Top 10 Best Commercial Automatic Electric Hand Dryers Reviews In 2020

Electric hand dryers are an integral part of your hygiene. Whenever you wash your hands, they remain moist despite using towels. And that causes discomfort and irritation. With a dryer,  you can easily dry your hands and keep them clean at all time. Most importantly, you can install it in any location and make it accessible accordingly. You even get the best styles and sizes for making it a perfect fit.

However, you need to be completely sure about all the factors. Well, that’s why you need to double-check on the choices before settling for your ultimate choice. Refer to the suggestions and get to know your products well.

Table of the Best Electric Hand Dryers Reviews

10. Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Automatic Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers

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Goetland brings to you an innovative new solution to keep your hands dry and cut down on the use of paper towels. With a power consumption of 1800 watts, this dryer lets you dry your hands within just a few seconds. It has an attractive look with a cover made from stainless steel material. It won’t rust or corrode easily and will last you for a lifetime.

Moreover, the dull polished look adds another layer of charm over the magnificent aesthetics. Don’t worry about damaging the machine with a little splash of water from your wet hands. It is waterproof with a rating of IPX1. The machine throws out hot air at the rate of 200 mph and with a 1-inch outlet your hands would be super dry.

Key features:

  • Safety measure cuts off power when the machine reaches a temperature of 125-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Can blow out hot air within the temperature range of 113 to 149-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The automatic hand dryer operates at low noise levels that don’t exceed over 72 decibels.
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9. VALENS 2PCS Bathroom Electric Hand Dryers

VALENS 2PCS Bathroom Electric Hand Dryers

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Valens has equipped its electric hand dryer with a powerful 1500 watt motor. As a result, it is highly efficient and doesn’t just save you paper towels, but also your utility bill. The motor is highly durable as well and will last you for a long time. It can throw out warm air at the speed of over 200 mph. Thus, it is more than enough for drying your hands within a mere 10 seconds. No need to wait in front of the dryer for long minutes and suffer through awkward situations.

You don’t need to press any button to start or stop the dryer either. The process is completely automatic with an inbuilt sensor. It detects hands as they are brought in front of the outlet and will immediately start blowing out warm air. So, even if you have family members who forget to switch off the electronics, you can rely on this machine to save some money on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • With a blue light indicator using the machine is a breeze even in a dark environment.
  • The efficient and safe design has protection against short circuit and overheating.
  • Has certification from CE, EU and RoHS, thus, no doubt on its efficiency.

8. JETWELL Automatic Hand Dryer – Stainless Steel Warm Wind Hand Blower

JETWELL Automatic Hand Dryers - Stainless Steel Warm Wind Hand Blower

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Jetwell has smart technologies packed inside its commercial hand dryers so that you can save money, time and energy. It has the smart warm technology which blows hot air when it detects the ambient temperature to be lower than 25-degrees Celcius. And blows air without heat when the ambient temperature of the air is over the 25-degrees Celcius mark. This means the machine doesn’t use extra power unnecessarily to shed off a few dollars off your energy bill.

The design is highly efficient as well. It has inbuilt overheat protection and a timeout feature prevents the machine to operate continuously. And it happens even if the automatic sensor makes an error in detection. Installing the machine is simple enough. You get all the necessary hardware and instruction manual for the job. Moreover in this deal, you get a set of two hand dryers. So you can install them in two restrooms of your gas station, diner or any other business you own.

Key features:

  • The 56-inch power cord eliminates the need for any extra cable extensions.
  • HEPA filter delivers clean air to your hands.
  • Infrared sensor detects your hand when it is in close proximity and switches on the dryer.

7. Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Dryer with LED Light

Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Dryers with LED Light

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Interhasa brings to you commercial-grade hand dryers with lights that can bring the overall look of your restrooms. And that also to a whole new level. It has a beautiful design that curves from the top and broadens at the bottom. With an 1800 watt motor, it blows out and heats up the air within time. Your loyal customers don’t have to share awkward restroom staring stories on TripAdvisor anymore.

Having windspeed of 15m each second, your hands will be dried off within less than 10 seconds, a lot faster than traditional models. The dryer has been designed for ease of installation and use. You don’t need to call up any special guy and do it on your own while saving a few bucks. The sensor detects when you bring your hands close to the machine and will blow out air instantly. No need to push any buttons for stopping the flow of air either. Just remove your hands and after a few seconds the machine switches off airflow.

