10 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls | Salon Shampoo Bowls Reviews

How are you going about your profession of hairdressing and hair cleaning? Professional salon works need high-quality items to ensure good workflow and in return have happy customers. If you are someone who visits a lot of clients and you serve them at their home, you need to have the proper equipment. Any shampoo bowl will not be an ideal solution because you cannot carry everything around. So, we have brought forward some of the well-deserving portable shampoo bowls.

Here are some of the market-best portable shampoo bowls to give you the flexibility to work with. Only the finest of the market has been shortlisted in the list so that you have great convenience using it.

Table of the Best Portable Shampoo Bowls Reviews

10. Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Salon  Shampoo Bowl with Drain Hose

Portable Shampoo Bowls

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Looking for a shampoo bowl that comes with zero limitations and problems? Well, this is one of the few ones that you can totally rely on. It serves the purpose of portability and owing to the lightweight construction, it is easier than ever to handle. You will get all the latest features loaded into the height-adjustable portable shampoo bowl. Never worry about obscene stains because the material used in the making of the bowl is totally resistant to stains. Also, the strength and sturdiness are top-notch because of the ABS composite construction.

As it uses a stainless support pipe, you can rely on the stability for the longest time. It will not even damage the floors because it uses composite bumpers.

Key features:

  • Height adjustable from 37-inches to 54-inches, the chrome metal riser looks premium and blends in with any décor.
  • The flexible drain hose has a range of 2.9ft to 4.9ft. Hence, allowing you to dispose of water properly and the rubber plug stopper can be used for holding water in the bowl.
  • Serves as a multi-purpose bowl that you can have at your salon or use it in the clients’ homes.

9. Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink – Hair Treatment Barber Bowl Tool Beauty Salon Equipment

Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink

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This is an adjustable portable shampoo bowl that will ensure you can shampoo your customers without any compromise in comfort. Height adjustable to suit the needs of all heights, you can easily change the height anywhere from 37-inches to 54-inches. As a matter of fact, it works with both reclining and normal chairs.

With the help of the tension knobs, you will be able to change the tilt and height. Coming with a stainless steel support pipe, the ABS made bowl stays stable and safe always.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and totally portable, you will get every kind of accessory along with a bowl that is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes with a rubber plug so that you can hold water in the bowl when you need to.
  • Uses a stylish chrome metal riser ensuring extreme sturdiness in all situations.

8. Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain

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Indeed, a high-quality tilt-able portable shampoo bowl that will ensure long years of service. Ensuring long-lasting usage, the entire bowl is ABS composite made. Use it however you want and like, this will not break or stop serving. This is a huge sigh of relief because this is a portable shampoo bowl.

Also, the bowl of the basin can change the tilt. You can make the neck rest at about a height of 33-inches from the floor. The total capacity is quite large as well, measuring at 20-inches X 19-inches X 9.5-inches.

Key features:

  • The height of the bowl is adjustable from 39-inches to 55-inches, making sure you can change it as per requirements.
  • Comes with 5 pedestal legs each measuring 1-1/2-inches in diameter for unparalleled strength and stability always.
  • If you are carrying this around to your client’s house, the rubber plug stopper comes in really useful during shampooing.

7. ZENY Portable Shampoo Basin Sink with Hair Washing Bowl for Salon Hair Treatment

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Just not a great portable shampoo bowl design, this one is a kind of design that guarantees faster and completely hassle-less assembling process. The overall design is totally portable and compact enough. As a result, you face no difficulties when you need to store it in your space. But then when you need to carry this around, the lightweight construction assures ease of taking this around.

Moreover, the entire design guarantees high-quality durability so that you can take this around places without risking unwanted damage. Make better use of the available space and if you don’t have any, take this around blocks easily.

Key features:

  • If cleaning is a challenging affair, this bowl has a very easy to clean and maintain design.
  • Totally height-adjustable, anyone can use this shampoo bowl to clean their hairs.
  • Plug and hose are included in the package so that you can use this as per your convenience.

6. Giantex Portable Shampoo Bowls for Home – Shampoo Hair Wash Basin Bowl 

Giantex Portable Shampoo Bowls for Home

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You can completely depend on this well-designed portable shampoo washbasin from the house of Giantex. A very popular name in the market, Giantex makes good quality products and once you see this, you will know-how. This lightweight height-adjustable bowl is going to be your favorite option every time you wish to clean some hairs. As it ensures an extremely convenient height-adjustable design, you will find it effortless to switch from customers to customers.

