Best Gas and Electric Log Splitters for Sale Reviews

Constructions using wood and use of wood in fireplaces during the winter seasons will never run out of practice. Therefore, people will never stop using different types of woods for various purposes. Cutting the wood into the usable size and shape out of irregular logs is however quite difficult. And you cannot do it without a good quality machine. Well, nothing will make it easier other than the efficient log splitters. You just do not need any external force to cut the log.

Well, we have found the top log splitters that you can buy today. Now easily finish all the wood cutting projects you have lined up.

10. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment 6-Ton Electric Log Splitters

Log Splitters

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Log splitters are of great utility when you own a workshop or a separate space for woodworking. Everything that is of wood requires you to split big logs into usable sizes. With this machine, you can split the largest size of logwoods effortlessly and the efficiency will always be excellent.

Having a 1.75 hp of motor, your heavy-duty needs will be met the right way. Power-packed and rugged performance is assured by the 15amp of induction motor that runs the machine. Now, take it along the different locations easily. It comes with 7-inches wheels. And whether you are keeping it in a vertical position or moving it, you will face no issues.

Key features:

  • This electric log splitter’s stroke limiter is integrated and you can shorten the stroke when dealing with smaller logs.
  • 18 second cycle time is fast, effective, and splits big-size logs easily.
  • Compact styling doesn’t take up a lot of space in your garage or workshop.

9. Champion Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam 37-Ton Gas Log Splitters

Champion Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam 37-Ton Gas Log Splitters

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One of the most powerful and outstanding gas log splitters, this 37-ton splitter will never let you down. The large 338cc single-cylinder OHV engine runs the log splitter at a constant speed and rate. It means no matter how tough the log feels, it will be split easily. The 2years of limited warranty and lifetime technical support from the experts will have your back always.

Furthermore, when you are dealing with large-sized heavy logs, you can easily convert from horizontal to vertical. If you are having difficulty splitting logs horizontally, just flip the operation and get the work done with ease.

Key features:

  • Towable up to 45mph and compatible with most ATV/UTV, this has an extended tongue.
  • 16-inch tires let you handle different kinds of terrain and surfaces.
  • Uses a dependable auto-return valve that can deliver as many as 200 cycles in an hour.

8. Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-Ton Electric Log Splitters

Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-Ton Electric Log Splitters

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This auto-return log splitter from the house of Boss Industrial is quite compact and powerful machinery. It can do the job of log splitting and cutting well. Powered by a 2HP motor on the inside, it will really surprise you. It can cut and slice large pieces of wood in the most user-friendly manner. The 2 years of residential warranty has got you covered in case you find yourself dissatisfied with this machine.

As a matter of fact, there are multiple other features and the automatic cam return is certainly a useful one. The cam return function operates automatically and is independent of any other similar or different function. For ease of movement, there are wheels at the bottom. And the front handle lets you move around with this product more easily.

Key features:

  • With side rails, the logs will be stable and sturdy during the process of splitting.
  • Offers a maximum cutting force of 7 tons and does so without creating the harmful emissions that come out of fuel-powered units.
  • An extraordinary hydraulic system with one-hand operation convenience is certainly something you will thoroughly enjoy.

7. Champion Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

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On this well-designed compact log splitter, you will get maximum power of 7 tons which is quite much for cutting different sizes of logs. In addition to that, it has an integrated log cradle and features a low-profile design that enhances your overall working comfort by great margins.

Last but not least, if this is your first splitter and you do not know dos and don’ts well, the 2-year warranty has always got your back. If you ever face any issue, contact the technical support that is being offered by the brand free for a lifetime.

Key features:

  • Uses an 80cc engine which is strong enough for dealing with logs up to a thickness of 19-inches.
  • Better efficiency is assured by the skewed wedge design.
  • Combination of 20 second cycle time and auto-return valve for less time consumption.

6. YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Stand

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If you are a fan of fast and rapid work, this is certainly one of the finest choices for your needs. It is powerful and hugely effective in the way it works, the 5 ton of power never leaves you with a slow and unsteady working pace. It uses RAM force and owing to that, the speed of splitting the irregular thick logs is increased by good margins. With just 16 seconds of short cylinder cycle time, if you have something like this at your home or workshop, you can do it all.

