Best Commercial Metal Bar Stools for Kitchen & Restaurant Reviews

Though they go by the name of metal bar stools, you can also use them for your house. These stools complement your interior perfectly and give out a classy vibe. As the name suggests, these products make use of premium metals and other materials in their construction. Thus, they are highly durable and can easily carry your weight. Nevertheless, with all the design variations and brands out there, you may have a hard time choosing the right one. You will have to be careful about every little detail.

Well, to ease the pressure on you, we came up with this list of metal bar stool recommendations. Sneak a peek and you will be able to make to settle your mind on one product.

10. Furmax  Indoor/Outdoor Metal Bar Stools – Stackable Kitchen Stools

Metal Bar Stools

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Coming as a set of 4, this set of backless metal bar stools from Furmax is surely one of the best names. Being an excellent fit for restaurants, bistros, and bars, this set has a comfortable top reach at the counter. On the other hand, the rubber feet ensure that the floor remains protected. Completely assembled, it is rather stackable in nature to help save some space.

With a double coating of varnish, this is both rust and water-resistant. Having the X-brace just under the seat is something that will provide utmost stability. Thus, if you plan to set up your own little bar place, this is a set of stools that you can surely vouch for in every respect.

Key Features: 

  • Available in shades of green and gun and you can pick the one that is of your taste.
  • Has foot support with a maximum capacity of 340-lbs.
  • The steel used is mar and scratch-resistant and will support heavy weights without any complaint.

9. DHP Restaurant Metal Bar Stools with Backs and Wood Seat

DHP Restaurant Metal Bar Stools with Backs and Wood Seat

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If you want elegance and consumer benefit aspects simultaneously in your little space? Then this range of luxury counter stools is really a treat! Available in a set of 2, this is extremely durable in nature. This metal countertop bar stool has a sturdy frame carved out of steel. Therefore, gives surely the much-needed backrest.  It has a combination of metal frame and distressed wooden seat, therefore, having an industrial appeal.

In fact, added to that comes the specific leg caps. As a result, helps to prevent your floor from those tough scratches for a lifetime.

Key Features: 

  • Has a multi-functional usage, and it has a design suitable for both domestic and commercial usage.
  • Accommodation up to 200-lbs is enough for carrying a lot of individuals. Plus, it comes with a height range of 30-inches.
  • Specialized durability-tested with BIFMA and ANSI standards that are certainly top-notch.

8. UrbanMod Counter Bar Height Bar Stools – 330lb

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These bunch of industrial metal bar stools in a wide range of colors offers you multiple options. Well, these are a sleek and stylish batch of metal stools that too stackable in nature. It is natural to get confused. However, this range, unlike its competitors, brings stools that hold up to 330-lbs. Comes with its modern design, it can match up to the needs of today’s times.

For proper drainage, it has a center drain hole along with leg braces that enhance the measures of stability. With floor-protecting rubber feet, your property will remain harmless.

Key Features: 

  • It has a construction of galvanized steel that is heavy-duty and for longevity; it comes with a multi-coating finish.
  • Stackable in nature with a 4-sided footrest providing maximum comfort
  • Known for its glossy finish that looks beautiful and perfect for use.

7. Yaheetech Modern Kitchen Dining Bar Stools with Backs and Arms

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Yaheetech is no small name in the domain of bar stools and other accessories. Keeping strong to this tradition, it comes to this range of 4 bar stools with a high backrest. As a result, it is not just stackable saving some space but also is of solid base ensuring utmost durability.

This comes with rubber feet to prevent scratching the floor as well as rubber pads for additional stability. When it is about construction, its surface is of beechwood. Therefore, helps to enhance the stability feature of this chair

Furthermore, the rustic metal bar stools have a classic appearance that is suitable for a lot of set-ups. As a company that has always put its customer satisfaction aspect at the top – rest assured you will have one of the best products in this domain.

Key Features: 

  • For increased load-bearing capacity, the X-shape brace is its topmost feature.
  • Indeed ergonomic in nature with a weight carrying capacity of 330-lbs.
  • The detachable backrests make it suitable for multiple usages.

6. Devoko Indoor Outdoor Stackable Barstools

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Though comparatively new, Devoko has already captured the market in the best possible manner. And courtesy goes to its range of bar stools that are light in terms of weight yet sturdy in nature. Made of durable steel, this range of bar stools is available in multiple shades. As a matter of fact, it is suitable for both commercial and domestic usage. The sheet metal frame is rather sturdy and so, it prevents the risk of bending. Hence, durability is never a doubt.

With a 30-inches reach up to the countertop, this modern metal bar stool provides the much-required accommodating capacity of over 300-lbs. Thus ensuring you of its stability and durability.

