Best Wall Mount Natural Gas Heaters for Homes Reviews

Winters, are one of the most unfavorable seasons where you need a constant supply of heat to make things comfortable. Over the years people have resorted to using fireplaces in their homes. Now when it comes to fireplaces and the burning of fossil fuels, unknowingly we end up damaging the environment more than we can imagine. Innovation needs to be incorporated and using natural gas heaters is a good way. It will keep you away from chilling cold weather and let you have a beautiful sleep.

As winters are unbearable at the time, you need to be accurate about the choice of heaters. Therefore, here are the best-rated natural gas wall heaters that you can use with natural gas and help protect your family and the environment. Study the reviews and understand them better in every way.

10. Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Natural Gas Heater

Natural Gas Heaters

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Looking for a change in the daily lifestyle out of concern for the environment and world? Well, you need to burn fossil fuel on a large scale for the steady flow of heat during cold days. With a good heater like this, you get a CSA-certified wall heating system that is excessively safe for the home. As it uses natural gas, you are hardly adding to the pollution problems in the world. And the innovative blue flame burner delivers an even heat distribution through the convection method.

It burns the fuel at a rate of .030 MCF and offers a service that you would really enjoy and appreciate at your home.

Key features

  • Delivers a heat of 30,000 BTU which is well enough for heating a 750 square foot room.
  • Can work at a maximum elevation of 4500 ft above sea level.
  • Includes thermostat, legs, and hardware for wall mounting.

9. Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free 20,000 BTU Wall Radiant Natural Gas Heaters

Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free 20,000 BTU Wall Radiant Natural Gas Heaters

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Yet another well-designed ventless natural gas wall heater comes from Mr. Heater, it offers a maximum of 20,000 BTU. As a result, any space under 500 square feet will get heated properly. A radiant heat burner aids in the overall process of heating. It means you will feel more enjoyable and comfortable while tackling the cold.

Also, it is designed with an automatic low oxygen shut-off system. Therefore, it is safe for your use without any hassles or risks. Moreover, as it is CSA certified the quality of service and workability are assured.

Key features:

  • Easy to install wall heater comes with necessary hardware for mounting and user manual.
  • Offers the convenience of either blue flame convection heating or infrared radiant heating.
  • Legs and feet for on-ground installation and steadiness.

8. ProCom MG10TBF Portable Wall Gas Heater

ProCom MG10TBF Portable Wall Gas Heater

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One of the most well-designed options of a dual fuel natural gas wall heater, this has been assembled in the USA for the highest quality guarantee. Skilled American craftsmen and engineers are involved in the construction of the parts. Plus, tested them for top-notch service in the most efficient and safe way. Having a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit of the brand, the quality is never compromised in any way.

In terms of the technology it adopts, you get the very amazing thermostatic control for having the best results always. No matter how you like the heat to be distributed, this wall heater will listen to your needs. Furthermore, there are 5 heat settings to match the needs of different users who are tired of the cold temperatures

Key features:

  • Uses the smart push-button Piezo ignition coupled with an ODS system to deliver a power-packed performance.
  • Offers a maximum heating capacity of 30,000 BTU with a dual fuel vent.
  • Works both with natural gas and liquid propane.

7. Dyna-Glo 18,000 BTU Natural Gas Infrared Vent Free Wall Heater

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Ready to serve in a great manner, this is your perfect alternative to those traditional methods of heating your room. Adopting an efficient infrared technology, the machine works by heating the objects first. Thereby mimicking the way the sun heats the earth. No matter how less effective it may sound to you, the heater is well-capable of heating a large 700-square feet room with ease.

It works at a variable heat output of 6000-18,000 BTU/hour for best results. Although there is no thermostat in the body, you will never feel short of the overall efficiency. Finally, it has a one-year warranty for people who are unsure about how this is going to change their lifestyle.

Key features:

  • The infrared natural gas wall heater has three different settings of heat. Thus, you can control using the variable control knob.
  • You will never need electricity, thereby making it more convenient for outdoor use as well.
  • If needed, you can buy a fan and leg for additional convenience.

6. Mr. Heater Vent-Free Natural Gas Garage Heater

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If you talk about the brand, Mr. Heater has been in this field of service for a very long time. And ever since its inception in this market, they have continued to earn praises for their products. Likewise, it’s all other wall heaters; this one is also designed to match the industry standards. Buy this for your home and completely transform the idea of heaters that has lived with you for years.

