Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks and Cables Reviews

Helmets are a must-have for any riders and bikers who are going out on a regular basis. From riding in the cities to travelling on the highways, you will need a good helmet for your own safety. But when it comes to securing the safety of your helmet, you need some assistance. Going for motorcycle helmet locks are the best possible option. Of course, in this case, you will not have to carry it around to keep it safe.

Today, we shortlisted the different types of motorcycle helmet locks. Thus, you will not have wasted your time looking into the innumerable options in the market. The choices here will certainly meet your needs. Most importantly, you can find the best for your riding practises.

10. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Locks and Cables

Motorcycle Helmet Locks

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Riders know the importance of all the motorcycle accessories that comes along. Helmets are designed to secure your journeys against unforeseen accidents. Hence, it protects you from injuries and to keep the helmets safe, you need some type of arrangement. Either you will have to take the heavy helmet along or you can use a good helmet lock. With a secure pin locking carabineer, you will get the option of 999 different number combinations to apply.

Guessing and probability will never bring any good news for anyone who is trying to steal the helmet. The cable is tough, flexible and self-coiling retractable, adding an extra amount of convenience to the overall working mechanism. Also, the casing of the cable is weather-resistant, making it safe for use in any weather conditions.

Key features:

  • Uses a self-coiling steel cable that measures 6 ft long for tying more than one helmet.
  • Finished with a rubberized sleeve so that both the bike and helmet is safe against scratches.
  • Works both with full-face and half-face helmets.

9. Little World Motorcycle Helmet Locks & Cable for Bike Helmet, Jacket, Cabinets & Luggage

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Locks & Cable for Bike Helmet, Jacket, Cabinets & Luggage

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The primary concern of any lock is how tough and strong it is when someone tries to break open it. This heavy-duty motorcycle helmet lock is an example in itself. It not only ties the helmets to your motorcycle but also ensures that no one other than you can open it. Using a pin lock to secure the helmets, the high-quality metal carabineer is sturdy and houses the pin lock in the best manner. As it uses a combination pin, no one will be able to guess and get lucky if they wish to open the helmet from the motorcycle.

The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in your pocket and the lock measures 5 cm X 9 cm in total. Use it for your scooter, bike or motorbike, this is one lock that can work with all kinds.

Key features:

  • 1.82m cable is capable of attaching more than two helmets at a time and keeps them away from thieves.
  • Ultra-strong steel braided line is coated with PVC that keeps the lock safe in all kinds of weather.
  • Ensures that your bike or helmet does not get any scratches while you are using this motorcycle helmet lock.

8. Precision Works Racing Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Precision Works Racing Motorcycle Helmet Locks

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Crafted to perfection with care and precision, from the house of Precision works, this 999 combination helmet lock is something you can rely on every day and every time. The 3 digit motorcycle helmet lock combination lets you play with numbers and choose something that is hard to guess. Owing to this, the lock works without any keys, thereby reducing the hassles of handling and safe-keeping of keys. Furthermore, the lock is self-coiling in nature, making sure that you can travel with it easily when needed.

The material that makes the framework of the lock is ultra-strong braided steel. No matter what methods anyone uses, this lock is almost impossible to break or jar open. Also, it measures 6ft in total and never compromises the safety of the helmet even when you have parked the bike outdoors.

Key features:

  • A superior level of cut resistance is assured by the flexible steel cables that make the helmet lock.
  • Coated with PVC, the lock never causes any sort of damage or scratches to your bike or helmet.
  • Safe for use in any kind of weather condition.

7. Wayfind Helmet Lock with Cable to Secure Motorcycle Helmets, Jackets and Other Gear

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Quite unique and innovative in terms of the overall design, this helmet lock uses a D ring combined with a cable to securely lock the helmet to your bike. Owing to the D ring design, it does more than just safe-keeping of your helmet. Now you can tie all sorts of gears, motorcycle jackets, etc to your bike safely. Thus, makes sure that they are not stolen in any possible way. Also, the make is quite flexible and easy to handle. As a result, tying the gear or helmet will never look challenging in any possible way.

Moreover, it is perfect for modern-day needs and the small size assures that you face no struggle when you need to keep it in your pocket or travel with it either. The cable is even PVC coated for added protection when you are in a rush.

Key features:

  • Smartly designed, the locking arm pivots outwards when the lock is open so that you can use it with different items around you.
  • 3-digit programmable combination, no chance for anyone to guess 1 combination out of 999 available.
  • Provided with a green rubber sleeve that assures your bike paint is never chipped or gets any scratches.

6. Helmetlok Rubberized Universal Motorcycle Cycle Helmet Lock Cable

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Perfect for riders who hate carrying their helmet around when they are not riding the motorcycle. This well-designed universal motorcycle helmet lock is the best solution. A small and portable lock is certainly something that suits the needs of the modern generation; hence this is what is going to make your life easier. Small and compact, this lock will fit right in your pocket or belt loop and stay there without any complaints.

