Best Motorcycle Jack Stands – Motorcycle Lift Stands Reviews

Do you own a motorcycle and are willing to take the best care of it? It is important you have the right set of tools and equipment at your disposal. Tools are designed to make our life easier and more effective in our daily life. There is a machine for almost everything and when it comes to motorcycles and bikes, there are many machines to look into. Maintenance and servicing of your motorcycle are very important and hence having the right machine options is mandatory. So, to help you keep your vehicle under check, use the motorcycle jack stands.

If you have a look into the motorcycle jack stands review, you will understand how you can take better care of your dirt bike in all situations. Finest from the market, each of these machines is very reliable and trustworthy in applications.

10. Orion Motor Tech Dilated Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack for Street Bike & Cruiser

Motorcycle Jack Stands

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A good scissor lift motorcycle jack stand is a necessity because our motorcycles need a lot of attention. With a lift capacity of 1000-12000 pounds, the scissor lift mechanism is ideal for any flat bottom motorcycle. Also, one can easily raise the stand from a minimum height of 3-3/4-inches to massive 132/5-inches. And the easy-to-operate sleeve adds to the convenience. The overall dimension of the platform is 9-4/5-inches X 15-3/4-inches. It means more compatibility with different models of motorcycles.

It certainly has construction using a durable heavy-duty steel body and is finished with easy clean-up oil. The machine will look new while staying away from dirt and grease stains.

Key features:

  • Comes with a rubber wide deck, the stand is extremely safe and equally reliable for the purpose it serves.
  • The non-skid cover is fitted onto the stand so that the bike is always safely mounted.
  • A minimal 27.1 pounds weighting is safe and space-saving enough for your garages or to keep in the car.

9. VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift – ATV Jack Hoist Stand 

VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift - ATV Jack Hoist Stand 

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Not just the chains and tires, your bike requires your attention on the underside as well. In order to access that, this hydraulic motorcycle jack stand will come in really handy. Having the highest quality materials in construction, the durable steel frame will not break or bend so easily. For a perfect grip, it has non-slip lift pads. Besides, it offers an impressive weight capacity of 1500 pounds, this is a fine choice for everyone.

Just, not your motorcycle, this can even lift the ATVs and the simple lifting mechanism feels effortless. Added benefits of two tie-down straps, two adapter bars, and a detachable handle, this stand is an outstanding addition.

Key features:

  • Have 3 position safety lock mechanism, you will face no issues while fixing your vehicle.
  • Handle and swivel casters make it easy to move around and transport to anywhere.
  • Works the way you want, there are options of foot pedaling and compatibility with pneumatic lift cylinder.

8. Liftmaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack with Safety Pin Hoist Stand Bikes ATVs

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From the big-sized superbikes to the everyday motorcycles that people use for the daily commute, this motorcycle jack stand-by Liftmaster is compatible with all types of two-wheelers. The huge weight capacity of 500kgs makes it a very reliable option. As a result, you can use it whenever there is a need. To make it even more suitable as per your requirements, the 2 screw adjustment assembly aids in easy height adjustments.

As the height range is 3.5-inches to 15-3/4-inches, you can always find the right height setting. Finally, it comes with 6 locking positions assures there are no risks of accidental drops.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy to operate, the simple crank is extremely hassle-free and gets the job done.
  • Rubber padding keeps the paint job on your motorcycle away from any kind of damage or scratches.
  • The motorcycle jack stand with a safety pin will help to lock the suitable height.

7. ZENY Motorcycle Center Jack Repair Stand – Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Crank Stand

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Check out this outstanding jack stand that will be a stable platform for amazing performances. Featuring a platform dimension of 14.5-inches X 9-inches, the wide area helps in easy accommodation of a wide range of motorcycles. If you own a garage where you work on different motorcycles, this is a must-have product that can make things easier. Always work with top-notch stability and surety because the jack stand has a rubber mat on the platform. Not only does it prevent the bikes from causing any damage to the paint jobs but also restricts any kind of slippage issues.

For utmost convenience, it has a scissor lift mechanism. Therefore, delivers an impressive weight capacity of 1100 pounds and can fit all flat-bottom bikes.

Key features:

  • Solid and sturdy construction enhanced with red paint finish for best results in the long run.
  • The motorcycle jack stand’s deck is 9-inches wide. Thus, making it suitable for most of the used motorcycles in the market.
  • Only 33-pounds weight and it becomes a beneficial tool for your daily garage activities.

6. Black Widow BW-0101 Foot-Operated Motorcycle – ATV Lift Jack Stand

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Servicing motorcycles and ATVs is a challenging thing to do. However if you use a tool designed specifically for the purpose, you make things much easier. With this compact hydraulic jack, simply lift the motorcycle and work on the most inaccessible points of your bikes. You will get a huge weight capacity of 1500 pounds. Thereby making it safer for use with most of the motorcycles in the market.

