Best Red Light Therapy Machines at Home Reviews

Aging is a universal process that cannot be avoided at any cost. However, with aging comes the tension of getting wrinkles and having fine lines appearances. Well, one just cannot turn the natural process around but we can prevent the signs of aging. And the red light therapy machine will be your ultimate choice for these kinds of situations. The technology used in this process will tighten your skin, helps to rejuvenate your skin, and also new cells will be generated in the areas of dead cells.

Want to lock your youth? Then read through the red light therapy machine review and all the information is highlighted precisely.

10. Pulsaderm Red LED Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Machines

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Pulsaderm brings to you an innovative skincare solution that uses light therapy technology developed by NASA. When you target the device to wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, it emits light at a certain wavelength. And that also with power intensity at optimal levels to get rid of those skin problems. With this light therapy device, you don’t need to rely on ointments or drastic solutions that like to advertise themselves with big claims.

Using this device you can get the best results with 3-minute treatments that are carried over 3 times each week. Just clean your skin properly before each use. The red light therapy machine’s LED light is non-invasive and will keep your skin healthy.

Key features:

  • The device is safe for use and has even passed FDA clearance.
  • Comes with a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from the light.
  • You can remove signs of ageing and sun damage without pain or irritation.

9. Project E Beauty Rechargeable RED Light Therapy Machine

Project E Beauty Rechargeable RED Light Therapy Machine

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Project E Beauty offers you an easy solution for most of your skin problems with this device. 15 minutes with this device can bring you plenty of benefits from boosting collagen. In fact, it facilitates blood circulation to the removal of wrinkles and tightening of your skin. It is equipped with a set of 40 LEDs that emit red light at a particular wavelength. As a matter of fact, it reduces signs of ageing skin. It can be operated at different modes for different results.

With the continuous mode, light energy is emitted continuously for as long as 10 minutes. On the other hand, pulse mode emits light in short pulses.

Key features:

  • The light will activate automatically as it comes in contact with your skin.
  • It doesn’t emit harmful UV rays on your skin.
  • The 625 nm red light quickly activates the photoreceptors in your skin for a firm and smooth texture.

8. NOVA RED Facial Red Light Therapy – Collagen Boost Skin Firming and Lifting

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Nova always innovates to offer you brilliant skincare products and this one from the brand does the same. This rechargeable red light therapy machine from the brand has numerous LEDs. As a result, emits light at a specific wavelength to trigger and activate photoreceptors present inside your skin. When those receptors are stimulated by the 660 nm light energy, they boost elastin and collagen in your skin to make it smoother and tight.

Compared to creams or painful laser treatments this is a much better alternative. It certainly doesn’t need to be implemented for the long-term to show results and doesn’t involve any recovery time either. Simply hold the device, activate it, and move it over target areas.

Key features:

  • It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to deal with cords
  • A high-quality LEC sensor will last you for a long time.
  • You can make this purchase without any worries since it is covered by a 1 year warranty period.

7. Beurer Red Light Therapy – Infrared Light Heat Lamp 

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Beurer presents to you a hassle-free and painless method to treat your skin problems with this IR lamp. This device heals your skin from the inside instead of providing relief on the exterior that doesn’t last long. With infrared wavelength penetrating deep into the skin, you will experience boosted blood circulation. Therefore, facilitates quicker healing of damaged tissues and muscles.

Moreover, unlike other devices, you can use this device for tackling skin problems all over your body, not just for your face.

Key features:

  • Consistent infrared heat is delivered to you from the 300-watt bulb inside the device.
  • Has safety features that prevent the device from overheating and switches off after reaching the 15-minute mark.
  • The infrared light therapy machine can emit light at a wide range of wavelengths according to your needs.

6. Red Light Therapy Device for Anti-Aging, Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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Hooga has made a red light therapy panel with 60 pieces of LEDs that can emit light in two different wavelengths. One of them is a red light which will help in rejuvenating your skin. And the other is a wavelength barely near the infrared spectrum. That light helps you to relieve pain.

It has two simple switches for operating either of those lights individually or together for a customized treatment that you need. With a beam angle of 60-degrees, these lights work well to penetrate your skin and show their effects quickly.

Key features:

  • Low EMF lights would last you for more than 50,000 hours of operation.
  • It is covered by a warranty period of 2 years so that you can make a worry-free purchase.
  • The internal fan drives away the heat efficiently.

