Best Power Tool Mobile Bases for Table Saw & Machines Reviews

In our daily lives, we may have to handle heavy machinery and equipment. However, if you are into a profession dealing with tackling and moving large and heavy items, you may know how hard it is. Now you may need extra help to move heavy stuff. And if they do not have wheels below, things are challenging. But you can solve it right away. The mobile bases are certainly the type of product that you can keep at the closest reach for transporting things. Still, need more insight into these products?

Check out the different mobile base models in this article and you will know how exactly it can benefit you. So, keep the confusion aside and find out the most appropriate buy.

10. HTC HTC2000 Mobile Bases for Power Tools

Mobile Bases

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On this adjustable mobile base, you will get a good weight carrying capacity of 500 pounds. Hence, you can transform any machine into something that moves. Quite modular as well, you have 3 size options of 12-inches X 12-inches, 36-inches X 36-inches, and 20-inches X 52-inches, whichever suits your needs. When you need to go from 36-inches X 36-inches to 20-inches X 52-inches, you will get the option of 1-inches increments.

Equipped with foot levers to lock or unlock the wheels, you have both the option of the dynamic and stationary application. Lastly, it uses heavy-duty rubber wheels that measure 3-inches in diameter. Well, these are meant to last and perform to the maximum always.

Key features:

  • Smart low profile design guarantees low height increase, thereby never coming in way of tool operation.
  • This can easily take uploads of up to 500 lbs without any struggle.
  • The four wheels are given to maintain a stable nature.

9. Shop Fox D2057A Small Adjustable Mobile Bases on Wheels

Shop Fox D2057A Small Adjustable Mobile Bases on Wheels

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The most difficult issue to handle is mobility and this heavy-duty mobile base can readily solve that for you. It features 8 different kinds of configurations to make sure you can use it with anything. Next, this base has two wheels up in the front and you will be able to use this in a convenient manner. However, these caster wheels are assembled on an outrigger so that you can make the machine sit low. It allows for similar functionality.

The adjustment is built in so that you have the flexibility of doing the changes and using it according to your needs.

Key features:

  • Comes with a two-piece rectangular foot pad, you can turn it independently and level the machine.
  • Rock-solid stability is assured by the low-profile design.
  • The total weight capacity it can handle is a good 700 pounds.

8. PROTOCOL Equipment Universal Rolling Power Tool Base for Machinery

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Large tools and machinery are extremely difficult to manage when you need to move them from one side to another. With this universal mobile base, you will not have to struggle with that issue anymore. Featuring a heavy-duty and extremely reliable make, the heavy-duty steel frame withstands large weights in the easiest manner. The marked weight capacity of the base is a good 400 pounds and you will not have any struggle to deal with it.

Always keep the base stable and secure because this uses aluminum foot levers. Therefore, can securely lock the rubber feet of the base. Lastly, it comes with two fixed and two swiveling wheels so that you can enjoy unrestricted mobility in all directions.

Key features:

  • Adjustable, the sides of the base are adjustable from 12-inches to 33-inches. Hence, you can use this as per your needs.
  • Rubber foot stabilizers ensure zero wobbling and risks of damage.
  • As it is a universal product, almost all machinery will fit in it.

7. BORA Portamate PM-3550 Super Duty Mobile Base on Swivel Wheels

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What is the most interesting thing about this excellent and user-friendly base? It is the innovative foot-operated locking lever. Secure locking and stability are assured always because these levers are located on top of each swivel wheel. The wheels on the other hand really guarantee easy and effortless movement always. They measure 3-inches each and there are 4 of them, each finished with a non-marring paint.

No matter how much you use them, your floors will never be damaged. Easy and effortless to adjust, the design promotes easy lowering and raising with 1-inches increments.

Key features:

  • Huge mobile base weight capacity of 1500 pounds so that you can easily use these with the heaviest of the machines.
  • The size is totally adjustable and can be increased from 20.75-inches X 23.75-inches to 28-inches X 33.5-inches.
  • Gives you the convenience of easy shop clean-up.

6. KASTFORCE KF2005 500Lb Heavy-Duty Mobile Base

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Certainly, a high-quality lockable mobile base that can always make sure you get your job done smoothly. Made for a sure and stable performance always, the base is designed with 3-inches hard plastic wheels. And let you move easily from one place to another. You can increase the height of the base by 1-inches increments and make sure you have your high-end convenience of using it.

