Best Portable Cement Mixers – Electric Concrete Mixers for Sale

If you are a freelance worker who often has to travel to different job sites, then you need the proper equipment. Are you hoping to create your own DIY concrete structures? Or need a handy product for your work involving cement? Then you will find the rights solution here. Portable cement mixers are a product that is easily transported and used on spot. Due to its compact size, you never have to spend extra on transportation. Plus, it saves a lot of floor space as well.

But, you may find it hard to get your hands on a perfectly reliable and portable cement or concrete mixer. Hence, check our portable cement mixer recommendations and do not spend any extra effort on researching.

10. Stark Portable Electric Cement Mixers – Mixing Mortar

Portable Cement Mixers

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The Stark lockable cement mixer will be perfect for you. It has a huge capacity which makes the mixer suitable for large projects in hand. Whether you want to mix concrete, stucco, mortar, or want to inoculate seeds in them, this mixer can do it all. The body of this product is of high-quality steel which maintains strength and resistance to wear or corrosion. Since it has a low height, you can easily pour all the needed material without needing much help.

Its non-slip handle along with the safety lock feature increases the safety parameter. Therefore, allows you to operate the mixer without worrying about any mishaps or accidents.

Key Features:

  • With the flick of a switch, you can turn on the safety lock and the drum will not move any further.
  • On one end of the mixer, there is a triangular bracket that imminently heightens stability. This mixer also features two wheels for easy transportation.
  • The heavy-duty motor used can go up to 27.5 RPM which means improved running time and stability.

9. YARDMAX YM0115 4.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Concrete Mixer

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This portable compact cement mixer from Yardmax will put your weary mind to rest. Not only is it compact and portable but also large enough to hold mixes for bigger projects. Due to its low height, you can easily pour in any material by yourself. The triangular bracket featuring wheels on either end can help you easily maneuver the mixer on site. Besides, the solid steel drum along with IP45 certified motor and gear makes it easier for you to clean it.

The steel handle is attached to an iron ring which is adjustable. So, you can fix it based on what you need. Above all, the product is capable of handling weights up to 275lbs.

Key features:

  • No matter what the weather is, you can always use this product without having to tackle the stress of washing after.
  • The mixer is going to assemble in under 30 minutes. For a mess-free installation, the motor-drive box factory assembled.
  • A safety lock switch allows you to fix the drum in one position.

8. SUNCOO 3/4HP Electric Concrete Cement Mixer – Portable Barrow Machine

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Looking for a concrete cement mixer that can get the job done efficiently and effectively? Then we have the perfect item for you. With the SUNCOO mixer, you can get your seeds inoculated, mix the concrete, stucco, mortar, etc. in absolutely no time. It has a powerful motor with a 2800 RPM speed which can smoothen the rugged material swiftly and easily.

The drum has a capacity of 120L, enough to satiate the requirements of a large project. Finally, the 360-degree mixing ensures uniform results acquired by smooth inertia stirring.

Key Features:

  • Its safety switch feature helps you to lock the drum in one position. Hence, you do not have to worry about any potential accidents while operating the mixer.
  • The wheels not only add to its portability function. However, these are also capable of absorbing the shock produced by the rotating drum.
  • Its drum is of industrial-grade steel making the mixer strong, sturdy, and capable of withstanding the forces of nature.

7. Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer

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The wheelbarrow portable cement mixer is one of the most compact and portable mixers you can lay your hands on. Having the construction of high-quality steel, the body of the mixer is sturdy and resistant to corrosive forces. The powerful motor can get the work done smoothly and swiftly and it takes around 120 volts to do so. Its low profile height allows you to put the ingredients in the drum without any hassle.

Furthermore, the drum is of polyethylene with a diameter of 28-inches. The size of the drum is perfect for carrying out larger projects on site.

Key Features:

  • The locking pin ensures that the drum remains in a stable position once you fix the setting.
  • Its telescopic handles coupled with rubber wheels heighten the portability of the mixer.
  • The rubber body of the wheels keeps them from getting flat.

6. Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer

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The Klutch electric portable cement mixer will make construction a lot easier and more fun for you. Next, the mixer consists of a 4.25 cubic ft. drum that can hold enough material for small-medium construction projects. You can blend in stucco, mortar, concrete, etc., and inoculate seeds with the help of this product.

The outer body of the drum is of reinforced steel while the rest of the mixer’s frame. Interestingly, this has a construction with cast iron. Be assured to have a bump-free concrete cement mixing experience with the Klutch electric mixer.

