Best Indoor Outdoor Portable Hanging Chair Stands Reviews

Gone are the days when trees and ceilings were the only options for hanging a hammock chair. Though trees and ceilings serve the purpose, portability is often an issue. Not to mention, not many people would welcome the idea of drilling into ceilings. What you need is something portable, weather-resistant, and sturdy enough to support your weight. Enter hanging chair stands. It’s something you can use anywhere, whether indoors, outdoors, or on a camping trip. What’s more, most models provide 360-degree rotation for a panoramic view. However, finding the best hanging chair stand is no easy task.

There are countless designs and sizes for different purposes. Also, many new brands are popping up each year, making the selection process even more challenging. But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll help you find the best hammock chair stand for your needs. Without further ado, here are the best indoor outdoor hammock chair stands to consider.

10. FDW Outdoor Hammock Chair Stands – Hanging Hammock Stands

Hanging Chair Stands

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The FDW stand adopts a C-shaped design. That makes it an ideal choice for hanging rope hammock chairs. Also, the stand is 7 feet tall to provide more headroom. Thanks to a 360-degree rotation, the stand enables you to lounge in any position you prefer.

Moreover, this hammock stand has an X-shaped base that provides superior balance. Nonetheless, it has a smaller space-saving footprint. The stand is made of anti-corrosive and rust-resistant powder-coated steel. Hence, it can withstand most weather conditions. Above all, it provides a sturdy structure that holds up to 300 pounds.

Special Features

  • Weather-resistant steel stand supports up to 300 pounds
  • The X-shaped base provides superior stability and balance
  • 360-degree rotation enables you to lounge in multiple positions

9. Giantex Solid Steel Hammock Stand & Hanging Hammock Chair C Stand 

Giantex Solid Steel Hammock Stand & Hanging Hammock Chair C Stand 

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Giantex is a brand that loves to build either larger or stronger. Well, this hammock stand lives up to the brand’s reputation. It uses heavy-duty steel, which supports a whopping 330 pounds. Not only is it sturdy but also exceptionally durable. Take the powder coating, for instance. It renders the stand rustproof and resistant to corrosion.

Again, the stand has an anti-tip crisscross base. It guarantees stability as well as improves balance. Furthermore, the stand has a snap safety hook from where you hang your hammock. It provides a 360-degree swivel, enabling you to choose the position you like.

Special Features

  • A crisscross base provides maximum stability
  • Heavy-duty steel has an extra-large weight limit of 330 pounds
  • 360-degree swivel enables you to relax in any position

8. Sorbus Hammock Chair Stand for Hanging Chairs, Swings & Loungers

Sorbus Hammock Chair Stand for Hanging Chairs, Swings, Loungers

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Sorbus hammock stand adopts a versatile arc-shaped design. Hence, it’s able to accommodate most hanging chairs, loungers, and swings. The adjustable height is perhaps its most outstanding feature. It enables you to set the height from 79 to 93 inches. Thus, you can hang your hammock at the desired height.

The broad base provides balance. But at the same time, it’s small enough to save space. Moreover, the stand uses a weather-resistant steel frame that supports up to 330 pounds. The joints lock together effortlessly, thanks to the snap button mechanism. Therefore, the setup is entirely tool-free.

Special Features

  • Snap button mechanism offers a tool-free setup
  • Adjustable height (79 to 93 inches) supports most hammocks, swings, and loungers
  • A weather-resistant steel frame holds up to 330 pounds
  • A stable space-saving base provides superior balance

7. Lazy Daze Hammocks C Stand for Hammock Air Porch Swing Chair

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At 375 pounds, this hammock chair has the best weight capacity on our list. But it adopts more than a rugged design. For instance, it has a powder-coated steel frame that makes it weather-resistant.

Like most hammock stands on our list, it has a C-shaped design. Therefore, it gives you the freedom of 360-degree rotation. Also, it has non-slip caps that protect the floor as well as keep the stand from sliding. This hammock stand offers a tool-free assembly, allowing you to set it up in minutes.

Special Features

  • C shape frame provides the freedom of 360-degree swivel
  • Ultra-strong steel frame supports up to 375 pounds
  • A powder-coat finish offers weatherproof performance
  • Non-slip caps protect your floor

6. Sunnydaze Hammock Chair C-Stand for Hanging Hammock Chair

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This hammock stand offers two hanging options. You can either hang it using a carabiner or an S-shaped hook. Hence, it’s able to accommodate a variety of hammock chairs. A powder-coated steel frame provides a sturdy and durable design. It supports 300 pounds and is virtually weatherproof.