In terms of construction, the durable steel frame offers superior quality and the promise of a long time running. It certainly has a black paint finish to enhance its functionality. Also, there are non-slip rubber saddle pads to reduce floor damaging issues caused by your bike when you are raising it. 27-inches jack handle is rather removable for operation wide range of operational flexibility.

Key features:

  • Zero compromises with safety, the stand has 3 position safety lock mechanism for added reliability.
  • Its commercial-grade casters wheels will easily move the machine in any direction you like.
  • The option of foot pedal operation lift gives you the freedom to choose how the machine will work.

5. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

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From the house of OTC, this is one of the finest jack stands that you can buy today. With an impressive lift range of 3.5-inches to 16-3/4-inches. Hence, you will face no struggles when it comes to dealing with the hard-to-reach areas of your motorcycle. Furthermore, the stand uses 17-inches long skids. Therefore, making it easier to lift even the widest and largest cruisers that are the rider’s favorite.

The maximum weight it can handle is a massive 1500 pounds, assuring totally risk-free usage in all conditions. Also, to make sure you can use it without any hold-ups, the manufacturers are offering a good two-year limited warranty on the stand.

Key features:

  • Detailed designing for ultimate safety, there is an automatic safety lock and a couple of ratcheting tie-down straps.
  • Work with full efficiency as the removable handle provides 360° access to the motorcycle.
  • Foot pedal release rear casters have a locking mechanism so that it stays in the right place always.

4. Apextreme 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack 

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Well-equipping your garage or workshop is mandatory. It is all because the tools and machinery are designed to provide faster results with less effort and more reliability. Get hold of this motorcycle jack stand that features heavy-duty steel construction and black powder coating. In addition to that, the ¼-inches thick rubber mat grips your bike with surety and improves the overall stability.

Finally, the scissor lift mechanism can handle weights up to 1100 pounds. Therefore, assuring risk-free usage with most of the motorcycles.

Key features:

  • The minimum height is 3.5-inches while you can raise it to a maximum of 16.7-inches to meet your needs.
  • The rolling motorcycle jack stand has 4 steel caster wheels bolted to the dolly tray for both static and dynamic applications.
  • Lifting arms has a leveraged design so that the overall working remains very smooth always.

3. Apextreme Motorcycle Center Stand with Dolly – Bikes ATVs Garage Repair Stand

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Yet another jack stand designed by the house of Apextreme. This also has a maximum weight capacity of 1100 pounds for versatile usage. Servicing your motorcycle will not be a challenging affair anymore cause you can now just lift the bike up and access the underside easily. The platform measures 14.6-inches X 9-inches and features rubber padding with striped veins. Completely eliminating the hassles of unwanted slipping and instability, keep your motorcycle in the right position always.

The rubber padding is ¼-inches thick and can hold heavy bikes securely. Lastly, this is certainly compatible with most models that top the market.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty steel body and black powder coating promise long-term durability and safety against rusting and corrosion.
  • The accessories are galvanized treated for the ultimate prevention against rusting.
  • Very easy to use rotating handle is removable when you are done raising or lowering the motorcycle.

2. Extreme Motorcycle Scissor Jack

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This motorcycle jack stand is made to perform and reward you with impressive results always. Well, this is undoubtedly a great choice for garage or workshop owners. The stand can rise to a maximum of 14-inches which is higher than most other models available in the market. Using it, on the other hand, is extremely easy too. Hand operated design, all you need is a socket or wrench to rotate and raise/lower the stand.

For safety purposes, it is advisable to not use a power drill or impact wrench to do the job. The whole stand has a heavy-duty steel frame. So, you can stay sure that the machine will work for a long time.

Key features:

  • Has rubber padding on the platform which is very durable and keeps your motorcycle away from damage.
  • Provides you with a maximum weight capacity of 1100 pounds for dealing with most types of motorcycles.

1. DURHAND 300 lbs Hydraulic Motorcycle Scissor Jack Lift for Small Dirt Bikes

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The Durhand jack stand is a fantastic choice that will never fail to impress you. Primarily made for small dirt bikes, the machine can hold 300 pounds of weight with complete reliability. The top surface features non-skid rubber padding. As a result, completely keeps away the hassles of slipping while you are working on it. Moreover, it is fairly easy to move around with this stand because of its compact size and low self-weight.

Below you will get 4 sturdy rubber wheels that will help to slide on any surface. And with 2 lockable wheels for the best stability, you will stay fully balanced.

Key features:

  • High-grade solid steel construction holds your motorcycle with surety and confidence.
  • No risks of pinched fingers and strained shoulders because the machine has a large footstep lever design.
  • It is raised to a height letting you work on the small details of your motorcycle.

The automotive industry is growing at a rapid pace. So, every day newer models of vehicles and motorcycles come to change the face of the market. Thus, consider these motorcycle center jack stands to fix your vehicles irrespective of the damage.

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