Best Mid Century Modern TV Stands – TV Console Cabinets Reviews

Television is undoubtedly one of the most needed appliances nowadays. Whether you want to watch a movie or your favorite show or your favorite team playing, televisions have become an essential part of our lives. However, you need a perfect stand to keep your television set. While there are several options available, if you want to add a classy look to your interior while serving the purpose of keeping your television then the mid-century modern TV stands are an excellent choice. They bring the classy mid-century chic look to your decor while offering all the modern functionalities.

Want to own one? Keep reading through our list of best mid-century modern TV stands and decide properly after reading the characteristics.

10. Tangkula Modern Wooden Mid-Century Modern TV Stands with Shelves

Mid Century Modern TV Stands

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An absolutely exceptional mid-century modern TV stand with storage, it certainly adds an extra flair to your bedroom or living room. Of course, the thing that makes the TV stand so excellent is its construction. It uses high-quality MDF along with chip wood in its construction. Thus, it provides your TV stand with unparalleled durability and promises you to serve a long time. It also comes with a splayed leg design which further enhances the durability and provides you with unparalleled stability.

Due to its extraordinary design, the TV stand is also capable of bearing heavy loads without any issue. So, it is completely safe to use.

Key features:

  • Obviously, this TV cabinet is highly spacious. So, it is perfect for housing a 65-inch TV perfectly.
  • This TV stand also comes with a large cabinet having two separate holes for managing cables. Plus, you also get a fully extended drawer. So, it helps you to store your items and manage the cables without any cluttering.
  • Besides, you can attach the stand to the wall using two anti-tip brackets that the stand comes with. Hence, it ensures more security.

9. Itaar Modern Mid-Century TV Stand – Media Entertainment Center for Flat Screen TV

Itaar Modern Mid-Century TV Stand

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Of course, this TV stand is a modern interpretation of a classic design. Suitable for any room and all interior decors, it allows you to add a retro look to your household without sacrificing any functionality. Perfect for 43-inch TVs, this TV stand is surely very spacious and offers subtle storage. Indeed, it comes with two separate compartments for storage along with an adjustable shelf. Plus, there is another storage compartment hidden by the sliding door design.

Also, you get holes for managing the cables along with the TV stand. In other words, the modern retro linear design not only provides you with functionality but also compliments the decor of your home perfectly.

Key features:

  • It comes with four tapered feet made of high-quality wood. So, it offers excellent stability to the TV stand and also makes it look gorgeous.
  • Besides, the feet also come with proper footpads. Thus, it 0protects your floor from getting scratched.
  • This classic mid-century modern TV stand can fit in your living room, recreational rooms, bedrooms, and lounges. So, you will never have to worry about your decor.

8. Ivinta Mid-Century Modern TV Stands – Modern Entertainment Stand for TV

Ivinta Mid-Century Modern TV Stands - Modern Entertainment Stand for TV

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Whether you are binge-watching your favorite show or enjoying the soccer matches, your TV set is undoubtedly the center of attraction in your house. With this mid-century-inspired TV stand, you will be able to provide an excellent perch to your television set. As far as the construction of this TV stand is concerned, it is truly magnificent. The TV stand uses a perfect blend of manufactured wood along with an excellent quality iron frame for the legs.

Certainly, the tabletop has a natural wood finish with a clean silhouette. As a result, it provides you with a simple yet gorgeous look that suits any interior decor.

Key features:

  • This product is perfect for housing a 47-inches TV set perfectly without any hassle.
  • Furthermore, the wooden mid-century modern TV stand can bear a load of up to 176 lbs without any issue while it only weighs 30/36 lbs.
  • Lastly, it comes with SCS certification which ensures the quality of the product.

7. Best Mid-Century Modern TV Stands – Home Entertainment Cabinet for Flat TV Screen

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As television sets continue to evolve, they are becoming more stylish with every new iteration. So, it is fair to say that a gorgeous TV needs an equally attractive decor to compliment it. With this mid-century TV stand, you will be able to ensure just that. Having a sleek design, this TV stand allows you to house your television set with other accessories seamlessly without any clutter.

Certainly, the stand makes use of properly engineered wood as well as durable steel frames. So, you will never have to doubt its durability. Furthermore, it comes with curved legs which further enhances its durability and makes it completely stable while giving it an excellent design.

Key features:

  • The TV stand has a 59-inch long top which can easily fit a 65-inch television set without any trouble.
  • Given that, it comes with a black and white finish which adds a special visual appeal to the stand.
  • Above all, it comes with two side cabinets, a slide-out drawer, and a rear hole for managing cables. Thus, it offers ample space for storage purposes.

6. SMART HOME Idoneus Mid Century Modern Media Console Cabinet

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Another excellent mid-century modern TV stand cabinet provides you with a stylish yet sophisticated look to your interior. This TV stand has a highly sturdy build-up. It makes use of high-quality wood, chipset as well as MDF particle board for its construction. As a result, it does not leave any room for you to worry about its durability and strength.

