Best Home Movie Projector Ceiling Mounts Reviews

People use projectors for various kinds of work. From watching films on a big screen along with the entire family to carrying out the important meetings, projectors can do it all. Setting up the projector on a roof or ceiling may look challenging until you have seen these ceiling mounts. Modern-day innovation has brought forward projector ceiling mounts that eliminate the need for manually fixing the projectors. As the name suggests, you can put is up on your ceiling and then project it to the screen.

Enter into the modernization and pick one from the top 10 projector ceiling mount list. Every single product has construction using the best quality and guarantees your peace of mind.

10. QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-S-3IN-W Projector Ceiling Mounts

Projector Ceiling Mounts

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A projector has more potential than you can ever imagine. The challenge that remains is mounting and placing it. When you have a projector that needs to be mounted on a ceiling, you need a good ceiling projector mount to do the job. With this option, you can set your projector on a flat panel roof that is made out of any material. It works seamlessly on concrete beams, metal beams, and wooden beams. Plus, you will get the choice of black or white colors to complement the decor of your space.

As a matter of fact, the rotating projector ceiling mount can make a full 360-degrees turn for the best projection. Finally, it can take weights up to 70lbs without any breakage or damage.

Key features:

  • Certainly installed on vaulted, sloping, and cathedral ceilings for all-around compatibility without any challenges.
  • Six-axis adjustment lets you turn and twist the projector to always guarantee the finest viewing angle.
  • The quick-release mechanism ensures a hassle-free and trouble-free working experience.

9. VIVO Universal Extending White Projector Ceiling Mounts

VIVO Universal Extending White Projector Ceiling Mounts

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Indeed a heavy-duty and very well built to deliver unquestionable performance when it comes to mounting a projector! This unit is going to solve many problems at your home or office. Constructed using high-grade steel, the overall durability is top-notch and can easily carry up to 30 pounds of weight projectors. To make it workable with the most available and used projectors on the market, the designers have included an adjustable arm.

Now you can enjoy and work with a mounting range starting from 2-inches to 12.5-inches. The size of the mount itself is changeable anywhere from 15-inches to 23-inches as it features a telescoping height adjustment.

Key features:

  • The tightening of the joints is extremely simple and you can choose to have stationary it fluid projectors.
  • Innovative quick-release hooks can be attached or detached simply by tightening or loosening the bolts.
  • The adjustable projector ceiling mount offers a 15-degree tilt and a 15-degree swivel. and 360-degree rotation. Therefore, it makes it one of the most flexible mounts that can hold your projector the way you want it.

8. DYNAVISTA Full Motion Universal Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket for Home and Office Projector

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Dynavista brings this universal projector ceiling mount to make sure everyone can install a projector for their versatile purposes. Use it on flat ceilings and the minimum distance between the mounting holes has to be 12.1-inches or less. In terms of the safety of your projector, the built quality of this mount is outstanding, and gets a premium and heavy-duty steel body that will last long.

Also, it can handle a maximum weight of 30 pounds. Therefore, are more than most of the projectors that we see every day. In the package, you will get the amount along with all the necessary hardware and instructions. Hence, it makes sure you face no struggle during installation.

Key features:

  • A combination of 360-degrees rotation, 90-degree swivel, and 25-degree tilt can easily set the projector in your favorable position.
  • The extendable arm lets you extend the arm from 23-inches to 43.6-inches for better compatibility and convenience.
  • Quick-release hooks are easy to work with and are attached or detached directly via the mounting bolts.

7. Amer Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount

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Get rid of the traditional and conventional projector mounts that have always put up a challenge for you. Now you can get this smart ceiling mount that enhances the viewing experience. The overall installation process is extremely simple and easy. On the other hand, the custom design allows for customization as per your needs. Reinforced with a 2-ft X 2-ft steel lay-in ceiling plate, you will get 5 mounting points for adjustment and alignment.

Also, on the plate, you will get a couple of standard cutouts. As a result, you can even install additional equipment and electrical components. The universal design includes an array of drop extensions and cable management for easy adaptation to all kinds of installation.

Key features:

  • The option of extension arms for mounting larger projectors and you can extend from 12-inches to 15.7-inches.
  • Extremely lightweight projector ceiling mount but durable construction. In fact, the mount has a construction of cast aluminum for ultimate durability.
  • Perfect AV projector alignment is guaranteed by 180° pitch & yaw along with 360° rotation.

6. Mount-It! Wall & Ceiling Projector Mount with Universal LCD/DLP Mounting

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Workable with a lot of projectors, from BenQ to Acer, this mount fits most major brands. Be it a 3 whole projector or 4 holes one, the universal fit lets you enjoy hassle-free assembly always. In terms of the build quality, it is quite extraordinary. To be accurate, the solid steel body works well without causing jerks or vibrations.

