Best Portable Ice Makers – Commercial Ice Machines Reviews

There was a time when we had only the option of pre-frozen ice. But technology has proved its value again and made a machine that will instantly make ice. In order to avoid the situation of having previously made ice, portable ice makers gained popularity. Interestingly, it not only has its use in household parties but also professional purposes. The capacity will vary with brands and their allotted limit; however, it will be sufficient.

Get only fresh ice as these machines believe in fresh produce. Find the deserving portable ice maker brands here and then judge their quality.

10. Frigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Ice Maker – 26 lb Per Day

Portable Ice Makers

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Now use fresh ice instead of the already-made ones. This ice-making machine is known for its large quality. Compressor cooling is one of the many benefits of this wonderful machine. Next, the noiseless portable ice maker can easily produce as high as 26 lbs of fresh ice per day. Running at a power of 200W, you never have to worry about its smooth operation.

Besides, the see-through lid helps you to keep a check on the process from the window provided.

Key features:

  • The ice basket that comes with it has a capacity of 1.2 kgs.
  • It will certainly take only 6 minutes to produce fresh ice.
  • The noise generated through the machine is less than 26dB.

9. Igloo ICEB26BK Portable Ice Makers

Igloo ICEB26BK Portable Ice Makers

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As good as it can look; there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the beauty of the product. It is perfectly suitable for making 26 pounds throughout the day and keeps you serving fresh ice. Apart from that, the machine will easily store 2 pounds of ice in its basket. As a matter of fact, it has quick-freezing ice technology. In this, one can make big or small ice cubes of cylinder shape in just a span of 7 minutes.

Plus, it has a fully lighted-up control panel that features LED lights. It helps to provide information on the level of water remaining on it, etc.

Key features:

  • The water tank has an impressive capacity of 3 quarts.
  • This automatic portable ice maker is compact and can fit in any location.
  • It comes with a transparent lid to give a clear view of the ice-making process.

8. Sentern Portable Countertop Electric Ice Maker Machine

Sentern Portable Countertop Electric Ice Maker Machine

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For making clear ice, there is hardly any product that will challenge the functionality of this machine. This electric portable ice maker aids in the fast production of quality ice cubes. It takes only 15 minutes to get its job done and can make 48 lbs of ice cubes every day. It has a stainless steel body and the beautiful product looks classy.

Moreover, the transportability of the product is easier cause of the compact format. You rather need no reason to worry about its safety.

Key features:

  • Have got the approval of safety from ETL as well as the FDA.
  • It can produce crystal clear ice, real clear ice cubes, and real ice even.
  • This weighs 24 pounds which proves its portability feature.

7. Bossin Portable Countertop Ice Maker for Home, Office & Bar

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Need 26 lbs of ice in a span of 24 hours? Then this is the right product for your ice-making needs. In just one cycle, it will produce fresh ice in 6 to 11 minutes. Pretty quick right? The lightweight portable ice maker is ideal for your barbecue parties, get-togethers and etc. It all causes of the compact form that storage becomes so hassle-free.

However, cleaning this is easiest. It comes with a self-cleaner timer and requires no extra effort. Add some vinegar and water to the machine and press the clean button. Well, it will be done in a few minutes.

Key features:

  • It comes with a quiet compressor that will not make much noise and is certainly energy-efficient.
  • Has an LCD display for gaining all the information.
  • It offers a water capacity of 2.2 liters.

6. Euhomy Portable Compact Ice Cube Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket

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Indeed another countertop portable ice maker that will be a convenient choice for any ice-making operation. The specialty of this machine is that one can adjust the ice cubes’ thickness to meet certain needs. It includes an ice basket of 2.2 lbs that is removable as needed. Along with that, it has an ice scoop that will help in the fast removal of ice.

Moreover, it has an automatic shut-off function that will certainly prevent the occurrence of overflows. You rather get user-friendly electric control and the LCD display will facilitate in providing clear-cut information.

