Best Portable Gas Stoves – Camp Gas Burners for Camping Reviews

An adventurer knows how thrilling it is to explore new roads and destinations and spend time under the blanket of stars. You might need a place to sleep and other essentials but you can never ignore your hunger hangs. So, it’s wise to carry the portable gas stoves. Being compact in size, you can take it in your backpack or your truck and leave for the journey. It will not consume much space and make cooking easy for you. It will not feel heavy at all and you will love the time you will be spending on wood.

What more to expect? To know every little detail, keep reading the portable gas stoves review for proper insight. So, make an informed decision always.

10. Coleman Portable Gas Camping Stove & Propane Stove with Two Burners

Portable Gas Stoves

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Coleman has a new and exciting new portable gas camping stove that would change the way you camp. The stove alone can generate a massive cooking power of 22,000 BTU. Hence, it will help you to cook elaborate meals for the whole group. The stove is also from top-quality metal components that make it a long-lasting product. Hence, it can tolerate rough transport numerous times. When you open up the stove, the top lid acts as a huge wind blocker. Plus, the side shields also open up to block wind from the sides.

This allows you to cook with confidence without the risk of the burner going off during a crucial step. The burners are also well made and give you fine control over the temperature. Just twist them anticlockwise to raise the temperature and twist them clockwise to lower the temperature.

Key features:

  • Delivers more heat with less fuel with the help of PerfectHeat Technology.
  • The burners can start with electric ignition with the push of a button, with no need for matches.
  • For safe transport, the heavy-duty clasp secures the lid tightly.

9. Gas ONE Portable Butane Gas Stove

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Gas One presents to you a powerful, yet automatic portable gas stove that would be enough to cook up a satisfying meal the outdoors. Despite its small size, it can easily generate over 7650 BTU every hour. And with that heat, you would be able to cook up everything from tender veggies to tough protein. It is also rated highly by the CSA and that shows the quality and safety of your investment.

Due to its straightforward and easy-to-use controls, you would be able to use the stove anywhere indoors or outdoors without an issue. To make it easy to use, it has a compact size.

Key features:

  • Electric started eliminates the need for lighters or matches.
  • Operates silently without disturbing the peace.
  • Compatible with regular 8oz butane canisters.

8. GasOne Portable Gas Stoves – Camping and Backpacking Dual Fuel Burner 

GasOne Portable Gas Stoves

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Another amazing portable gas stove from GasOne will give you more value for your money compared to most other manufacturers. You can operate this gas stove with butane or propane due to its dual-fuel technology. This is much more practical than single fuel gas stoves since you can easily get the fuel canister no matter where you are. Moreover, you don’t need to struggle with a match or bring your lighter anywhere close to the stove. All thanks to its electric ignition which is much safer and more reliable.

You can use an 8oz butane cartridge on it whereas a 16.4 oz propane cylinder is ideal for this. As a result, an excellent option for your trips.

Key features:

  • The heat dial lets you adjust the heat output according to your requirements.
  • The backpacking portable gas stove comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.
  • Weighs just over 3 pounds, but has a heat output of around 8000 BTU

7. Gas ONE New Portable Butane Gas Stove with Carrying Case

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Whether you are out camping or need to cook something up during an emergency, this portable butane gas stove will perfectly suit your needs. The butane stove has a lightweight design that makes it easy for you to carry around and transport. You don’t have to worry about storage or trunk space either. Apart from being lightweight, the gas stove is also compact in size. The gas stove also stands out from the rest due to its hidden feature. When you open up the cartridge cover, you would come across a thermally conductive plate with a distinct color.

This plate helps to maintain consistent heating and reduces the possibility of leftover butane fuel in the cartridge down to zero. So, there’s no wastage and you get to use every ounce of fuel you paid for. It also features a drip pan from steel. It is coated with enamel so that you can get rid of the residual mess quickly.

Key features:

  • Certified by trusted organizations like the CSA US for being safe and high quality.
  • If it detects any irregularity in flow or pressure, the automatic safety feature kicks in to shut down the gas flow.
  • The knob will stay cool during the whole cooking process.

6. Iwatani Corporation of America Portable Gas Burner

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Iwatani has packed its portable gas stove with all the features you need. Even at its humble price, it offers a heat output of 12000 BTU/hr. This advanced heat panel system will help to provide a consistent heating temperature. As a matter of fact, this will help in fully utilizing the fuel without leaving any residual. Next, it even has a quick fuel locking that will secure it with one push locking lever. As a result, no chance of leakage or any other accidents.