Also, the wide range of adaptability is a major benefit. Therefore, it makes it a great choice for anyone who has to deal with projectors on a regular basis. Wall, ceiling, or even a high ceiling, with this tool you can mount your projector an around your environment.

Key features:

  • With innovative pitch, roll, and height adjustment, you will always enjoy the best viewing angle for different kinds of works.
  • Includes a quick-release connector so that you can open the projector anytime and reinstall it without any difficulties.
  • Offers vertical extension where you can stretch the arm from 5-inches to 25.6-inches. Thereby delivering a better viewing experience in all scenarios.

5. VANKYO Extending Adjustable 360°Angle Rotatable Drop Ceiling Projector Mount

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Mounts help you set up different kinds of items in your everyday lifestyle. As a result, you can take maximum benefits and deliver the best results. This height extendable projector ceiling mount provides you with the convenience of extending the arm from 11.8-inches to 19.7-inches. Plus, you meet all your mounting needs.

In addition to the height extending, the 360° swivel feature lets you customize your horizontal adjustments as well. Have great fun and always make sure nothing can hamper your workflow in any way. Finally, it has a weight-bearing limit as high as 5kg which is enough when compared to other competitor brands.

Key features:

  • It comes with 3 types of screws, now you can use different types of projectors, including the mini projectors as well.
  • Anti-shake design combined with a thick larger base, the projector will never vibrate or wobble for no reason.
  • The package includes hardware, manuals, and accessories for the most convenient installation.

4. Elitech Universal Extendable Ceiling Projector Mount With Optional Extension Pole

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One of the well-constructed and durable mounts that you can buy today for your projector. It adopts an all-steel body. Therefore, it is not only durable but also rewards you with a very solid working experience. Suitable for most major projectors, if you projector site in the bottom plate, you can mount that using this tool.

The drop length is adjustable from 20-inches to 27.6-inches. Therefore, use the projector tray parts to directly join the ceiling parts so that it stays close to the ceiling. Also, you will get the choice of silver color to complement the interior of your space.

Key features:

  • Impressive loading capacity of 33 pounds to suitably fit different sizes and kinds of projectors.
  • 15° tilt is allowed, meaning you can adjust the viewing angle whenever you need it.
  • The drop length of the mount is extended from 41-inches to 71-inches if you get hold of the optional extension pole.

3. SIMBR Universal Projector Ceiling Mounts & Wall LCD/DLP Mount Bracket Holder

SIMBR Universal Projector Ceiling Mounts

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Check out this well-designed projector mount to make your projectors capable of delivering a seamless performance. And that also when mounted from a ceiling. Firstly, it is compatible with major LCD or DLP projectors that are perfect majorly for personal and professional needs. So, you can use this mount in your home or office always. Furthermore, when your projector is attached to the mount, it becomes 360° rotatable. It means no matter which side of the screen you can project the image easily.

Now when it comes to sloping ceilings as well, you can tilt the mount 60° to the left and 60° to the right.

Key features:

  • A wide range of projectors is used as they can handle a maximum weight of 33 pounds projector.
  • Constructed using 2mm thick cold rolled steel to enhance the overall service life and durability.
  • If you have a projector with less than 4 mounting points, you need just need to adjust the arms on the mount.

2. OmniMount 3N1-PJT B Projector Mount

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No matter what hole pattern your projector has, this mount can handle all without causing you any sort of trouble. It comes with adjustable legs that have an adjusting range of 5-inches to 19.8-inches. This means now you can both small and large size projectors easily. In addition to that, the built-in roll/pitch adjustment promotes an enhanced working experience that you will always enjoy.

Included in the package are a ceiling plate and PFC a coupler for easier assembling benefits. Post-installation adjustment in the easiest manner is possible due to the built-in tilt and pitch adjustments.

Key features:

  • It can hold up to 40 pounds of projectors while working.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty so that you can enjoy using it without worries.

1. Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV Precision Projector Mount with Spider Universal Plate

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This projector mount is an extraordinary tool that can help you set up a projector in a super simple way. Blessed with integrated cable management, the cables and wires will always stay out of your sight for a clean clutter-free experience. Moreover, owing to the smart quick-release mechanism, it is extremely easy to open the projector out of the mount. Hence, you can do the needful servicing.

The maximum weight capacity on this is a huge 50 pounds. Finally, the patented precision gear technology delivers the most precise image alignment.

Key features:

  • Flush mounting installation happens quickly as it has horizontal wrench access slots.
  • It comes with a universal spider adapter that enhances the setup experience.
  • The whole design is pre-installed, thereby reducing the overall setup time.

From making your time around your friends more fun to taking care of the important presentation and meetings, a good projector can do it all. Instead of setting it up every time, install a projector ceiling mount and give less effort.

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