10 Best Full Sturdy Metal Bunk Beds for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2021

If you have a growing family with two or more kids, making most out of the available space is challenging. Next, it is very problematic to have your children share a room without causing problems. Well, there is a solution. Of course, you can opt for metal bunk beds. These beds help you to utilise space while adding a classy look to your household. Besides, it can easily bed two or three people with relative ease. However, choosing a bunk bed is certainly a tough job. You need to be sure about its construction and safety features at first.

But you can bid adieu to your worry since we are bringing the solution to you. We are reviewing the top-rated metal bunk beds available in the market just for you. Take a peek and you will know which one to choose.

Table of the Best Metal Bunk Beds Reviews

10. DHP Full Over Full Sturdy Frame Metal Bunk Beds with Metal Slats

Metal Bunk Beds

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A part of the might Dorel Industries family, DHP is famous for its innovative home products. This metal bunk bed’s frame is clearly a great example of their excellent craftsmanship. Whether you live in a small apartment or strengthen the bonds between your kids, a bunk bed is a great solution. The design of this metal bunk bed focuses on small spaces. Nevertheless, it never compromises with your comfort.

You can use it easily anywhere you see fit. The bed uses a heavy-duty metal frame in its construction. Hence, it is obviously very durable. Furthermore, it also comes with guard rails. Thus, it further assures you about security and protects you from falling over.

Key features:

  • The top bunk can easily carry up to 200 lbs whereas the lower one can carry up to 400 lbs. So, you will never have to worry about overloading it.
  • It also comes with an inbuilt ladder. Thus, you can easily access the top bunk.
  • Besides, the bunks can easily accommodate any standard mattress without trouble.
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9. Dorel Metal Bunk Beds Twin-Over-Full

Dorel Metal Bunk Beds Twin-Over-Full

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Well, here you have another great product from the house of Dorel Industries. With this bunk bed, you will be able to make the sleeping hours more fun for your children. In fact, it proves to be the perfect accessory for any growing family with space constraints. Like our previous entry, this one too uses a heavy-duty metal frame.

As a matter of fact, the frame also comes with a paint coating. Therefore, it will not only offer durability but also protection against rusting. Most importantly, the bunk bed also comes with a ladder. So, your kids will be easily able to access the top bunk.

Key features:

  • Firstly, you get metal bunk bed’s guard rails that relieve you from worrying about your child falling over.
  • Furthermore, it is easy to assemble. Thus, you will not have to break any extra sweat for assembling it.
  • Lastly, the lower bunk can carry up to 450 lbs. Hence, it can bed two children or one adult easily.

8. Rockjame Metal Bunk Beds Twin Over Twin – Twin Bed with Ladder and Safety Rail

Rockjame Metal Bunk Beds Twin Over Twin - Twin Bed with Ladder and Safety Rail

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A perfect combination of style, simplicity, and robustness, this one is truly worthy of this list. One of the most noticeable features of this product is its design. Of course, it uses a high-quality steel frame with chrome plating. As a result, it not only has great strength but is also invulnerable to rusting or corrosion. Plus, it is highly space-saving too. You can easily place it on any side of the room to utilize the available space perfectly.

However, it easily blends in with different home decors. Above all, you will be able to use it as separate beds too whenever you want.

Key features:

  • Both the upper and lower bed has a weight capacity of 220 lbs each. So, it can fit multiple people with ease.
  • The space-saving metal bunk bed also comes with a customizable ladder. Thus, you can easily choose the position of the ladder.
  • Besides, the guard rails on the upper bed prevent your kids from falling. And keep them safe.

7. Bellemave Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Safety Guard Rails for Kids & Adults

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Finding the best bunk bed for your home is a bit difficult. Nevertheless, we can assure you that this one is worth putting an end to your quest for. Perhaps the most amazing thing that this metal bunk bed has to offer lies in its construction. Of course, it boasts a sturdy steel construction with excellent support.

Moreover, it also comes with large slats for accommodating all standard mattresses. In fact, it does not require any box spring separately due to the slats. Above all, it also features guard rails on the top bunk. And you also get a customizable ladder. Therefore, it takes the personal safety of the users very seriously.

Key features:

  • The twin metal bunk bed certainly boasts a silver color chrome plating finish. Thus, it is definitely resistant to wear-tear.
  • Also, you can use the beds separately to fit your purpose.
  • Besides, each bunk can carry up to 240 lbs easily. So, it is completely safe to use.
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6. Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Beds

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By now, you may already know that Dorel has some of the best bunk beds in the market. This bunk bed has a relatively modern design. However, it can really fit any home decor with ease. Next, the design of the bed always focuses on the safety of the users. Hence, it comes with guard rails and a sturdy ladder. So, you will never have to worry about the safety of your kids.

