Best Modern LED Bathroom Mirrors with Lights Reviews

Bathroom mirrors with LED lighting are surely a great choice for modern and contemporary interiors. Having LED backlighting, these mirrors provide a classy yet futuristic look to your bathrooms. Furthermore, these mirrors also provide an intelligent lighting solution and keep the decoration of your bathroom clutter-free. Most importantly, these LED bathroom mirrors come with special anti-fogging properties. Also, you can easily set the brightness of your LEDs as per your need.

Interested in getting one? You do not have to make it extra hard on you. Here are the top LED bathroom mirror deals that will make it a win-win situation for you.

10. Keonjinn Wall Mounted Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror with Lights

LED Bathroom Mirrors

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Keonjinn presents to you one of the best anti-fog LED bathroom mirrors you can buy on the market. One of its best features is its dimensions. The carefully selected dimensions make it compatible with any orientation. You can have it installed vertically or horizontally and it would look and function equally well. Next, it is also equipped with high-quality LED lights that give you proper illumination at any time of the day.

Besides, the light is also controllable. You can dim it to a comfortable luminous intensity by pressing a round touch button. Touch the button for a few seconds to change the brightness to maximum settings. Moreover, it has a memory function. That means when you switch off the lights on the mirror and turn it on again later it will remember the previous settings.

Key features:

  • With anti-fogging technology, the mirror doesn’t turn blurry when the bathroom is humid.
  • LEDs are waterproof and won’t get damaged in your bathroom.
  • The LEDs have a long lifetime and can last a total use of 50,000 hours

9. SMART COOM Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

SMART COOM Wall Mounted LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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Smart Coom has an awesome LED bathroom vanity mirror that will blow you away with its advanced technology and superior craftsmanship. The mirror looks amazing and the light is integrated in such a way that it doesn’t show after installation. This results in seamless illumination along the sides of the mirror that seems almost impossible. One of the greatest disadvantages of any glass surface in a humid environment is fogging. You have to rinse the surface repeatedly or use a solution and wipe the surface several times a day.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of that with this mirror. Press the anti-fog button and the mirror clears up to its former glory.

Key features:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting saves money on your power bill.
  • Multiple layer construction makes the mirror more durable and the lights waterproof.
  • You can also adjust the color temperature of the light.

8. KAASUN Vertical/Horizontal LED Backlit Bathroom Vanity Mirror

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When you buy this dimmable LED bathroom mirror from Kaasun you won’t settle for anything else. Every component that has gone into the construction is of top quality and will last you for a long time. Let’s start with the glass used in this mirror. When other mirrors break they shatter into thousands if not millions of pieces. The sharp debris may splash out at you and injure you or your loved ones.

To remove that problem, Kaasun has made their mirror with a berating diaphragm. If the mirror breaks, it won’t shatter and splash in your direction. Even the frame is constructed from aluminum to keep the product lightweight. And it is free from corrosion in the humid environment of your bathroom.

Key features:

  • Since the mirror used silver instead of copper, it won’t get damaged due to household chemicals
  • 6400K cold white color temperature of the LED strip is soothing to the eyes
  • The baseboard cover is galvanized for protecting the inner electronic components

7. HAUSCHEN LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror 

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Hauschen has a premium-quality light from the best materials so that you have the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality. It has a solid frame from lightweight aluminum that is also immune to rusting. For a clear view and high-quality reflection, the mirror uses silver instead of copper. And that also makes it last longer even if it gets exposed to household chemicals.

You don’t need to deal with complicated controls for operating the various functions of the mirror either. Next, you can control it directly from the wall switch. For changing the brightness of the LED strip on the mirror there is a nifty ouch button on the glass surface. By touching it you can dim the lights or brighten them up.

Key features:

  • It remembers the previous brightness setting so that you don’t have to set it up repeatedly
  • Having a maximum output of over 6500 lumens, this mirror can light up your face sufficiently
  • With a CRI value of over 95, you see a true reflection of yourself in the mirror

6. MAVISEVER LED Bathroom Mirrors with Defoggers and Lights

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Mavisever presents to you a marvelous product that will meet and exceed all your expectations. The light strip used by this mirror is top-notch. They are rated to have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours of use. And that translates to years considering the amount of time you spend in the bathroom grooming yourself. You can even adjust how the light looks by adjusting the color temperature.

