Best Electric Radiant Heated Floor Mats for Office & Home Reviews

As the name suggests, heated floor mats are crucial in controlling the temperature of your floor. Of course, these mats are highly versatile since you can use them on any kind of floor including tiles, hardwood, or ceramic. These floor mats come with high-grade thermostats which make it easy to control the temperature.

With so many options available, it is really confusing to pick the ideal one. Hence, we are rounding up the best ones in a heated floor mat buying guide with specific details and features. Thus, read the article carefully and make sure to choose wisely.

10. Warming Systems 15 Sqft Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

Heated Floor Mats

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Cold floors can often be very discomforting, especially during the winter months. With this electric heated floor mat from Warming Systems, you will be able to add warmth to the rooms and make everyone comfortable. In fact, this special mat-type heating system with a thermostat installs under the flooring of your room and radiates heat. Of course, it uses a high-quality mesh of commercial-grade backed by special adhesive in the form of a double-sided mesh that can stick to the flooring.

Most importantly, you can cut the mesh as per your need to fit any angle as well as turn to provide heat.

Key features:

  • This mat covers an area of 15-square feet and is perfect for tile flooring.
  • Furthermore, the thermostat that it comes with is easily programmable. Thus, you can use it to set the right temperature.
  • Also, it provides you with an installation monitor which notifies you if there is any problem with the installation whatsoever.

9. HeatTech 10 sqft 120V Electric Radiant Floor Heated Mats

HeatTech 10 sqft 120V Electric Radiant Floor Heated Mats

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Certainly, a robust radiant heating mat, this one definitely serves the purpose well. This one surely uses high-quality materials in constructing the mesh. As a result, it serves you for a long time. Next, it also uses commercial-grade adhesive tapes to keep it flat and attached to the floor. Moreover, the mat uses an advanced TH115-AF-120S thermostat. So, it is easily programmable and it also uses special floor sensors to offer intelligent distribution of heat.

Lastly, the programmable heated floor mat covers an area of 10-square feet. Therefore, it offers great coverage. Lastly, it comes with UL certification that affirms your about its quality.

Key features:

  • This floor mat is compatible with stone, ceramic, granite, laminate, porcelain, tiles, marble, vinyl, engineered wood, and different other flooring types.
  • Next, it does not produce any electromagnetic field. Therefore, it does not create any problems especially for people with pacemakers and other devices.
  • Lastly, heating cables are 3-inches apart from each other. Hence, they offer the optimal distribution of heat through proper space coverage.

8. SunTouch Mat 120V Floor Heating Kit – 10 sq ft

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If you are looking for a digital heated floor mat to keep your floors warm, then this SunTouch Mat is a worthy choice. It comes with a high-quality mesh with a relatively open weave that you can cut to fit the corners and angles. Hence, it is indeed very easy to install. Furthermore, the mortar easily bonds with the material underneath. Therefore, it adds only 1/8-inch floor thickness.

Also, it uses the SmartStart technology which starts the heating process at the right time to meet your schedule. Above all, it comes with all the accessories that you require to install it. Thus, you can easily install it within a day without trouble.

Key features:

  • It offers you a touch-screen thermostat. So, it is easily programmable.
  • Plus, you can easily set the schedule for 7 days without any issue.
  • Besides, it offers inbuilt GFCI for leveling up safety and security.

7. Happybuy 90 Sqft 120V Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat with Alarmer – Underfloor Heat Warming Systems Mats

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This radiant heating floor mat from Happybuy is truly a great product and is perfect for your living room, bathrooms, mudrooms, or saunas. One of the best things about this heating mat is the fact that you can use it on any floor. It includes stone, marble, porcelain as well as ceramic tiles, laminate, vinyl, engineering wood, and several other flooring types easily. It also comes with an easy-to-use thermostat with an LCD display.

The thermostat shows you the room temperature, level of humidity, floor temperature, and time. Furthermore, you can easily program it ahead of time as per your requirement. Also, it offers efficient heating with the help of advanced sensors.

Key features:

  • This mat comes with a PVC cover along with a ground connection with aluminum cable and PEP insulation. Hence, safety is covered well.
  • Also, it has UL, CE, RoHS, and VDE certifications. Thus, it completely assures you about the quality of the product.
  • The floor mat covers 90 sq ft of space. So, it offers efficient heating for a large amount of area.

6. HeatTech 10 sqft 120V Electric Tile Radiant Floor Heating Mat

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Here is another great product from HeatTech that you can opt for. Perfect for all types of flooring, this product has extraordinary built thanks to its special design with strong adhesive backing. Next, the heating cables that it uses are 3 inches apart from each other. So, it covers the optimum distribution of heat and space coverage. Also, the heating cables are only 1/8 inch thick. Therefore, they do not result in raising the height of the floor.

