Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men and Women Reviews

Your laptop is your all-time companion. Whether you are going to the office or someplace else, you need your laptop at all times to be at the top of your job. However, you will need a proper laptop bag to carry it with you. While there are several types of laptop bags available, nothing is better than leather laptop bags. These bags are not only spacious and durable but they also ooze class and style. A laptop bag goes with all outfits and allows you to carry your laptop in style.

In this article, we are taking a look at the top-rated leather laptop bags around. From various patterns to the authentic taste, you will love it.

10. NEWHEY 15.6 Inch Waterproof Leather Messenger Bags – Laptop Shoulder Bag

Leather Laptop Bags

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Newhey has made its vintage leather laptop bag with some of the highest quality materials so that it can accompany you for a long time. The bag is of a strong canvas fabric that is thick and waxed to perfection. This makes your bag resistant to tear and damage. Apart from that, it is waterproof. Hence, protects your laptop or any other thing inside the bag from damage during the rain.

Since the bag is made from leather obtained from cowhide, you won’t have to worry about rough use. Moreover, the surface has intentional scratches and is wrinkled in a disordered fashion. Thus, it exudes a vintage look and feel.

Key features:

  • With a total of 4 inner pockets and 5 outer pockets, you don’t need to worry about the organization.
  • Having strong zippers and magnetic straps, the bag always stays secure.
  • The handle is padded to reduce fatigue from carrying the bag.

9. Oak Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for Men

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Oak Leathers make their laptop bag from the hide of regular slaughterhouse animals. This bag is also made of tough cowhide and isn’t obtained from the slaughter of exotic or wild animals. You can feel the premium quality of the bag upon touch and the skilled craftsmanship that has gone into this bag is unrivaled.

Inside the bag, you get a premium lining made from polyester. Hence, even if you spill something, nothing leaks out of the bag. Moreover, this also makes cleaning and maintenance of the leather laptop messenger bag easier.

Key features:

  • It has a long shoulder strap that can be adjusted up to 28-inches.
  • Roomy enough to fit in your laptop, notebook, wallet, phone, car keys, and a lot more.
  • A dark tan finish with natural wrinkles makes it look stunning.

8. Oak Leathers 18-Inch Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

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Another fine bag from Oak Leathers that wouldn’t just meet your expectations, but exceed them by a significant margin. One of its most distinctive characteristics is the brown crazy horse color. Next, it is colored like the skin of a brown horse and would look majestic on you. It is from supreme quality cowhide that can rival some of the toughest leathers in the market. Therefore, would last you for a long time.

Due to the high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this bag. Having numerous pockets and extensive organizational capabilities, you can start using it in your high school years. As a matter of fact, you can wear it on your shoulders even on your executive job.

Key features:

  • The rugged look and neutral color make this bag fit for all places and occasions
  • The bag is big enough to house a large 18-inch laptop.
  • A zipper pocket lets you store your wallet and identification documents safely

7. DHK Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag – Laptop Computer Satchel bag

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Do you like the charm of the good old days and love that vintage look on your furniture and accessories? Then you will fall in love with this handmade leather laptop bag. The bag is fashioned in the form of a briefcase. Plus, Cuero has paid special attention to details to make this bag unique. It features a shoulder strap that is padded at one part. Besides, it is strong enough to carry the weight of your bag to full capacity. Moreover, you can adjust the length of the shoulder strap according to your comfort.

Since it is made from goat leather, it is made to last. Furthermore, it is thick enough to shield its contents from damage band shock. For your laptop, the bag has extra padding inside to keep it secured in position.

Key features:

  • Belt enclosures for the pockets look stunning and give the bag a neo-classical look.
  • Double-stitched edges reinforce the bag and eliminate structural flaws.
  • You can also detach the shoulder strap if you want to carry the bag by the top handle.

6. Komal’s Passion 18 Inch Leather Laptop Bag – Handmade Messenger Bags 

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Few brands can nail the crafting of a full-grain leather laptop bag. Fortunately, Komals Passion leather is one of them. This bag is created with love and attention and would be the perfect gift for your loved one’s upcoming anniversary. While most leather bags have weak edges that get tattered and damaged easily, this one is different.

