Best Pressure Rice Cookers and Food Steamers Reviews

Rice is almost an essential staple food item in multiple households around the globe. Although the process of making rice is lengthy and difficult, people still cook it almost on a regular basis. Choosing to go with an advanced solution can really make things simpler in your home. So what is the best-proven alternative? Well, pressure rice cookers are the ultimate product providing a great advantage.

So, we have hand-picked and presented the pressure rice cooker recommendations. Each of these appliances is made with the best quality so that you do not face any issues even when used on a regular basis.

10. Hamilton Beach Mini Rice Cooker and Food Steamer with Steam & Rinse Basket

Pressure Rice Cookers

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Cooking at home is simplified as this mini-pressure rice cooker will be a perfect addition to your kitchenware and appliances. Having a versatile steam basket, this 2-in-1 cooker allows doing the rising process before you start cooking the rice. Large in quantity, the cooker can hold up to 2-8 cups of cooked rice. It means you can easily feed a large group of people. Using it is a no-brainer, one-touch operation; it cooks rice on its own and changes to the Keep Warm mode.

As a matter of fact, the interior is non-stick so the rice with not come out sticky. Well, now you can cook as well as steam without interruption.

Key features:

  • Dishwasher safe cleaning convenience, almost all of the parts can be cleaned directly inside the dishwasher.
  • Modular lid liner, you can even remove it to clean the tiniest corners.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories, you will get a measuring cup, cooking pot, rice paddle, etc.

9. Panasonic SR-G06FGL Rice Cookers & Multi-Cooker with One-Step Automatic Cooking

Panasonic SR-G06FGL Rice Cookers & Multi-Cooker

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Having something like this in your kitchen means you can quickly cook a large portion of rice without any effort. It is specifically designed for modern-day kitchens and a fast-moving lifestyle. This automatic pressure rice cooker can cook up to 6 cups of fresh rice. All kinds and types of rice are suitable to cook in this cooker. Now, you can even put in some vegetables, prepare soup and oatmeal as well.

Extremely easy to operate and use by almost anyone, this user-friendly one-step operation needs you to just switch on the button. As soon as the cooker completes the cooking, it shuts itself off. As a result, saving you from the risks of overcooking and over-usage of electricity.

Key features:

  • Enjoy many years of service as the inner pan is coated with non-stick aluminum. Hence, making it easier to clean and maintain and providing heat resistance.
  • Fitted with tempered see-through glass, you will be able to keep a check on the rice cooking.
  • Ready to be used out of the box, there is a measuring cup and a rice scoop inside the package.

8. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

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One of the top-rated digital pressure rice cookers, this one has impressed quite a number of homeowners over the years. Suitable for cooking both brown and white rice, here you will be able to steam vegetables. In fact, you can make a fluffy cake. An interesting feature of this cooker is the smart steam tray. While the rice is being cooked below, you can keep a number of vegetables on the tray for steaming. Thereby doing multiple things at once.

In addition to this, there are many other accessories included in the complete package. You will get an inner-pot with non-stick coating, a plastic spatula, and a rice measuring cup as well.

Key features:

  • Impressive quantity, the cooker can hold up to 2-8 cups of cooked rice, allowing you to serve a number of people.
  • Intuitive control panel, it doesn’t demand a whole lot of efforts in any way.
  • Shuts off automatically and switches to the Keep Warm mode as soon as the cooking is complete.

7. BLACK+DECKER RC506 Uncooked Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

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Just not rice, if you have a non-stick pressure rice cooker like this in your home, you will be able to do a lot more. It is indeed ideal for multiple types of cooking. The steaming basket in here lets you make a healthy bowl of vegetables, fish and much more. When it comes to cooking rice, this has a 6-cup capacity, making it ideal for groups and gatherings.

On the inside, you will get a non-stick cooking pot. Hence, ensuring the cooked rice or other food items do not get stuck to the surface. To protect it from scratches and damage, there is a plastic serving spoon as well.

Key features:

  • Icleaned in the dishwasher, the non-stick pot is removable and you can clean it without any manual effort.
  • Automatic keep-warm function, your rice will always stay warm, meaning no problems of cold serving.
  • 300W of power and 120V makes it suitable for in-home usage without any challenges.

6. Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer

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If you are willing to cook good quantities of rice at your home in the easiest fashion, you should have this pressure rice cooker with steamer. With the convenience of modern features and innovative design, this will fit right into your kitchen arsenal, making cooking easier. Capable of cooking up to 6 cups of rice at a time, you can serve a good number of people. The cord used in the cooker measures 28-inches in length, making it more suitable to move around in the kitchen.