Lastly, the star-shaped base delivers outstanding stability to hold the ABS composite bowl. So, it will not break even when one needs to handle heavy-weight.

Key features:

  • No need to go looking for accessories because this comes with all the needed ones like a hosepipe and plug.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain, you will not find any trouble shining this bowl.
  • This is a lightweight product that can drain water easily through the drain hose.

5. ZENY Portable Salon Shampoo Basin Sink with Drain

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Own a spa or a beauty salon and you have been looking for a basin where you can shampoo the customers? Here is a pretty good option to look out for. Indeed used almost anywhere without any limitations, this shampoo bowl can stay at one place forever or you can just take your service to the doorstep of your customer. The overall quality is quite extraordinary and you will find it convenient to use this lightweight yet large capacity bowl.

For assuring proper drainage systems, it has flexible and ribbed drain hose under the basin. Interestingly, one can even hold the water in the basin using the provided plug

Key features:

  • You can swivel this back and forth while changing the height as per the need of your customers.
  • For the portable facility, you can save a lot of space in the process.
  • This has a construction out of plastic for giving the required strength.

4. Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink

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Get yourself a shampoo bowl that guarantees durable and long years of service without a doubt. You will be amazed to see how useful this is in your everyday workflow. A composite ABS construction assures a reliable build quality. As a result, you can rest assured of those bumps and minor here and there.

Although this is a portable basin, the capacity is quite big and it is possible of the unique design. Unlike most circular ones, this one has a more convenient design to make things more comfortable the right way.

Key features:

  • Compatible with any seating arrangement because the bowl has tilt functionality.
  • Pedestal base guarantees unparalleled stability in all situations.
  • The height of the bowl is adjustable for best convenience and user-friendliness.

3. Generic Portable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool

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We know how important it is for you to have comfortable shampooing sessions for your customers. This is one of the most comfortable shampoo bowls out there as it has both front and back swivel features. In order to make sure everyone can use it, the designers have made this height adjustable. Also, it can be adjusted to any reclining position for more convenience.

Lightweight and economical, this basin has all the professional features to make sure you can use it as per your needs. As the construction is of plastic, it is not going to catch any stain.

Key features:

  • Features a ribbed drain hose so that you can empty the bowl or use the plug to store the water.
  • The durable and strong 5 point base ensures a premium level of stability and sturdiness.
  • Strong metal pole you can rely on and depend on always.

2. Filfeel Portable Barber Plastic Shampoo Salon Hairdressing Washing Sink

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This shampoo bowl guarantees your convenience of usage while assuring top-notch comfort for the customers. The unique square design fits better in a small space and promotes better portability. Can be swiveled in either direction, you can set it up however you want.

Besides, the overall weight is quite low and the design is to make sure you get convenience carrying this around.  Having construction using high quality and extremely dependable PP material, this is meant to last and serve.

Key features:

  • Support pipe constructed using stainless steel for unmatched strength and durability.
  • Height is adjustable to suit both reclining and straight-up positions.

1. eMark Portable Adjustable Salon Basin & Beauty Salon Equipment for Hair Stylists

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If you have clients you visit for hairdressing and cleaning, you should definitely get hold of this portable shampoo bowl. Coming from the brand eMark beauty, this high-quality sink is a perfect option for scalp cleaning and massages. The collapsible design guarantees unrestricted portability and carrying this around.

Very low maintenance and easy to clean, you as a professional will never have any hassles making it look nice. Lastly, the height-adjustable design allows you to use this sink with almost any kind of chair and reclining

Key features:

  • Lightweight construction and portable design, gone are the days of unnecessary dragging of heavy equipment.
  • An innovative design like a 5 point base for stability and hose for easy draining of the water.
  • As this can collapsible design for easily sliding into any storage location.

In order to make sure you can treat your customers the right way that will never jeopardize your reputation and cause dismay to the comfort of the customers, you need a salon upgrade. So, have a portable shampoo bowl and sink so that you can massage your clients’ scalp properly and give them the desirable haircut.

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