Best Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers and Sleeping Reviews

Sleeping peacefully at night means you wake up in the morning refreshed and energized. Bad sleeping postures result in unwanted sprain and pain in your back. However, now you can avoid them all. If you are a side sleeper for whatsoever reason, no need to struggle with those sore hips and painful back in the morning. The knee pillows for side sleepings and sleeping have been a game-changer in this domain. It is not only beneficial for regular users but also for any individual dealing with pain.

As we did a bit of research, we have the shortlisted knee pillows on Amazon that bring a positive impact. In fact, these pillows offer the most natural solution for better sleeping at night.

10. AERIS Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers – Memory Foam Leg Pillow for Sleeping

Knee Pillows

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Struggling with sore hips and numb legs because you have this habit of sleeping sideways? Well getting hold of a good memory foam knee pillow like this can really help you ease out the pain in the morning. Wake up full of energy and freshness as this knee pillow helps in enhancing circulation and reducing pressure. Also, it can work equally nicely in different sleeping positions as well. In terms of comfort, this pillow gets a soft bamboo fabric outer cover.

Not only this material feels super comfortable to the skin but it is pretty easy to clean and maintain as well. Just take it out and throw it in a washing machine. As it has a construction of high-quality memory foam, enjoy sleeping more peacefully.

Key features:

  • Perfect alignment and positioning are always assured by the innovative shape of the knee pillow.
  • Due to its multi-position design, you can relax in the way you want.
  • Always stays in its place, the pillow will not lose shape or go flat ever.

9. Cushy Form Knee Wedge Pillow for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

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Side sleepers often complain that they wake up with sore hips and waist pains they cannot handle. In order to make sure you do not suffer from the same issue, you can get yourself an orthopedic knee pillow. It comes in really useful for people suffering from issues like sciatica, scoliosis, and bursitis. The overall design is quite useful as the pillow features a contoured shape that delivers comfort to your knees. Having a construction of superior quality Visco elastic memory foam, the pillow is protected with a washable cover.

Whenever your knee pillow is looking dirty and messy, you can simply remove the cover and clean it. Even the physical therapists suggest this pillow for treating back, knee, hip joint pain, etc.

Key features:

  • You will get free storage plus a travel bag so that you can take this pillow along with your travels.
  • Uniquely created, the pillow feels very soft in warm weather and turns firm in cold temperatures.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, if you are unhappy with the pillows, you can ask for a refund.

8. Cushy Form Knee Pillows for Back Pain & Relief

Cushy Form Knee Pillows for Back Pain & Relief

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Yet another excellent organic cotton knee pillow, this slips right between your legs. Thus, provides your legs with an elevated position. As your legs rest in an elevated stature, you will sleep in better form. Thereby assuring no aching back pains or sore in the morning. Raised legs help in better circulation and help in reducing the varicose veins. Hence, making sure this pillow is also used for post-surgery recovery.

It also makes sure you are never compromising with comfort or relaxation in any way while sleeping. Featuring an extra soft and breathable organic cotton cover, this pillow always feels premium and plush to your skin. When it gets messy, you can even wash the cover without risking damage.

Key features:

  • It comes along with a 100% money-back guarantee, thus making sure you buy this with confidence.
  • Has construction of 100% visco-elastic memory foam, the overall quality of the pillow is excellent.
  • One can use it both between the knees and under the calf, as per your sleeping posture.

7. MODVEL Orthopedic Knee Pillows for Hip, Sciatica & Lower Back Pain Relief

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Now it is easy to wake up fresh and energized every morning by simply using this washable knee pillow while sleeping at night. Get rid of those sciatica and joint pain by getting yourself this high-quality knee pillow. Carefully created with 100% superior quality memory foam, this is the ideal pillow. As a matter of fact, it can provide better alignment to your body during sleeping.

Also, this comes with a lifetime refund policy. If you are not satisfied using it, rather than a replacement you can simply ask for a refund. In fact, it’s breathable in nature and you won’t face any irritation or burns while using this. Finally, this is hypoallergenic as proven by its qualities.

Key features:

  • The cover is machine washable; making sure you can clean this anytime effortlessly.
  • Zippered cover has a compact zipper design o that it doesn’t cause any damage to your skin or other materials.
  • This certainly has a curved design for providing luxurious taste while using.

6. Sheltin Memory Foam Knee Pillow – Contour Leg Positioner Pillows Wedge 

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An hourglass-shaped pillow that will deliver much-needed comfort to your legs at night. Using this pillow means you will have better and proper spinal alignment every night. The entire back, hip, ankle pain will be taken care of without any extra hassles. All you need to do is place this pillow between your knees every night. Now, you will wake up refreshed and free from any pain.

Moreover, it is even considered as a maternity knee pillow as it comforts the expected mothers as well. Having a wedge shape will embrace your leg shape beautifully.

