Best Kitchen Floating Shelves with Wood Shelves Reviews

Your kitchen is the place where all those delicious meals are cooked. So, maintaining hygiene in this area is really crucial. However, besides keeping it clean, the organization also plays an important factor. The kitchen floating shelves are known for bringing out the hidden beauty of your kitchen. From storing spice to keeping the bottles lined properly, the shelves are genuinely a piece of art.

Even, there are a number of competitors that are rushing to gain the top position in the market. Thus, the quality might also decrease. But here we bring you the reliable kitchen floating shelves sets coming from top brands. So, know the best that you can get.

10. Love-KANKEI Wall Mounted Floating Shelves – ustic Wood Wall Storage Shelves for Bedroom & Kitchen

Kitchen Floating Shelves

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Love-Kankei presents to you an amazing set of wall-mounted kitchen floating shelves that are installed anywhere in your kitchen and other rooms. Due to their minimal and clean design, they can blend in and complement your room decor. Plus, it also adds quite a bit of storage and functionality to empty wall space. The wooden boards that make the shelves are made from paulownia wood boards which are sturdy enough and lightweight. They are rigid enough throughout their length. As a result, you don’t have to deal with any sag in the future as long as you load up things that are within the weight limit.

Another reason for the choice of this wood may be due to its beautiful grain pattern. It enhances and adds just enough elegance to the shelves to make them enhance your room decor without overpowering it. Moreover, in this affordable deal, you get three shelves. Hence, these are used to store all the spices, herbs, and other seasonings in your kitchen.

Key features:

  • The metal brackets don’t just mount the shelves on the wall but add a vanity with a beautiful arch.
  • Steel brackets are powder coated to prevent situations of rusting.
  • Three sets of shelves have a progressive size that adds another style to the wall.

9. Greenco White Finish Floating U Shelves

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If elegance had a shape or form, it must be this set of kitchen floating display shelves from Greenco. The brand has created stunning floating shelves that have won hearts due to simplicity. The shelves are created from MDF laminate which is much denser than plywood. And it’s all because the panels are created by the application of high pressure and temperature. You get sturdy shelves that won’t bend or break easily and maintain their beautiful form for many years.

Unlike other shelves, it doesn’t come with ugly mounting hardware. None of the hardware is visible your eyes only feast on the U-shaped shelves that create an illusion of floating in mid-air.

Key features:

  • The sidewalls that make U-shapes also act as railings so that things don’t fall off the side.
  • Includes the necessary hardware and is installed with ease.
  • Comes in a set of three different sizes with over 16-inches width on the largest shelf.

8. Love-KANKEI Wall Floating Kitchen Shelves for Storage Rustic Wood Kitchen  Rack

Love-KANKEI Wall Floating Kitchen Shelves 

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Another wonderful product from Love-Kankei that absolutely transforms your kitchen. This rustic kitchen floating shelf delivers more functionality in your kitchen than products from competing manufacturers in this or any other list. You get a beautifully crafted set of streamlined metal brackets. This holds the wooden shelf and provides enough support for bearing the weight of other items.

However, other than that the brackets also extend out under to create a holding area for a towel bar. This towel bar also comes with S-shaped accessories that can be used to hang your kitchen tools and utensils.

Key features:

  • Metal brackets are powder coated will give strength and eliminate corrosion.
  • The shelf looks incredible with the torched finish over solid wood.
  • Hardware that ships with this product are durable enough to last for a long period.

7. BAYKA Rustic Floating Shelves for Kitchen & Bedroom

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Bayka gets thousands of good reviews from its happy and loyal customers. So, it doesn’t make any compromise on the quality of its product. This becomes evident from this set of floating shelves from the brand. It doesn’t have weird carvings and bevels that attract all the attention to the shelves. All that creates is messy aesthetics. Instead, these shelves have a simple and minimalist design. As a result, makes full use of good geometry to create a spectacular sense of symmetrical beauty.

The three shelves look identical except for their size and allow you to create an intriguing look on your wall. The shelve enables you to make use of wasted empty wall space. You can use them in your living room for essential daily use items. Use it for your favorite books or for storing seasonings and other things used in the kitchen.

Key features:

  • Larger than most other floating shelves, both in terms of length and width.
  • Due to the triangular-shaped brackets, you can install these shelves at the corners or freely on the wall.
  • Can be installed with the brackets on top or at the bottom.