With this silent natural gas wall heater, you will get 30,000 BTU of heat. Hence, it will be enough for a small family. Portability is yet another impressive factor. So, you can carry this natural gas wall heater practically anywhere and fight cold your way.

Key features:

  • Uses smart quiet burner technology for providing you with peaceful nights.
  • Unmatched quality and service that you will love to have in your home or workspace.
  • Innovative technology to make sure that you are always ahead of time.

5. Mr. Heater Corporation 30,000 BTU Radiant Natural Gas Heater

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Tired of the unnecessary drop in temperatures that are making your time uncomfortable in your workplace or home? Well, getting hold of this heater can really change the deal and process. With the use of a radiant heat burner, additional heat is going to warm up your entire room or cabin. In the package, you will get a thermostat to control the workability. And the legs help to easily set it up on the floor and even mount hardware for easy installation.

As a matter of fact, natural gas is the right alternative that one should use for regularly warming their space.

Key features:

  • Electronic natural gas wall heater ignition will never leave you unsure working in any scenarios.
  • Variable output for commendable results in everyday life.
  • Rated at 30,000 BTU for heating a 750-square foot room easily.

4. Lost River Natural Ventless Infrared Radiant Gas Heater

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If efficiency is what you are looking for in your next heater, this will give you an efficiency of 99.9%. The dual precision ported vent-free gas chamber uses no extra hassles of chimneys or outlet ducts. Safe for your family and equally brilliant for the environment, keep using this on a daily basis for best results.

Added safety features like the ODS system shuts down the heater if it detects a lack of oxygen or carbon monoxide. In addition to that, the push-button piezo ignition system never lets you down in daily practice.

Key features:

  • Works only with natural gas, you can heat a room of 950 square feet with this.
  • Operates at 20,000 BTU of heat for giving you unmatched comfort.
  • More flexibility of maintaining a desired temperature with the thermostat control.

3. Kozy World Natural Gas Wall Heater

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Indeed a massive heating coverage that can spread up to 1250-square feet in total! This is a wonderful wall heater that you will love to have in your house. It is certainly used as a wall heater and freestanding on the floor. However, the option of a floor stand makes it easy for you to set it up.

Also, if needed you can get hold of a blower that can readily help spread the heat across the room efficiently. 99% fuel-efficient that does not use a duct or electricity, spending a cozy winter evening with your family is never going to look difficult again.

Key features:

  • Features an oxygen safety sensor to shut off the power in low oxygen scenarios.
  • The burner works easily without any need for electricity.
  • Uses a vent-free blue flame burner that looks soothing to the eyes.

2. Procom Heating MGT20BF Dual Fuel Gas Wall Heater

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Procom has developed and manufactured this everyday heater after a lot of research. Therefore, the end result is something that anyone and everyone will love. Extremely suited for a more customized and personalized warming experience, you will be able to make the wall heater function the way you like it. Blessed with the convenience of 5 heat settings, for everyone who wishes to warm their room up, there is a setting.

Be safer around every scenario, the machine has an ODS system. As a result, keep things steady and safe in low oxygen areas as well.

Key features:

  • Capable of delivering unrestricted working with natural gas and liquid propane.
  • Thermostat control and push-button ignition are superiorly convenient to use.
  • Micro heat adjustments so that you can find the most suited setting always.

1. Mr. Heater Corporation Vent Free Flame Natural Gas Heaters

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You will not be surprised to see yet another top entry coming from the brand Mr. Heater. One of the most well-known manufacturers, they will surely win your heart with this one. This natural gas burns to produce constant heating of 20,000 BTU per hour. If you live in a room under 500 square feet, this is what you need.

Even convection heating is always a consistent cause of the blue flame burner present in the heater. Also, the quiet integrated blower effectively circulates the heat in a very gentle and comfortable way.

Key features:

  • Automatic temperature control is associated with the thermostat operation.
  • The ODS system keeps your machine safe from damage in places with low oxygen.
  • It has a blower fan kit that is available to buy for top-notch results.

With a natural gas wall heater with a thermostat, you can control the temperature and enjoy a warmer set-up even when it is cold outside. So, never miss a relaxing warm night!

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