Key features:

  • High durability and corrosion resistance due to the ABS body.
  • Makes low noise while blowing out air.
  • Adjust the heat according to the ambient temperature.
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6. AjAir Commercial 1800W High-Speed Automatic Hot Hand Dryer

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AjAir provides you with a lucrative deal where it offers stainless steel two-hand dryers at the price of one. Each of these dryers has energy-efficient ⅝ HP motor that has an RPM of 20,000. Moreover, it consumes just over 4 amps of electric current. At the front, it has an infrared optical sensor which boasts high sensitivity. In fact, it also detects your hands as quickly as you bring it in front of the device.

However, the most amazing feature is its wind speed. The machine can generate air velocity of 16,000 LFM with ease.

Key features:

  • You get assistance from light indicators for troubleshooting problems.
  • It helps in generating hot air for quick-drying.
  • Housing is from corrosion-resistant and lightweight zinc alloy.

5. PowerPress Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer – Instant Heat & Dry

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PowerPass offers you one of the best dryers that take minimal space and dries out your hand with low use of energy. While other manufacturers equip its dryers with motors which are capable of throwing air at wind speeds of 20 or 30 m/s, PowerPress sweeps the competition with wind speeds of 95 m/s. That means your customers can get their hands dry within mere seconds. Moreover, there would be no queue behind the air dryer clogging up restroom space.

You can simply mount it on the wall and you can just dry it off easily. Next, even in bad conditions, it will function best. Lastly, it is certainly if commercial-grade that you can put up anywhere.

Key features:

  • With the noise reduction nozzle, noise levels can’t go beyond the 10-decibel mark.
  • Uses a fraction of energy consumed by traditional and bulky dryers.
  • ABS cover provides adequate protection for internal components and motor.

4. AIKE AK2630S Compact Automatic Hand Dryer

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Forget about those ugly and hand dryer models that stand out like a dull artefact in your beautiful restrooms. This dryer from AIKE changed the game with its super-efficient, compact and high-quality design. However, don’t underestimate its power for its size. With a 1400 watt motor, it can easily dry your hands within 15 seconds or less. Your ears are spared from the assault as well since noise levels are pretty low.

As a matter of fact, the product has a protection time of 45 seconds so that nothing disruptive happens. Finally, it even has no chance of overheating in any scenarios.

Key features:

  • Incredible sensing distance that detects your hands within just 11 to 13 cm from the device.
  • The polycarbonate body is lightweight, maintenance-free and doesn’t corrode.
  • You can buy this product without any worries due to its 2-year warranty period.
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3. EnBath Compact Restroom Hand Dryers

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Enbath has implemented state-of-the-art technology in its dryers so that you can simply install them and forget about it. The hassle-free machine requires little to no maintenance and has been made to hold up to commercial standards. You can install them in any commercial space including, diners, restaurants, hospitals and more. It has a cover from premium brushed stainless steel and isn’t just there for being pretty.

Furthermore, it can take plenty of abuse, has corrosion resistance and protects the motor and internal circuit.

Key features:

  • Indeed lab-tested hundreds of thousands of times to work well without any hassle.
  • Space-saving design allows installation in narrow restrooms and washrooms.
  • Dedicated energy saver switch saves you a lot on your electricity bill.

2. Excel Dryer XLERATOR 110-120V Commercial Hand Dryer

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Xlerator offers you a premium quality dryer that stands out from the rest due to its efficiency and flawless performance. Your hand gets dried within 10 seconds and with one-fifth of the power consumption of conventional models. Other than that, Xlerator also lets you buy their dryer without any worries. They provide an industry-leading warranty period of 7 years. It has also been listed with GreenSpec and shortens your carbon footprint significantly.

Having a thermoset cover, it is extremely safe for you to use it without worrying about shocks. It is certainly more energy-saving as it saves 80% energy compared to other brands.

Key features:

  • Ultra-safe and power efficient with certifications from CUL, UL, OSHA and more such organizations.
  • Lightweight at just around 13 pounds due to.

1. MUIFA Automatic Infrared Sensor Hand Dryer for Household Bathroom

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Muifa offers you an efficient dryer that does the job with minimal energy usage. With its 1200 watt motor, it can power up instantly. Next, it blows out warm air so that you don’t have to wait for more than half a minute to get your hands dry. It is from ABS material that won’t be affected by splashes of water. Plus, it doesn’t run the risk of getting rusted or damaged easily.

With its highly sensitive infrared sensor, it detects your hands within moments. So, accordingly starts or stops the drying function.

Key features:

  • Proper ventilation at the back to keep the machine from heating up.
  • Large air outlet throws off air to cover your hands completely.
  • Timeout feature cuts off airflow on single-use at the one-minute mark.

For your personal bathroom, workspaces or any other commercial places, the hand dryer for sanitary will keep your hygiene at top. Keep it clean and keep it consistent!

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