Carabineer style locking mechanism for a wide range of adaptability and safety, you stay sure that the helmet is secure. As it uses an outward opening mechanism, even the thickest motorcycle frames or handlebars are used for locking the helmet. To keep the bike’s paint safe and the helmet’s design the way it is, the lock is finished with a rubberized material. That’s why ensures zero risks against scratches. The T-bar extension that comes with this is an added benefit that will make it more apt for modern-day motorcycles.

Key features:

  • Perfect for helmets that have quick release buckle, which is the most regular type available in the market.
  • Constructed with zinc-alloy composite, the lock is strong, safe against rusting, and very durable.
  • The unique 4-digit combination lock is impossible for anyone to guess.

5. Bristol Designs Heavy Duty Combination Lock Cable – Security PIN Locking Chain

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Bristol Designs brings this fascinating motorcycle helmet lock cable with utmost quality. Therefore, they are so sure that they give you a lifetime guarantee on the same. Whenever you encounter any issues, just contact the makers for a refund or replacement. Completely safe against tweaks and hacks that can break it open, this is anti-cut and supremely durable in day-to-day usage. They have used a 3-digit combination locking system where you can set your own combination and tie your gears safely.

As there will be 999 possible combinations, it is extremely unlikely that anyone would be able to guess secret combinations. In addition to that, this innovative design delivers you the convenience of keyless usage. No risks of losing any keys or someone stealing the keys and in turn, your gear when you are inattentive.

Key features:

  • Safe for all-weather use, this lock is 100% waterproof and will never rust or corrode.
  • Smart self-coiling feature assures easy transportation, storing, and usage always.
  • Rubber sleeves are provided for added safety against scratches and chipping of the paint.

4. Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable

Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Locks

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The new age helmet lock has multi-purpose capabilities! This lock not only secures your helmet but comes in handy for travel bags, suitcases, cycles, furniture etc. Also, good attention has been paid to the shape and styling of the lock. As a result, you face no struggles when using different kinds of helmets. Be it your bike, scooter, or motorcycle, all kinds and sorts of helmets will be safe if you use this helmet lock.

The extra protective coating guarantees hassle-free usage and totally keeps away the risks of scratches to your bike’s paint. Who wants to open the helmet to see that the colour of your bike has chipped or got scratches.

Key features:

  • Features a metal carabineer combination pin lock for ultimate safety against stealing.
  • Very small and portable design can be kept in your pocket or under the seat easily.
  • Self-coiling braided steel cable is not only safe but is very convenient to use as well.

3. Bosvision Digit Combination Carabiner – Karabiner Lock & Helmet Lock 

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What makes a security device stand out in the market? The most important factor undoubtedly is the amount of reliability on it. In order to keep your helmet safe, you cannot choose just about anything. And that is why this helmet lock is a great choice. Lightweight and compactly designed, this delivers superior protection and is impossible for anyone to crack open the lock.

Measuring at 150cm, it is long enough for going around the rails or gear racks and ties the helmet. Also, the cable is made with steel and is coiled for easy handling on the go.

Key features:

  • The smart outward opening mechanism allows you to attach the padlock to large size handlebars, frames, etc. easily.
  • 10mm thick frame is ultra-secure and safe in an everyday scenario.
  • The zinc-alloy locking mechanism is impossible to tamper with.

2. Tengfeng Resettable Mini Combination Cable Lock Bike Motorcycle Saddle Lock Wire 

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Lifetime guarantees on your helmet lock for your peace of mind! This lock is extraordinary and offers as many as 9999 combinations of pins for locking. Choose your personalized number and keep it safe from intruders or thieves who can steal your helmet and riding gear. It is 6 ft long and has a diameter of 3mm, providing extra assistance and security to your favourite equipment.

Finally, the vinyl shell on the outer is a beneficial design that provides safety against scratches or damages.

Key features:

  • Designed with zinc alloy lock hook which no one can break or damage in any way.
  • Offers a superior level of resistance against corrosion and rusting.
  • PVC plastic material on the outside for the safety of the bike’s paint and helmet’s design.

1. Jhua Security PIN Locking Chain for Motorcycle Gear, Cycling Helmets, Jackets & Luggage

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This lock for your helmet is extremely dependable and designed to deliver both convenience and security. The super-long 1.8m of the cable has a spring design for easy retractability and faster applications. Also, it is a 3-digit pin lock. This means as many as 999 different combinations that are impossible for anyone to guess.

The initial password is 000 which you can customize very easily and choose your preferred number. More than just a lock, this doubles up as a mountaineering buckle as it has climbing carabineer clips.

Key features:

  • Uses Zinc alloy metal for the lock which is lightweight, waterproof, and very durable.
  • Portable and small, carrying this along is never going to be an issue for anyone.

No matter how good you are and how much you have ridden, safety is something you can never compromise. The best helmet lock for motorcycles will avoid the situation of theft or damage.

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