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With age or complications like arthritis, people tend to lose their mobility. Thus, it becomes very painful to sit and get off a toilet seat. As a result, many people opt for a caregiver or nursing assistant. However, that is really a costly affair. So, it is always best to opt for raised toilet seats. Easy to install, you can easily install it on your existing seat. Moreover, these seats come with handles for a proper grip.

Need special assistance? Then the raised toilet seats and frame will support your entire weight and will keep you properly seated. So, why not?

10. Drive Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

Raised Toilet Seats

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A portable raised toilet seat in the home can add comfort, convenience, and a great degree of safety to any bathroom. Drive Medical raised toilet seat is one of a kind and reduces the distance you need to move for sitting or standing. That means your knees don’t have to work a lot and your joints get relief every time you sit down on the toilet seat and get up from it.

With a contoured design, there’s no doubt that Drive Medical has paid a lot of attention to ergonomics. Hence, it can be used comfortably by you or your partner. Despite its generous size, it isn’t heavy at all. It is so lightweight that anyone in your home can lift it and set it on the toilet. You don’t need to sacrifice your independence for using this seat.

Key features:

  • Installation is easy since it replaces your regular toilet seat.
  • You don’t need any external tools for installing this seat since it has a unique locking mechanism.
  • There are two padded handlebars to the side that give you extra support for sitting or getting off the seat.

9. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms

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Essential Medical Supply has a brand new medical raised toilet seat at an affordable price. Hence, you or the elderly in your home don’t have to sacrifice safety when going to the bathroom. This toilet seat adds a height of over 3-inches. It can fit on most elongated toilet bowls as long as they don’t have a width exceeding 14-inches. With the increase in height, people with arthritis or those who suffer from a disability in your home are safer.

Most importantly, it is also more comfortable than your usual toilet seat due to its contours. Finally, it has got a maximum weight limit of 300-pounds for any individual.

Key features:

  • Sidearms can be removed when not in use.
  • You can pick one for elongated commodes as well as round ones.
  • Comes with the required hardware and ins ;’,l,,mjn;ljtructions for installation.

8. Carex Toilet Seat Riser – Height to Toilet

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Carex Toilet Seat Riser stays true to its name and provides you with exceptional care with its innovative design. Other toilet seat risers may give you a decent boost of 3 to 4-inches. This one on the other hand gives you a superior raise of 5-inches which makes the toilet more accessible for you. You don’t have to risk injuries when you use this seat raiser. It can benefit anyone in your home, especially people who have recovered from recent injuries, the elderly, pregnant women, and disabled people.

Don’t underestimate the toilet due to its humble looks either. The raised toilet seat’s weight capacity is as much as 300 pounds of weight without any issues.

Key features:

  • Due to its special locking design, you can install or remove the seat easily.
  • The seat is contoured so that it can seat you without any discomfort.
  • The seat has anti-slip pads that keep it stable on the slippery ceramic surface of the toilet.

7. Vive Portable Elevated Riser with Padded Handles for Elderly, Seniors, Handicapped

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The Vive raised safety toilet seat adds a beefy 5 inches to your toilet and conquers you with its ergonomic shape. You don’t have to worry about pain or discomfort when you sit on this raised toilet seat. Whether you have a standard toilet bowl or an elongated one, this raised toilet seat can be installed effortlessly.

Moreover, you get extra support every time you sit on the seat with the help of the side arms. The best thing is that you can remove the sidearms when you don’t want them.

Key features:

  • Handles are padded so that they are easy on your hands.
  • You can sit confidently in this seat since it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Lastly, it offers a tool-free installation.

6. Vaunn Medical Elevated Toilet Seat & Commode Booster Seat Riser with Handles

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Vaunn Medical has a new lockable raised toilet seat that will make going to the bathroom a bit easier for you or anyone in your home. While it is designed for the elderly, it can also benefit kids and adults with its added comfort. Its ergonomic design with contours at the right places can support you perfectly. And that also without bringing pain to any place even after long hours of sitting on this thing. You get a boost of 4-inches with this and that takes away the pressure from your knees and joints.

