Best Wood Modern Console Tables for Living Room Reviews

The modern console tables are obviously a worthy addition to your interiors. They are lightweight as well as compact. So, you will have no trouble moving them around. More importantly, you can use these tables with your sofa or by a hanging picture frame on the wall or in the entryway. Due to their gorgeous yet realistic design, these tables complement your decor perfectly and provide you with a classy look.

With so many options available it might be difficult to choose the perfect one for yourself. Well, we are bringing to you the best ones for your interior. So, have some modern console table decor ideas and beautify your surroundings.

10. Safavieh American Homes Modern Console Tables with Drawers

Safavieh American Homes Modern Console Tables with Drawers

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If you want to add a posh look to your interiors then this black console table from Safavieh American Homes Collection is truly a great choice. This Concord console table is truly an epitome of style as well as functional design. Thus, it surely will add a classy vibe to your interiors. This table comes with two different drawers that are 11-inches deep, 15.2-inches wide, and 4.7-inches high.

So, this modern console table with drawers provides you with enough space to store your essentials. Also, it weighs only 30.8 pounds, thus it will not be a problem to assemble the product.

Key features:

  • This table has been crafted from high-quality pine wood. So, it is highly durable beyond doubt.
  • Also, it boasts a gorgeous black coating finish. It not only provides the product with a visual masterpiece but also enhances its longevity.
  • Above all, it proves to be a perfect addition to your study, library, living room as well as a bedroom.

9. Best Wooden Console Table – Modern Entryway Console Table with Drawers

Best Wooden Console Table - Modern Entryway Console Table with Drawers

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An excellent entry to this list! If you are looking for a table to showcase different decorative products while adding a special glamour to your interior decor, then this product is truly the best choice that you can make. The best thing about this wooden modern console table is the fact that it has a three-tier design. While it offers ample space to showcase different objects, the lower shelf is utilized for storing magazines and different small showpieces.

Furthermore, it has a construction from high-quality MDF particleboard. Therefore, it is highly durable and lasts for a lifetime.

Key features:

  • You can use this table as a decorative sofa table or a console table. Moreover, you can also utilize it for storing your decorative plants or as a coffee or tea table.
  • You can easily clean it with a damp as well as dry cloth as needed.
  • Lastly, this table is very easy to assemble with clear instructions that it comes with. So, you can assemble it within 45 minutes without trouble.

8. HOMFA Modern Console Coffee Table – Rectangular Storage Open Shelf Table

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This console table is truly a piece of art and it can go with any interior decor without any issue. The best thing about this product is perhaps its construction. It uses high-quality as well as eco-friendly particleboard in its construction. Thus, this table is highly durable as well as non-toxic, and odorless. While the first shelf boasts a beautiful oak finish, the second shelf has an appealing white finish.

As a matter of fact, having a two-tier unique design, the upper shelf is perfect for showcasing different objects. Whereas the second shelf stores your daily necessities and keeps your room tidy.

Key features:

  • Since it goes with all kinds of interior decor, you can easily use it as a high-quality console table or a coffee or tea table without trouble.
  • The open modern console table as a whole has a beautiful lacquer finish. So, it is simply appealing and classy.
  • Besides, it has a sleek and clean design. Plus, it offers complete ease of assembly. So, it is a perfect addition to your household.

7. The Vine Square Modern White Console Table – Slim Sofa Table with Storage

The Vine Square Modern White Console Table - Slim Sofa Table with Storage

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Simple yet elegant, these are definitely the words that sum up the design of this high-end console table perfectly. Being 47-inch wide, 33.5-inches high, and 16-inches deep, it offers you enough space for using it as you seem fit. Besides, it has a white powder coating satin finish which provides the product with an incredible look. So, fits your interiors perfectly. This table is made of solid wood with tubular legs with proper lofting.

Plus, it is not only stylish but durable too. Lastly, it is also used as a vanity table due to the spotless and appealing modern console table design.

Key features:

  • You can easily use it in your living room, entryway and study.
  • Besides, it comes with four drawers with golden knobs. Thus, it not only makes it look classier but also provides you with enough storage space.
  • The legs also have golden color protective caps. It adds to its look and also protects your floor from scratching.

6. Crown Mark Draper Slim Console Table

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Certainly, a stylish and extraordinary console table, it is definitely a worthy addition to our list. This console table surely has a modern yet classy look that compliments the interiors perfectly. Next, the table has a very compact footprint. As a result, it can easily fit in various spaces without any trouble.

