Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabbers | Grabber Tools Reviews

To make your life easier and comfortable in every possible way, you now get effective solutions. And all thanks goes to new innovations! One of the smartest innovations is the reacher grabbers that can help you to easily grab things that are away from your reach. Elderly people and individuals with limited mobility often complain about failing to get certain things. Well, for them, it is nothing less than a blessing.

To gift yourself or the people in desperate need of such a tool with a life-changing experience, own a reacher and grabber pick up tool. Build with excellent quality and functionality in mind, each of these grabbers listed below will help you reach the item you want to grab.

Table of the Best Reacher Grabbers Reviews

10. Vive Suction Cup Heavy Duty Reacher Grabbers – Handle Tool Light Bulb Remover

Reacher Grabbers

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Make your life easier with innovation and get yourself a heavy-duty reacher grabber for reaching things kept at a distance. It extends to a maximum of 32-inches, thereby providing you with an additional reach benefit. Having a strong rubber suction cup, it will have a secure grip even on smooth and slippery objects. Also, it features wide leaf style jaw as for tight closing of small objects like coins and pills.

No matter what you lose below the bed or at tight spaces, this will reach places your hands can’t reach. As a matter of fact, it can even grab slippery items such as glass, metal etc without losing its grip.

Key features:

  • Ergonomically designed comfort grip handle with trigger and hanger for ease of usage.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium keeps the weight low but is very sturdy.
  • Due to its lightweight design, your hands will not get tired of holding it.
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9. RMS Royal Extra Long Grabber Reacher with Rotating Jaw – Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool

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Different medical conditions often limit us from doing things we wish to do. People suffering from arthritis and similar issues face the problem of secure gripping. Interestingly, this rotatable reacher grabber can help you solve that. Featuring an anti-slip coating on the jaw, slippery items will also be gripped very securely always. The soft grip trigger is innovative and ensures you have total comfort while using it.

Even the ergonomic handle increases your user experience. Whereas, the padding over it makes sure you can use it for the longest time without any unwanted hassles.

Key features:

  • Rustproof aluminium shaft offers great durability and is quite light in weight.
  • The jaw is rotatable and locks at 90° for vertical and horizontal use.
  • Has a good reach of 32-inches for picking up items from the floor, top shelf, trash can, behind furniture etc.

8. RMS Royal 2-Pack Grabber Reacher with Rotating Jaw

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Yet another lightweight reacher grabber that offers new goals, in this option you will get two grabbers of 32-inches and 19-inches. In fact, you can rotate both the options. The short grabber comes in really handy and helpful in situations when you do not need a full-size reach. It is more compact and has better portability as well.

Moreover, it is used both horizontally and vertically, you can rotate and lock the jaw at 90° for better flexibility. Finally, you as a user can have total confidence of using this as the brand is giving a lifetime warranty. If you are unhappy with the quality or workmanship, the brand is ready to replace the item.

Key features:

  • The rustproof and strong aluminium shaft is very durable and promises good service life.
  • The handle has an ergonomic design enhanced with padding for better handling.
  • Soft grip trigger is fun and easy to use on the go.

7. Ricwinann Foldable Reacher Grabbers – Extender Gripper Tool – Long Handy Arm Assist Tool

Ricwinann Foldable Reacher Grabbers - Extender Gripper Tool - Long Handy Arm Assist Tool

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It is important that you find yourself the right tools when you need reaching items kept at height frequently. This flexible reacher grabber is full 360° rotatable and it has a total of 90 increments. As a result, makes sure you have the right orientation to deal with the things. Glass and other slippery items are also picked up with ease as the jaws have an anti-slippery coating over it.

You can even use this grabber if you have to pick up trash, broken glass, newspapers etc. Thereby fitting perfectly in your busy lifestyle. Also, in the pack, there are two grabbers and both of them are foldable for your convenience on the go. There are textured rubberized ends that securely hold the objects in a secure manner. Plus, the contoured trigger offers superior ergonomics. The handle is padded and anti-slip in design, to let you always enjoy better control.

Key features:

  • Reaches a maximum extension of 32.7-inches to pick up things that are out of your hand’s reach.
  • Constructed using premium grade ABS and TRP material, you can pick things up to 4-pounds of weight.
  •  Rotates 360° at 90 increments for enhanced flexibility and user experience.
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6. Unger Professional Nifty Nabber Reacher Grabber Tool & Trash Picker

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Check this extraordinary grabber or say trash picker that can extend to a maximum length of 36-inches. Now, grabbing things placed both high and low is never going to be a challenge if you have this. The tips of the grabber have a rubber coating on it to make sure whatever you are picking up is never at risk of damage. One of the major benefits is the built-in magnet. Therefore, lets you easily pick up metal objects from the floor or shelf.