Make your DIY projects look more beautiful and everything you create stand out from the crowd by getting hold of a good log splitter like this.

Key features:

  • Capable of splitting and cutting logs of maximum 20.5-inches in length and 10-inches in diameter.
  • Operator safety is a prime concern, hence the machine adapts to two-handed operation.
  • Comes with a stand, log tray, and stroke liner for a better user experience.

5. PowerSmart PS90 6-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

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PowerSmart has put in a lot of effort behind engineering.  It has resorted to using the finest technology to get the job done. Having a powerful 1.75 hp log splitter motor that has 15 amps of induction of power delivery, for cutting the large-size logs, trust this 6-ton log splitter. In addition to that, it has a very less cycle time of just 20 seconds. As a result, you can cut and split a large number of logs in significantly less time and with lesser effort.

Having rear wheels for the ease of carrying across various directions, no matter where the log stack is, you can take the machine there for working.

Key features:

  • Well-suited for logs that can measure up to 21-inches X 10-inches in length and diameter.
  • Long years of service and rugged performance are assured by durable steel construction.
  • User-friendly versatility, you can use this log splitter almost anywhere and everywhere.

4. Champion 24-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

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It certainly has a humongous 25 tons of power coupled with a 224 cc single-cylinder OHV engine. The efficiency and rate of working you can expect out of this are outstanding always. Also, it is quite adaptable to your changing needs. And if you need to shift this from horizontal to vertical, you can do that easily.

From large-sized logs to heavyweight natural wood, this can handle all perfectly. The machine also offers an impressively low cycle time of 12 seconds. Therefore, let you handle large quantities of logs in less time. From all your personal domestic needs to some professional working in the workshop, do it all with this.

Key features:

  • The auto-return valve is fast and efficient, capable of running a huge 300 cycles per hour.
  • 2 years of warranty for your peace of mind and ease of working.
  • Towable up to 45mph and compatible with most standard ATVs and UTVs.

3. All Power America 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter – Portable Wood Cutter

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Bring home this well-designed log splitter for your next wood project or fireplace. Now, you are never run short of sized wood pieces for your needs. Powered by a 1500Watts of electric hydraulic motor, the machine has a 5-ton capacity. Therefore, delivers outstanding force for cutting the logs perfectly.

Moreover, it has two-hand operation comfort for safer and more secure working in all situations. As a matter of fact, 30 seconds of cycle time for doing more work at a steady pace and rate.

Key features:

  • Logs of 20-inches long and 10-inches wide are cut with this.
  • Sturdy tubular leg design with steel outer shell for unparallel durability.
  • Has horizontal mount for added benefits.

2. WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

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Why settle for using types of machinery that can cause damage to the environment and natural resources around us? Now you can start using something that gives equal efficiency without burning fossil fuel. No risks of emitting carbon monoxide and burning gasoline, as this has a powerful 15A motor. However, the amount of log pounding pressure it offers is a humongous 130000 pounds. As a result, all your logs will be cracked the right way.

If you have a set of logs that falls under the dimensions of 10-inches X 20.5-inches, this machine can split them in the most effective way.

Key features:

  • Easy to transport and move, the never-flat 5.5-inches wheels assembly ensures ease of movement.
  • Includes 5.5-inches of pull handle for better maneuverability.
  • The splitter is used with or without the 34-inches stand.

1. Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

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This uses hydraulic RAM so that the driving force can reach a staggering 10 tons of mark. Well-suited for logs of maximum 18-inches X 8-inches, almost all kinds of logs we use on a daily basis. So, now split with this powerful splitter. Furthermore, it has a technologically advanced RAM return spring so that the reset can be done quickly and hassle-free.

Undoubtedly, this is something that guarantees top-notch service and never compromises on the quality in any way.

Key features:

  • Requires no oil, gas, or cord for working of this.
  • 2.48-inches of wheel size for easy movement across various places.
  • Log cradle assures that the split wood doesn’t fall off.

Technology is rising to new heights and everywhere you will go. You will see how innovation has made our regular items into something more useful and fun filling. Pick a log splitter for sale and save your energy for other important things.

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