Best Hand and Electric Ice Augers Reviews

If you are someone who is ice fishing, then you may know the procedure well. The layers of ice thick ice will not let you catch a fish so easily. So, you need to go properly equipped in order to make the best deal. The ice augers are specially designed for the purpose of cutting through the ice without causing any other dangerous cracks. These are safe for the users as well as nature. It is powerful, however, it will not hamper the ecosystem in any way.

Though the number of options is many in the online domain, one needs to be picky in certain cases. So, we bring to your ice auger recommendations that are actually known for their extraordinary features.

10. Eskimo Hand Ice Auger

Ice Augers

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Eskimo always makes some of the best hand ice augers and this one from the brand is no different. It is a reliable partner if you want to wish on thick plates of ice and don’t want to spend too much time digging a large enough into the ice. The auger features dual flat blades that are made from strong and reliable stainless steel. They make a slanting angle that doesn’t just look good but adds plenty of functionality.

Due to the slanting angle, the snow gets cut but the blades are pushed upward and out of the hole for efficient cutting. You don’t have to worry about keeping the blades sharp either. The flat design works in favor of maintaining the blade sharpness for the long term. Depending on your use you can choose from three different sizes when you buy this, 6-inches, 7-inches, and 8-inches. You have to work the auger fewer times if you want to drill large holes into the ice.

Key features:

  • The pommel knob and handle let you generate a lot of torque with less effort.
  • It comes with a blade protector to increase the longevity of the blade.
  • You don’t have to worry about over-tightening since the cross-bolt takedown system works its magic.

9. ION X 29250 40V 5 amp-hour Electric Ice Auger with Reverse

ION X 29250 40V 5 amp-hour Electric Ice Augers with Reverse

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ION offers you an excellent piece of technology in the form of this electric ice auger. The ION X develops on the strengths of the original ION. Plus, it adds features that make drilling a hole into ice as easy and smooth as possible. It is powered by an electric motor of 5 amps that draws power from the efficient 40V battery. No need to worry about gas-guzzling engines that have long start times, need to be primed and sometimes don’t even start in very cold conditions.

With the battery, motor, and steel blades, you can effortlessly drill through 1600-inches of ice with just a single charge.

Key features:

  • Having integrated LED lights, you can even use this auger at night.
  • It certainly has a reverse that will let you obtain the best output.
  • Cast bottom is from aluminum to keep the machine lightweight and easy to move.

8. StrikeMaster MD-8 Hand Ice Fishing Auger

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Among manual ice augers, this one from StrikeMaster stands out with its peerless build quality. It doesn’t have regular high strength steel blades. Instead, it uses carbon steel blades that are extremely rigid and almost unbreakable even when it is cutting through the hardest layers. Since it is made from such type of steel you don’t need to worry a lot about corrosion or rusting either. Both the handle and the knob provide you with a good pivoting position. As a result, you can rotate the auger with minimal effort.

Due to the powder coating the body, it will not form any layer of ice in it. This is certainly 8-inches in size and will go through any ice sheet easily.

Key features:

  • Rubber grips are soft and don’t dig into your palms.
  • This is indeed a great tool for your ice fishing tasks.
  • The handle is easily adjusted from 48 to 57-inches, whatever fits your preference.

7. ION Eskimo Standard Series Gas-Powered Ice Auger

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The original ION is one of the best electric powered reversible ice augers you can get in the market. One of its most remarkable features is its reverse function. That means you don’t have to manually shove away ice formed around the auger. The reverse feature lets you flush that shaved ice into the water through the same hole. Unlike gas-powered ice augers, it doesn’t have a huge engine.

The small 3 amp motor is more than enough to match the performance of gas-powered engines without the emissions and hassles. Being only 22-pounds, you can carry it to the destination for working without any hindrances.

Key features:

  • The trigger is large and positioned ergonomically so that you can use it even with thick gloves.
  • Handlebars have comfortable grips so that you can use the machine with less hand fatigue.
  • With a warranty of 2 years on the unit and 1 year on the battery, you can make a worry-free purchase.

6. Eskimo Quantum Electric Auger Drill

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Another incredible product by Eskimo that lets you fish during the winter without breaking a sweat. The lightweight ice auger has a decent diameter of 8 inches that allows you to drill large holes with less iteration. You won’t have any issue while redrilling holes either. The auger has a centering ring that aids you in that process. Eskimo products always have top quality components and it becomes evident with this auger’s sharp blades. The blades stay sharp even after you have used it extensively for a long time. You don’t have to worry about longevity since the auger also comes with a blade protector.