Furthermore, this TV stand is very easy to clean. All you need to do is to wipe it clean with a dry cloth. So, you will have no trouble maintaining the product.

Key features:

  • The stand has a total tablespace of 70-inches. Hence, it easily provides you with enough space for keeping your television set.
  • Besides, it also has four spacious drawers as well as three open desks. Hence, it provides ample storage space.
  • Lastly, you get a dark walnut and glossy white finish on the stand. Therefore, it is highly appealing to everyone.

5. The Mezzanine Shoppe Ashfield Mid Century Living Room TV Stand

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If you want to add a charming look to your room of entertainment then this TV stand is certainly a great choice. This TV stand complements your interior decor excellently. It has a breathtakingly beautiful silver finish on its drawers along with clean lines for that chic stylish look. Therefore, it adds a retro panache look to the stand which takes you back to the mid-century with all the modern perks.

Given that, it offers a shelf, and drawer along with double door cabinets. Therefore, you get ample storage space for consoles, DVD players, and much more.

Key features:

  • It boasts a solid laminated MDF construction with rubberwood legs. As a result, it is very sturdy and durable.
  • Above all, measuring 59.25-inches in length, it can easily house a 65-inches television set without any issue.

4. Quaanti Modern TV Cabinet with Doors and Shelves – Media Console Table with Drawers

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This TV stand from Quaanti is truly a fascinating and unique one. It is one of the few stretchable TV stands that you can get on the market. Thus, you can easily meet your requirement by stretching the length you need. Next, it comes with pushable doors. Therefore, you get ample amounts of concealed as well as open space. Furthermore, it can easily fit 55-inches to 65-inches TV sets without any trouble.

This length stretchable mid-century modern TV stand has a pine leg particle board construction. As a result, it is very sturdy as well as durable.

Key features:

  • It comes with a wile oak finish which adds a classy outlook to the stand.
  • This weighs only 21.3 kgs. Therefore, you can easily slide it for cleaning your house.
  • Comes with two drawers that will keep every essential unharmed inside it.

3. WLIVE Mid-Century Modern TV Stand – Modern Entertainment Center in Living Room

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If you are looking for an elegant yet simple TV stand that adds an elegant look to your living room then this one proves to be an excellent choice. Compliments a variety of modern decors, it definitely adds a sophisticated retro look to your interior. Most importantly, it comes with an adjustable and open shelf in the center along with side cabinets having hinged doors.

Hence, it definitely offers enough amount of space that is open as well as concealed for storing your essentials.

Key features:

  • The top of the TV stand is completely water-resistant. So, in case of spills, you can just wipe it out using a dry cloth.
  • It is perfectly ideal for use in your bedroom, lounge, or living room.
  • Above all, assemble by following the easy instructions. So, you will have no trouble assembling it.

2. Best Modern Bluetooth TV Storage Stand – Entertainment Center with Built-in Speakers

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Again another excellent entry from Best Choice Products combines the medieval design with the modern hi-tech functionalities perfectly. This stand also doubles as an innovative and advanced entertainment unit for you. It comes with inbuilt speakers, three USB ports, aux output, double universal outlets and an LED light strip.

Thus, this stand not only adds a glamorous new look to your decor but also provides you with all the functionalities that you need to keep yourself entertained. Finally, it boasts a weight capacity of 88 lbs. Therefore, you will not have any trouble storing your essentials.

Key features:

  • Of course, the top shelf is capable of holding up to a 50-inch television set without any issue.
  • Also, you get two storage drawers and an open shelf in the middle. So, there will not be a shortage of space for storing everything you need.
  • Lastly, it has a construction from precise engineered wood along with a steel frame. So, it does not spare any room for questioning its durability.

1. Modway Transmit Mid-Century Modern Buffet Sideboard Stand in Walnut

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Acquiring the topmost position in our list, this TV stand from Modway is surely a great choice for your living room, bedroom, or lounges. This tv stand surely boasts a high-quality build. It uses premium particle board along with a superior lamination with the walnut grain.

However, the legs of this TV stand are from heavy-duty solid dowel wood. As a result, it is highly durable, corrosion as well as insect-resistant, and promises to serve you for years to come.

Key features:

  • You can also use it as a sideboard, buffet table, as well as a display stand, apart from using it as a TV stand.
  • You can easily place a 48-inch TV on this table without any hassle.
  • Lastly, it offers three pull-out drawers with a beautiful white finish, two storage drawers with hinged doors, and a height-adjustable storage shelf that remains concealed. Thus, you will always have a surplus of storage space.

Keep your space organized and hide the cables hidden out of your sight. These aesthetic TV stands will help in hassle-free organization, support heavyweights, and in the best way.

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