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Of course, it is always important to take care of hygiene whether in the office or the household. Paper towels play an important role in maintaining your office or house hygiene. However, it is crucial to have a high-quality dispenser to make sure one can get paper towels easily. While there are several bathroom paper towel dispensers available in the market, it can be very difficult to choose one. Of course, you need to be completely sure of the quality of the dispenser among several other things.

Too many options can often confuse you. So, here are the paper towel dispenser manufacturers that really focus on quality and user experience. Give it a check and know everything required.

10. Georgia-Pacific Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispensers

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Georgia- Pacific helps you achieve a high level of hygiene without spending much. This universal paper towel dispenser is professional-grade and suitable enough to use both in the home as well as in restaurants. As long as you need to equip a high traffic areas like schools, malls, or construction sites with a high level of hygiene, this dispenser does a splendid job to fulfill your requirements. Next, it has an ADA-compliant contemporary design that fits in most places without an issue. It also has a construction with dense premium quality plastic that doesn’t succumb to natural forces of corrosion.

You can use it for a long time with almost no maintenance. Even after you use it for a long time you won’t have to face a chipped or cracked surface. Due to its paddle push design, you get extreme convenience. You don’t have to touch the dispenser with your greasy hands. Use your forearms and your hands, as well as the unit, to stay nice and clean.

Key features:

  • Large 8-inch rolls are cost-effective and make for less frequent roll changes.
  • Installation is very easy and in terms of hardware, it needs just 2 screws.
  • Translucent surface lets you know when you need to change the roll.

9. Alpine Industries C-Fold/Multifold Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

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Alpine Industries always delivers you peerless quality without breaking the bank. This product is another one of their great creations that don’t compromise on quality. In fact, it provides you with unmatched performance and cleanliness. It has construction from 304 stainless steel that is resistant to tarnishes and corrosion. You don’t need to worry about splashes of water rusting out the gorgeous brushed surface.

Furthermore, it is also strong enough to resist vandalism and tampering from drunk troublemakers. Lastly, you can wall mount this stainless steel paper towel holder or put it on a countertop, this can store 525 tissues.

Key features:

  • The slanted top adds more style to the overall design of this dispenser.
  • Installation is easy and it also ships with the necessary mounting hardware.
  • Has a lock at the top so that you can change the paper towels with safety.

8. Georgia-Pacific Mini Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

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Georgia-Pacific has another awesome automatic paper towel dispenser that will help you manage hygiene. This dispenser is ideal for small businesses in the market. Thus, has a compact design that can handle high traffic areas easily. It is one of the smallest automatic towel dispensers in this price range. Plus, it fits into tight spaces and corners without any hassle.

Whether you want to mount it in bathrooms, breakrooms, or work areas, you can do it quickly with a few screws. No, you don’t need to struggle with your forearm for getting a single sheet of paper towel. The design is completely touchless and is a massive upgrade to regular paper hand dispensers. Towels will dispense with a simple wave of your hand.

Key features:

  • The roll can hold as many as 400 feet of towels for long-lasting performance.
  • Can reduce towel usage by as much as 25 percent.
  • A Push-button lock doesn’t require the use of keys that get lost easily.

7. San Jamar Element Lever Roll Towel Hand Dispenser

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San Jamar always presents great innovations for restaurants and workplaces. This product is another testament to their innovative spirit. Despite its compact size, this dispenser boats a high capacity. As a matter of fact, it can hold as much as 800 feet of 8-inch paper towel. That means you don’t need to change the roll or refill the dispenser at the end of each week.

It also has a simple construction with minimum components that won’t get damaged easily. Therefore, means you get long-lasting durability. Moreover, the installation of this classic paper towel dispenser is easy since it is mounted flush to a flat wall.

Key features:

  • Weighing a pound, it is very lightweight and you will not need any extra help for carrying it.
  • Towel waste is reduced due to the ergonomic pull handle dispenser design.
  • Since it is manually operated you don’t need batteries or power cords.

Bosharon with its wall-mount paper towel dispenser shows you that a simple product doesn’t need to be boring. It has a rectangular shape with rounded and beveled corners that make for nice aesthetics despite the affordable pricing. This design instantly takes up the value of this product to a whole new level. Unlike similarly priced products from competing manufacturers, Bosharon doesn’t have the cheap build quality of this dispenser.

Instead of flimsy plastic that may break apart and crack from a slightly higher application of force, this one is from thick ABS plastic. Hence, can stand the test of time and a bit of rough use. You don’t need to worry about exposure to water either. The product will not get damaged due to splashes of water at all. It also boasts of high capacity. At a single time, it can hold a total of 200 paper towels. Thus, can last you for a long time even in a high traffic area.