Key features:

  • You get 5 cycles out of which you can make 24 ice cubes in one cycle. As a result, 40 lbs of ice is produced in 24 hours.
  • The unique initiative of water recycling allows the user to reuse the melted water for ice making.
  • Includes a timer that has an 8-hour display feature in order to ensure safe use.

5. Artic-Pro Portable Ice Makers for Kitchen

Artic-Pro Portable Ice Makers for Kitchen

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This digital ice maker will resolve your ice cube generation problems in 8 minutes. With the help of a powerful compressor, you will get 26 pounds of ice in a day. For collecting all the ice, it has a tray. You can remove the tray for scooping out the ice and placing it on the drinks. Next, it is light in weight and the compact format will help in hassle-free movements. It has LCD control that one can clearly read and you can even control the cleaning operations with the help of this.

Nonetheless, the transparent lid will help to see every ice-making session through it. In order to avoid overflowing situations, it has intelligent sensors.

Key features:

  • You can produce two different types of ice cubes, one is small and the other is large.
  • An ideal gifting choice that you can use for bartending, boating sessions, etc.
  • The ETL Intertek has provided certification to this for safe usage.

4. Aicok Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker Machines for Countertop

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A fast machine that will ensure high production of ice cubes, it will make around 12kgs of ice cubes. It may seem to be small but the function of this gives a quick cooling effect and has a powerful function. On the other hand, it facilitates low consumption of energy and the noiseless compressors will cause no disruptions. Given that, it allows deep self-cleaning and the scaly deposits will be soon gone.

As a matter of fact, the user-friendly display provides a clear vision of the activities. And you will require only a control panel to navigate through it. With a thick foam layer, the insulation is top-notch. Finally, you get to choose between three ice cube options for top-notch end results.

Key features:

  • The basket that collects ice is 1.8 lb.
  • The provided scoop is fully free of any toxic element such as BPA.
  • Its fin condenser has an aluminum and copper construction.

3. COSTWAY Home Portable and Small Ice Maker

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This is just the compact ice machine that will fit in any given outlet. The stainless steel design gives it an eye-catching finish to it. It’s due to the heavy-duty compressor that one can lower the consumption power and allows fast cooling. As a result, get ready to have 48lbs of ice in a span of 24 hours. When it comes to construction, you can trust its quality. It has a combination of colorless plastic and stainless steel construction. Therefore, durability is double assured.

You can adjust the thickness of the ice cubes as per your satisfaction. You need to press the button located on the touch panel.

Key features:

  • Once the bin is full, it will auto shutdown itself.
  • The indication lights will be your ideal guide.
  • The ambient temperature ranges from 50-degrees F to 105-degrees F.

2. NewAir Portable Ice Maker for Countertop

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Portability and convenience are two words associated with a wonderful product. Firstly, you need no special talent for installing this. One needs to plug the machine into the outlet and it will start functioning. If you have a small kitchen, then it will sit on the countertop perfectly. The compressor is capable of generating as high as 28 pounds of ice cubes.

However, in 6 to 15 minutes, you will get the first batch of ice cubes ready. In fact, it has an indicator light that hints at when to fill the machine with water. Therefore, a sufficient amount of ice cubes will be ready for you.

Key features:

  • The drain is situated at the side and you can clean it effortlessly.
  • Push two-button controls to make choices and make ice cubes of any size.

1. NewAir Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker – AI-215SS

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If something can define beauty, then this is it. It guarantees to provide a large output that makes it ideal for parties and even buzzing events. Having a powerful compressor, you can expect 50 pounds of ice out of it. Next, one doesn’t need to face any issues while installing. Plug it and one certainly has to wait for about 15 minutes. Then the ice cubes’ first batch will be done.

Moreover, the frequency is 60 Hz and the self-cleaning feature eradicates the need for extreme clean-up sessions.

Key features:

  • The operating cycle of this promising machine is of 7 minutes.
  • With the help of indicator lights, you can know when to add water.
  • Its stainless steel construction will keep rust and corrosion at bay, therefore, the glamour stays intact.

Your party will never go short of ice cubes. The portable ice maker machine will quickly do the job of ice making and you will never get a chance to regret it.

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