Interestingly, the two-tire modern console table design is what catches the eye. You can use the tabletop to showcase flower vases, photo frames, and other ornamental objects. While the second shelf is used to hold small items or magazines without any issue.

Key features:

  • The table is 34-inch high. Hence, it proves to be a perfect addition to your hallway or living room.
  • Besides, the legs of the table are curved as well as sleek. So, they give the table a very beautiful look.
  • It comes with an espresso finish which further makes it suitable for your interior decoration.

5. Signature Design by Ashley – Antique Gold Metal Console Table

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This product is truly unique by all means. It offers a great unconventional design that adds extra glamour to your living room or entryway thereby giving out an exotic and classy vibe. Having a minimalistic design with a luminous finish truly adds a completely new look to your living room. This table has been made with a rectangular glass tabletop along with a golden metal design with accents. As a result, it is truly excellent and magnificent to look at.

It also measures 30-inches high, 36-inches in width, and 16-inches in depth. Given that, it has a very compact yet beautiful footprint.

Key features:

  • The spotless golden finish along with perfect mirrored accents makes it light as well as bright. So, it can complement any space with relative ease.
  • It is completely easy to assemble with clear instructions. Thus, you will have no trouble doing it without any professional help.
  • This weighs only 41 pounds. So, you will have no trouble moving it while cleaning or for other purposes.

4. Convenience Concepts Oxford Tall White Console Table with Drawers

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If you are looking forward to providing your household with an excellent makeover, then this console table will be a great addition. This console table perfectly combines style with usefulness. It comes with two shelves along with a large drawer. Thus, it offers you enough storage space. Most importantly, this table has a beautiful white satin finish. Hence, it further becomes more alluring.

You can use it as a stylish ottoman for storage, a classy TV stand, or a mirrored cabinet as you seem fit.

Key features:

  • It comes with an x-pattern design on the side of the table. Thus, it further alleviates the look of the table.
  • The drawer offers you concealed storage without having to destroy the look of the table by storing anything on the shelves or the top.
  • Properly assembled and delivered to your home.

3. Leick Furniture Wave Hall Medium Oak Finish Console Table

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This hall console table truly promises to be a great addition to your interiors. Having been constructed from high-quality oak wood and ash wood veneers, this table has unparalleled durability. Next, this table has a hand-rubbed medium oak finish which highlights the wooden grains perfectly. So, it is not only a sturdy table but also compliments the decor of your household perfectly.

Also, it comes with a topcoat with nitro cellulose as well as lacquer. Therefore, it further enhances the durability as well as longevity of the product.

Key features:

  • It also comes with solid wood drawers along with dovetail joinery. As a result, it does not only offers ease of storage but also assures you about its reliability.
  • You can use the lower shelf for displaying your excellent collectibles.
  • It has a very small footprint. Thus, it is perfect for apartments, condos, and small rooms.

2. Belham Living Carter Mid Century Modern Console Table

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Belham is a popular name in the industry for providing high-quality wooden furniture with great style. And this one is surely not an exception. Certainly, this console table will take you back to medieval times with its incredible design. Though it has a classic design, it is highly versatile and combines functionality perfectly.

This table provides you with enough space for showcasing your collectibles and different showpieces. It comes with 41.75-inches width, 30-inches height, and 15.75-inches deep. As a result, you will have no trouble using it.

Key features:

  • It has a beautiful walnut finish which makes it very attractive.
  • The legs of this table are of the solid veneer of birch. Thus, it supports the table perfectly and enhances its durability.
  • It also comes with two drawers thereby offering you plenty of storage space.

1. Cappuccino Finish Hall Console Sofa Entryway Accent Table 

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This one is truly the best console table that you can opt for in the market today. Being 36 inches wide, this console table is highly versatile. While you can use it in your hallway or entryway, it can also act as a sofa table as well as a fancy coffee or tea table. However, this table has an open three-tier compartmental design. So, it provides you with enough storage space for storing your valuables.

Of course, it uses solid wood veneer, MDF, and hardwood in its construction. Thus, you will never have to doubt its durability.

Key features:

  • It has a cappuccino finish which gives it an excellent visual appeal.
  • Besides, it is very easy to assemble with clear instructions provided with the product. So, you will have no trouble getting it ready for use.

For your entryways or your living space, the modern console table with storage will perfectly match your interior’s theme. Give your interior a new touch by adding these.

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