Best Folding Large Exercise Mats – Workout Mats for Gym, MMA Reviews

The more you sweat at the gym, the healthier and fitter you will become in the long run. Now there are so many different ways you can get better health. And when you can make a team effort, the results are always more effective. Large exercise mats are something that has been a boon to the world of fitness freaks. This simple innovation ensures anywhere gym and workout without having to pay the hefty memberships.

If you do not own a mat yet and you need one, you should think of getting a big-sized mat. Below you will find the popular large exercise mats that you can get directions for online. From the best brands, these mats are something you can always depend on and rely on.

10. Gxmmat 6’x8’x7mm Extra Large Exercise Mats – Thick Workout Mats for Home Gym Flooring, MMA, Jump Rope

Large Exercise Mats

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One thing that you will definitely need for exercising if you are more than one is a large non-skid exercise mat. Having a construction of high-dense microfoam material, the mat feels plush to the skin and delivers comfort. Both sides of the mat have a no-skid surface so that you get better traction and grip. In addition to that, the underside features a grooved and matrix circle that readily improves the stability of the mat.

Having construction using 7mm high-density memory foam, you will enjoy the best stability and cushioning during workouts.

Key features:

  • The entire mat is protected from tearing, impact damage, abrasion, and scratches.
  • Environment safe and eco-friendly, the mat is heavy-duty yet is latex, phthalate, silicone, and toxic-free.
  • For making it a note-worthy package, it comes with gloves, straps, and a bag for ease of carrying.

9. Gorilla Mats Premium Ultra-Durable Extra Large Exercise Mat

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If you seek to set up a home gym, one thing you cannot ignore buying is good quality. Now there are many mats but only a few are good for your skin and deliver protection. This is one of them and the extra-large exercise mat size makes things even more amazing. When you use this mat, you will get the finest durability while delivering non-slip usage. Moreover, the mat always stays in its place.

Owing to the circle pattern bottom grips, you will get the best stability without any doubt. If you care for the environment, this is the mat you need to consider buying. Well, it’s because it is free from any harmful items like toxins and phthalates.

Key features:

  • Complete package to give you a headstart, along with the mat you will get a high-quality microfiber towel, carry bag, and Velcro straps.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty on the mat so that you can keep doing exercise forever.
  • Effectively keep the joints, muscles, and even the floors away from any sort of risk or injury.

8. CAMBIVO Extra-Thick Large Yoga Mat – Barefoot Exercise Workout Mat for Home Gym, Yoga & Stretching

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A lot of people prefer working out barefoot. If you are one of them, this huge and quality large yoga exercise mat is a great choice to consider. Measuring 6ft X 4ft, you can bring in your partner so that you can sweat it out together. All kinds of exercises including the most popular planks, push-ups, squats, and lunges are extremely comfortable. If you are tired of slipping while you are working out, this mat has a double-sided slip-free design.

Your hands will sink into that perfect level so that it stays away from slipping and you have a better grip. The bottom, on the other hand, has a unique honeycomb design. As a result, improves the overall grip and stability of the mat.

Key features:

  • Thick cushioning of 8mm so that you get the best of shock absorption and support during exercises.
  • Comes with an additional mesh fiber layer that increases the durability and makes the mat practically tear-resistant.
  • Uses the extra comfortable and high-quality memory cushioning in a small bump design.

7. Gxmmat 6’x4’x7mm Large Exercise Mat – Extra Wide Non-Slip Durable Cardio Mat

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If you do not like compromising on the quality, then you need to have a look at this floor exercise mat. Using the finest quality of high-dense microfoam material, you can practice on it with shoes or without shoes, however, you like it. The overall dimensions are extra large and wide so that you get more space to work with.

Also, it is suited for all kinds of flooring, making things more convenient for you in real-time. Enjoy working out on a mat that is totally non-toxic, hence, safe for the environment.

Key features:

  • The mat’s underside has a grooved and matrix circle design so that you get the best stability always.
  • Hands and feet stay away from slipping and injuries because this has a subtly textured surface.
  • Indeed protects your knees and joints from soreness and pain because this uses 7mm thick memory foam.

6. Gorilla Mats Ultra Durable, Non-Slip Large Exercise Mat

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You can do almost all kinds of exercises in the comfort of your home. And a thick large exercise mat is something that can done real well. If you are into those alternative workouts like Zumba, and jumping rope, you need a big mat like this at your disposal. For unmatched cushioning and durability you can rely on the high-density foam used in the construction.

To keep your mat in the right place and orientation always, the designers have included circle pattern bottom grips. No matter how fiercely you move on the mat, it will never slide off or change its direction.

