering a great accuracy of about +/- 0.5%, all the work you have in will be perfect. To make it even more convenient while using, there is a large LCD display along with background lighting.

Work your way out even in low-light conditions. Finally, it doesn’t use an auto-shutoff feature so that you can monitor the changing weight better.

Key features:

  • Displays in three different units, kgs, lbs, and oz for better flexibility.
  • Use it for all refrigerants easily as this has a flexible long coil design.

In order to make sure you always have the best kind of functionality and work, you need to have products that are equally great at what they do. So, check these refrigerant scales for sale and make some savings as well as earn some benefits.

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