Key Features: 

  • Comes fully assembled with plastic caps that help to save the floor from scratches.
  • Stackable in nature with grooves present at the legs that save extensive damage.
  • For additional support, the X -braces are a real winner.

5. BTEXPERT Industrial Tabouret Vintage Antique Rustic Metal Modern Dining Counter Barstools

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Specially designed keeping in mind the demands of a party, office, and bistro-like atmosphere! This range of stools is pure stainless steel that will provide you with a comfortable seating space. However, to save wastage of extra space, it is stackable in nature. For added longevity and flawless finish, it has a powder-coated finish. It is not going to break so easily as it comes with a seating capacity of 300-lbs

Finally, it is extremely convenient to carry over at any place. This is one range of products from BTEXPERT that you must check out!

Key Features: 

  • Barstool height is up to 24-inches to the countertop which is high enough for having a chilled time.
  • Completely assembled product, your floors will remain an unharmed cause of the special non-mar foot glides.
  • Comes with rubber foot-caps that promise complete scratch and mar resistance.

4. HomeRoots Industrial Metal Barstool with Backs

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Touted as a modern set of dual barstools, the industrial approach lets you feel homely. This one has a construction of metal that will not break if the individual sitting is heavy. It has a seat height of 33.5-inches with reinforced legs that ensure a complete package. Be it domestic or private domain. However, you will feel comfortable while sitting on it as it has a beautiful flat area for sitting.

In fact, the sitting area is of 24-inches that are pretty wide. To top it all, the whole set-up is weather-resistant for your own benefit and the beauty remains intact.

Key Features: 

  • Especially in the industrial design format, it is extremely light in terms of weight as it is 9.5lbs.
  • Comes with a matte black finish that accentuates and makes them attractive.
  • The brand took its inspiration from the French bistros that are cute and have gorgeous seating.

3. Pioneer Square Metal Bar Height Chairs with Back Rest

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Quite a new player in this domain, this stool from Pioneer Square is well tried among all its competitors. Available in a set of 2, this is known for its 30-inches countertop height where you can seat and have full access to the counter. With compactness and lightweight being the USP, you can even carry it instead of dragging it through the floor. Additional features as availability of multiple colors and utmost protection via rubber cap. This helps to keep your floor in pristine condition. In fact, no signs of scratching with be there

The seat is wooden and shaped as a square while the back is curved with a vertical slat that will help to rest your back. For reliability, the combination of distressed wood and sleek metal is going to make it an aesthetic piece.

Key Features: 

  • It requires minimal assembling to make it fully functional.
  •  The seating capacity of 200-pounds is another important feature as it has a limit that cannot be ignored.
  • Cross brace and lower support brace will keep it in place and avoid chances of tumbling or falling.

2. Andeworld Industrial Metal Counter Stools with Wood Top

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Andeworld is a name to reckon with in this domain of bar stools and its new range of stools is one to definitely check out! Suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces, this bar stool is easy to assemble. As a matter of fact, it is definitely high in terms of space-saving. To enhance the durability aspect, the cross-brace support below the stool gives the stability factor. The non-mar rubber feet ensure that the floor is kept free from scratches.

However, the most interesting feature is that its finishing is done by electronic spray. As a result, it looks perfect on these Tolix-style stools. Thus, in your list of check-outs of bar stools, this surely makes a place

Key Features: 

  • This metal stool comes in a set of 4 ideal for public and private domains.
  • Stackable in nature saving some space and keeping it all at a single location.
  • Has the capacity to rotate up to 360-degrees, so, you can bring out the child in you.

1. AC Pacific Modern Light Weight Industrial Metal Back Barstools

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Are you bored of the usual stools and chairs that shine in your bistro? Want something sleek and stylish, something new? Well, AC Pacific will not disappoint you and it brings along a stool set made of distressed metal. To get you a proper seat, it features a bucket-back design. Moreover, it has steel construction for being strong and enduring enough. It comes with a countertop height of 30-inches and is indeed a dual-styled barstool.

Additionally, it comes with a series of features for the same that include a simple assembly process, countertop seats, and reinforced legs. Each of the chairs weighs only 11lbs which will not be hard to handle.

Key Features: 

  • Hues present include matte and distressed black, vintage copper, and brass gold as well as brushed rusty gold and vintage pewter.
  • Its industrial-style finish makes it weather resistant and ideal for rough application as well.
  • The footrests are present for supporting your tiring legs.

Whether setting up in your home or at the bistro, this range of metal bar stools is definitely considered. After all, where else can you find a sturdy chair that is light in itself?

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