Top 10 Best Horizontal Gymnastics Bars for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2021

Taking your child for gymnastics lessons is a good move. But more often than not, you find yourself spending a lot of time and hundreds of dollars in gym fees. Well, getting your child a gymnastics bar to practice at home comes with double benefits. To begin with, you’ll save a lot of time and money in the long-run. Not to mention, your child will be under your close supervision. Since it’s a significant investment, you need to ensure you get your child the best gymnastics bars that money can buy.

Ideally, you’re looking for a gymnastics bar that is sturdy, durable, and able to grow with your kid. We’ve considered the pros and cons of a ton of options out there. From that, we’ve come with a list of the best gymnastics bars for you.

Table of the Best Home Gymnastics Bars Reviews

10. Safly Zone Home Horizontal Gymnastics Bars for Training Kids

Gymnastics Bars

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Safly Zone opens our list of the best gymnastic bars. To begin with, this is a heavy-duty bar, and for a good reason. It uses thicker steel tubes, making it heavier than most bars. Hence, it’s incredibly sturdy, holding up to 230 pounds. Together with a broad base of 20 square feet, it makes a very stable gymnastic bar.

Apart from providing sturdy support, this training bar is made to last. First, it has a powder-coated steel construction. With that in mind, it can put up with harsh outdoor conditions. Next is the horizontal fibreglass bar. It has the same flex as wood, but much stronger and more durable.

The bar has 10 height positions, adjustable from 3 feet to 4.9 feet. And thanks to spring pin knobs, it’s super easy to adjust. Once you adjust, it locks in place for additional safety. This bar is pretty simple to assemble, and even your kid can do it.

Special Features

  • 2mm rust-resistance stainless steel arms
  • Heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel frame
  • Strong but flexible fibreglass horizontal bar
  • Adjustable height from 3 to 4.9 feet
  • A simple lock mechanism
  • 230-pound weight limit

9. Tepemccu Horizontal Expandable Gymnastics Bars for Home

Tepemccu Horizontal Expandable Gymnastics Bars for Home

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This gymnastics bar puts more focus on stability. Well, it achieves that with a triangular structure that boasts 6 points of support at the base. And as if that’s not enough, it has four non-slip rubber feet that keep it in one place. Besides, the rubber feet protect the floor from scratches.

The bar is not only sturdy but also durable. The steel frame, for instance, has a powder coating that protects it from weather elements. Unlike most gymnastics bars, it can fold to save space. Likewise, it makes it easy to transport.

Thanks to adjustable height, the bar can accommodate kids from 3 to 8 years old. It has up to 5 height levels, ranging from 34.8 to 50.8 inches. Not to mention, it supports up to 148 pounds.

Special Features

  • Stable triangular structure with 6 points of support
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable height (34.8 to 50.8 inches) with a locking system
  • Folding design
  • 148-pound weight limit

8. Costzon Stainless Steel Horizontal Training Gymnastic Bar for Gymnasts

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A 4 feet training mat accompanies this gymnastic bar. Therefore, for those looking for a complete set, this might be an ideal choice. For the most part, the gymnastic mat provides a safe landing. Hence, the brand takes no shortcut when it comes to your safety.

Except for the horizontal bar, the frame comes in solid steel. It has triangle supports, which make it incredibly stable. Overall, it can support up to 220 pounds. The horizontal bar, on the other hand, is made of birch wood. It’s durable and offers a soft, non-slip grip.

Height adjustment is super easy and secure, thanks to a double-lock system. You can set as low as 36 inches to as high as 59 inches. Together, there are up to 12 height levels.

Special Features

  • A solid steel frame
  • Birchwood horizontal bar
  • Adjustable height (36 to 59 inches) with a double-lock system
  • 220-pound weight limit

7. ZELUS Height Adjustable Gymnastics Equipment for Home

ZELUS Height Adjustable Gymnastics Equipment for Home

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ZELUS is among the most stable bars. First, it uses solid steel tubes. Secondly, it boasts multiple triangle support. Overall, it holds up to 330 pounds. The horizontal bar is no exception. It comes in solid beech wood to provide a comfortable, and non-slip grip.

Moving on, it allows for easy height adjustment. From 35.4 to 59 inches, it has up to 13 height levels. Hence, it offers the most height levels of any gymnastic bar on our list. Apart from that, it boasts a secure locking system.

Special Features

  • Multiple triangle support
  • Solid steel tubes
  • Durable beech wood bar
  • Adjustable height (35.4 to 59 inches) with a lock system
  • 330-pound weight limit

6. HYD-Parts Adjustable Height Horizontal Kip Bar for Kids

HYD-Parts Adjustable Height Horizontal Kip Bar for Kids

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This is a professional level bar. It boasts a rugged steel construction. And like most high-quality bars, it has triangle supports. As a result, it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 230 pounds. Besides, it has a coating that allows for long-term use. For instance, it protects the bar from scratches and weather elements.

The horizontal bar is made of birch wood. Well, this offers several benefits. To begin with, it has the right amount of flex. Next, it provides a non-slip surface that is gentle on the palm of your hand. Hence, this bar scores high in terms of user comfort.