Key features:

  • It will not get warm when you are pressing between legs for too long. Plus, it is certified to be a medical-grade product.
  • Memory foam makes sure your knees are properly spread out during the nights.
  • It stays comfortable between the legs because of the breathable cover that promotes air circulation.

5. Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow with Adjustable and Removable Strap

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Quality of make and design, this has been created using the finest materials so that you always have a peaceful sleep. Ergonomically shaped, the orthopedic contouring helps in maintaining an ideal gap between your knees. In doing so, the pillow will help you maintain a proper posture throughout the night. If your side sleeper by habit or you are in your pregnancy, this knee pillow will come in really useful.

It will make sure you wake up full of energy and positivity without any unwanted pains and sprains in your body. For cleaning, you can simply unzip the cover and throw it in your washing machine. Also, it is safe to be used in the dryer.

Key features:

  • Innovative strap, the hook, and loop adjustable strap ensures the pillow stays in the right place. It is comfortable even when you are rolling over in your sleep.
  • You will get a couple of premium memory foam earplugs so that you can enjoy your sleeping time even more.
  • You can literally feel the beautiful softness of the product, however, it is hard enough to handle your weight.

4. Memory Foam Knee Pillow – Leg Pillow Wedge for Side Sleepers

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Certainly, a beautiful-looking pillow that has high-end elegance and premium touch to it! This is something you will love using on a day-to-day basis. It helps in effective pain relief as it delivers the right balance of support while you are sleeping sideways. Sleeping in the wrong posture creates unwanted tension and makes your body more prone to cramps and pains.

With this pillow, you will be rewarded with better blood circulation and reduced knee soreness. As a matter of fact, it is quite suited for pregnant women as well. Clean and maintain easily, all you need to do is remove the zippered outer cover and put it in your washing machine.

Key features:

  • Will contour your body shape and provide better support as it is made using 100% Visco elastic memory foam.
  • It comes with a carry case so that you can take this knee pillow along in your journeys as well.
  • No risks of itches and allergies as the entire cover are of hypoallergenic materials which is safe for all skin.

3. ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Sciatica Relief, Back Pain & Leg Pain

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This is one of the top-rated pillows that you can find out in the market today. Created to serve the exact purpose of reducing your body aches in the morning, keeping this between your knees can help you in many ways. Issues like sciatica pain will be eased out if you use this pillow on a regular basis. In terms of the quality of make, the pillow has 100% high-quality memory foam on the inside.

The unique design and shape of the memory foam effectively increase the lifespan. As a result, make sure you have yourself a pillow that you can use for a long time. Not satisfied with the way the pillow is performing? Well, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy.

Key features:

  • Well-thought ergonomically designed, this pillow has a contoured shape. Hence, improves the spine alignment, thereby enhancing circulation.
  • The zippered cover is very soft and never gets warm. Hence, guaranteeing no compromise with sleep quality.
  • The cover is removable and washable whenever you need, no need to use a pillow that cannot be cleaned safely.

2. Calming Comfort Cooling Knee Pillow – Charcoal Infused Memory Foam with Cooling Gel

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It is very easy to fall asleep faster and wake up full of energy and happiness if you choose to use this pillow every night. If you are a side sleeper, your spinal alignment will be maintained simply by using this pillow. There is charcoal-infused memory foam so that odor and moisture are easily eliminated. Also, it conforms to your body shape and sits perfectly between your knees while sleeping.

The concave shape is undoubtedly a great benefit that delivers the right amount of support every single night. No risks of flattening over time use this pillow with confidence every single time for a long period of time.

Key features:

  • Innovative cooling gel technology has outer gel layers. Hence, helps you keep cool and keep away sweat and moisture for a comfortable sleep.
  • Dual-layer ergonomic design ensures your body, legs, knees, and backrests are in the right alignment always.
  • On the top, you will get a soft and breathable cover that is washable in a washing machine whenever needed.

1. Contour Legacy Leg and Knee Memory Foam Support Pillow

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Completely unique in terms of design, this pillow doesn’t have the regular hourglass shape to it. This features a different shape so that you get cushioning and support for both of your legs. While the support is provided to both your knees, the pillow also makes sure you hold on to the correct posture throughout the night.

The sleeping comfort you will get out of it is seriously commendable and praiseworthy. As it uses ventilated air holes on the memory foam, throughout the night you will get better air circulation.

Key features:

  • With smooth and rounded edges, the pillow is completely safe from getting caught up in your bed sheet.
  • Longer than most of the pillows, the shape and size offer better support for your legs and knees.
  • Crescent pelvic clearance makes sure both men and women can use this without any issues.

So, deal with the agonizing pain in a modern way. Explore more of the knee pillow benefits and your night sleep will be calming plus relaxing.

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