Key Features:

  • The powder-coat finish on the cast iron frame increases the mixer’s lifespan. It keeps rust and corrosion at bay.
  • Features two solid rubber tires, each of 10-inches x 2.3-inches. These tires allow you to move the mixer anywhere on site.
  • Its powerful motor runs on 120V and hence can churn out smooth mixtures in no time.

5. TECHTONGDA Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

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With the Techtongda electric mixer, you can stir up the smoothest concrete, stucco, and mud mixes in absolutely no time. This portable mixer has the shape of a wheelbarrow with similar handles and wheels. Next, its structure helps you to move it around easily. The motor used in the mixer is made of high-quality copper.

Besides, it also features thermal protection which enables you to use the product irrespective of the weather condition. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and the voluminous drum can hold enough ingredients. Lastly, the mixer has an inertia stirring mode which allows the ingredients inside to dismantle and form a smoother and uniform mixture.

Key Features:

  • Its stirring blades are located inside the drum.
  • The upper end of the motor is shielded by a protective metal baffle which is waterproof.
  • The wheels are of high strength and do not generate any noise when the mixer is rolled on.

4. Pro-Series CMG5 Gas Cement Mixer

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Wanting to take on some small construction projects within and around your home? Then the Pro-Series cement mixer is the perfect companion. Its compact-sized drum can quickly mix small quantities of drywall, plaster, mud, stucco, etc. The mixer runs on gasoline and has a 2.5 HP engine. As a result, can make the drum rotate at a speed of up to 24 RPM.

Furthermore, the wheels are positioned directly under the drum and are used to move around while on site. Its small size is unlike any other product as one can store it in the smallest corner of your shed. You can easily pour in ingredients without any help owing to their height and position.

Key Features:

  • The drum sits at a low height and one can operate it easily. In its entirety, it has a diameter of 14.5-inches which is pretty compact.
  • Runs completely on its powerful engine. In order to keep this important part protected a cover is present on top of the engine which can be opened and closed when needed.
  • Features wheelbarrow handles with non-slip grip lines. The construction of the handles helps you to move the mixer around easily.

3. Stark Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Machine with Wheels

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This can churn a sufficient amount of ingredients in less than 5 minutes. Even if you run out of some pasting material like plaster, cement, etc, you can simply get the mixer going and have a fresh batch in no time. The wheelbarrow-like nature of this mixer allows you to move it around easily.

However, the body is made of high-grade stainless steel which gives it durability. On the other hand, its motor has 1.2  horsepower. This sturdy product can make construction work a lot easier. Besides, the non-slip handle helps to attain a proper grip while working. Finally, there is even a safety lock for keeping the whole procedure safe as well as free of spills.

Key Features:

  • Owing to the direct gear drive of its motor, this machine can provide non-stop performance.
  • You will certainly get two rubber wheels for smoothly moving it.
  • This machine runs on electricity and consists of a 110V industrial-grade motor.

2. PROLINEMAX HD Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Contractor Mortar

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The ProlineMax HD cement mixer has a 3.5 cubic ft. drum capacity. And it can fit in enough construction ingredients at once. Whether it’s stucco, concrete, plaster, or mud, this one can mix it all. The steel body makes it resistant to wear and its low height makes operating the drum much easier.

However, the machine runs completely on electricity. Also, the triangular bracket at one end of the structure provides stability to the rest of the product. The engine is enclosed in a steel compartment, keeping it protected from the forces of nature.

Key Features:

  • With a powerful motor of 1/3 HP, the drum speed can reach up to 36 RPM.
  • The product weighs around 118 pounds, making it one of the lightest and easy-to-carry mixers.

1. Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer

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The perfect cement mixer for construction projects at home, the CME35 by Pro-Series will not let you down. This model is another gem of a mixer crafted by the esteemed Pro-Series brand. Its size and capacity are perfect for small and medium construction projects. The portable features on it allow you to move the product around easily. Next, the drum is in the middle with the steering bar on one side and the engine on the other.

Moreover, the drum’s 3.5 cubic ft. capacity enables you to pour in enough ingredients and gain a smooth mix in the end. Since the mixer draws power through electricity, a socket or extension box has to be present. Lastly, the sturdy drum can tilt 360 degrees and has a diameter of 15-inches.

Key Features:

  • Its 180-pound dry mix capacity makes it ideal for carrying out small projects.
  • The motor can plug onto a 110V outlet and generate around 2/3 HP.
  • It has double insulation on it and comes with two sturdy 7.5-inches wheels. As a result, make it easier to transport the product.

As we have already listed the top picks, you can now buy a portable cement mixer online. So, did you decide which will bring a fruitful result to your job site?

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