Top 10 Best LED Face Masks for Acne and Skin Care Reviews In 2020

As we start growing old, we need to take good care of our skin and upgrade our skincare routines. We start seeing signs of ageing and fine lines appear. Even dark circles and under-eye puffs become our biggest fear. To deal with all these and keep our skin glowing, the LED face masks are an undisputed choice. Having different advantages, you can feel the change in a few days after using. Want to know more in details?

After detailed research, we put forward our LED face masks’ recommendations. All the given points are what the products stand for.

Table of the Best LED Face Masks Reviews

10. Angel Kiss 7 Color Photon Blue Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation LED Face Masks

LED Face Masks

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If light therapy is what you want, this LED face mask for skincare is the one providing you with youthful skin. With 150 pieces of LED lamps admitting 7-colours, this mask is one cover that will help you look radiant like never before.

Also, offering pure energy and light for treating your skin, rest assured and your skin will not get any harmful reactions. The available light that this emits activates the photoreceptors of one’s skin, thereby helping to relieve you from darker shades. Topping it all – this mask has beneficial effects on your face by inhibiting the level of melanin production. How about treating your skin to this? Helps to improve skin-elasticity especially the fatty areas around the face.

Works to reduce and finally prevent wrinkles, thereby helping to better contouring of the face. The 7-colours work individually to provide a non-invasive and painless skin-treatment. Moreover, it’s known to show direct action on freckle removal, shrinking pores, skin-tightening, controlling level of face-oil, anti-ageing and finally smoothening of the skin.

Key Features: 

  • LED lamps are certainly non-heat producing in nature.
  • Specifically, Time-Controlled function for 20-minutes usage time.
  • Rejuvenates the cells of the skin along with increased collagen production.
  • Works on every type of skin especially suitable for sensitive skin.
  • 7-in-1 photonics rejuvenation system using natural light waves.
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9. Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Mask

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Looking for an infrared LED face mask that will help you revamp your skin? Project E Beauty is the product to swear by! Starting from inhibiting melanin pigment formation to ensuring minimal wrinkle formation, it does its job best. Rest assured, this face mask is one of those products that help you leave your skin completely hydrated.

Using natural light waves to improve beauty levels of your skin, this helps in bringing back elasticity to your face. The high-intensity LED’s used for dealing with oil control, shrinking of pores, skin-smoothening and tightening, freckle removal. Especially working to fight fatty areas of your skin, this keeps your skin hydrated. And brings back the lost glow on your face!

Key Features: 

  • Non-invasive in nature, 100% UV free and completely painless treatment
  • Natural light waves are used to improve skin tone.
  • Mask fits well into every skin and matches the level of every skin type.
  • Portable in nature and extremely cost-effective.
  • Each colour works on specific skin problems all in just 10-minutes.
  • Free from any chemical format, the professional-level treatment offered.

8. YOOVE 7-Color LED Face Masks – Home Light Therapy Facial Care Mask

YOOVE 7-Color LED Face Masks - Home Light Therapy Facial Care Mask

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How about having an ‘eraser’ that would completely erase your age and give you a new skin? Yoove is your partner in this! By transmitting the available LED’s into your skin, this uses the range of natural waves to deal with the skin tone.

With the capacity to fight the concerned fatty areas and help in contouring of the face, this face mask is just what every skin requires, irrespective of the type. Rest assured, this mask is gentle and will surely help you fight age like no other!

Key Features: 

  • LED lights are non-heat producing ensuring complete safety measures to the skin.
  • The LED face mask’s light therapy helps to improve skin elasticity via multiple wavelengths of light.
  • 7-colour treatment format to deal with skin-tightening and lightening dark spots.

7. Lexi White Beauty Red Light Therapy LED Face Masks for Anti Aging, Wrinkles & Scarring

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One always loves to have SPA like skin and that too at a minimal cost. Well, how about getting a chance to have one now, albeit via Lexi White Beauty face mask with LED colours. Completely safe and extremely natural, this red light LED face masks helps to remove wrinkles. Plus, also minimises the roughness of the skin.

Topping it all, this mask on a regular usage basis has the capacity to fight all the skin problems at a lifelong strength. Clearly, your skin needs some renewal! Revitalization happens via activation of photoreceptors in the skin cells which helps the skin elastin to revitalise. The 7-in-1 colour format helps to remove the dark melanin spots as well as increase skin metabolism levels.

Key Features: 

  • Mask specifically works to reduce wrinkles, promote collagen production and tighten the skin with regular usage.
  • Being toxin-free, this helps to detox the skin and balances the grease levels.
  • Deals effectively with blemishes, inflammation, enlarged pores and scars.
  • Improves blood circulation in the face via usage for 20-minutes.
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6. HIME SAMA Pro 7-Color LED Face Mask Electric Therapy for Healthy Skin Face

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Providing perfect salon-level treatment within the confines of your home comes this face mask from HIME SAMA. With a 7-colour option available for its users, this mask is designed targeting the skin and neck. In fact, the utmost customisation is available.