Finally, it is not only lightweight but also a heavy-duty product that you can make extensive use of.  It has a CSA listed for qualifying all the standards.

Key features:

  • It comes with a carrying case for storing the stoves while carrying them to different locations.
  • The best thing about this product is that it has been authorized by the USA.
  • A year warranty will cover all the defects and faults.

5. Iwatani Corporation of America Medium Metallic Single Propane Burner

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Iwatani Corporation of America has a special new metallic portable gas burner that has unmatched quality and beautiful craftsmanship. This one provides tough competition to most other portable single burner stoves. It has a compact and lightweight design that will put the competition to shame. Don’t underestimate it due to its size. The burner can generate a massive output of 15,000 BTUs. Hence the burner is also from brass so that it can last through your long cooking sessions. It also trumps all the points in safety.

Besides, it has a specialized automatic safety stop system in the regulator. If the pressure inside the canister reaches unsafe levels, the regulator automatically shuts off the flow of gas and extinguishes the fame.

Key features:

  • Has construction with premium standards in craftsmanship and quality in Japan.
  • The flame is shielded from air and wind with the double windbreakers.
  • Aluminum construction helps to keep the weight low without compromising strength.

4. SHINESTAR 7,200 BTU Dual Fuel Portable Single Burner Propane Stove

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Shinestar has put quite a lot of thought into designing this gas stove. It has unmatched quality and meets all your outdoor cooking needs. Next, it has a ring guard that blocks out the wind from extinguishing the burner flame. And it lets you cook with minimal wastage and in a short duration. Moreover, the stove is also certified by the CSA and that should be enough to convince you about its safety.

If you want some more convincing, then you would be glad to know that the stove also has an auto shut off feature to cut off gas flow when the detected pressure isn’t consistent.

Key features:

  • It can be used with a small butane canister or a large propane canister.
  • This certainly has a heat output of 7200 BTU/hr for perfect cooking.
  • The instruction manual gets you started with ease even if it is your first time using such a device.

3. Martin Outdoor Portable Camping Stove Burner

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Martin has a brand new gas stove that has rich features and doesn’t burn a financial hole through your savings. One of the greatest disadvantages of any stove is that it gets heated up rapidly. That exposes you and the stove to risks and damages. To prevent that, Martin has introduced the exclusive air cooling design into this new portable gas stove. Your food gets cooked without the sensitive components of the stove getting too hot.

The stove also has a blocked attachment. As a result, it prevents the flame from going out and lets you continue your cooking without any interruptions. Due to that, you get high efficiency out of the stove with minimal wastage of fuel. Hence you don’t need to waste effort or time when everyone including yourself is hungry out in the wilds.

Key features:

  • The 8000 BTU burner will allow you to reach high temperatures within minutes.
  • The two-step control knob allows for precise control of temperature settings.
  • It comes with a shard carrying case with an integrated handle so that you can transport it without any hassle.

2. Martin SG-128 Countertop Propane Hot Plate Cooking Stove

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Martin has done it again with their premium quality cooking stove that would keep your belly full in the outdoors. The mini-sized burner is so compact that it won’t intrude on your limited storage space. The build quality on this thing is also pretty awesome. And the dual stainless steel finish makes your investment look stylish and stunning. You won’t be disappointed by its thermal output either which reaches just short of 13,000 BTU.

Finally, it has an automatic ignition feature that will let you cook the food properly. This has a commercial-grade construction for top-notch function even during extreme conditions.

Key features:

  • It comes with a free regulator so that you can also use the stove indoors.
  • You can ignite the burner with the press of a button.

1. Camplux Dual Fuel Camp Stoves – Single Burner Propane Stove 

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With one look, you would be able to know about the premium quality and superior craftsmanship that has gone into this stove. You can use either a 16oz can of propane or an 8oz can of butane. Using either of those fuel types, you can get a decent heat output of over 7000 BTU every hour. And that allows you to make all kinds of meals when you are out in the wild camping, trekking, or hiking.

It has an intelligent system that ejects the canister if there is an irregularity in pressure that may lead to accidents.

Key features:

  • All black design makes it look stunning in any setting.
  • The exhaust on the side allows you to use the device safely.
  • A single lever allows you to lock or unlock the gas canister.

Keep your expectations high, now your camping or hiking trip will be full of fun. The portable gas stove burner will not let you starve and you can cook delicious meals all the time.

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