Nonetheless, this has a luxurious look and will complement your kid’s room in the best way. Finally, it will not consume much space and leave out a lot of room.

Key features:

  • No complicated installation process as it will assemble in a few minutes.
  • Of course, the bunk bed boasts a metal frame construction. So, it is highly durable and serves you for years to come.
  • This bed can easily accommodate any twin as well as full-size mattresses in its slats.

5. Harper & Bright White Twin Over Full Bunk Beds Full Size with Ladders and Guard Rail

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Harper & Bright Designs has been a staple brand with a huge clientele for a long time now. They are famous for manufacturing excellent home products for families. So, this bed is also proof of their significant craftsmanship. Apart from having a robust steel frame, it also offers guard rails. Therefore, it wipes out all the concerns about the security of your children from your mind.

However, the two metal bunk bed ladders on each side help your child to climb up. So, it makes climbing up and down very easy. The ladders also act as extra support for the mattress slats. Hence, it also removes any need for springs for the mattresses.

Key features:

  • The design of this bunk bed allows it to fit three people easily. While two people can easily sleep in the lower bunk, the upper bunk can easily accommodate a single person.
  • Certainly, you can use a full-size mattress for the lower bunk and a twin size one for the upper bunk.
  • Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble and comes with all the accessories that you will need.

4. Danxee Twin-Over-Full Modern Metal Bunk Beds with Built-in Ladder for Bedroom & Dorm

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If you are looking for a bunk bed that is treated for your eyes while offering the utmost functionality then this is surely the one. This bunk bed is surely unique in all senses. It offers a compact design that immediately adds a chic and classy look to your rooms. Apart from having a sturdy frame, this bunk bed also uses an MDF board in its construction. So, it offers great support to the mattress while maintaining a natural look.

Furthermore, this bunk bed is easy to assemble and versatile enough. Plus, it makes it very convenient to change the bed sheets due to its ingenious design.

Key features:

  • The frame of the bed is of heavy-duty steel. Surprisingly, it also comes with sturdy guard rails and ladder of the same material. It completely assures you about safety.
  • Next, the distance between the lower bed and the floor is 12.2-inches. Thus, you can use this extra space for storage purposes.
  • Lastly, it also offers 12 months warranty. So, if it fails to satisfy you, you can get proper help from a friendly customer team.
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3. JOYBASE White Metal Bunk Bed with Rubber Pad Ladder

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Here is a great bunk bed that you can opt for your home. The best thing about this bunk bed is the fact that it can go with any home decor easily. Thus, it truly proves to be a wonderful addition to your bedroom. Next, it also uses a high-quality steel frame in its construction. So, it is certainly durable and can support the weight easily.

Above all, you also get sturdy guard rails for the upper as well as lower beds. Plus, it also comes with a protective ladder. So, it is very convenient to use.

Key features:

  • Certainly, the bed also comes with two wall brackets. The brackets further assure you about the safety of the bunk bed.
  • Also, it comes with bottom pads. So, they protect your floor from scratches or damages.
  • The bunk bed has a collective weight capacity of 770 lbs. While the upper bed can support up to 330 lbs, the lower one goes as far as 440 lbs.

2. Giantex Metal Loft Bed Frame – Twin Loft Bed with Ladder – Twin Kids Bunk Bed Frame

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Truly worthy of your attention, this metal bunk bed is certainly a great one. It makes us of high-grade steel with powder coating in its construction. Therefore, it is not only durable but also rustproof. By now, you certainly know this bunk bed comes with a sturdy frame. So, it does not make any squeaking noise.

Furthermore, the bed comes with 14 steel slats. Hence, you will never have to worry about using springs for accommodating mattresses.

Key features:

  • It has a compact space-saving design. So, it also offers a good amount of gap between the lower bed and the floor. Thus, you can use it for storage purposes and utilize your floor space properly.
  • This comes with guard rails and a wide ladder. Thus, it further tightens safety and offers convenience.

1. Bellemave Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Beds with Trundle

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Sitting at the top of our list, this one is really one of a kind. With a design that combines practicality with a chic look, it proves to be a great addition to modern bedrooms. This bed from Bellemeave uses high-quality metal in its construction. Plus, it comes with a powder coating finish too. Hence, it is sturdy, durable, and resistant to any wear or tear.

Moreover, it also comes with guard rails for the upper bed. So, it prevents you as well as pillows from falling over.

Key features:

  • Like several others in our lists, it also uses metal slats in place of springs. So, it can provide the necessary support to your mattresses without hassle.
  • Speaking of mattresses, you can certainly use two twin size mattresses with this bunk bed.
  • Lastly, it comes with a ladder on both sides for ease of climbing up and down.

Be it for guests or your children, the metal bunk beds with storage will help you to lie comfortably. Plus, you can even store everything on it. Read over bed tables.

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