You can see the rolled edges that are sealed and double stitched for extra reinforcement. Apart from that, the edges also have a darker shade compared to the rest of the bag, and that gives this bag a bold look.

Key features:

  • There are four external pockets for storing things that can be used for storing frequently used accessories.
  • Inside the bag, you get two zipper pockets to keep your laptop, notebook, and files.
  • The shoulder strap can be detached with the snap of your fingers.

5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Business Messenger – Leather Crossbody Laptop Case

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A leather bag that comes from the Kenneth Cole creation isn’t something that can be rivaled by regular brands. Very few can compete with this product in terms of looks, style, and functionality. It is the embodiment of simplicity and doesn’t have too many distracting pockets sleeves or other gimmicks. You open the bag, pack your things, and leave for work or school. Its genius lies in its minimalism.

Since it is crafted from Colombian leather, you can buy this bag without any worries about quality issues. It is treated and stained to perfection to keep that genuine leather feel. Plus, adds that mysterious smooth yet grainy and wrinkled look. Its main compartment is large enough to store numerous things including your large laptop.

Key features:

  • The interior is lined with a material that is resistant to tear and damage.
  • With double magnetic enclosures, the bag stays closed throughout your commute.
  • Can fit in laptops with a screen size of 15.6 inches.

4. Luxorro Laptop Bag Messenger Bag – Genuine Leather Briefcases for Men

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A good laptop bag doesn’t need replacement every year like a subscription service. That’s why Luxorro has made a leather laptop bag that will last you a decade and more with proper maintenance. You can grow with the bag as you move from academics and fully integrate it into your work life. There are zero compromises on quality since this bag is from top-grade cow leather. Plus, it is hand sewn so that it can hold against rough use.

You don’t have to handle it like a prized treasure, you know it is one when the bag stays with you after years. The bag is also unsanded so that it has a natural look unlike the artificial imitations of the competition.

Key features:

  • The bag has a holder strap at the back so that you can attach it to your traveling case.
  • Has a total of 11 pockets so that you can organize everything and have them within your reach.
  • Weighs just over 3 pounds and is highly portable.

3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag

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Another bag from Kenneth Cole Collection that will leave you baffled with its quality and simplicity. The bag has been made from Colombian cowhide that gets better with the passing years. Plus, it doesn’t lack durability compared to other types of leather. On the inside, you have a tear-resistant lining. As a result, protects your bag from being damaged by poking keys, pens, and other such sharp objects.

At the back, you also get a nice strap holder so that you can attach it to the handle poles of your traveling case.

Key features:

  • Laptop, tablet, and accessory pockets are padded to keep your electronic devices safe and secure.
  • Due to its lightweight design, you don’t need to worry about portability.
  • Also, it comes with a 52-inch extendable shoulder strap for the convenience of carrying.

2. Augus Leather Briefcase for Men – Business Travel Messenger Bags

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Apart from an ingenious design, this bag also has a lot of modularity so that you can use it according to your preference. It has dual handles at the top and a thick shoulder strap. You can detach the shoulder strap with a snap and it’s possible due to the mechanical latch system.

The shoulder strap also has padding that can be moved up and down according to its length to sit on your shoulder and prevent muscle fatigue. Since it has a lining made from soft cotton, your bag can be cleaned easily as well.

Key features:

  • Two panels on the side can be opened flat for ease of packing.
  • Since one-time casting is used instead of splicing, the bag is more durable than the rest.
  • The bag is riveted at strategic locations for reinforcement.

1. S-ZONE 15.6 Inch Large  Shoulder Handbag Work Tote

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S-Zone has made a great leather bag for women that can be used as a laptop bag and for various other situations. It is wide enough at the base to fit in a multitude of things and still have more room. The oil-wax leather used in the construction of this bag also makes it water-resistant. As a result, your laptop and other electronic devices don’t get damaged in the rain.

Moreover, the zips are magnetic and hence add an extra layer of security. Besides, it can easily accommodate one 15.6 inch laptop and a 14-inch laptop easily.

Key features:

  • Can fit in laptops as long as they aren’t bigger than 15.6-inches.
  • The seams look gorgeous on this bag and complement your formal dresses well.

So, why don’t you look for a stylish bag that can be of multipurpose use? The leather laptop bags for men or women will keep every necessary item in check and your laptop will be under full protection.

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