Moreover, the user-friendly design and functionality make it a very useful item for any homeowner. One-touch controls will let you cook rice, fondue and other things without causing a mess.

Key features:

  • Innovative 1-litre steamer tray, you will be able to cook vegetables and fish while cooking the rice.
  • Have a clear tempered glass lid, you can monitor whatever you are cooking in the cooker.
  • You will get a measuring cup and non-scratch rice paddle spoon for easy working.

5. Aroma Professional Digital Rice Cooker – Slow Cooker & Food Steamer

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Certainly, a multi-functional one to meet the different sorts of needs you might encounter while cooking. This smart and innovative cooker is an extraordinary product. Designed and manufactured by the makers at Aroma Housewares, this can make a cake, fluffy cake, jambalaya, and steamed veggies. Featuring a built-in steamer, now cook nutrition heavy items above the rice. Hence, saving extra hassles, efforts and time.

Furthermore, the unique choice of slow cook and sauté can really assure that your meals will taste better and healthier. Works at 120V/80 Hz, the maximum power output is 860W which is quite powerful for fast cooking.

Key features:

  • Accessories rich option, along with the cooker you will get a non-stick pot, a measuring cup, and spatula of plastic.
  • A user-friendly digital panel, the Keep Warm advantage keeps the rice warm for a long time after cooking.
  • Huge capacity, this cooker can hold up to 20 cups of cooked rice.

4. Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Stainless Steel Rice Cooker and Warmer

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Now you can keep your cooked rice warm and hot for extended periods of time using this innovative cooker. It can keep the food hot for as much as 12 hours post-cooking is done. The non-stick inner pan keeps away the issues of rice sticking to the surface and making things difficult. Quite easy to clean and maintain as well, the removable and washable steam vent assures hygienic cooking always.

Finally, the whole process of cooking the rice takes very less time if you are using this cooker in your kitchen.

Key features:

  • Smart and useful retractable power cord, no need to struggle with cluttering and unorganized wires here and there.
  • Comes with a spatula and measuring cup to make sure you have no issues before or after cooking the rice.
  • Has a removable dew collector so that the cooked rice is dry and feels nice to eat.

3. Cuckoo Multifunctional Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer

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One of the most well-equipped and technologically advanced cookers, in this cooker, you will get the flexibility to choose from different modes. It has the options of multi cook, multigrain, steam etc, meaning complete control over the kind of rice you want. Also, there is a customized function that can help you tweak between the tastiness, glutinosity and degree of softness.

The fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm automatically detect the type of grain, temperature and cook time. Enjoy energy-saving and cut down on the time you need for cooking rice.

Key features:

  • Combination of auto temperature control, lid locking device, pressure emission and an automatic steam function for safe and secure usage.
  • Uses a premium quality inner bowl so that heat is always distributed evenly for uniform cooking.
  • One-touch cover lid release button drains the water for faster and easier cleanup.

2. Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy Premium White Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy Premium White Rice Cookers and Warmer

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Just not a regular rice cooker, this is a computerized cooker that you can mount on the wall. Advanced neuro-fuzzy logic technology is quite advanced and can cook up to 5.5 cups of rice. The rated capacity is 120V and 680W, making it easier to use in any domestic household. Next, the multi-menu selections give you the flexibility of choosing between keeping warm, extended keep warm and reheating.

The spherical non-stick inner pan distributes the heat better and cooks rice evenly always. Also, to make the whole working process convenient, the retractable cord comes in really useful.

Key features:

  • One year of limited warranty to let you keep using this with surety.
  • 2 measuring cups, non-stick rice, spoon holder and also recipes to help you cook better and easier.
  • LCD clock and timer for safe usage and timed cooking.

1. Midea Multi-Functional Energy Efficient Smart Rice Cookers with Automatic Keep Warm and Reheat Facility

Midea Multi-Functional Energy Efficient Smart Rice Cookers

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This is a UL certified pressure rice cooker that guarantees safe usage always. Long years of durability along with extraordinary safety, you can always rely and depend on the service you are going to get out of it. The 2.0 mm thick inner pot can easily be removed from the cooker so that you can clean it effectively. Also, it is coated with resin so that it remains safe for cooking food items.

Last but not the least, you will get a 24-hour delay timer so that you can experiment with meal planning.

Key features:

  • Automatic keep warm and reheat function so that you can keep the rice warm and fresh always.
  • Easy to use the one-touch button for convenient usage in and around your kitchen.
  • Multi-functional cooker with 12 pre-set programs for easy choosing between different types of rice, congee, porridge, soup etc.

The rice-cooking process has become totally simple and less time-consuming. Hence, the smart pressure rice cooker will help in making your daily meal with perfect consistency.

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