With a range of 6500K to 3000K, you can choose anything from cool white to warm yellow. There’s also the high CRI rating of these lights. The light doesn’t alter the colors and helps you see a true reflection in the mirror. Besides, you won’t have any regrets when you buy this mirror. You don’t need to worry about water splashes and humidity frying the electronic components either. Finally, this waterproof LED bathroom light has an IP44 rating. So you can have peace of mind.

Key features:

  • The mirror is approved by trusted organizations like ETL for its safety.
  • Mirror has anti-explosion technology that is enabled by its adhesive state.
  • Can be hooked to your wall switch for seamless control.

5. HAUSCHEN LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

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Another awesome mirror from Hauschen that provides equally good features. It can contend with any of the products offered by the competition. The mirror is crafted to perfection so that you get perfect aesthetics in the bathroom. It is polished well and with its copper-free design, you get high definition reflection all the time. You don’t need to bother about the controls either.

If you want you can pair it with your wall switch and use it like any regular light or appliance. The wall-mounted LED bathroom mirror isn’t bulky like other subpar alternatives.

Key features:

  • You can slide the brightness settings between 20 to 100 percent for the perfect ambiance
  • The mirror is approved by trusted organizations like Underwriters Laboratories
  • Besides, it is feature-rich yet super slim at just around 1.4-inches.

4. Keonjinn Backlit Bathroom Anti-Fog Makeup Mirror with LED Light

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Yet another amazing bathroom mirror by Keonjinn that will appeal to a wide group of people. Instead of illuminating the front, this mirror provides backlit illumination which creates a kind of background halo. This makes it perfect not just as a bathroom mirror, but also as a regular mirror in any room. The backlit mirror can be functional and a great piece of accessory for the wall.

On the surface of the mirror, you find two switches that allow you to control two different functions. One lets you dim or brighten the lights and another one lets you easily defog your mirror.

Key features:

  • The hassle-free and almost maintenance-free design make it a steal.
  • The LEDs at the back of the mirror can last you for as long as 45 years.
  • Comes with free accessories for easy installation.

3. UVII Wall LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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Sheri succeeds where others fail. It provides you with a mind-blowing LED bathroom mirror without robbing your money. At almost half the price of other LED bathroom mirrors, it is a stellar product. Hence, it will also save some money that goes to pay your energy bill. With efficient LEDs, the mirror can provide a lot of luminance without using a lot of power.

Its sharp lines and minimalistic clean design will also make your bathroom look better. You can also adjust the color of the light with the touch of a button.

Key features:

  • Controls are less confusing with clear symbols and markings.
  • You can use the mirror in two different orientations.
  • Besides, it comes with a dimmable touch sensor. So, you can easily control the glow.

2. ExBrite LED Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

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The design of this mirror is simple and minimal. That allows it to blend in flawlessly with your decor. Since it has bright LEDs, you don’t need to spend extra money on a makeup mirror. Moreover, the lights have a high CRI rating. So, you don’t have to deal with an altered poor reflection that you face with poor-quality makeup mirrors.

For dimming the bright lights just press a button on the mirror surface, no need to reach for complicated controls. Not only anti-fog, but it is also waterproof making the experience a satisfying one.

Key features:

  • Since it is backed by a 5-year warranty period, you can make a worry-free purchase.
  • An automatic night light sensor can switch on the lights when the surroundings are dim.
  • Besides, it also comes with special anti-fogging and night light features.

1. ANTEN Bathroom Backlit Mirror with LED Lights

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Anten has created a masterpiece with this bathroom mirror. Its modern clean design makes it the star in the bathroom and helps you groom yourself without interruptions. You can also switch up your grooming routine by changing the color of the integrated LEDs. That lets you be aware of how you will look in certain lighting conditions.

Moreover, it is also rated as IP44 which means it has a high resistance to both water and dust damage. You don’t have to worry about the electronic components getting damaged in the bathroom.

Key features:

  • Comes with wall mounting brackets to save you a trip to the hardware store.
  • Lights are free from UV radiation and flickering.
  • Lastly, it has a life span of 5000 hours which is pretty long.

Your bathroom will not only be well-lit but also a perfect space for doing your makeup. Installing a LED bathroom mirror, will look stylish and give you the perfect amount of light.

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