Key features:

  • It is virtually maintenance-free and will not let you waste your time cleaning it.
  • Furthermore, it also does not emit any foul odor of plastic.
  • With its curved outlet, pulling out paper is easy.

5. Georgia-Pacific SofPull Hand Paper Towel Dispensers & Paper Towel Rolls

Georgia-Pacific SofPull Hand Paper Towel Dispensers & Paper Towel Rolls

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Yet another stellar product from Georgia Pacific that delivers an impressive quality of sanitization at your workplace. Instead of perforated towel rolls that get touched by too many hands at too many places, this dispenser allows you to minimize the necessary area of contact to just one person. The excess towel is torn off. So, the next person doesn’t need to come in contact with the germs of the previous user.

You can just pull the towel from the bottom instead of using any strange method of dispensing.  Moreover, one can keep as many as 320 sheets inside this.

Key features:

  • Towel waste is reduced by a significant amount to reflect in your bottom line.
  • Can be used for drying hands, cleaning up spills, and wiping surfaces.
  • Besides, there is no learning curve and no complications.

4. Oasis Creations Commercial Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Commercial Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers

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You don’t need to risk cross-contamination when you have this amazing touchless towel dispenser from Oasis Creations. It is from materials with high durability. Hence, it can last you for years both in residential and commercial environments. A single towel comes out every time and the rest of the supply remains out of sight and out of touch. This allows you to instantly increase the hygiene of your home or office to a great degree.

With the space-saving format, this wall-mounted product even comes with a key lock feature. So, no chance of anyone opening the box at all.

Key features:

  • Can store as many as 500 paper towels for lasting performance.
  • Attaches to smooth or rough wall surfaces with the included hardware.
  • Most importantly, it is completely safe to use since it boasts construction from high-quality materials.

3. Kimberly-Clark Professional Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

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Exceptional workplaces have exceptional standards of hygiene that cant is upheld by flimsy low-quality towel dispensers. Kimberly-Clark has a fantastic product that will help you to maintain that high level of hygiene around your workplace at a minimal cost. You don’t have to dry your hands with a clump of soggy towels anymore with the Sanitouch from Kimberly-Clark. Towels come out one at a time from this dispenser. And that also means you don’t need to deal with towel waste anymore.

Lastly, the cost of paper towels goes down without decreasing the level of sanitization in your workplace.

Key features:

  • Compatible with hard roll towels from Kleenex and Scott.
  • With its microban technology, you are protected from both odors and stains.
  • Indeed, it offers quiet operation and you will not need batteries to use it.

2. AIFUSI Commercial Bathroom Paper Towel Dispensers

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Aifusi succeeds where other manufacturers fail. They have made a well-thought-out toilet dispenser that works splendidly without compromising on hygiene. Especially important during these testing times. The dispenser is from top-quality ABS plastic that doesn’t have any vulnerability to natural elements inside the washroom. It doesn’t corrode or get damaged due to water, oil, dust, or most other elements of nature.

Moreover, unlike metal, it is lighter and doesn’t need regular maintenance either. It has a transparent outer shell that helps you know the amount of towel roll you have left. That makes it easy to schedule an early roll change. As a result, you aren’t trapped in an embarrassing situation inside the washroom. Installation is also easy. If you don’t want to drill in screws for wall mounting, you can always use double-sided tape for quick installation. Due to its lightweight design, you won’t face any issues.

Key features:

  • Can hold as many as 200 pieces of interfolded towels to last for weeks or months.
  • Affordable and long-lasting solution compared to wood or metal alternatives.
  • Push design increases the hygiene of this product.

1. Tork Multifold Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser

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Tork stands out from the rest of the hand dispensers in the market due to its slim form factor. Well, it helps to save space in small and tight areas. So, even if you are the owner of a small business, you can install it in your bathroom, break room, or anywhere else. It is a commercial-grade dispenser that is from sturdy stainless steel and dense top-quality plastic. It is nothing cheap that will corrode or damage easily. You can use the dispenser for years.

Besides, it also comes with anti-fingerprint protection. So, you will not have to worry about nasty fingerprints on your towel dispenser.

Key features:

  • You don’t need to compromise on security since the dispenser can be locked at the side.
  • This is a manual product that will let you handle the product with care.
  • Roomy enough to contain a lot of paper towels.

Keep the hygiene meter high. The commercial paper towel dispenser will let you store a lot of products in the box without damaging it and enabling smooth operation.

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