5. CHOICEMMED Infrared Light Therapy Lamp

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Choicemmed has brought to you a high-quality red light therapy lamp at a reasonable price tag. The lamp emits IR radiation which is invisible to the naked eye and can penetrate deep into your skin. The heat from the deep penetration warms up your muscles while also stimulating blood circulation. So, your muscles loosen up and release any build-up tension to give you pain relief.

Inside the lamp, a 300-watt halogen bulb emits radiation which is spread out to a large area due to the special lens. This gives you more coverage than other products and lets you treat large areas in a shorter span of time.

Key features:

  • The lamp is tilted within 35-degrees to target specific areas.
  • Handle at the top lets you ease transportation.
  • A timer function lets you set the device timer within 1 to 15 minutes.

4. AUSPA 300W Full-Body LED Light Therapy for Skin and Pain Relief

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Auspa brings you a device that has versatile use and will serve many purposes. It is composed of a total of 60 pieces of LEDs. As a matter of fact, half of them emit light at 850 nm wavelength. On the other hand, the rest emit a deep red 660 nm light. The former penetrates deep into your skin and induces stimulations. As a result, you can get pain relief and encouraged nutrition renewal at the cellular level. Plus, the latter effectively repairs several of your skin problems.

Depending on the distance it is away from your body, this panel is used for target areas on your body or half of your body due to its optimal irradiance.

Key features:

  • Operates silently so that you aren’t disturbed while reading a book or watching television.
  • Have vents at the side to dissipate heat and prolong the lifespan.
  • The noiseless red light therapy machine can last you for over 50,000 hours of use.

3. SGROW 45W Panel-FDA Cleared Red LED Light Therapy

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Most other manufacturers provide you with small devices at an exorbitant price. SGROW has something of much higher value so that you can get more bang out of your hard-earned dollar. This therapy panel can cover major regions of your body in less time. You don’t need to move a handheld device all your body in quick succession. It implements two wavelengths of light. Near-infrared at 850 nm is almost invisible to the human eye and deep red at 660 nm.

So you will see half of the LEDs in red while the rest aren’t. You can use this panel, not just on your face and chest, but on your back and abdomen as well.

Key features:

  • Consumes around 45 watts of power to emit light at those wavelengths.
  • Bulbs operate at 110Volts, common throughout America.
  • At 0.8 kg it is lightweight and easy to handle.

2. Ryumei UL Certified 660nm Red Light Therapy Near Infrared Red LED Bulbs for Skin & Pain Relief

 Ryumei UL Certified 660nm Red Light Therapy Near Infrared Red LED Bulbs for Skin & Pain Relief

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Ryumei has made an incredible machine that is more beneficial for you in more ways than you can imagine. When it comes to installation, you can do it without any professional help and with some of the = basic tools. It can emit light at two wavelengths. Red light at 660 nm and nearly infrared light at around 850 nm. Your skin readily absorbs the red light so that it can heal itself quickly and repair damaged skin tissues.

Six of the LEDs on the light emit 850 nm wavelength, while the rest emit 660nm red light. You also get better irradiance with the 30-degree lens.

Key features:

  • No need to worry about safety since it has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Is certainly used with generic E26/E27 sockets.

1. Wolezek 36W 18 LED Infrared Light Therapy Device Near-Infrared Combo Red Light Bulb

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Wolezek presents to you an amazing red light therapy lamp that can provide you with proper red light therapy at a price that fits your budget. It has 18 LED pieces. 50 percent of these LEDs emit deep red at a wavelength of 660nm. And the rest emit light at a wavelength of 850nm. It also has brilliant irradiance that changes with the distance of this lamp from your body.

At a distance of 0 inches, it has an irradiance of 141 mW/cm2, which changes to mW/cm2 at 6-inches. Moreover, the LED pieces are housed in a body of metal. Therefore, it is also designed to act as a radiator. It dissipates most of the heat so that they last for a longer period.

Key features:

  • Can work within a voltage range of 100V to 240V.
  • Can draw maximum power of 36 watts.
  • Weighs just over a pound.

Get the handheld red light therapy machine or just go for the ones that will meet your goals. These devices will be the best friend throughout the ageing process.

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