However, the engine attached to this auger makes it a true beast. You can conserve your energy for fishing and let the engine deliver the power to drill a hole into the ice sheet.

Key features:

  • A transparent gas tank lets you keep a close eye on the fuel level.
  • Handlebars are tubular and made from steel so that you have excellent control over the machine.
  • The engine is specially designed to work even in extremely cold conditions.

5. K-Drill IDRL08 8-Inch Auger Only

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K-Drill delivers to you a fabulous auger that simply doesn’t have any competition. You get an auger that is drill powered and due to its high compatibility. As a matter of fact, it can be paired up with most rechargeable drills that sport a half-inch chuck. Moreover, you can also pair it up with a gas-powered head by removing the drive pin. Another great feature you get from this auger is its lightweight construction.

Plus, the aluminum cast drive along with aluminum shaft makes keeps the weight of this auger to a minimum without any strength compromise.

Key features:

  • For re-sharpening the blades you can just interchange them.
  • This is a rechargeable drill that will not lose its efficiency even when you use rigorously.
  • Unique design keeps the torque felt by you within tolerable limits.

4. Strike Master Hand Ice Augers Lazer Auger

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Strike Master offers you an auger that gets the job done with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Each and every component on this tool is in a league of its won and can give competitors a run for their money. You get unbelievably sharp blades that are made from chrome-alloy stainless steel. This material helps to keep the blades function and look as if they are brand new even after extensive use.

Depending on your height and build, you can also adjust the handlebar on this auger. For adjustment, you get a wide range of 48-inches to 57-inches. Hence, you can do your task in a hassle-free manner.

Key features:

  • Rubber grips are soft and don’t feel hard on your hands.
  • To limit ice build-up the auger has been powder coated.
  • It has a length of 7-inches that is considered ideal for any situation.

3. SuperHandy Electric Cordless Lithium-Ion Battery Ice Auger for Ice Burrowing/Drilling & Ice Fishing

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SuperHandy brings to you an ice auger that lets you cut through rigid ice even in the chilliest winters with little to no effort. You don’t need to work up a sweat by expensing manual power or go through the hassles of a gas-powered auger. This one uses a powerful motor that gets its juice from the compact, yet dense 2 Ah rechargeable battery. The auger even features intense LED lights so that you can use it after dark. This is indeed a handy product for your ice-fishing task.

Plus, it features a 3-planetary gear mechanism that helps in improving the transmission process hugely. It super handy and will certainly help in accomplishing any task.

Key features:

  • Since it doesn’t create gas emissions it is more environmentally friendly than gas alternatives.
  • With the help of a brushless motor, the work will become way faster.
  • At just over 25 pounds it doesn’t come close to the weight of traditional gas-powered augers.

2. Eskimo Propane Ice Auger Series – 8-10 Inch

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Yet another marvelous device from Eskimo that wouldn’t just meet your expectations, but exceed them by quite a significant margin. You don’t have to operate manually in blistering cold conditions and let the engine do its job. The auger is coupled with a 40cc engine. As a result, it produces enough power to drive the steel blades through hard and thick layers of ice. However, great engine power doesn’t necessarily come with a weight sacrifice. This engine is in fact designed and developed based on Eskimo’s renowned HC40 model and has reduced weight.

It is lightweight and doesn’t cause fatigue even after you use it for a long time. You don’t even need to prime the engine in cold weather. Just flip the switch on and let it rumble. No need to worry about the running out of fuel either since the machine has an integrated bottle holder that can contain a 1 pound cylinder of propane. Moreover, the quick release system lets you take it out or reattach it with a snap.

Key features:

  • Little to no maintenance since it doesn’t have any gummy carburetors.
  • Has precise gearing that transmits optimum power to the auger.
  • With a length of over 40-inches, this can help you hit water hidden under super thick sheets of ice.

1. Nils master UR600C Cordless Drill Auger

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Nils master has come up with an auger that gives you the freedom to choose between manual or electric power. No, it doesn’t have a heavy electric motor. Instead, it sports a head that lets you use it manually or with a battery-powered cordless drill. The auger blades are made with precision and meticulous craftsmanship so that they last you for a long time. So, if you feel tired, you can simply use the drill and sit near the freshly drilled hole with your fishing rod.

Finally, it has been delivering the highest quality products from Finland that will help you get the best results while fishing with this.

Key features:

  • Cuts through tens of inches of ice without any issues.
  • At around 9 pounds it is one of the lightest ice augers you can find.

Your fishing expedition will certainly not go wrong. The ice auger blades will let you cut through the thickest layers and help you make the finest catch.

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