Not just skin-tightening, this also works to reduce the fat content of your face, prevents moisture loss from the skin as well. So, if self-skincare is on your mind, this is a mask that you can try using.

Key Features: 

  • Perfectly targets to work on –improved blood circulation and collagen production. It also inhibits melanin formation, improves lymph metabolism, helps to deal with allergies.
  • Indeed an eco-friendly product for safe results.
  • Has light irradiation technology with BPA free product being the strongest highlight.

5. Organically Youthful Health LED Face Mask

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As the name suggests, this is a brand that helps to organically treat your skin tissues. As a matter of fact, help it garner the same glow that has been since lost. With a clear aim of rejuvenating your face, this via its wavelengths helps to manage the optimal levels of intensity. Well, just as your skin requires! The therapeutic LED face mask allows you to change the wavelength’s intensity in 5 different levels.

In fact, in just 3 and 4 times a week, use for 15 to 30 minutes and the results will be visible. It will last for the longest period and have a spa-like experience.

Key Features: 

  • The portability of the product allows it to carry it around.
  • Helps to boost the collagen level of your skin via customisable 7-Photon Light Therapy.
  • Specifically works on maintaining the elasticity of the skin, deal with sagging skin and brighten the tone.

4. Project E Beauty LED Mask Face & Neck Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

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Refreshing is the key to having good skin, something that Project E Beauty promises to deliver. And it’s all via its wireless LED face mask. In fact, quite compared to its competitors, with regular usage, this starts showing results only in a few weeks.

Also, by using natural light waves, the skin is protected. Thereby ensuring the elasticity of that skin is maintained.

Being wireless, keep it hands-free and let your skin enjoy the benefits. After all, its 5-feature direct action works specifically on shrinking pores, tightening the skin and freckle removal respectively. It is 50% lighter than its previous versions ensuring that it harms the skinless.

Key Features: 

  • Natural waves transmitted via LEDs into the skin.
  • 7-colours suitable for every skin type minus any skin irritation.
  • Inhibits level of melanin production bettering skin quality.
  • Non-invasive in nature with direct action on fatty areas of the face.
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3. Zohi Photon LED Facial Mask for Skin Rejuvenation & Improvement

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Approved by FDA, this is a LED mask that helps to bring a change in your skin standards. With a proven LED technology, it ensures complete safety for your skin-related issues. Moreover, this also provides a chance to repair the tissues of your face. Thereby resulting in a healthy and brighter skin tone.

Apart from the same, this face mask also utilises 7-available colours. Therefore, ensuring that every colour betters the growth of your skin. Next, if you are having sensitive skin, just wear the safety goggles.

Key Features: 

  • Usage of LED Photon skin therapy ensuring complete benefit to your skin approved by FDA standards.
  • Helps to provide uniform coverage to your face via 150 LED bulbs.
  • Works within a proven span of 60 days on freckles, wrinkles, blemishes.

2. WIBE Eco-Face Near-infrared LED Photon Mask for LED Therapy

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Another of the highly-valued natural face masks, this one from WIBE is a real winner. With non-harmful infrared rays, this mask features 630nm wavelength red lights. As a result, help to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin and maintains the level of skin elasticity. Via deep penetration into the skin, this helps to reduce wrinkles and prevent ageing.

One of the handy and rechargeable masks in tow, it prevents low-temperature burns. Plus, helps to improve the skin quality to a great extent. Preventing wrinkles and ageing to a great extent, this is a mask that is a must-have for one and all!

Key Features: 

  • Is of eco-friendly plastic and ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Known for tightening the nasolabial line as well as sagging eyes.
  • Reduce melanin levels and red spots – bettering the shine of the skin.

1. BeautyHuoLian Portable SPA Face LED Mask With Black Eye Mask

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What if you get a chance to remain young forever? BeautyHuoLian presents to be the ideal mask that is portable and inclusive of the 7-colours. With a capacity to deal with multiple skin problems, this mask helps to provide SPA level skin treatment. And that also at the domain of your home.

Having the capacity to deal with collagen formation, albeit improving it, this face mask helps to deal with hyper-pigmentation. Plus, it is best used for 30-minutes on a regular basis. Apart from that, you can recycle it and reuse it. Finally, the head elastic is adjustable as needed.

Key Features: 

  • Specifically deals with tactile roughness, hyperpigmentation, shallowness and increase the levels of proliferation.
  • Helps to solve issues as oil control, anti-ageing, tightening of the skin, shrinking and smoothening of pores.
  • Mask includes 152 LED lights with 7 colours and 5 levels to choose from.

The healthy glow in your skin will remain intact. Take the benefits of LED face masks and restore your youth.

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