Best Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bags for Travel and Adventure

Are you looking to include some fantastic new items in your riding gear collection? The first and foremost thing you should get is a bag. Not just any bag, but a bag designed specifically for motorcycles. Once you look into the top best motorcycle tank bags, you will understand how these bags can store your valuables safely. The motorcycle tank bags may look small but these are extremely spacious. Keeping things in the backpack and taking them out every now and then is quite difficult.

To tackle these issues, these bags are undoubtedly the best solution. The best tank bags are featured on this list for your easy selection.

10. GIVI EA102B 25Ltr Expandable Motorcycle Tank Bags

Motorcycle Tank Bags

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A very important addition is a good expandable motorcycle tank bag like this. Featuring map pockets and other advantages, the clear pocket upfront lets you keep a map or your smartphone to check the directions as you go. When you are not riding, you can easily transform it into a backpack and carry it around as well. To make it suitable for everyday riding, the tank bank also comes with a rain cover.

Now you can travel the longest distances in all weathers because the rain cover will always protect you from moisture damage. As a matter of fact, it is very durable in the run, the bag is reinforced in rigid plastic.

Key features:

  • The minimum size is 17 liters but if you want, you can transform it into 25 liters.
  • Features a non-slip base and 4 pockets, you can easily store the removable magnets.
  • Will be directly attached to the motorcycle using the 4 belts that are fitted on the bag.

9. Dowco Fastrax Backroads Water Resistant Reflective Motorcycle Tank Bags

Water Resistant Reflective Motorcycle Tank Bags

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When you are going out on a ride, one thing that comes in really useful on your motorcycle is a good tank bag. With this, you will be able to keep bike documents, phone chargers, GPS, and other important things close to reaching you. Opening your backpack and taking out things every now and then is seriously time-consuming. As it is designed with a rain cover window, you can simply keep your phone or GPS device here.

Moreover, the entire bag itself is safe from water damage in every way. The waterproof motorcycle tank bag is a lightweight option so, you will not think twice before taking to trips.

Key features:

  • The zippers on the bag are lockable and completely water-resistant, meaning everything inside will always be safe.
  • Convenient to use, you can easily tie it with the strap or switch to using magnetic mounting.
  • The total capacity of the bag is 27 liter, allowing you to keep a lot of things together.

8. Vance Leather VS400 Magnetic Tank Bag with Reflective Piping

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Quite a useful motorcycle bag that will surely make your rides more convenient and less troubling! Well, this tank bag you can do all. With the help of magnetic installation, if you combine it with the quick-release straps, the bag will always be secured. Also, this magnetic motorcycle tank bag adds to your overall safety even during nighttime rides. As the bag features reflective piping, during nighttime riding, the oncoming traffic will be able to see you.

You will get an additional strap, meaning now you can travel with the bag even when not riding. Measuring at 12-inches X 8-inches X 4-inches, it is quite useful as a normal travel bag as well in your daily life.

Key features:

  • The large zippers on the bag are very easy to use even when you have riding gear and gloves on.
  • The padded main pocket keeps your contents safe and the see-thru pocket lets you see GPS and media.
  • Has a side pocket with zippers for smaller accessories.

7. KTM Adventure Tank Bag

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It is difficult to have a quality bag for a motorcycle because there are so many poor-quality and regular options out there. No need to trouble yourself with just any bags because this bag is built with quality materials and has surety. This sturdy nylon is going to last for a long time without any issues. In addition to that, as the bag comes with a rain cover, you will be able to travel in any weather conditions.

Also, you can easily detach the bag from your bike and carry it along because it comes with a carrying shoulder strap. You can attach it with the help of sturdy soft ties to attach it to your vehicle.

Key features:

  • The reflective material will make it visible even during the nighttime.
  • With the big storage capacity of 18L, you can easily keep numerous items in this bag always.
  • The all-around zip fasteners will help in securing all your items inside this bag.

6. Dowco Rally Pack Water Resistant Magnetic Mount Motorcycle Tank Bag with Window

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One of the most well-made and most reliable mountable motorcycle tank bags that you can get today. Now your rides are going to be more amazing and fun. The entire bag features a rubber-like material for more gripping on your tank surface. Constructed primarily with 600D polyester fabric, you will be surprised to find how durable this is in the long run. For secure attachment to your motorcycle’s tank, you can either choose magnets, straps, or both.