6. SODUKU Wall Mounted Wood Floating Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom

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Soduku offers the best kitchen floating shelves for storage and it’s an absolute steal due to its affordable pricing. This set of high-value-for-money floating shelves gives you everything you need. It is suitable for installation anywhere in your home, from your kitchen to your bedroom. Unlike other manufacturers, Soduku has made these floating shelves from premium quality radiata pine wood. That puts it way above in the hierarchy when it’s compared to solid or engineered wood.

It is super dense and resilient to damage and quite damp-proof as well. You don’t have to be extra cautious to keep this shelf from swelling up with moisture.

Key features:

  • Has a towel rack which is especially useful in kitchens.
  • Weighs just around a couple of pounds but can bear 30 pounds of weight.
  • Side rails keep items from falling off.

5. Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails – Decorative Storage for Kitchen & Bathroom

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One of the greatest advantages of buying these floating shelves is that they ship to you in assembled condition. That means you can install them in a much shorter span with less hassle. These are ideal for use in your kitchen or bathroom due to their compact, yet long form factor. Hence, takes advantage of smaller space. Moreover, the towel rack that extends out of the bracket certainly comes in handy in the kitchen and in the bath.

The black rails add to the elegance of the product and you get a safe storage space without worrying about items falling from it.

Key features:

  • Natural solid wood shelves are gracefully torched and sleek metal rails are beautifully finished.
  • The wooden kitchen floating shelves are eco-friendly and have a barn-like appearance.
  • Shelves are manufactured from lightweight and durable Cedarwood.

4. EWEI’S HomeWares zy Espresso Finish Floating Shelves

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Ewei’s Homewares brings a special set of wooden shelves that stand out from the competition due to its very striking features. Other manufacturers offer you floating shelves that have large mounting brackets. As a result, are visible and take away a lot from the illusion of floating shelves. The brackets may be beautiful, but they can’t be more beautiful than a floating shelf without any visible hardware. Here this set of shelves takes the win with their beautifully constructed angular-shaped shelves and intelligently designed hardware.

However, the shelves are made from MDF wood instead of solid wood. So, they have a much smoother surface and are easy to maintain. They are also stronger and denser than other types of engineered wood. You can mount this anywhere in your home for enhancing the aesthetic flavor while adding functionality to empty useless space.

Key features:

  • Comes in a clean white finish and dark espresso finish.
  • This includes tools like a screwdriver and hammer for installation.
  • Can handle a decent amount of weight despite its own lightweight design.

3. BAMFOX Wall Floating Wood Shelves for Kitchen and Bathroom with Large Storage

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Bamfox has crafted its floating shelves from all-natural materials which have a lower carbon footprint. You get compact metal brackets that get their strength from their build quality and the sharp triangular shape. Hence, most of the bracket remains out of sight and shows the shelves along with their contents in all their glory. The mocha shelves are made from strong and durable bamboo which is lighter than most kinds of wood.

As a matter of fact, it looks wonderful on the walls in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bath.

Key features:

  • The rustic look and natural materials make these shelves a superior alternative to most.
  • The woods used are renewable in nature and the metal brackets will support even the heaviest weights.
  • Dedicated customer service that is ready to answer any of your queries.

2. Peter’s Goods Modern 2-Tier Rustic Floating Shelves for Bedroom, Kitchen

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Peter’s Goods offers you another fabulous set that will add storage to unused space in your home. Next, it will increase the overall appeal in whichever room it is installed. You get a two-tiered structure that has plenty of space on the lower shelf and open space on the upper shelf. The shelves are spacious enough to even allow 10-inch books inside them without an issue.

That means it can also hold large bottles or large containers and bottles of sauce if used in the kitchen.  Finally, it will rather help in beautifully displaying the item neatly and in an organized manner.

Key features:

  • The steel frame has a matte finish and resists rusting.
  • These industrial shelves even flaunt are very rustic appeal that we find in farmhouses.
  • Just by following the 4 simple stages, you can install it.

1. Veken Kitchen Floating Shelves – Rustic Wood Wall Decor Storage Shelves

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Veken brings to you these floating shelves that give you high value for money without breaking the bank. The shelves are made from top-of-the-line Paulownia wood and have greater dimensions compared to most other manufacturers. Add in the 40-pound weight carrying capacity of the shelves. Therefore, you can store everything from containers and bottles of sauce to large showpieces without an issue.

Even the metal brackets have a great style and are powder-coated to avoid so that they aren’t affected by moisture.

Key features:

  • Wooden shelves have been through fumigation technology to keep pests away.
  • Shelves have a natural look and are free from any odor.

Your kitchen items will stay safe and you can display them beautifully in a kitchen floating display shelves. Arrange it in the way you want, do some DIY, and transform your kitchen.

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