Best Handlebar Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers Reviews

Do you get bored while riding alone? Or need an extra edge of fun when traveling in groups? Then you definitely need something that will make you fully engaged in the ride. The motorcycle speakers are just the product you need to install for making the ride interesting. Having top-notch sound quality, you are going to love using feeling the beats. It is easy to install with proper guides and comes with all the accessories.

In this motorcycle speaker’s review, we have detailed the necessary characteristics that make a speaker great. Note all the points before buying and never miss out on a chance on grabbing the best deal.

10. Kuryakyn 2719 MTX Road Thunder Motorcycle Sound Bar – Handlebar Motorcycle Audio Speakers with Bluetooth

Motorcycle Speakers

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This Bluetooth motorcycle speaker from Kuryakyn is undoubtedly the perfect choice to kickstart this list. With a marvelous build and features, this speaker truly fulfills all your needs. With a peak power of 300 Watt and a 1 Amp USB charging port, this speaker produces the best quality sound. As a result, you will become the perfect companion for your rides. Sits on the handlebar of your motorcycle, it comes with universally articulating clamps. These clamps make it easy for you to install this speaker on any handlebar.

Besides, this speaker also comes with completely separate wires for power, ground as well as ignition. Thus, it becomes very easy to disconnect the speaker from your motorcycle.

Key features:

  • This product comes with an internal amp having 4 channels which power two 2-inches×3-inches speakers having dual voice coils.
  • Also, the speaker makes use of N42 magnets along with silk dome tweeters to create distortion-free sound at any level of volume.
  • It is also equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which ensures connection with any mobile device.

9. Boss Audio Systems Waterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker with ATVs

Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker with ATVs

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Wanting to enjoy the best quality music during long rides is no longer an unattainable goal with this audio system from Boss. This dual motorcycle speaker sound system comes with both Bluetooth and 3.5 mm aux connectivity. Thus, it allows you to either connect your mobile device in either of the ways. Furthermore, this speaker is completely weatherproof. Plus, you can easily mount it with your bike and enjoy your music without worrying about damaging them.

Most importantly, it also comes with a special wired remote control. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to control the volume and other aspects of the speakers without any hassle.

Key features:

  • Certainly, it comes with all the mounting hardware. Hence, it becomes very easy to mount the device.
  • With a maximum power of 600W, this speaker obviously offers the best sound quality that you can ask for.
  • Above all, you can easily install this sound system with your motorcycle, scooter, or ATV without any issue.

8. BOSS Audio Systems MC420B Motorcycle Speakers – Class D Compact Amplifier

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Another extraordinary product from Boss also ensures the best quality auditory experience. It comes with 3-inches dual speakers along with a maximum power of 600W, this sound system produces powerful yet distortion-free sound. The best thing about this product is perhaps its versatility. In fact, you can easily mount it on any handlebar between 0.75-inches and to 1.25-inches with absolute ease. Plus, it can also function with most motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs efficiently.

As a matter of fact, these speakers come with all the mounting hardware thus installing this product becomes very easy. Above all, you get a warranty of 3 years thereby helping you to get proper aid in case of any problem.

Key features:

  • It comes with the best weatherproofing protection which makes it completely invulnerable and perfect for long rides.
  • This weatherproof motorcycle speaker offers both 3.5 mm aux as well as Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. Thus, you can use it in any way you like.
  • Lastly, you can easily install an inline remote control that allows you to easily control the volume and other aspects of the speaker.

7. BOSS Audio Systems Bluetooth Speaker for Motorcycle and Amplifier Sound System

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This one from Boss Audio Systems is a unique and marvelous compact motorcycle speaker that you can find in the market today. It features powerful Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your mobile phone or mp3 player to connect with the speaker and provide you with the best quality service. It also comes with two class A/B amplifiers. Thus, it produces a high-quality sound which allows you to gain a marvelous experience.

One of the unique things about this audio system is that it supports a USB flash drive and even a micro SD card. In fact, you can connect a microSD card or flash drive of up to 32 GB containing your music.

Key features:

  • The 3-inches dual speakers come with adjustable brackets that can easily fit all handlebars within the size range of 0.75-inches to 1.25-inches.
  • It also comes with an FM tuner. Hence, you can also tune into FM channels to catch music, sports, or news at any time.
  • Also, the speaker is completely weatherproof. Hence, you will have no trouble using it.

6. GoHawk RE9-X Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

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Well, if you are looking for an innovative waterproof motorcycle speaker, then this one from GoHawk is obviously an intelligent choice. Features the new ball stub design, it also comes with a special mounting clamp that allows you to install it on any handlebar between the size range of 7/8-inches to 1 ¼-inches. So, it becomes very easy to use. Most importantly, it is also a 360-degree swivel-able. As a result, it further ensures several custom installations.