Moreover, the frame has safety end caps to eliminate possible injuries. The base is pretty wide, measuring 52 inches across. Not to mention, it has a crisscross design. As such, it provides better stability and balance. Furthermore, this hammock stand adopts a 4-piece construction. Therefore, you can set it up or take it down in no time.

Special Features

  • S shape hook and carabiner offer versatile options to hang your hammock chair
  • A weatherproof steel frame holds up to 300 pounds
  • The extra-wide 52-inch crisscross base provides excellent stability

5. Hammaka Arc Stand – Hanging Chair Stands In Bronze

Hammaka Arc Stand - Hanging Chair Stands In Bronze

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The beautiful bronze finish makes this hammock stand an excellent showpiece. What is more, it gives the steel frame better protection from rust and corrosion. Nonetheless, there’s the option of a black powder finish. Well, beneath the bronze finish is a sturdy steel frame, strong enough to support 300 pounds.

As the name suggests, the stand has the shape of an arc. As such, it enables 360-degree rotation. But unlike most arc-shaped hammock stands, it enables you to set the height from 85 to 95 inches. Thus, you can use it with a variety of hammock chairs and swings. Furthermore, the stand has anti-slip caps to safeguard the floor as well as keep it from shifting.

Special Features

  • An attractive bronze finish provides weatherproof performance
  • Adjustable height (85 to 95 inches) accommodates most hammock chairs
  • 360-degree swivel provides freedom of movement
  • Anti-slip caps protect the floor when used indoors

4. Vivere DSTAND Hammock Chair Stand

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Despite the name, this hammock stand accommodates more than the Brazilian-style hammock chairs. It fits a variety of hammock chairs and swings. Also, this hammock stand has an oiled bronze finish. Not only does it give the stand a unique look, but it also provides lasting durability. For instance, it offers excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, sturdy enough to support 265 pounds. Again, the stand has a broader base for maximum stability. Not to mention, each of the four legs has non-slip rubber caps. The rubber caps protect the floor from scratches and keep the stand from moving when in use.

Special Features

  • The oiled bronze finish provides lasting durability
  • Rugged steel frame supports up to 265 pounds
  • Non-slip rubber feet provide maximum stability as well as protect the floor from scratches

3. Best Choice Products Solid Steel Hammock C Stand

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This is a free-motion C shape hammock stand. As such, it provides a near 360-degree rotation. That makes it easier to get a panoramic view of your surroundings. Also, the stand has a powder-coated steel frame. Hence, it can withstand the harshest weather conditions. At the same time, the frame is sturdy enough to support 300 pounds.

Again, the stand has a stable crisscross base. Thus, it’s less likely to tip over. The stand comes partially assembled. The best part is that you don’t need any tools to set it up fully.

Special Features

  • Ultra-strong 12-gauge steel frame supports up to 300 pounds
  • 360-degree swivel provides a panoramic view
  • Chain and hanging hooks accommodate spreader bars of all sizes
  • Flat crisscross feet provide a sturdy lounging experience

2. Hammaka Steel Summit Hanging Chair Stands

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Though it looks simple, this hammock stand is elegant enough for modern spaces. Not to mention, it has unquestionable compatibility. Hence, it can accommodate different types of hanging chairs. The stand has four legs that make it pretty stable. Also, the legs have non-slip feet. They not only keep the stand from sliding but also safeguard your floor from scratches.

The sturdy steel frame supports 250 pounds. Apart from providing strong support, it has a black powder finish that makes it resistant to weather elements. Furthermore, the stand offers effortless assembly. You neither need tools nor an extra pair of hands to set it up.

Special Features

  • Tool-free assembly saves you the time and effort
  • Anti-skid rubber feet keep the stand from sliding
  • Black powder finish provides an all-weather performance
  • A sturdy steel structure supports 250 pounds

1. Sunnydaze Adjustable Hammock Chair Stands for Hanging Chairs

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So far, this hammock stand has the most hanging hardware. It includes a chain, carabiner, and spiral hook. Apart from providing versatile hanging options, the stand has adjustable height. Using knob screws, you can set the height from 79 to 93 inches. Overall, it offers five height options. That said, it can easily support a variety of hanging chairs.

The frame uses 1.5-inch thick steel tubes. That makes it pretty strong, supporting up to 300 pounds. Moreover, it has a black powder finish that offers excellent resistance to weather elements. Furthermore, it has a broad base and four stabilizing feet for maximum stability.

Special Features

  • 5-position height adjustment (79 to 93 inches) supports a wide range of hanging chairs
  • Extra-thick 1.5-inch steel frame supports up to 330 pounds
  • Four stabilizing feet provide anti-skid performance

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