No need for unwanted stretching or bending when you can pick up anything sitting at one place. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold or grab things.

Key features:

  • Instead of having aluminium construction, it lightweight, however, significantly sturdy for daily use.
  • The claw is heavy-duty in nature and well suited for litter and trash.
  • Choice of 36-inches or 48-inches to meet your needs in the house.

5. BRMDT Foldable Grabber Reacher Tool – 32″ Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool

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The quality of construction of this from the BRMDT is a major talking point. So, you should be considering before buying a grabber. Having construction entirely out of lightweight, corrosion-resistant and durable aluminium, you will never have to complain about unwanted hand fatigue. Not even when you are using it constantly! With a maximum reaching a capacity of 32-inches, you will not have struggle with bending overstretching.

The vertical load capacity on this is 22 pounds. That’s why it is a very useful item for elderly people who encounter trouble when picking up things. Anyone suffering from any sorts of mobility issues can also use this on a daily basis for maximum comfort.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic handle assembly always guarantees a comfortable grip.
  • Foldable and lightweight for added convenience of using and storing.
  • Comes in a pack of 2 and both have 360° rotating ability.

4. PikStik Pro Aluminum Reacher Grabbers

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Something that you can use anywhere and everywhere, this grabber is built with great quality. Next, it is completely safe from natural elements like rusting and dust. Fitted with a spring-loaded jaw locking mechanism, almost anyone can use this. To make it usable for the longest time, the product comes with a one-year warranty and always lets you keep your peace of mind.

Suitable for picking up items of up to 5 pounds, the grabber is quite sturdy in day-to-day activities. Furthermore, you can rotate the grabber 360° that will even keep movement in your hand. Now, owing to the multi-flex dimple design, there will never be any risks of slipping.

Key features:

  • Constructed using rustproof and durable thermoplastic resin for long term serviceability.
  • The innovatively designed pistol grip is extremely easy to use.
  • Jaws are of strong polycarbonate and will serve for a long time without doubts.
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3. Nayard Foldable Reacher Grabbers – Grabber Tool for Elderly

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Bring home this lightweight and a durable grabber that has a total weight capacity of 22 pounds. Therefore, aids in effortless using different types of items. With the premium quality of construction using durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium, no chance of suffering from hand fatigue. Well, all thanks to it of the lightweight body.

Also, it gets a foldable design so that you can carry it around without any difficulties and store it anywhere you wish to. The total length it can reach is 32-inches. Therefore, serves as a perfect alternative for individuals suffering from lack of mobility, arthritis or any similar diseases.

Key features:

  • The impressive horizontal load capacity of 3 pounds for picking up different kinds of things.
  • Lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee that will allow you to change or repair it whenever the need arises.
  • Has an ergonomic handle for effortless control and smooth functioning.

2. Ettore Multi-Purpose Reach Tool with Rotating Rubber Grip Head

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If you look at this grabber, you will see how well-designed and smart it is in a real-life scenario. Having an articulation head that can turn 90-degrees, the outstanding versatility lets you pick up things without bending or straining your body. In terms of the quality of work, you will have great fun using it as it features the benefits of a comfort grip. It doesn’t matter how repetitive the motion is, your hands will never feel fatigued or straining.

Finally, there are rubberized jaws that can steadily hold objects up to 5 pounds without any issues.

Key features:

  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors as the grabber is rustproof and sturdy.
  • Lightweight aluminium combined with plastic for ease of handling always.
  • Can reach the tightest places as well and help you pick up things from almost anywhere and everywhere

1. Unger Lightweight Multi-Purpose Grabber Reacher Tool with Ergonomic Trigger Grip

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This grabber is undoubtedly one of the well-designed options that can benefit your life in numerous ways. Primarily it will help you reach and grab items that are away from you or stuck in a tight place. The 32-inches of extending capacity lets you take out things from the top of the shelf. And that also without having to get up on a stool or ladder ever. Even better, you can grab all shapes and sizes of items as long as it falls under the maximum weight capacity range.

Do not want to touch unhygienic trash? With this, trash and litter picking up will become easy.

Key features:

  • Has a built-in magnet on the head for quick picking up of metal objects.
  • The 360° rotating claw head for reaching things both in indoors and outdoors.
  • Ergonomic and trigger grip assures comfortable handling in every situation.

Often you will find yourself struggling with things that may have fallen below the bed or is away from your reach. However, with a reacher grabber tool, you can bring it near in a simple way.

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