Best Housekeeping Carts for Hotel, Home and Office Reviews

Cleaning your household is certainly one of the most daunting tasks. To make the job easy, it is very important to own a housekeeping cart. With these carts, you can obviously limit the need for movement. Thus, it allows you to perform your job more efficiently. Most importantly, the carts use high-quality materials in their construction. As a result, they completely assure you about longevity. Also, most of these carts come with collection bags allowing you to collect debris. They also come with wheels thereby offering easy maneuverability.

While looking for a cart, you need to check for different things. Well, here are the best housekeeping carts for you to choose from. Read the review of each cart and choose wisely.

10. Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Housekeeping Carts

Housekeeping Carts

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This lockable housekeeping cart from Rubbermaid is definitely a great choice. A high-quality cart, it certainly comes with separate bins. Moreover, you can configure it as per your evolving cleaning needs. Of course, it’s high security for the cabinet doors in the form of locks. Thus, it keeps your supplies secure and hidden. Furthermore, you can increase or decrease its footprint on command with the help of interchangeable platforms.

Also, the surface of the cart is completely water as well as chemical resistant. So, you can be completely sure about the durability and ease of maintenance. You can also add extra cabinets, waste covers, and caster wheels as per requirement.

Key features:

  • Firstly, it comes with removable bins as well as a triple waste divider. So, it allows you to separate waste, recyclable items, and dirty laundry.
  • Next, the cart has 11 hooks. As a result, it allows you to organize brooms, dusters, or mops easily.
  • Lastly, the collection bag offers front zipper access for the convenient disposal of waste.

9. Carlisle JC1945S23 Polyethylene Short Platform Janitorial Cart

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With this housekeep janitorial cart from Carlisile, you will be able to bring efficiency to your housekeeping work. Highly versatile, this cart indeed comes with three shelves. Furthermore, the shelves have high edges, hooks, broom holders, and handles. Hence, it becomes very easy to store your cleaning supplies and move them without hassle. Furthermore, it weighs only 33.1 pounds. Therefore, you will never have to worry about straining yourself while using it.

Interestingly, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and guidelines. Thus, you will be able to set the cart easily and quickly without having to face any complications. It offers a 25-gallon nylon bag for waste collection.

Key features:

  • It makes use of high-quality polypropylene in its construction. So, it resists corrosion, cracks, or peeling completely.
  • Furthermore, it comes with non-marking wheels in the front as well as in the back. You get 3-inch wheels in the front and 8-inch wheels in the back. Thus, it ensures ease in maneuvering.
  • Besides, you can just fold the bag and keep it on the top of the cart. It reduces the footprint thereby making it easy to store.

8. Commercial Housekeeping Janitorial Cart with Vinyl Bag

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A commercial-grade housekeeping cart, this one from Farag Janitorial truly serves all your cleaning needs. Having a construction from heavy-duty plastic, it indeed has high durability. More importantly, this cart is completely immune to corrosion and cracking. Thus, it ensures safe usage for a long time. Even though the cart only weighs 28 pounds, it offers high load-carrying capacity. So, you can easily store your essential cleaning supplies on it.

Also, it comes with four caster wheels so that you can carry it anywhere easily. The caster wheels are non-marking too. Therefore, you will not have to worry about scratching the floor.

Key features:

  • Of course, it comes with three shelves with hooks and grooves. So, it not only allows you to store supplies but also carries brooms and mops easily.
  • Also, it has a heavy-duty vinyl bag that you can use to collect debris and waste.
  • A front platform is also there which you can obviously use for keeping large garbage bins or other purposes.

7. Farag Janitorial Hotel Cart Housekeeping Room Service Cart

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The second entry on the list from Farag Janitorial, this one is truly unique in all sense. Certainly, the thing that begs addressing firstly is its design. The design of this cart is similar to the housekeeping service carts that are primarily seen in hotels. It comes with two wire shelves that you can adjust in size.

These wire shelves are for keeping fresh towels for the bathrooms. On the other hand, you can use the lower shelf for keeping your cleaning supplies. Finally, you can use the top of the shelves for storing toilet papers and other essential items. Also, there is grooving on the sides of the cart for storing mops and brooms.

Key features:

  • This cart comes with two rubbish bags instead of one. So, you can easily dispose of the waste and debris into them.
  • Also, four caster wheels make the cart very easy to maneuver.
  • Above all, it is of heavy-duty polypropylene material entirely. So, you will never have to worry about the durability of the product.

6. Farag Janitorial Commercial Housekeeping Carts with Cover and Vinyl Bag

Farag Janitorial Commercial Housekeeping Carts with Cover and Vinyl Bag

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Farag Janitorial obviously has some of the best carts in the market. And a third consecutive entry surely proves that. The thing that sets it apart from the rest is its excellent construction. As a matter of fact, this cart comes with a high-grade polypropylene base. However, the frame of the cart is from heavy-duty steel with rislan coating. The rislan coating surely makes it completely rust and corrosion-proof while adding to its longevity.

Finally, it comes with non-marking rubber wheels in the rear and front. So, the cart is easily moveable and does not scratch the floor at all.