Easy adjustments is another lovable feature. For the most part, it allows the bar to grow with your child. It’s adjustable from 35.5 to 58.5 inches. What is more, there are up to 11 levels to choose from. Also, you can lock the horizontal bar for safety. The bar requires minimum assembly, which is a good thing for beginners.

Special Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Strong birch wood bar
  • Adjustable height (35.5 to 58.5 inches) with lock mechanism
  • 230-pound weight limit

5. Matladin Added Stability Gymnastics Horizontal Bar

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Here is another gymnastic bar that offers excellent value for your money. Apparently, the brand takes no chances when it comes to comfort and safety. Heavy-duty steel, for instance, makes the bar sturdy and safe. For the most part, it can support up to 300 pounds. The triangle base, in particular, contributes a lot in making the bar wobble-free.

Though standard for most bars, the coating helps a lot in providing long-term use. The horizontal bar, on the other hand, is made of fibreglass. Hence, if you’re looking for more flex, this might be the right choice for you. What is more, it’s stronger and more durable.

Well, the bar allows you to set the height from 36 to 59 inches. The knobs not only lock the bar in place but also come with soft covers for additional safety. Keep in mind; the softcover is a feature that lacks in most gymnastic bars.

Special Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Strong and flexible fibreglass bar
  • Adjustable height (36 to 59 inches)
  • Soft knob covers
  • Extra-wide rubber base
  • 300-pound weight limit

4. Kids Jungle Monkey Bar Gymnastics Expandable Kip Balance Bars

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Do you plan to move your gymnastic bar quite often? If so, then you need a lightweight bar. And that’s exactly what you get with Kids Jungle monkey bar. At 20 pounds, it’s easy to lift and transport. Above all, it can fold to allow for easy storage. By far, it’s the most portable gymnastic bar on our list.

Though lightweight, it doesn’t sacrifice stability and comfort. A steel construction and triangle base, for instance, allow it to hold as much as 110 pounds. It’s a good thing that the manufacturer includes a yoga mat. After all, your kid will do well with a soft landing.

The bar has up to 4 height levels, ranging from 36 to 52 inches. So, it’s going to fit most skill levels.

Special Features

  • Durable steel construction
  • Stable triangle base
  • The lightweight construction of 20 pounds
  • Folds for storage
  • Adjustable height (36 to 52 inches) with a secure lock system
  • Includes a mat
  • 110-pound weight capacity

3. X-Factor 5 Ft Horizontal Adjustable Gymnastics Bar for Teens 

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We like the fact that this gymnastic bar includes a mat. For the most part, it’s a value package that you don’t want to miss out. The mat is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. So, there’s plenty of soft landing for your kid.

The frame uses a powder-coated steel construction. Therefore, it can take a beating from weather elements. Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep your bar free from scratches. Triangle supports come in handy to make the bar even more stable. For the record, it can support up to 180 pounds.

The arms are stainless steel. The horizontal bar, on the other hand, is birch wood. Well, that’s an excellent combination. Stainless steel makes it rustproof. As for birch wood, it provides a strong yet flexible bar.

This bar suits a growing kid. As a matter of fact, it has an adjustable height from 3 to 5 feet. More importantly, setup is a piece of cake. In most cases, you can do it in as little as 10 minutes.

Special Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Rustproof stainless steel arms
  • Strong birch wood bar
  • Adjustable height (3 to 5 feet) with a lock system
  • A large gymnastic mat
  • 180-pound weight limit

2. Polar Aurora Gym Gymnastics Training Bar

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This training bar puts safety first, right out of the box. You get a gymnastic mat that cushions you as you land. The best part, it’s large enough (10 feet by 4 feet) to cover the entire base and beyond.

The manufacturer did an excellent job on the steel frame. At 350 pounds, it has a weight limit that rivals most training bars out there. As a matter of fact, it’s a pro-level design that leaves your kid with little to worry about. The wooden bar, on the other hand, gives a great deal of flex. Also, it has a smooth surface that provides a comfortable grip.

The height is easy to adjust, from 3 to 4.8 feet. Thus, your kid is going to grow with it. Once in position, you can lock for safety.

Special Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Solid wooden bar
  • Adjustable height (3 to 4.8 feet) with a lock system
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • High-density foam mat

1. Usexport Gymnastics Junior Traning Horizontal Bar – Fitness Equipment for Home

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Before going deep into the details, it’s worth noting that this training bar is one of the best when it comes to stability. So, it won’t disappoint for kids with advanced skill level.

An extra-wide triangle base makes it super stable. At 8.2 feet, it’s longer than your average training bar. And that means it can fit a larger gymnastic mat. Also, the base has a flat crossbars. Thus, you won’t be needing extra padding for landing.

Powder-coated steel construction keeps the frame looking like new for years to come. Besides, it can take a lot of weight up to 440 pounds. It goes without saying that this is the most sturdy training bar on our list. A solid wooden bar gives a firm, non-slip grip.

The bar is adjustable from 3 to 5 feet high. You can do it at 2-inch intervals for easy customization. What are more, cylindrical arms make it super easy to pull up or down.

Special Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Solid wooden bar
  • Super stable, the extra-wide base
  • Adjustable height (3 to 5 feet) with a lock system
  • 440-pound weight limit

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