Moreover, the toilet seat comes with two handlebars at the sides. These handlebars are U-shaped and fit in easily on the seat. They give you the required support for sitting on the toilet and increase safety in your bathroom. It can also help pregnant women and people with limited mobility. The handles are also padded so that you have gripping comfort.

Key features:

  • With EZ Lock technology, there is no need for nightmare assembly or additional tools.
  • The anti-slip surface of the seat helps you bring stability while you are sitting on it.
  • Since the seat is made from germ-resistant plastic, it is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seats with Arms and Handles

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Round or elongated toilet bowls, this one can fit on most models easily. You don’t need to grab a bunch of tools for installing this comfy seat on your toilet either. Remove your regular toilet seat, set it up on your toilet bowl, and twist the knob at the front to lock it in place.

Under the seat, you also have anti-slip pads that keep the seat stable and firm when you are sitting on it. With this humble investment, you can drastically raise the safety factor of your bathroom.

Key features:

  • Polyethylene padding on the sidearms can resist sweat and won’t get damaged easily.
  • Since the arms are made from aluminum they won’t rust.
  • Furthermore, it can support anyone up to 300 lbs of weight.

4. Medline Locking Elevated Toilet Seat without Arms

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Medline always makes the best medical products and this toilet seat isn’t any different. It makes going to the bathroom an easy task instead of inducing fear of accidents in you. No need to perform intense squats when you have this installed on your toilet. It adds around 5 inches of height from the level of your toilet. Hence, helps you go about your business without any risks.

It is manufactured from durable plastic. As a result, can withstand an impressive amount of weight and you won’t see it cracking, chipping, or rusting any time soon. It’s an investment that will take care of your safety for years to come.

Key features:

  • Can fit most toilet bowls as long as they don’t exceed the length of 14-inches.
  • There’s no need for assembly, twisting a knob is enough.
  • It has microbial protection to prevent the growth of microbes on its surface.

3. OasisSpace Raised Handicap Toilet Seat

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OasisSpace presents to you a toilet seat that doesn’t need any installation on the toilet bowl. And yet has the most stability out of most raised toilet seats. It is a stand-alone system that has an aluminum frame with the raised seat mounted on it. The frame has two hind legs with large grips at the bottom. Given that, it doesn’t slide out after you have set it up on the toilet.

Furthermore, a padded grip and non-slip tips ensure more convenience. For the perfect fit, you can adjust the height of the legs to adjust to your toilet’s level.

Key features:

  • The seat is 15-inches wide and comfortable.
  • Also, it comes with a splash guard for hygienic use.

2. Maddak Basic Open Front Elevated Toilet Seat

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While raised seats are nothing new, those that have a good reputation tend to be o the expensive side. And may blow through your budget. SP Ableware provides you with an excellent and inexpensive solution with this affordable toilet seat. It doesn’t lack in terms of quality and its minimal design helps you get the job done without unnecessary fancy features. It is for the common toilet and will fit most standard-sized toilets without a problem.

You can remove your existing toilet seat and install this one within a jiffy.

After installing this seat, you get an elevation of 3 inches and that translates to less work on your part. It also makes the bathroom safer for anyone in your home who suffers from mobility issues. Since it is made from durable and thick plastic, it has a high weight capacity of 350 pounds. Plus, it can support most people in your home.

Key features:

  • Plastic construction keeps the seat lightweight and free from corrosion.
  • You can use it in both elongated and standard toilets.
  • Due to the open front design, it remains more hygienic than other toilet seats.

1. RMS Elevated Toilet Riser with Adjustable Padded Arms 

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RMS brings to you a toilet riser that adds a height of 5-inches to your toilet bowl. As a result, it becomes easy to stand and sit while using the restroom. It also has wide compatibility and can fit on both rounded and elongated toilet bowls easily. Even when you move homes, you can continue using this seat.

Finally, it also has a knob with a lock feature. Hence, holds on to your toilet bowl and hence eliminates the need for assembly.

Key features:

  • You can adjust the padded arms for a custom fit.
  • Due to its compact size and lightweight design, the toilet riser seat is portable.
  • You can use it for years since it is resistant to corrosion.

Keep yourself seated and avoid the cause of an accident. The heavy-duty raised toilet seats are a safe zone for any individual irrespective of age.

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