Key features:

  • The cart comes with three shelves and a front platform. Thus, it offers you ample space for storing essentials.
  • It offers two broom bases as well as a holder apart from a separate trash bag holder.
  • You also get a cover for the vinyl trash bag thus making it highly sanitary and safe.

5. TUFFIOM Commercial Traditional Cleaning Janitorial Cart – 500 Lbs Capacity Housekeeping Carts

TUFFIOM Commercial Traditional Cleaning Janitorial Cart - 500 Lbs Capacity Housekeeping Carts

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If you are looking for wheeled housekeeping carts, then this one surely deserves your attention. This one comes with three storage shelves with high edges. So, it keeps your supplies safe and prevents them from falling. Next, the cart also offers you a platform base too. Thus, it maximizes the storage space completely. Also, there are hooks on either side of the cart. So, keeping your mops, dustpans, brooms, and mops becomes a very easy task.

Also, it ensures ease of maneuvering with two universal wheels in the front. The rear caster wheels, on the other hand, prevent the cart from sliding.

Key features:

  • The 22.5-gallon vinyl garbage bag comes with a front zipper and a top lid cover. So, it eases the job of taking the trash out while preventing odor from escaping.
  • Besides, it offers a weight capacity of 500 lbs due to its heavy-duty PP plastic base and high-quality iron frame.
  • All you will have to do is to put the iron frame along with the middle platform.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Executive Janitorial Housekeeping Cart

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Certainly, this from Rubbermaid is highly innovative and efficient. Also, it is highly compact and helps you to organize your supplies while allowing you to keep them completely safe. The body of this cart is of high-quality Dupont Teflon. Thus, it is completely resistant to water or oil spills and stains. Plus, it is completely resistant to tearing and easy to clean too. More importantly, it comes with a rubber kick plate which makes it more durable.

You also get a heavy-duty lid that keeps your cleaning essentials safe. Plus, you can also add a lock to it to further boost security.

Key features:

  • The cart also comes with an inner line of Teflon fabric which is easily removable. So, it not only adds strength to the product but also makes the inside easy to clean.
  • It also offers a removable caddy that you can conveniently carry. So, it not only maximizes storage space but also allows you to organize your amenities.
  • You also get a telescopic handle of premium quality aluminum. Hence, it is very easy to carry around too.

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Traditional Wheeled Housekeeping Cart

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Another multi-functional from Rubbermaid, this one helps you to efficiently perform the cleaning task. The cart comes with a yellow waste bag with a front access zipper. Thus, it makes it very easy to take out the waste materials. Also, you can add a cover on top of the bag to make it more sanitary. This cart also comes with a front platform that can hold a mop bucket or a brute container or 32-gallon capacity.

As a matter of fact, it comes with 4-inches front casters which make it easy to change the direction of the cart. Also, the 8-inches rear wheels provide stability, ease of movement, and prevent slipping.

Key features:

  • Completely chemical as well as water-resistant, this cart certainly offers great durability. Also, the maintenance is very low.
  • The top shelf keeps the items that you need frequently easily accessible and secure.
  • You can also add cabinet doors on the shelves to add safety to your amenities.

2. Tubstr 3-Shelf Utility Cart – Heavy Duty Service Cart for Warehouse, Garage, Cleaning & Office

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The Tubstr cart from Stand Steady is perfect for everyone looking for a versatile product. Comes with three shelves, each shelf comes with high ridges. Thus, they keep your supplies safe and prevent them from falling. Though it has a sleek design, the cart is highly durable. Of course, it has a construction from molded polyethylene. So, it is completely robust and promises to serve you for a long time.

Most importantly, the 4-inches swiveling wheels make it very easy to carry around. Plus, the wheels have a locking feature. So, it prevents the cart from slipping and keeps it in one place when you are not rolling it.

Key features:

  • Even though the cart only weighs 28.8 pounds, it can easily carry up to 400 lbs without any complaints.
  • It also offers you an ergonomic handle with a proper bevel design. So, it provides you with a comfortable grip and makes the cart easy to maneuver.
  • Apart from everything, it is very easy to assemble. All you need to do is to connect the shelves with the frame to make it ready for work.

1. Dryser Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Cart on Wheels – Housekeeping Caddy with Cover & Shelves 

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By choosing this cart, you will be able to add efficiency to your cleaning routine. Completely commercial grade, this cart uses robust polypropylene material for its construction. Hence, the cart is completely safe from cracking, scratches or corrosion. Due to its unique polypropylene construction, it is also lightweight while offering a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Furthermore, it also offers a large platform on the front which you can use to boost your storage space. You can easily use it to hold a mop bucket or waste bin without any issue. Above all, it comes with hooks on the side that can easily hold mops, dustpans, or brooms.

Key features:

  • The bag holder in this cart holds a 25-gallon waste bag with a lid on it. So, it makes it easy to store waste or launderable items while maintaining hygiene.
  • Next, it comes with three storage shelves that you can use to keep your supplies in an organized manner.
  • Besides, the easy-to-grip comfortable handle and swiveling wheels make it very easy to carry the cart around.

The housekeeping carts prove to be an essential addition to your household or commercial place. Certainly, they are very handy and make the cleaning job very easy. So, choose the best one from the list above and bring efficiency to your work.

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