In addition to that, it is designed with locking foot levers that readily enhance the overall working comfort. Owing to this, you can switch from being stationary to mobile in a jiffy.

Key features:

  • Outstanding loading capacity of 500 pounds, thereby letting you use it with a lot of different things.
  • Innovatively made, there are 6-inches corners on the base that provides more strength to the base.
  • Compact and small, this doesn’t have a large footprint, thereby making it an ideal solution for garages and workshops.

5. WEN MB500 500 lb Universal Mobile Base for Tools and Machines

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Coming from the house of Wen, this base is very universal. So, you will be able to use this with most items and machines out there. Any square base measuring from 11-inches by 11-inches to 35-inches X 35-inches can be used with this amazing base. Even better, if your machine has a rectangular base, this is compatible up to the dimension of 51.2-inches x 19.7-inches.

Some really useful items that are used with this base are table saws, tool chests, cabinets, planers, etc. Finally, it comes with 2 fixed and two swivel casters so you can use this for stationary and dynamic usage.

Key features:

  • This is certainly made for stuff with rectangular bases.
  • Locking brakes on caster wheels for safe and secure applications.
  • Features a 2-year warranty so that you can choose to buy this without any doubts.

4. PortaMate Adjustable Mobile Base for Mobilizing Tools, Machines & other Applications

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This is definitely one of the finest options to consider out there. Offering you an impressive weight capacity of 650 pounds, this heavy-duty and strong base is totally adjustable. You will be able to use this for a variety of machinery and power tools. The overall design and finish are very low-profile and don’t increase the size of the base by more than 1-inches. There will be no limitations with the functionality of the machine.

Well, it can go up to a maximum dimension of 20-inches X 52-inches in a rectangular shape and 36-inches X 36-inches in a square shape while the least is 12-inches X 12-inches.

Key features:

  • A quick press switch guarantees secure locking of the wheels when you do not need to move the machine.
  • Features 3-inches non-marring ball bearings for safe and hassle-free gliding and mobility.
  • Weighing 18.02-pounds, even the large machines can’t break it.

3. Kastforce KF2001 Mobile Base for Tools and Equipment Movable

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Make sure you are safe and sound when you are dealing with heavy types of machinery you need some equally sturdy things to use. This amazing and well-designed base offers a total weight capacity of 450 pounds. Thereby, allowing you to use most kinds of smaller machines. The size of the base is expandable from 12-inches X 12-inches to 27-inches X 27-inches in square and 17-inches X 35-inches in rectangular size.

With a side rail of 12-inches or 300mm, things are going to be more stable and less wobbly when you are using it.

Key features:

  • Features 3-inches diameter swivel and supporting wheels, it’s easier and effortless to move thus around.
  • The machines are totally locked using the easily operated lock system.
  • Its frame has a construction of steel. It will not break so easily even when the weight is too heavy.

2. Jet – JMB-Umb Universal Mobile Table Saw Base

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One of the most unique bases in the market, this one uses a smart spring-piston snap adjustment. As a result, you have an easy tool-less assembly always. With an adjustable length and width, you will be able to use it as per your need. And that also, without compromising on the stability and portability ever. From 18-inches X 18-inches this can be expanded to 24-inches X 24-inches and solve most of your problems.

Furthermore, it assures unmatched strength and sturdiness combined with a lightweight design. As a matter of fact, you can use up to 600 pounds of weight on this base.

Key features:

  • Portability in all directions, the two fixed and two swivel caster wheels for using it with total convenience.
  • You can certainly adjust both lengths as well as width on this base.
  • If you are worrying that it may shake and fall down, then you will be glad to know that it’s pretty stable.

1. Ogrmar Multifunctional Movable Base for Dryer Washing Machine and Refrigerator

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Firstly, you can adjust it will simple alterations. If you are in need to move heavy equipment from one place to another, you can easily do it with this base. With a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, most of the machines out there can be used with this. Next, solid caster wheels at the bottom ensure strength. On the other hand, the rubber wheels last longer without causing damage to the floor ever.

Finally, by using sturdy PVC pipes combined with stainless steel poles, you will always get high-end stability on this.

Key features:

  • The level has been provided so that you can set machines up perfectly.
  • A non-slip mat ensures stable usage always with little or no wobbling of the machine.

When you are dealing with heavy types of machinery and equipment, you need some really reliable and sturdy equipment to work with. So, with the help of a strong mobile base, you can simply slide and move the heaviest machines even.

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