One bag that can store it all, you will have dedicated space to keep cash, wallet, glasses, rain gear, and your phone.

Key features:

  • Safe to be used with motorcycles having a metal tank, a magnetic bag safely secure.
  • A clear map pocket lets you keep a map or GPS which you can look at when you are riding.
  • Sewn-in reflective markings offer safe and dependable low-light driving.

5. Ohmotor  Waterproof Motorcycle Tank Bag for Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley

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Designed with precision and care, this top-quality tank bag is something that you will thoroughly enjoy using every day. Also, it will be your ideal travel companion owing to its smart and useful design. The total capacity of the bag is 10L, making it quite big for a handful of things.

In terms of the build quality, you will get the outstanding 1680 Oxford fabric that will last and serve the longest. This material is even water-resistant for more reliable usage.

Key features:

  • 4 strong magnets are featured on the bag so that it effectively attaches to your motorcycle tank.
  • Rewards with large capacity, there is a total of 5 pockets on this bag.
  • The pocket upfront is touchscreen-enabled can store 6-inches mobile phone or GPS

4. Cortech Black Super Magnetic Mount Tank Bag

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Check out this lightweight motorcycle tank bag manufactured and make your bike rides all the more fun and enticing. This bag comes with a huge number of benefits including a safe storage solution for your accessories and other items. The main compartment is expandable to store a large number of nifty items. On the inside, you will get a removable shield tote for added benefits.

The upgraded model is a bag you can ride and use with complete confidence and surety. Weighing just a little over 3.15-pounds, there is no question regarding the benefits of having this.

Key features:

  • The top flap internal organizer aids in the overall installation and demounting process.
  • Features hideaway backpack straps, if you are not riding, you can move with this bag without any issues.
  • Has a water bladder holder on the bag for your convenience in the longer rides.

3. Chase Harper USA Magnetic Tank Bag

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Made and designed in the USA, this is a top-notch bag that you are going to love using every single day. Having the construction of high-quality materials, the industrial-grade ballistic urethane-coated nylon body is very durable and tear-resistant. Moreover, it protects the bag from unwanted water damage as well. The overall grip of the bag is quite impressive owing to the non-slip rubberized bottom.

When it comes to fixing the bag on the tank, the multiple neodymium magnets are seriously strong and hold the bag firmly.

Key features:

  • Has a reversible and detachable map pouch with a touch response to keep cellphones or tablets. Hence, come in helpful for knowing directions.
  • This has a number of full-length pockets for maximum utilization of the space.

2. Coleman Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

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This is hands down one of the most well-made tank bags out there in the market. Every inch of this speaks about the quality and promise of long-term service. Entirely made using 1680D polyester, this bag is going to outperform your expectations for sure. For attaching the bag to the tank, the manufacturers have included strong magnets on the bag.

With a top carry handle, when you are not riding, you can move with this bag without any struggles as well. Moreover, the bag comes with a long 2-year warranty, making sure you buy this bag without worrying.

Key features:

  • Keeps your motorcycle’s tank free of scratches as the bag has a non-slip bottom.
  • For storing a large number of items, the bag zippered expandable convenience.
  • It has a clear top pocket where you can keep maps or GPS devices.

1. Nelson-Rigg Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag

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With the promise of extraordinary quality, at the top of the list, this tank bag is certainly one that you can rely on always. Made with UltraMax polyester material, this bag offers a superior level of UV protection and keeps your contents safe. It has quick-release straps, this bag can be mounted and demounting it effortlessly always. Even when you need to refuel, you will face no issues removing the bag from the tank. Use it with complete confidence, the bag will always retain its shape even when used on a regular basis.

Owing to the reflective piping on the bag enhances the overall visibility at night. Also, the interior of the bag is lined for more durability.

Key features:

  • Having a clear map pocket supports touch screen devices, thereby letting your phone without taking it out of the bag.
  • No hassles of dust and dirt getting in as the bag is designed with reverse coil zippers.
  • Finished with the protective base at the bottom, it improves the overall grip and the bag leaves no scratches.

So, have you been traveling on your motorcycle more often than not? Well, it is extremely mandatory that you have yourself the right set of gear and equipment in your arsenal. Hence, the travel-friendly motorcycle tank bags will be your perfect companion that will store everything.

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