The product also comes with a 59-inch battery cable with a special mounting bracket. Thus, installing as well as using this motorcycle speaker becomes very easy.

Key features:

  • The sound system also comes with 24 white led strips that you turn on or off as per your wish with just one click.
  • This sound system features an aluminum body with complete waterproofing. Thus, you can completely rely on its promise of longevity.
  • It also offers Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 15 meters. So, you can easily connect your mobile device with your phone easily.

5. Kuryakyn 2713 MTX Road Thunder Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

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It seems like Kuryakyn has some of the best speakers in the market. And a second in the list surely provides evidence for the fact. Despite having a high power rating of 100W, this sound system only drains 5 Amps of current. However, it produces a completely crystal clear sound without any distortion. Furthermore, you can easily connect the speaker with any Bluetooth device. So, you can always have your favorite music at your disposal with the help of this sound system.

Finally, it becomes very easy to control the speaker by connecting it with a Bluetooth controller. So, it obviously provides you with great sound clarity along with versatility and excellent performance.

Key features:

  • It can easily fit with any motorcycle with handlebars ranging between 7/8-inches and 1-inches. You can also connect it with a 1 ¼-inches handlebar with separate clamps.
  • Having construction from high-quality ABS plastic, the speakers have a high impact as well as complete IP66 weather resistance.
  • Lastly, it offers both Bluetooth as well as 3.5mm aux connectivity.

4. Pyle Weatherproof Motorcycle Stereo Speaker and Amplifier Sound System

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This speaker from Pyle is truly a unique one. It is easily mountable on the handlebar of your motorcycle. In fact, the speaker comes with special stainless steel with chrome plating. Thus, they are completely rust-resistant and promise to serve you for years to come. With a maximum power rating of 300W, this product offers seamless service and high clarity sound. Therefore, you will always get an excellent sound experience with the speakers. The speakers also have a special weatherproof chrome finish.

Hence, they can work in any weather condition without any trouble and you can take them for your rides easily.

Key features:

  • Of course, this speaker is Bluetooth-enabled. Thus, you can easily connect it with Bluetooth on your mobile device. Also, it offers aux 3.5 mm connectivity.
  • It also comes with a wired remote control that helps you to easily control the sound without having to take your eyes off the road.
  • Plus, it also provides you with a 12V DC power cable for easy connectivity.

3. Kuryakyn Handlebar Mounted Motorcycle Audio Speaker

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Another entry from Kuryakyn, this one comes with a plethora of exciting features and marvelous sound quality. With a peak power of 100W, this product assures you about providing the best experience on the roads. This sound system comes with two 3-inches speaker pods. The speakers have the construction of ABS and the enclosure is capable of enduring high impact. Therefore, the quality of sound that this sound system produces is extraordinary and completely distortion-free.

Furthermore, it comes with all the hardware necessary for mounting the speakers to your handlebar. Thus, you can enjoy the ride without feeling bored.

Key features:

  • Comes with an IP66 rating, this sound system is completely weather resistant and durable.
  • This has a universal fit and will not hamper your mood.
  • Most importantly, it can easily fit any handlebar within the size of 7/8-inches to 1-inches.

2. GoHawk TS3-Q Gen.2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers – Handlebar Mount MP3 Music Player Sound Audio Stereo Amplifier System

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GoHawk is undoubtedly one of the most reputed brands in the market known for producing the best speakers for motorcycles and other accessories. And this product truly upholds its commitment to quality. With an aluminum housing and weatherproof finish, this product is perfect for long rides. In fact, you can use it in any weather condition without any issue.

However, this product is perfect for your motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters. One of the best things about this speaker is the fact that it comes with powerful amplifiers too which provided crystal clear sound without distortions.

Key features:

  • This speaker also supports USB drives and microSD cards apart from providing Bluetooth and 3.5 aux connectivity.
  • It also comes with a mini wired remote that you can use to control the speaker.
  • Above all, the blue backlit led buttons and clock display further make the sound system very attractive.

1. GoHawk RD8 Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

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This one is definitely the best speaker that you can ever hope to find in the market today. It comes with rust and corrosion-proof mounting brackets that are easily compatible with any handlebar within the range of 7/8-inches to 1 ¼-inches. Moreover, it also comes with special extension mountain brackets that make sure you can also do custom installations.

As far as sound quality is concerned, it provides marvelous quality thanks to the high-end amplifiers that it comes with.

Key features:

  • Certainly, the main unit is aluminum and it is completely weatherproof.
  • Apart from a clock display, it also offers Bluetooth and aux connectivity.
  • It also supports FM tuning thereby allowing you to tune in to news or sports while riding.

The long ride ahead will be interesting and full of fun. With the motorcycle stereo speakers, you will have company during the rides.

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