Key features:

  • One thing that people struggle with with low-quality mats is damage to the floor and your joints. The extra-thick construction keeps both away for the good.
  • Enjoy working out as soon as you get this because you will get a plush microfiber towel along with a carrying bag and Velcro straps.
  • A lifetime warranty and 100% money-back guarantees promise a product that has no compromise with the quality.

5. RevTime Thick and High-Density Large Exercise Mat for Home Cardio and Yoga Workouts

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One of the well-made mats in the market right now, this is something you will fall in love with. Having construction using sponge rubber, as this doesn’t use solid rubber, you will get improved durability and flexibility always. It ensures 50% denser and more comfortable than most yoga mats on the market.

This large exercise mat weighs just about 19 pounds. It is fairly easy to carry this around if you work out at different places. Moreover, it is safe for use on both concrete and hardwood floors. Thus, giving you more freedom. Do workouts the way you like, you can choose to keep the shoes on or off.

Key features:

  • The free storage bag and a couple of magic belts solve the problem of portability the best way.
  • Has a 6mm thickness for the best kind of protection for the knees and joints when exercising.
  • Circle pattern bottom grips and non-slip surface makes for the best kind of workout.

4. Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Thick Large Exercise Mat

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The name that has won the trust and faith of fitness enthusiasts, from the house of Gorilla mats this is yet another mat. Well, it will let you be flexible and practice freely. Along with the high quality of make and design, the best thing about this mat is, that it is a perfect starter pack. You will get almost everything including a microfiber towel, a carry bag, and a couple of Velcro straps for easy mobility. Take this anywhere you wish and set up your own space for the best kind of exercise.

Furthermore, it is safe for you and Mother Nature. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly materials have been used for making this mat.

Key features:

  • The bottom side has a unique circle pattern that grips so that the mat stays safe from sliding and slipping.
  • You can work out as much as you want since it is fully non-slip and will help to maintain the grip.
  • The extra thick design ensures complete and sure protection to the knees and joints.

3. RevTime Thick & High-Density Large Exercise Mat for Home Cardio & Yoga Workouts

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If you are tired of using yoga mats that are not flexible and wear out after a few sweaty sessions, you need to change them right away. Unlike most mats in the market, this doesn’t use a solid rubber design that limits flexibility. Enjoy the best cardio exercises at your home or anywhere you wish because this uses a 6mm thick sponge rubber made. All sorts of exercises ranging from bodyweight to Zumba can be done on this high-quality large exercise mat.

Finally, the sponge rubber is completely odorless and never fails to deliver protection in all kinds of flooring.

Key features:

  • A unique non-slip design on both layers guarantees the best kind of exercise without risks of slipping and injuring yourself.
  • Bottom grips and unique circle pattern guarantees slip-free usage always.
  • The package includes a storage bag that doubles up as a carry bag as well.

2. Wesfital Extra Large Exercise Yoga Mat – Home Gym Floor Workout Mats

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Your intense workout sessions need some kind of surety and security so that you are never at the risk of injuring yourself. This large exercise mat has a 7mm high-density foam so that you enjoy the best stability and shock absorption for various kinds of workouts. You can even do aerobics on this mat.

Also, it dampens the impact and vibrations and impacts. Hence, you do not end up damaging the floor beneath in any way. Lastly, the mat will certainly not slip. Thanks to the grooved and matrix circle underside that works like magic in keeping the mat stable.

Key features:

  • High-quality and heavy-duty vinyl surfaces offer a non-toxic and safe usage always.
  • Easy to clean and store, you will get 2 Velcro storage straps that keep the mat organized.

1. Pogamat Large Exercise Mat and Thick Yoga Mat – Anti Tear Cardio Mat for Home Gym 

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Like working out with someone else’s company? Well, you need to see this large exercise mat at the top of the list. Designed for yoga or stretching, this two-sided mat is very comfortable and feels amazing on the skin. Featuring a memory foam construction, impacts and vibrations are greatly reduced when you are using this.

The soft upper layer feels great but is very durable for long sessions of workouts or yoga. Lastly, the honeycomb bottom layer anti-slip pads deliver outstanding grip and comfort.

Key features:

  • If you are unsure about this mat, the lifetime money-back guarantee is something that can make you think otherwise.
  • Totally safe and sound, latex and silicone-free non-toxic materials have been used for the construction of this mat.
  • Two times thicker than the standard yoga mats on the market.

So, consider any of these large workout mats for your daily routine and get the toned figure you have been dreaming of. Now, achieving a beach body has become way easier.

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