Finally, it does not produce any electromagnetic field. Therefore, you will never have to worry about malfunctioning your electronic devices.

Key features:

  • The product is highly energy efficient. As a result, you will not have to worry about hefty electricity bills.
  • Besides, it comes with a 10-ft cable with a cold lead cover. Thus, it can easily connect with the thermostat without any issue.
  • Lastly, you can snip it or flip it to fit non-rectangular floor spaces easily.

5. SunTouch 6 ft. x 30′ 120V Radiant Floor Warming Mat

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Made in the USA, SunTouch manufactures the best quality floor warming mats in the market. And this one surely holds up to the quality standards perfectly. This floor warming mat is very easy to install. You will not have to go through a series of complicated steps. Since it comes with double tapes, you will be able to install it easily without any complications.

As a matter of fact, it stays completely flat without raising the floor at all. One of the most intriguing things about this heating pad is the fact that it is perfectly compatible with all types of flooring. Thus, you will not have to worry at all.

Key features:

  • Of course, this mat uses a twin cable design with special braiding. Therefore, it offers efficient heating.
  • To heat up properly, it covers a space of 15-square feet with ease.
  • Also, it uses only 120V of power. So, it consumes very less power without any problem.

4. HeatWave 30 Sqft Electric Floor Heated Mats – 120 Volt with Programmable GFCI Thermostat

HeatWave 30 Sqft Electric Floor Heated Mats

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Indeed, the HeatWave floor heating system is one of the most versatile and unique floor mats that you can opt for. This system is very easy to install and also allows you the custom fitting installation. With 30=square feet size, this floor mat covers a large space and keeps your floor warm as well as comfortable. Furthermore, the thermostat allows pre-programming it as per your heating requirements.

Also, you can use it in automatic, comfort as well as manual mode. Thus, you will not have any problem without any issue.

Key features:

  • Firstly, the thermostat offers you a long range of temperature settings. In fact, you can set the temperature between 41°F to 104°F without any hassle.
  • Also, the mat comes with an inbuilt air sensor as well as a floor sensor. Thus, it offers intelligent heating.
  • It has an ETL listing and the product comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, it is completely secure to use.

3. SEAL 70 sqft 120V Radiant Floor Heating Mat System for Ceramic, Tile & Mortar

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Here is another great floor heating mat that you can opt for in your living room, bathroom, or any other room in your house. Perfect for all flooring types, this product uses high-quality as well as UL-listed heating cables in its design. Therefore, it is completely safe to use. Furthermore, the mat covers 70-sq ft of space with ease. Plus, the heating cables are distributed over the entire area uniformly with a 3-inch gap between each cable.

Therefore, it heats up the floor evenly without any malfunctioning. Above all, the metal mesh that it uses completely shields any electromagnetic radiation without any trouble.

Key features:

  • The heating cable that it comes with is only 1/8-inches thick. As a result, it does not raise the floor at all.
  • It makes use of PTFE and PVC cover, so this self-adhesive heated floor mat will stay stuck on the floor.
  • Besides, it can easily control the temperature between 5°C to 30°C without any trouble.

2. SunTouch 15 sq ft, 24″ x 7.5′ 120V Floor Heat Mat

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Well, you have another excellent floor heat mat from SunTouch that you can opt for heating your floor. Of course, it makes use of an openly woven mesh with high-grade heating cables with insulating cover in its construction. Therefore, it is completely safe to use. Also, this floor mat makes use of a digital thermostat. The floor mat is advanced enough to display time as well as temperature. So, you have the full liberty to control it.

Finally, you can program it easily and also schedule it as per your requirements ahead of time.

Key features:

  • It will break no sweat to install it. All it takes is a single step with the help of 2-side tape to install it easily.
  • Also, you can easily cut the mesh as per your requirement to fit tricky corners or angles.
  • It works completely well with all kinds of floors without any problem.

1. Watts SunTouch 8 ft. x 30 in. 120V Floor Warming Radiant Floor Warming Mat

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It is obviously the best one that you can choose in the market today. Having a total coverage area of 20 square feet, it offers efficient heating without any hassle. Made in the USA, this product uses high-grade heating cables with proper PTFE and PVC insulation. Also, the cables are equally spaced throughout the mesh with a 3-inches gap. As a result, it offers efficient heating throughout the floor space.

It comes with an advanced thermostat with an LCD screen. Furthermore, it is highly programmable. So, offers complete convenience of usage.

Key features:

  • Next, it comes with a complete installation manual. So, you will have no problem using it.
  • Besides, the product comes with a 25-year warranty that will cover any defects or damages under this period.

Indeed a versatile product, it is perfect for both human beings as well as pets. Buy a heated floor mat to keep your feet warm or to provide your pet with a comfortable space to sleep.

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